Shadow's Dreams

The playable character Shadow has dreams when you make him sleep with a Tent item or in an Inn in a town. They add to the storyline and plot which drives Shadow's character.

-There are FIVE dreams. It is very easy to get all of them. Rumors have flown and been absorbed by the internet masses for so long, that it has become the belief that there are seven dreams. No, there are not seven dreams. I have only ever seen five dreams, everyone I know directly has only seen the five, and Square has "confirmed" that there are only five dreams total in the game.

-There is a one in four chance in getting a dream the first four dreams.
-The fifth, it is automatic.
-The last two, there really aren't any odds. It just depends on where you sleep.
-Try these places to get his dreams: Thamasa, Doma Castle, Colleseum, Kohlingin, and Narshe.
-I have found that another thing that you have to do, is regroup your party. It takes a certain type of group of people in a party, for a dream to work. For instance, [Edgar and Sabin] [Strago and Relm] [Setzer and Celes] [Mog and Umaro]... Notice the resemblance in groups?
-You also must do atleast the first 4 in the WOB, other wise you won't see them all.
-If Shadow dies in the WOB, Relm will show his dreams instead, in the WOR.