Blue Magic List

Impossible to predict effectiveness, attack rate, etc.
Weakest air attack.
Aero 2
Stronger air attack than "Aero"
Aero 3
Strongest air attack of "Aero", "Aero 2", & "Aero 3"
Strong water attack
Big Guard
Casts protect, shell, & levitate on the party
Blood Suck
Drains enough of monster's HP so you'll be at full HP
Blowfish Bland
An attack of 1000 needles, doing exactly 1000 HP damage each time
Puts a counter (30 seconds) on an enemy, which causes death at zero.
Dark Shock
Cuts monster's level to half
Death Claw
Paralyzes enemy, while causing it to weaken to 1 HP
Throws flames at one enemy
Commit suicide to help the party
Tries to blind all enemies. (Casts darkness on all enemies)
Frog Song
Turns an enemy into a frog. Just like magic spell: "Toad"
Damages enemy to the equivlant that the magic caster has when cast. Kills caster.
Goblin Punch
Usually weak spell. Costs no MP. Hit strength depends on magic power
Guard Off
Lowers physical defense
Level 2 Old
Casts Old on all enemies with even numbered levels.
Level 3 Flare
Casts Flare on all enemies with levels that are divisible by 3.
Level 4 Gravity
Casts Demi/Gravity 2 on all enemies with levels that are divisible by 4.
Level 5 Doom
Casts Death on all enemies with levels that are divisible by 5.
Lil' Melody
Shrinks the enemy. Just like magic spell: "Mini"
Magic Hammer
Lowers monster's MP to 50%
Mind Blast
Attack & paralyze monster
Lowers monster's HP to 50% and confuses it
Moon Flute
Makes entire party to be berserked.
Roulette: Kills any single enemy/ally in the battle randomly.
Time Slip
Causes enemy to sleep, making it unable to attack
White Wind
Heals entire party, for the amount of HP the magic caster has when the spell is cast