Esper Locations

Alexandr - Throne of Doma Castle
Bahamut - Defeat Doomgaze
Bismark - Magitek Factory
Carbunkl - Magitek Factory
Crusader - Must break Dragon Seal
Fenrir - In Mobliz
Golem - Auction House
Ifrit - Magitek Factory
Kirin - After finding Terra in Zozo
Maduin - Magitek Factory
Odin - Throne of Ancient Castle
Palidor - Beach of Solitary Island
Phantom - Magitek Factory
Phoenix - End of Phoenix Cave
Ramuh - After finding Terra in Zozo
Ragnarok - Back room of Weapon Shop in Narshe
Raiden - Downstairs of Anceint Castle
Sraphim - In Tzen, next to Relic Shop
Shiva - Magitek Factory
Shoat - Magitek Facttory
Siren - After finding Terra in Zozo
Starlet - After you beat Charddnook in Owzer's House. (On bookshelf)
Stray - After finding Terra in Zozo.
Terrato - Umaro's den, inside of the skull on a pole
Tritoch - After beating Tritoch in Narshe
Unicorn - Magitek Factory
Zoneseek - Auction House