Special Items

Adamant Armor: Acquire the 2nd piece of Adamant, take it to the blacksmith in the underground
Artemis Arrows: Sneak Attack on Karys, with Edge.
Artemis Bow: Fight Warlocks or Karys
Crystal Ring: Behemoths.
Crystal Whip: Fight monsters in Lunar Sub Terrain area.
Cure1's: any form of imp, or bomb (sneak attack).
Cure2's: sneak attack a juclyote (on the moons surface, or a lunar path).
Cursed Ring: D. Fossils.
Dragon Whip: Blue Dragons, or D Machinations.
Ether2: FatalEye, or Warlocks, B6 of the Lunar Sub Terrain.
FireBomb: Fight Behemoths
Glass Helm: Red Dragons + Evil Masks, 1st floor of the Crystal Palace.
Life Potions: Cocktric, sneak attack.
Lit Bolt: King-Ryus.
Ogre Axe: Ging Ryu + Red Giant.
Pink Tail: Fight Pink Puffs
Poison Axe: Ging Ryu + Red Giant.
Power Robe: Bohemeths.
Rune Axe: Red Giants.
Shuriken: Blue Dragons.
Silence Staff: Conjurers in the Land of Monsters.
Zeus Gauntlet: Red Bones + Skeletons on Mt. Ordeals.