Fatal Attacks

If you attack while the character's current HP < their max HP / 8, then there is a 1 in 16 chance of the character doing their fatal attack move, instead of a normal attack. Berserked characters have a higher chance of using their fatal attack.

Fatal Attacks:

CELES: Spin Edge - She spins, with her sword outward.
CYAN: Black Blade - Jumps towards enemy, screen turns black, and he does a circular sword slice.
EDGAR: Royal Shock - Light rays leap from the enemy.
GOGO: X-Meteor - Makes a large meteor to hit all of the enemies.
LOCKE: Mirager - He jumps toward the enemy and makes the sound of the blitz Bum Rush.
MOG: Moogle Rush - Exactly like the blitz Pummel.
RELM: Star Prism - 3 orange stars rotate around the enemy, and kills it instantaneously.
SABIN: Tiger Break - Leaps towards enemy, in either a tiger or dragon head.
SETZER: Red Card - Throws three sets of three cards at enemy.
SHADOW: Shadow Fang - Jumps at enemy and makes claw marks.
STRAGO: Sabre Soul - Jumps towards enemy and there is a funny noise like Quartr, and kills them.
TERRA: Riot Blade - Green, rotating half-moons strike enemy.

-Since Gau and Umaro do not have a fight command, they have no Fatal Attack.