GameGenie Codes

D15C-78E5       Start Terra with Man-eater equipped
F65C-78E5       Start Terra with Excalibur equipped
FC5C-78E5       Start Terra with Illumina equipped
FA5C-78E5       Start Terra with Atma equipped
435C-78E5       Start Terra with Tempest equipped
D35C-78E5       Start Terra with Blizzard equipped
F75C-78E5       Start Terra with Enhancer equipped
9A58-7675       Start Terra with Mithril shield equipped
9258-7675       Start Terra with Gold shield equipped
1F58-7675       Start Terra with Ice shield equipped
1D58-7675       Start Terra with Fire shield equipped
1C58-7655       Start Terra with Hairband equipped
1B58-7655       Start Terra with Leather hat equipped
5C58-7655       Start Terra with Circlet equipped
5B58-7655       Start Terra with Mystery veil equipped
5658-7655       Start Terra with Red cap equipped
6658-7685       Start Terra with Silk robe equipped
6B58-7685       Start Terra with Mithril vest equipped
6858-7685       Start Terra with White dress equipped
BC58-7685       Start Terra with Genji armor equipped
B058-7685       Start Terra with Force armor equipped
DDA4-8767       Party always has sprint shoes
ED30-E944       'Tonic' gives 240 HPN                                        
DD97-5FDA*      Party always has economizer not in battle (MP Cost 1)
DD90-EFDB*      Party always has economizer in battle (MP cost 1)
D007-8DD7*      Party always has super spring shoes
CE17-77D6*      spells learned faster
108C-EF03 + 108C-E4A3:
                All items in shops are free

Code              Alternate       Effect
AA23-54D8**       AA93-54D8       A lot of exp after battle - level 99
AA24-E7D8**       AA94-E7D8       Get items after every battle.(this one is 
                                  really cool, you can get stuff like 
                                  Excalibur and Scimitar for weapons, and 
                                  Genji armors)

DC2C-E4D8**       DC9C-E4D8       Get the maximum amount of gold

D493-54D8**       0493-54D8       Over 16000 exp. per battle.

D793-54D8**       0793-54D8       Almost 1000000 exp per battle.

AA6C-EF08**       AADC-EF08       Party always has sprint shoes.

AAD8-EF08**       DED8-EF68       All members Float, are Stopped, 
                                  and are Reflective in battles

DD27-E7DB**       DD97-E7DB       Everyone has hidden Gold Hairpin 
                                  in BATTLE MODE ONLY

DD20-EFDB**       DD90-EFDB       Everyone has hidden Econimizer 
                                  in BATTLE MODE ONLY

DD27-5FDA**       DD97-5FDA       Everyone has hidden Econimizer 
                                  (NOT IN BATTLE)

DD20-5DDA**       DD90-5DDA       Everyone has hidden Golden Hairpin 
                                  (NOT IN BATTLE)
D0A7-8DD7**       D007-8DD7       Super sprint shoes. Only works with 
                                  sprint shoes equipped or with 'always 
                                  have sprint shoes' code
AA95-EFA8**                       Randomly selects number of items 
                                  gained after a battle.

ED30-E944**                       Tonics gives 240 HP

ED3B-E5C4**                       Tincture give 240 mps 

DFD8-EF68**                       All members Float

D6D8-EF68**                       All memeber have Haste on them

D8D8-EF68**                       All members have Haste, Float, and 
                                  Regen on them

D4D8-EF68**                       All members are Reflective.

D7D8-EF68**                       All members have Regen on them.

DBD8-EF68**                       All members have Haste and Float 
                                  on them.

DCD8-EF68**                       All members have Haste and Regen 
                                  on them.

3DD8-EF68**                       All members have Float and Safe 
                                  on them.

BDD8-EFD8**                       All members have Reflect and Stop 
                                  on them.

AADB-EDA8**                       All members have increased number 
                                  of HPS and MPS. Effects can be saved.

AADC-EDA8**                       All chars have hidden Moogle Charm.

D762-EF68**                       Vigor/Speed/Stamina/MagPwr becomes 255.

EEDB-EDA8**                       HPS/MPS becomes 9999/999.

CE37-77D6**                       Spells are learned at a rate of 10%
                                  (may cause graphical errors)

EE37-7DD6**                       All spells are learned after 1 battle 
                                  with any Esper equipped (may appear to 
                                  freeze, but it will come back after a 
                                  few seconds).

EE39-7DD6**                       Learn the spells of equipped Esper 
                                  after 1 battle.

AA90-74DD**                       Walk thru some walls

Multiply GP and Exp. by 1000 after a battle.

Get tons of Gem Boxes and Dragon Horns thru a cycle..

All items in shops are free--SWITCH OFF TO SELL ITEMS FOR GP

Get Paladin Shlds, Offerings, Gem Boxes, Econimizers, and other 
stuff in battles

4DBE-8C88+3DB0-EC78 or 4DFE-8C88+3DF0-EC78** 
Faster left/right movement on world map

4DBB-EB88+3DB3-E6E8 or 4DFB-EB88+3DF3-E6E8**
Faster up/down movement on world map

Switch characters after a battle. With this code it is possible 
to get General Leo AND Kefka