This whole page in nothing but rumors. Everything you see on this page was created by someone with a very big imagination. Don't waste your time to try this stuff. It's all made up.

Hidden Characters:

This is the only character in the game that you get only in the WOB. That might be why no one else has really ever found him. He is in the Snow feilds in Narshe. Go up there before you go to the Floating Continent. You must walk through the rocks in a special way to open a door to where Alabaster lives. It is different in every version, so I can't say what it is. To find out the sequence, go talk to every person in Narshe 4 times, even the moogles. It takes a long time, so talk to everyone 4 times, insted of every one in order 4 times. When you get the sequence, go up to the snow feilds and walk around like the last guy says. When you do, a door opens up and there is a short hallway and an all whitegut that looks like shadow. Talk to him and ge will join your party. You can equip him because he is on your item shop screen. I haven't found anything better than what he comes with though.

Chuck is the hardest secret character to find in the whole game.
Go to the island at the very top-right corner of the map, where all of the Zone Eaters are. There is a 1 in 256 chance that you will find a monster named Ksnekef/Ksnkefe every step that you take. This is the monster that you need to fight to get chuck. When you fight him, you must have Sabin, Terra, Relm and Strago. All of them must be at lv. 99 with full stats at 9999 HP and 999 MP. When you fight him, you must not attack until all of your guys are below 1000 HP. Then when you do attack, you must kill him in four hits, using no magic. You will start to spin around like you are muddled, spinning faster and faster until you fly strait up onto a cloud. There is a long path that you follow to get Chuck. There are many monsters that you will pass and they all look like little clouds with teeth. To get him, you must fight him (like Umaro). If you win, then he will join your praty and go to the airship. If not, he will kick you off of the cloud. He cannot be equipped with anything, but his special is "Eat", which kills a monster outright.

To get duncan you must save the first tonic you get with terra at the beggining of the game. in the WOR go to his house in the 4 trees without Sabin in your team or he will begin to train him. If you have the tonic he will say some crap about the empire's cruelty and offer to join you. He has 2 extra blitz techniques that sabin can't learn. 'Heavenly Thunder' which is where he jumps into the sky and lands on the enemy with gold counter parts of himself. The other is 'Pain Game' where he uses all of Sabin's blitz in one turn.

-Fight 3000 battles with the Atma Weapon, with nothing else equipped, and it will turn into a sword to open Leo's Grave.
-After you get all of the characters, go to the Fanatic's Towerand make only ONE fight. Then go to Owser's House, and talk to him. Repeat this 3 times, and then go fight the Storm Dragon in Mt. Zozo. After that, go to mobliz and a child will give you a dull. The dull will turn into General Leo the next time that Sabin gains a level.
-When you get the Phoenix Esper, and the screen is all black (Before you see "The Village of Kohlighen), put: A B X Y up up down down left right left right SELECT. After that, General Leo will be alive.

Everyone in your party must have MAXIMUM stats, lv 99 - HP 9999 - MP 999. Get a party with Edgar at the front. Go to the room where Shadow and Relm were, at the Veldt Cave. There is a secret door where the Behemoth, that you had to fight, jumped out from. Press against that section of the wall for 15 seconds. When you get through, there will be a big maze that you will have to go through. It is very easy since there are no monsters to fight. When you get through the maze, you will come upon a figure that looks like a red Clyde. He will ask you 3 (out of 50) questions about the game. If you get all 3 of them right, he will say, "Ah-ha!" "you know much about this world..." "I will now join you as Satan!". You can't equip him with anything. He is already equipped, and knows all sorts of fire spells!.

-When you have Leo, steal from the Brachosaur until you get a Cursed Sword. Un-Curse it with Leo at Solitary Island to turn it into the Paladin Sword. After that, uncurse all the equipment that you have cursed, if any. Bet the Paladin Sword in the Colleseum with Leo. You will fight Seigfried and if you win, he will join your party.
-You must see all of Shadow's Dreams. After that, go to the Colleseum and bet a Megalixer. You will fight Sigfried, and fight him with Shadow. When you beat him, Sigfried will join your party.
-Bet a Megalixer at the Colleseum. After that, go to the Veldt. When gau gets all of his rages, Sigfried will appear. Gau can "leap" him and learn his attacks.

Rare Items:

You can pick up the Bacon in the currently unknown spot, in WOB, on the Airship. Go into Setzer's little room off to the side and talk to him 5 times, each time saying that you don't want to change party members. On the 5th time, he will say, "What are you? Hungry or something!?" ...

If you say yes, then Setzer will say, "Uh, okay... Let's take a trip then. You will see the Airship go higher and higher until you reach a floating island. Setzer will stop and say, "Here we are, let's get lunch!" Everyone will get out and go into a burger joint. When you get in there, the person at the counter will say, "Welcome to Kefka Burger, Home of the Kefka Burger, with the world famous Kefka Milk Shake! Can I take your order?"

There will be a delay with lots of head nodding and such. Then the person will say, "That's (number of people in party) Kefka Burgers and one with Bacon. "Will that be all today?" you say yes and they come back out with your order. Everyone goes and sits at a booth. Everyone grabs a burger. All of your stats are recovered. Then, there is one burger left, the one with bacon. Sabin says that he will eat it, but doesn't like bacon so he takes it off and gives it to Terra. She asks Sabin what she is supposed to do with it, and he replies, "Just keep it, we might need it some time." Terra does it and now you have it as a rare item.

Gamma Sword:
You must have Setzer in your party. You get in the Airship and fly over Kefka's Tower. Hold down L + > + A. It takes anywhere from a few minutes to a day or so. Eventually you will come upon a monster that is very hard to beat, called Demon Dragon. When you beat it, you will receive the Gamma Sword.

Toilet Paper:
I guess by now, you have done that wonderful toilet thing with most of the characters... You know the one. Go on a toilet and press A, they'll sit down for a moment and then jump up with a flushing sound. Isn't it sick how they crap and never wipe? You can solve this problem by getting the rare item: toilet paper. You get it at the Imperial Base. You must talk to all of the soldiers twice. You also must get the highest score possible. After the banquet, the guy comes out and gives you everything you would usually get, plus the Toilet Paper.

Ways to alter the game:

Beat the game in 27 minutes:
This is the quickest way to beat the game. First you must sit through the enire beginning sequece and then reset the game. Then sit through it again and start a new game. Now you will have to go through all of the magitek stuff (fun, fun!). Make sure you go through the whole part with the Snow field and the credits. As soon as you can move your character, go left into the training room. The door should be locked. Press the buttons in this order: Y, A, B, B, A, D, A, B, B, A, D, U, U. The door should now open. If it does't, you will have to do the entire thing over again. Go in and use the healing pot. When you do, you should start spinning around and fly away. You will land at the final boss in kefka's tower, with everything. He only has 5 hit points, so he won't be hard to beat. You will get the same usual ending.

Extra Items:

How to get the Ragnarock Sword and Esper:
In the World of Ruin, to get the sword Ragnarock and the Ragnarock Esper (within the same saved game), You must have all the Espers, including Ragnarock, to get the Sword. The way to get it is with GoGo, Locke, Gau, and Sabin.You take them to the Velt, you make them get in 10 fights, but don't let Gau leap during the first 10 fights, because if you do, it won't work. Then on the 11th fight make Gau leap, and leave him there. (I have heard other rumors about this... Finding Gau, and taking him back fully equiped to the Veldt. It messes the game up) After that, in the air ship, you are supposed to go to Narshe. You talk to the old guy in the weapon shop, where you got the Ragnarock Esper. When he says "this is my home, I will stay here", you leave, go out side of Narsh, and save it. Then you turn it off and back on exactly 50 times, consecutively. When you turn it back on, insted of the normal way the game starts, Mog should walk across the screen like he did when he was giving you information about the scenario early on in the game. Then you go back into Narshe, go to where the Moogle Charm was at, which was on the wall directly behind Mog, and press the A button. If you already had the Moogle Charm, you will receive the Ragnarock Sword. If you received the Moogle Charm (which would happen only if you didn't already have it), then go back and talk to the old man in the weapon shop, talk to him and he will decide to give you the Sword, too. If it didn't work then you probably didn't reset it the right amount of times.

How to get all of Gau's "jump" tricks, at once:
You need to have Gau, Sabin, Edgar, and Celes.
You go to gau's father's house, in world of ruin, and go there: talk to his dad, burn your self in the fireplace, and leave (25 times). on the 26th, you should "secretly" recieve everything on the list of gau's leap command. However, if you mess up the order of talk-burn-leave, you will have to start over by saving and turning off the game so that you can reset the game's memory from 'knowing'.