Mog is of course a moogle. Moogles have always been in touch with their surroundings, which also gives them the option to use them in battle. When Mog dances the dance of a specific environment, that environment's unique forces and its animals will come to the party's aid. To learn an environment, a dance move, he mearly has to complete a fight in that environmental area. A dance used in its normal environment during battle will always work, whereas a dance in a differnet area than that dance comes from, does have a chance of failing. Mog's dances are listed below.

Desert Aria
- This is all attack magic, include an instant kill attack

Dusk Requiem
- An instant kill along with the powerful Cave In attack

Earth Blues
- Likes a combination of Wind Song and Love Sonata

Forest Suite
- Similar to Wind Song but has the devestating Elf Fire attack

Love Sonata
- This dance has both an instant kill and the Elf Fire attack

Snowman Jazz
- This dance has powerful Ice attacks and Elf Fire

Water Rondo
- Powerful water attacks, one attack that heals the whole party.

Wind Song
- Mostly healing, but Wind Slash is an effective attack

- Water Rondo can only be found in the World of Balance, in the Serpent Trench.
- Snowman Jazz can only be found in the World of Ruin, in the snow fields in the northern most part of Narshe, outside the caves.