Final Fantasy Vj Walkthrough
Written by Tatsushi Nakao 
Party's Level indicate levels which you should go there in order to finish that
place without difficulty. Of course, you can finish the game with much lower
level. (Level 9 is the best record in Japan... Anyone want to try with level lower
than 9??) 

1. Meteorite crashes near Tycoon castle. (Party's Level:1) 
Run Butz to the meteorite crash site. Go into the forest and fight the Goblins.
After the battle, meet with Lenna and Galuf. They leave to Wind Crystal Shrine.
Before leaving the meteorite site, make sure to get the "Fenix no O" (Fenix Down)
in the treasure box hidden at the south end. Leave the meteorite site.

2. To the Pirate's Base. 
Treasures: Kawa no Boushi (Leather Hat) 
After getting on the chocobo once again, head north from the starting point. Fight
Goblins once again, and after the battle, Lenna and Galuf joins the party. Head
further north until you see dungeon entrance. Go in there and when you see the
pirate in middle of the dungeon, copy him to open the door. (Click the button on
the wall to open the door) Once you are in the Pirate's Base, go to the pier and
aboard the ship. Goto the steering wheel and press 'a'. After the event, Faris
joins your party.

3. Obtained the Pirate ship. (Party's Level: 3) 
Now that you have obtained the Pirate's ship, one of the pirate will ask you if
you want him to guide to the Wind Crystal Shrine. Choose "no" if you already know
the location of the Wind Crystal Shrine. Otherwise choose "yes".

4. Town of Tule. 
Treasures: Etel (Ether), 100 Gilu, Potion x 2, Fenix no O (Fenix Down)x 2, Tent x
2, Kawa no Kutsu (Leather shoes) x 2, 150 Gilu. 
Gather informations about Torna Canal and Walse. Buy some merchandices if you
think you need them. Make sure to visit "Shoshinsha no Yakata" (Beginner's House)
before leaving the town to learn the basics of this game. 

5. Shrine of the Wind Crystal. (Party's Level: 4) 
Treasures: Tent, Kawa no Boushi (Leather hat), Bload Sword, Tsue (Cane)
Go left after you entered the shrine to obtain the informations of King Tycoon.
(You'll get some free potions here) Then go to third floor collecting all of the
treasure boxes along the way and fight Wingrapter. After beating that, climb to
fifth floor and meet King Tycoon. After event scenes, get "Crystal no Kakera"
(Chip of Crystal) then exit from warp zone behind the altar.

The Boss of Wind Crystal Shrine: Wingrapter. Lv 1 or 2, HP 250 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
Attack while his wings are open. If you attack when his wings are closed, he'll
fight back with "Tsume" (Nails). So, concentrate on healing or guard while his
wings are closed. 

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
Get Bload Sword and Leather Shoes for all menbers of party and fight. Beat him
before he closes his wings. 
Jobs obtained:
Knight, Monk, Theif, ShiroMadoushi (White Mage), KuroMadoushi (Black Mage), and
AoMadoushi (Blue Mage). 

6. Town of Tule.
Return to town of Tule and goto Zokku's house. After the event, you'll get the
"Unga no Kagi" (Key of Canal). Leave the town and head to Torna Canal. 

7. Torna Canal (Party's Level: 5) 
Open the door with your key. After going through the canal, fight Kaarabos. You
lose Syldra here.

The Boss of Torna Canal: Karlabos. Lv 5, HP 650, Weakness: Thunder

Normal way to beat this boss:
When the character gets hit with "Tail Screw", heal immediately. Make one or two
Black Mage with one of two Knights to guard Black Mages from Karlabos's attacks.

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
Make four Black Mage and just cast "Sandaa".

8. Tomb of the wrecked ships (Party's Level: 6)
Treasures: Flail, Tent, 990 Gilu, Pheonix no O (Fenix Down) x 2, Potion, Dokukeshi
(Antidote) x 2. 
Once you arrive at this place, go right. But at the fork, go down to get Flail.
Then go right at the fork. At the half sunken ship, go to the steer wheel and push
'a'. Rest of the ship should raise. Go down, and continue your way. Make sure to
get "Sekai Chizu" (World Map) along the way. At end of the tomb, you'll fight

The Boss of Wrecked Ships: Siren. Lv 2, HP 900 
Note: Siren will change to undead after a while. She will have weaknesses of Fire
and Kearu (Heal) when she's in undead state.

Normal way to beat this boss:
Just attack normally when she's in the normal state. When she changes to undead,
use "Faia" or "Kearu".

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
Make four White Mages. Guard until she changes to undead. Then let everyone cast

9. Town of Karwen.
Treasures: Koori no Rod (Ice Rod), Dokukeshi (Antidote), Cottage.
Walk south east from the exit of wrecked ships. Once in the town, collect
informations for Walse and "Hiryuu" (Flying Dragon) on "Kita no Yama" (North
Mountain). Change your equipments according to your jobs.

10. North Mountain
Treasures: Pheonix no O (Fenix Down), Kin no Hari (Golden Needle)
Go through the mountain and on the middle stage of the mountain, you'll fight
Forza and Magisa. Then at the top of the mountain, you'll meet "Hiryuu" (Flying

The Bosses of North Mountain: * Magisa: Lv. 8, HP 650 * Fortsa: Lv. 8, HP 850.

Normal way to beat these bosses: 
If you get hit by magics, heal immediately before second one comes. Any magics are
effective against Fortsa.

Quick and dirty way to beat these bosses: 
Make four Monks (high critical hit rate) and beat Magisa before she calls Fortsa. 

11. Hiryuu Obtained. 
Ride Hiryuu to Walse according to the informations obtained at Karwen. (Ride south
from Karwen) 

12. Town of Walse
Treasures: Ginbuchimegane (Silver Frame Glasses) 
Obtain informations about Galura and Water Crystal. Buy whatever is necessary for
your party. Then head to Walse Castle. 

13. Castle of Walse. 
Treasures: Tent, 490 Gilu, Pheonix no O (Fenix Down), Elf no Manto (Cloak of Elf),
1000 Gilu x 2, Supiido (Speed) 
Talk to King Walse. Then the second meteorite crashes, follow the king to the
crash site. Don't bother to go to the watertower and basement unless you really
know what you are doing. (For now. You'll come back later) 

14. Tower of Walse. 
Treasures: Siruku no Robe (Silk Robe), Otome no Kissu (Kiss of Women), Gin no
Udewa (Silver Bracelet), Etel (Ether) 
Talk to King Walse in middle of the tower and proceed to the top of the tower.
Fight Galura and crystal shatters. Get "Crystal no Kakera" (Chip of Crystal) then
exit from door behind the altar. 


The boss of Tower of Walse: Galura. Lv. 3, HP 1200

Normal way to beat this boss: 
Since Galura mainly does physical attacks, make at least two Knights. Knights can
guard the character that was hit by "Tosshin" (Charge). 

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
Learn "Kaeru no Uta" (Song of Frogs) from Elftoad (It will use this when it
becomes alone). Then, just use this against Galura. But make sure to use "Sairesu"
on him to stop him from using "Toad" to heal himself. 
Jobs Obtained: 
TokiMadoushi (Time Mage), Mahoukenshi (Magic Knight), Shoukanshi (Summoner),
Baasaakaa (Berserker), AkaMadoushi (Red Mage) 

15. Ride Hiryuu to Tycoon 
Treasures: Otome no Kissu (Kiss of Women), Erikusaa (Elixer)x 2, Etel (Ether)x 2,
Pheonix no O (Fenix Down)x 2, Shuriken (Ninja Star), Giyaman no Kane (Giyaman's
Bell), Ashura (Ashura), Iyashi no Tsue (Heal Rod), Cottage x 3, HaiPotion
Go to Tycoon and get treasures. 

16. Castle of Walse 
Talk to soldier of Karnak and King Walse to get information about third meteorite
near Karnak and the next destination, Karnak.

17. Meteorite of Walse
Like you heard in the Walse Castle, go into the meteorite. You can warp to the
third meteorite near Karnak from here. Once you arrive at the third meteorite,
walk northwest then head south after you walked around the northern tip of the
mountain ranges. 

18. Town of Karnak: 
Go to the weapon shop and buy something. I recommend buying Mithril Armor because
you benefit most from it. Once you bought the Mithril armor, you'll get caught.
Once you are in the jail, wander around for a while (perhaps few minutes) until
Cid on next jail uses bomb. 

19. Meeting with Cid: 
Once Cid opened the wall, talk to him, and he'll ask you to help him with
stopping the shattering of the Fire Crystal. Before going to #20, go to town of
Karnak and buy all necessities. Also, get Shiva that lives on water tower of
Walse after you get "Faira" (Fire 2) here. 

20. Going to the Fire-Powered Ship's Engine Room. 
Treasures: Cottage, Fenix Down, Elixer x 3, Mithril no Kote (Mithril Glove),
Engetsurin (Full Moon Ring), Touzoku no Kote (Theif Glove), Green Beret. 

Comment about enemies: 

   1. Don't cast "Sandaa" magic to "Motoru Trap". It will explode (Of course,
      if you have AoMadoushi in your party, you can learn it.)
   2. DonÕt make "Kuruu Dasuto" alone. If you do, he'll cast "Flash" (Another
      AoMahou you can learn) and you have to use "Megusuri" to heal blindness.

Once you entered the dungeon, go into the first door you see to get Elixer, next
go to the left staircase to get "Mithril no Kote", then go down the stairs to
get another Elixer, and finally go into the door on top. Once you get on the
elevator, press the switch on left to activate it. Follow the route (it's
straight route w/o forks) until you see four openings on bottom. Take the
rightmost opening on bottom to get "Green Beret". One you got the "Green Beret"
follow the route and you'll end up in the same four choices room. Next, take
second opening from right (on bottom) to get the "Thief Glove". Take the same
route as you did before to return to the same place. Finally, take the third
opening from right to proceed further into the dungeon. Once you fall down, take
the left door and take another left door to get to the saving point. After the
save point, you'll see some puzzle. 

Solution to this puzzle (Skip this section if you'd like to try yourself) 

   1. Once you are next to the first switch you can click, click it.
   2. Get off from that platform and click the switch on the furthest to the
   3. Run across the room and click both switches. 
   4. Walk down and click the upper switch while you are standing on right of it.
   5. Click the last switch to get "Elixer" in the treasure box. 
   6. Proceed through the upper right door. Be prepared for fight with boss. 


The Boss: Liquid Flame. Lv 19, HP 3000, Attribute: Fire & Wind, Weakness: Ice 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
Heal immediately when you get hurt by his Flame. Also, "Bulizado" series magic is
effective against him. However, don't cast magics when he is in the shape of hand.

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
Make three "KuroMadoushi" (Black Mage) with "Koori no Rod" (Ice Rod) equipped.
Make the fourth person "Aka Madoushi" (Red Mage) with "Iyashi no Tsue" (Heal Rod)
you got in Tycoon castle. Then, let everyone cast "Bulizara" (Ice 2) and heal with
Red Mages's "Iyashi no Tsue". 


21. Escape from Karnak Castle. 
Treasures: Elixer x 6, 2000 Gilu x 3, Elf no Manto (Elf's Cloak), Main Gauche,
Shuriken, Ribbon, Esna (White Magic), Raijin no Jutsu 

Advice: Make a Thief in your party with "Tonzura". Run from all enemy except the
one in treasure box. Fighting them will consume alot of time. Also, make at least
one Black Mage that can cast "-ra" class magics (i.e. Bulizara, Faira, Sandara). 

Leave the crystal room from the hole. 
You have 10 minutes to leave this castle, or you'll be well done. After the save
point, run up the staircase. Get two treasure boxes you see on the way. After
obtaining two treasure box, go up the upper right staircase. Remember to run from
all enemies (use Tonzura). Once you went up the staircase, get two treasure boxes
located on right and left of the room. Once you got those two, go through the
central door. After you went through the door, just run around to get into the
door on lower screen. No treasures on this floor. Zip through the next floor too,
since there is no treasure on this floor as well. Once you got to the carpeted
room, go through the upper right staircase. Run to the lower exit (ignore the
treasure box for now). Run south along the castle wall and get Main Gauche.
Return to the room where you left the treasure box and get them all. Once you got
all of the treasures on this floor, run UP the staircase on upper right corner.
Run left across the exterior of the castle, then do down the staircase. Once you
got down, go down to the lower exit of the room (again, ignore the treasure boxes
for now). Run down the castle wall to get "Elf no Manto". Return to the room you
left treasures and get all treasure boxes. Run down the CENTRAL staircase and you
should end up in the carpeted room again. Go DOWN (There's nothing interesting
behind central door.) and get two treasure boxes on right and left. Exit from
lower door. You should have about three to four minutes of spare time if you
efficiently run away from enemies. When you try to escape from the castle, boss
will show up. 


Boss of Karnak Castle: Aian Kurou (Iron Claw), Lv 39, HP 900 

He's normally in sergeant's shape, but when you inflict enough damage, he'll show
his true shape. 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
Heal with "Kearura" when you get hit by "Death Claw". Since he has no weakness,
any attack will work. 

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: Try to learn "Death Claw" here. It will be
useful later. Otherwise, use the same strategy as normal way. 


After you escape from the castle, you'll get some "Crystal no Kakera". 


Jobs Obtained Here: Ninja (Ninja), Majuutsukai (Beast Master), Fuusuishi
(Elemental User) 


22. To the Ancient Library. (Party's level: 15) 

Since the wall that blocked your way is gone now, just follow the path west. NOTE: 
Do NOT walk through the desert. Dorumu Kimaira will show up. Once you arrive at
the Library talk to the people at the central hall, and gather informations about 
Mid. Then, go to the basement dungeon of Library from the left door on first
floor. On the first room, there is hidden switches on the bookshelves, so push
those to make your way through. I recommend learning "Level 5 Death" from 64 page.
Your party should be level 15 (if you followed my recommendations), but make sure
that not all of your menber is level 15. After you learned Level 5 Death, proceed
further down into the Library and get Ifrit. 


Boss #1 of Library: Ifrit. Lv. 22, HP 3000, Attribute: Fire, Weakness: Ice 

Normal way to beat Ifrit: 
Use Bulizara or Mahouken Bulizara. Make sure to heal your party after Ifrit
damages your party. 

Quick and dirty way to beat Ifrit: 
Make four Shoukanshi (Summoner) and cast Shiva. 


Once you got Ifrit, the bookshelf that blocked your way will let you pass. At the
very bottom of the Library, you'll fight the real boss of the Library. 


Boss #2 of Library: Biblos. Lv. 24, HP 3600, Weakness: Fire 

Normal way to beat Biblos: 
Use Faira and Mahouken Faira. He will absorb all magics except fire magics, so try
not to cast non-fire magics. 

Quick and dirty way to beat Biblos: 
Use "Death Claw" you learned in Karnak Castle. Then, just hit him once, and his
gone for good ;). 


23. Town of Karnak. (Party's level: 16) 
After you talked to Mid in the Library, return to the Karnak and goto second floor
of the Pub. Then talk to Cid. After some event, you gain control of the Fire-Power

24. Ancient Library. 
After you got the Fire-Power ship, goto Ancient Library to collect informations of
the next destination, Jacole. 

25. Town of Jacole. (Party's level: 18) 
Town of Jacole is located at the tip of the peninsula in south western part of
world map. Gather informations about Dungeon of Jacole here. Informations about
Dokuro Switches (Skull Switches) are especially important. 

26. Dungeon of Jacole. 
Treasures: Tent, Shuriken, Dengeki Muchi (Lightning Whip) 
NOTE: If you helped thief in Walse castle's jail, you will NOT get Dengeki Muchi 

Once you are in the dungeon, press the switch on the left wall to move around the
walls. Then, when you are facing the series of Dokuro Switches on the wall, wait
still until you can see the "true" switch. Press that switch and proceed your way.
One you encounter empty treasure box at the dead end, search that, and you should
find the hidden switch inside. Click that to open the door. There is nothing
important at end of dungeon, so just remember the location of this dungeon (you'll
be coming back later) and leave. BTW, you can climb the wall on dead end. 

27. Town of Cresent. (Party's level: 19) 
Once you get into the town, your Fire-Power ship will sink. Gather informations
about the Kuro Chocobo (Black Chocobo) here. Get "Tairyoku no Uta" (Song of Health)
from the bard that lives in the lower right house. Also, I recommend getting
"Death Sickle" from Cresent that show up around town of Cresent. 

28. KuroChocobo's Forest 
Walk south from town of Cresent to reach this forest. Once you are in the forest,
catch the Kuro Chocobo. You get two additional jobs here. Note about KuroChocobo:
Unlike US FF2's Black Chocobo, this Black Chocobo will NOT return after one travel.
Thus, you can land and search as many times as you wish.

Jobs Obtained here: 
Gin'yuu Shijin (Bard), Karyuudo (Archer) 


29. Town of Lix 
This is Butz's hometown and located little bit north of Wind Crystal Shrine. Ring
the music box in Butz's house to get "Yuuwaku no Uta" (Song of Temptation). 

30. Town of Istory 
This town is the town located on north western corner of the world map. Get the
Kuromahou (Black Magic) "Toad" by walking the square shaped flower garden located
on north western section of the map. Also, poke the sheep near the fense to go
over the fense (he'll kick you over the fense). Talk to the bard and obtain "Ai no
Uta" (Song of Love). Once you got all of these, go to the forest east of Istory
(across the bridge) and wander around until Ramuh shows up. Beat him to obtain
Shoukan Mahou (Summon Magic) Ramuh. 


Boss in Forest East of Istroy: Ramuh. Lv. 21, HP 4000, Attribute: Thunder 

Normal way to beat Ramuh: 
Use "Sairesu" or "Mahouken Sairesu" to stop his magics. Then just attack normally.

Quick and dirty way to beat Ramuh: 
Use "Death Claw" you learned in Karnak Castle. 


NOTE: After you beated Ramuh, he will be counted as an item. Use item named
"Ramuh" to add him to your magic list. 

31. Ancient Library and Quicksand Desert 
Talk to Mid and Cid to learn about the informations about King Tycoon. Then leave
Library and go west until you hit desert. Once you are in the entrance of the
desert, the boss of this desert, SandWorm, will show up. If you haven't prepared
yourself yet, answer "no" when Cid asks if you are ready or not. 

Boss of the QuickSand Desert: Sand Worm. Lv. 18, HP 3000, Weakness: Water 

Normal way to beat SandWorm: 
Don't cast magics to the holes. It will revenge you with "Ryuusa" (QuickSand). You
can use Mahouken Bulizara and sometimes Jikuu Mahou (Time & Space Magic) "Stop"

Quick and dirty way to beat Sand Worm: 
Learn "AquaBreath" from DorumuKimaira on desert southwest of Karnak. It should die
in one breath. 


32. Town of Gohn... the ruin of Lonka (Party's level: 20) 
Go through the quicksand desert by choosing the right quicksand to ride. Once you
got out from the southern exit, walk further south. Enter the town and encounter 
King Tycoon. He will disappear, so go left or right (doesn't make difference) and 
search for him. If you found him (and he'll vanish again) go up the central
staircase. After falling into the pitfall, go through the door (there is only one).

33. Catapult, Gohn, and Catapult.... 
When you arrive at the room with beds, goto the right table and read the paper on
the table. Follow the instructions to get two Shurikens and "Minimum". 

****Solution to the instructions (Skip this if you want to find the solution
**** Goto the button on the lower wall, and press 'a'. Say "no" to the first
question and answer "yes" to the second question. 
*************************End of solutions**************************** 

After you got your airship, you'll encounter the boss on the airship, ClayClaw. 


Boss of the Airship: ClayClaw. Lv. 43, HP 2000, Weakness: Thunder 

Normal way to beat ClayClaw: 
Use Mahouken Sandara. Make sure to heal HP after he does TailScrew on you.
However, you can use "????" (AoMahou you can learn from WildNak in forest near
Karnak) as means of attacking when your HP is low. 

Quick and dirty way to beat ClayClaw: 
Buy some "Raijin no Jutsu" at town of Lix and throw it. It should only take 3 or 4
blasts. You'd might like to challenge on stealing "Sango no Ken" (Coral Sword)
from him. 


After beating ClayClaw, goto the place of the town of Gone. After seeing the Lonka
Ruin rise, return to Catapult. 

34. Tycoon Meteorite 
When you return to Catapult, Cid will ask for Adamantite. Go to meteorite near
Tycoon to obtain Adamantite. Adamantaimai is guarding the Adamantite. 


Boss of Tycoon meteorite: Adamantaimai. Lv. 20, HP 2000, Weakness: Ice

Normal way to beat Adamantaimai:
Since he has pretty high attack power, use "Protesu" to increase your defence.
Then use Ice related magics.

Quick and dirty way to beat Adamantaimai: 
Since his level is 20, just use "Level 5 Death" you learned in Ancient Library. 


35. Returning to catapult... and powerup of the airship. 
Return to catapult and hand Adamantite to Cid. He'll power up the airship for you.
After you got your airship powered up, fly it, then press 'b' while you are in the
air. Choose arrow pointing up and press 'a' to goto Flying Lonka Ruins. 

36. Exterior of the Flying Lonka Ruins You have to defeat all of the cannons
guarding the ruins to enter this ruin. 


Bosses on Exterior of the Flying Lonka Ruins (Phase One): 

Beat the cannons on left and right of the ruins with Sandara or Ramuh. 

Bosses on Exterior of the Flying Lonka Ruins (Phase Two): 

Once you beat all of the existing cannons, the central cannon will show up. 
NOTE: You don't have to fight successively. You can always return to the lower
altitude by going off the screen from bottom. 

   1. Sol Cannon. Lv. 36, HP 22500, Weakness: Thunder 
   2. Launcher (there is two of them). Lv. 50, HP: 10800 

Normal way to beat Sol Cannon & Lauchers: 
If you get hit by "Rouka Missle" (Aging Missle) your character's stats will
decrease dramatically. You can stop the process of aging with Shiromahou (White
Magic) "Esna" you got at Karnak Castle. Use Sandara, Mahouken Sandara, and Ramuh 
to inflict damages to cannons. 

Quick and dirty way to beat Sol Cannon & Launchers: 
Since Launcher's level is 50, cast "Level 5 Death" to wipe two out of three. Then
use Sandara to beat the remaining Sol Cannon. 


37. Lonka Ruins (Party's Level: 21)
Treasures: Gold Armor, Elixer, Gold Shield, HiPotion, 5000 Gilu, Shiriken, Kodai
no Tsurugi, Engetsurin, Power Wrist, Cottage, Ether 

Once you are in the ruins, I recommned having a thief in your party. Thief's
ability allows you to see the hidden passages. At the very end of the ruins,
you'll fight the boss of the ruins, ArukeoEibis. 


Boss of the Lonka Ruins: 

Note: He'll revive after you killed him once. 

   1. ArukeoEibis (Phase One): Lv. 19, HP 6400 
   2. ArukeoEibis (Phase Two): Lv. 20, HP 2500 

Normal way to beat ArukeoEibis: 
Use Shiromahou (White Magic) "Raibura" to see his weakness. (He will change his
weakness with "Barrier Change". After he revives, magics will have very little

Quick and dirty way to kill ArukeoEibis: 
Make three Monks and make use of high critical hit rate. After he revives, just
use "Level 5 Death". 


Jobs Obtained in Lonka Ruins: 
Samurai, Ryuukishi (Dragon Knight), Kusurishi (Chemist), and Odoriko (Dancer) 

38. Return of Exdeath 
After the last crystal shatters, Exdeath returns and Galuf leaves from the party. 

39. Catapult
After escaping from the Lonka Ruins, goto Catapult and read Mid's letter. Then go
to Tycoon meteorite according to Mid's letter. 

40. Tycoon Meteorite 
In the meteorite, you let meteorite suck the power of the Adamantite. Then go to
Karnak meteorite. 

41. Karnak Meteorite 
In the meteorite, you'll fight Titan. 


Boss of Karnak Meteorite: Titan. Lv. 1, HP 2500, Attribute: Earth 

Normal way to beat Titan: 
Since you have to fight with three characters, let two people attack while last
person heal the party. He'll do "Earth Shaker" just before he dies, so keep up the
HP until the end. 

Quick and dirty way to beat Titan. 
Go to "Kita no Yama" (North Mountain) and "Ayatsuru" (Control) the "GeiraCat".
Then let GeiraCat cast "Leviteto" to your party. Leviteto will avoid the damages
from "Earth Shaker" so you can win him easily. 


42. Walse Meteorite 

Before the meteorite, you'll fight PyuroBoros. 


Boss of Walse Meteorite: PyuroBoros. Lv. 22, HP 2200 

Normal way to beat PyuroBoros: 
Since he uses "Araise" when he dies, you have to use Mahouken Sairesu to stop
that. Then, just kill them normally. 

Quick and dirty way to beat PyuroBoros: 
Make one Samurai and do "Zeninage". 


43. Meteorite near Town of Gone 
In the meteorite, you'll fight Kimaira Brain. 


Boss of Meteorite near Town of Gone: KimairaBrain. Lv. 19, HP 3300 

Normal way to beat Kimaira Brain: 
He will absorb the ice magics but he does not have fire weakness. Make sure to
have one white mage with "Kearura" ready, since you need it after he does "Blaze".

Quick and dirty way to beat Kimaira Brain: 
Use "Death Claw". If "Death Claw" does not work, try multiple "Gravite".


44. Warp Zone: 
Before leaving this world, get Elf no Manto (Elf's Cloak) and Speed magic in
basement of Walse castle if you haven't done so. If you think you are ready to
leave this world, follow the arrow on your map to goto the warp zone. 

The End of the First World. 

Final Fantasy Vj Walkthrough of World Two 
Written by Tatsushi Nakao 
Party's Level indicate levels which you should go there in order to finish that
place without difficulty. 

1. Solitary Island (Party's Level: 21) 
When you arrive at the second world, use "tent". (If you don't have a supply, you
can fight the enemies here to obtain tents). While you are asleep, Abductor
attacks your party. You have to fight with Butz alone. 


Boss of Solitary Island: Abductor. Lv. 22, HP 1500 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
Just simply attack and you shouldn't have any problem. Use "Kearura" to heal your
HP when Abductor uses "hurricane".

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
If your character (Butz) has high HP, "????" can be used as a weapon. "????"
inflicts same amount of damage as your "max HP - current HP". Also, "DeathClaw"
works against him. 


2. Basement of Exdeath Castle 
You have to rescue Butz, Lenna, and Faris with Galuf alone. Best job here would be
Monk with "Kusuri no Chisiki" or "Shiromahou" as an ability. You'll fight
Gilgamesh in front of the jail. 


Boss of Basement of Exdeath Castle: Gilgamesh. Lv. ??, HP ?? 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
Since he only does physical attacks, just attack him normally. The fight will end
when you inflict some amount of damage.

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
Any magic that has success rate associated will not work (DeathClaw, Gravite,
etc..). Try casting "Protesu" to yourself to minimize the damage. Also, try using
Monk, since Monk will do "counter" when he's attacked. 


3. Big Bridge 
You'll walk over this bridge in order to escape from Exdeath castle. At the middle
of the bridge, you'll fight Gilgamesh again. 


Boss of Big Bridge: Gilgamesh. Lv. ??, HP ??

Normal way to beat this boss: 
If you attacked him without thinking, Gilgamesh will become stronger from some
point in the battle. (He'll cast "shell" and "protesu" to himself) Cast "slow" to
Gilgamesh to make some preparing time after he power up.

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
The point of this battle is when Gilgamesh power ups. (He'll use "shell" and
"protesu") So, just attack with "mahouken-sairesu" from the start so that he
cannot cast those magics on power up. 


4. Town of Rugoru 
Buy magics (important) and equipment. When you sleep at the inn, event occurs. Go
to pub to meet with Galuf during that event. 

5. Concealed castle of Koozer
When you walk south from Rugoru, you'll see this castle. The enemies in this
castle is pretty strong, so be careful not to fight them (run, if you can). You
can see (but not take) 12 legendary weapons here. 

Note: 12 Legendary Weapons of Koozer 
Clockwise from top: 
   1. Excalibur 
   2. Assasin Dagger 
   3. Sasuke no Katana (Sasuke's Katana) 
   4. Holy Lance 
   5. Rune Ax 
   6. Masamune 
   7. Yoichi no Yumi (Bow & Arrow of Yoichi) 
   8. Fire Byuuto 
   9. Kenja no Tsue (Wise One's Cane) 
   10. Wizard Rod 
   11. Apollon no Harp (Apollon's Harp) 
   12. Daichi no Bell (Bell of the earth) 

6. Mouguli's forest - Underground river 
Treasures: Fenix Down, 4400 giru 
When you arrive at Mouguli's forest, talk to him/her and follow him/her down to
the underground river. At the end of the river, you'll fight Tirasaurs. After the
battle, Mouguli will show you the way to Mouguli's town. Pay close attention to
where he goes. 


Boss of underground river: Tirasaurs. Lv. 29, HP 5000, weakness: Fire, Kearu 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
Since he is an undead, you can use "Faira" (Fire 2), "Kearura" (Cure 2), Ifrit, 
"Katon no Jutsu" (Fire Scroll), etc. to attack him. If you get hit by "bone", make
sure to heal him/her before "zombie breath" comes. 

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
To say the truth, Tirasaurs is especially weak against "gravite". So put everyone
with "Jikuu" ability and cast multiple "gravite". When the damage becomes 2
digits, just attack once, and he's gone. 


7. Mouguli's town... kupo! 
When you cross the Grociana desert and enter the forest, you'll arrive at Mouguli
town. Make sure not to step into the desert, for SandCrawler will attack you.
(SandCrawler has HP 5000 and you cannot run away) Put on the Mouguli doll to get
the "Elf no Manto" (Elf's cloak) here. 

8. Bal Castle (Party's Level: 23) 
After the auto-event, Hiryuu (Flying dragon) will fall. In order to save Hiryuu,
you now must goto "Hiryuu no tani" (Valley of Flying Dragons) to get "Hiryuu sou"
(Flying Dragon's Weed). You can get free "Great Sword" in the moat of this castle.
Walk counter-clockwise and search the dead end. Also, if you use the staircase on
back of weapon shop, you can get "Tenshi no Hakui" (White Robe of Angels) and by
standing at the counter between weapon shop and armor shop (there is hidden
switch) weapon shop master will give to "Ramia no Tategoto" (Ramia's Harp:
Confuses enemy). 

Note: At the basement of Bal Castle, enemy called "Sekizou" will appear.
"Sekizou" can be killed with "Lv. 5 Death" or "Kin no Hari" (Golden Needle:
Destones the target), and it gives 4 ABP (Ability points) when it comes in pair
(with 1014 giru) or 8 ABP when it comes in set of 4 (with 2028 giru). If you
think you need some more abilities, this is good place to gather some ABPs. 

9. Town of Quelb 
Enter the big house at center of the town. Kelgar will open the door on north
side of the town. Also, learn "Requiem" from dancing werewolves on upper-right
corner of the town. Lastly, if you have time, try to "Toraeru" (Capture:
Majuutsukai (Beast Master)'s ability)) "Korunago" (Looks like orange toad) and
give it to the man in the well. He'll trade your "Korunago" for "Korunago no
Tsubo" (Pot of Korunago: See below for details) You can get 24 free potions
(8 potions for 3 times) by sitting at the chair in the inn. 

Note: What the heck is "Korunago no Tsubo"?? "Korunago no Tsubo" is special item
that's very useful if you have Majuutsukai (Beast Master) in your party. Normally,
you have to decrease the enemy's HP to 1/8 in order to "capture" it, but with this
Pot, you can capture by decreasing the enemy's HP to 1/2. If you have difficulty
capturing Korunago at first place (it's smart enough to run), try using "stop".)

10. Valley of the Flying Dragons 
Treasures: 5000 giru, Cottage, Bone Mail, 7000 giru, Kazekiri no Yaiba (Tempest),
Hyupuno Crown, Fenix Down 
At the top of this valley, you'll fight "Hiryuusou". But make sure to get "Bone
Mail" (a.k.a. Undead Armor) on your way. (Check the bones that's lying on the

Hints for the Valley of the Flying Dragons 

   1. If you can't go further, try searching the hole in the ground! 
   2. Occasinary, you'll meet "Golem" requesting help from your party. If you kill
      two monsters without harming Golem, you'll obtain Shoukanjuu (Summoned
      Beasts) Golem. Like Ramuh, you have to use it as an item to add Golem to the
      Shoukan list. 
   3. Many of the monsters in this valley are undeads. Try using "requiem" you got
      at Quelb! (You have to have "Utau" ability or be in Gin'yuushijin (bard))

Boss of the Valley of the Flying Dragons: Hiryuu sou. Lv. 29, HP 12000 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
When you kill all of those flowers beside Hiryuusou, they'll revive with 5
flowers. Heal the effect of "kafun" (pollen) with "Esna".

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
If you use the "Golem" you got at this valley, "kafun" (pollen) will not harm your
party. "Gravite" works pretty well against Hiryuusou. Reduce the HP of Hiryuusou
to 3 digits and use "Zeninage" (coin toss: ability of Samurai) command to finish
them off. 


11. Bal Castle Once Again 
If you give Hiryuusou to Hiryuu, Hiryuu will revive and you'll be able to control
him. Head north from Bal Castle (NE from Quelb) to get to the outer world. Next
destination is Ghido's Dwelling, which is located northeast from Bal. 

12. Ghido's Dwelling 
When you enter the entrance of this cave, the whole island will start to sink.
Head west after escaping from the sinking island.

13. Surgate Castle 
Gather the information about Zeza (You'll learn that Zeza went to east of Exdeath
castle with his fleet). At king's bedroom, get "Subayasa no Uta" (Song of Speed).
Also at the Library of this castle, put back the scattered books to appropriate
place to open the secret door. The scattered books are (from left to right)
"Kindan no Sho" (Forbidden Book), "Mamono Daijiten" (Dictionary of the Monsters),
and "Ronka no Himitsu" (Secret of Lonka). See below for details on where to put
back the books. You'll get "Leviteto" as a reward. 

Hint: Placing the books Thanks to Nora [[email protected]] for confirmation of
the bookshelf arrangement. 

--1-- --2-- --3-- 
--4-- --5-- --6-- --7-- 
--8-- --9-- -10-- -11-- 


   * "Kindan no Sho" (Left most book) into bookshelf #2. 
   * "Mamono Daijiten" (Middle book) into bookshelf #7. 
   * "Ronka no Himitsu" (Right most book) into bookshelf #9. 

14. Zeza's Fleet 
Land your Hiryuu on the biggest ship in Zeza's fleet located east of Exdeath
Castle. Meet Zeza, and go to bed. While in sleep, monsters attack the fleet. You
can ignore the wandering enemies if you want. Head to the bottom to fight the boss. 


Boss on Zeza's Fleet: Gilgamesh & Enkidou * Gilgamesh: Lv. ??, HP ?? * Enkidou:
Lv. 29, HP 4000 

Normal way to beat these bosses: 
"Gravite" works against Enkidou. Use magic or physical attacks against Gilgamesh.

Quick and dirty way to beat these bosses: 
"Confuyu" works against Enkidou. Once you get Enkidou on your side, concentrate
your attacks on Gilgamesh. Also make sure to steal "Genji no Kote" (Genji
Gauntlet). There is only one set of Genji equipment. 


15. Barrier Tower (Party's Level: 26) 
Treasures: 9000 giru, Blood Sword, 18000 giru, Kin no Kamikazari (Golden Hairpin)
You start from the basement and head to the top of the tower. At the top of the
tower, you'll fight "Atomos". 


Boss of Barrier Tower: Atomos. Lv. 41, HP 19997 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
If you revive the character which was hit with "Comet", Atomos will use the
"Comet" once again. Before the character is sucked into the "waam hole", do
critical attacks of Samurais and Monks. 

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
"Slow" works against Atomos. There is no easy way around this boss. You may want
to use "Zeninage" here if you have alot of giru to spare. Otherwise, do critical
attacks of Samurais and Monks. 


16. Ghido's Dwelling 
After you obtained the submarine, go to the sunken island of Ghido's dwelling. At
the very bottom of the cave, you'll meet Ghido the wise one. He'll give you
"Chourou no Eda" (Stem of the Elderly Tree) and advise you to goto Great Forest of

17. Obtaining Katoblepas 
When you open the map undersea, you'll see a white dot on north-western part of
the world map. Goto that place and go through the cave. When you exit the cave,
wander around until you encounter Katoblepas. Beat him to get Katoblepas. 

Katoblepas: Lv. 38, HP 5000 
When you attack, he'll use "Akuma no Hitomi" (Devil's eye) to stone one character.
Make one "Odoriko" (Dancer) and equip him/her with Ribbon to guard against "Akuma
no Hitomi". Use the Dancer to destone the characters and attack, attack, attack! 

18. Town of Muah (Party's Level: 27) 
You can enter this town if you carefully observe the overworld map and underwater
map. (Concentrate your search on western part of the map) Once you found your way,
go to the town first and buy the necessities. You can get "Main Gauche" from the
thing on left of the Pub building. You cannot go through the locked door at this

19. The Great Forest of Muah 
Treasures: 2000 giru, Etel (Ether), 4500 giru, Fenix Down, 9900 giru, Elixer,
Cottage, Kyojin no Kusuri (Medicine of Giants), Aegis no Tate (Aegis Shield),
Morning Star, Flame Tongue, Susu (Ash), Flame Shield (If you took Aegis Shield,
this treasure box is empty). 
Use the "Chourou no Eda" (Stem of the Elderly Tree) to enter the forest. When you
come to the middle of the forest, Exdeath will light the fire on forest. Don't
panic. You have plenty of time to search around for treasure boxes. After you have
collected the treasures, enter Mouguli's hole. 

20. The remains of Elderly Tree (Party's Level: 30) 
If you use "Chourou no Eda" in front of the Elderly Tree, the passage will open.
Inside, you'll fight "Fuuin wo Mamoru Mono" (Guardian of the Seal). After the
battle, Galuf dies, and Kururu will join your party. 

Boss of Elderly Tree: Fuuin wo Mamoru Mono Each piece is Lv. 77, HP 7777, and has
individual attribute of Fire, Ice, Wind, and Earth. 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
"Gravite" works fairly well. When they began to use magics, use "shell" to reduce
the damage. Just mix the attacks with healing.

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
Cast "Leviteto" to everyone. Then use "Titan" with all four members of your party.
(Ignore the Earth segment for now) After other three dies, use "Graviga". Earth
segment is near death by now.... 


21. Cave of Gilgame (not Gilgamesh) 
This place is optional and you may skip if you aren't in need of quick cash.
Behind the doors, you can get 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560, 5120,
10240, 20480, and 40960 giru, but you'll encounter the mighty Gilgame with high
rate. Gilgame has HP of 32768 (same as Exdeath you'll meet later) and his weakness
is "ice". So use "Mahouken Bulizaga" to beat him. Golem's guard will be nullified
in 2 rounds or so. 

Dirty way to beat Gilgame.... but it's not quick. Equip everyone with
Gin'yuushijin's (Bard's) "Kakureru" (Hide) ability. When you enter the battle, let
everyone hide until Gilgame does "Kame no Koura" (Turtle Shell) twice. After he
has done the "Kame no Koura" attack, surprisingly, Gilgame's attack won't hit your
party. I'm sure you know what to do NOW. ; ) [Yes, come out and attack!!] 

22. The Climax!?: Exdeath Castle (Party's Level: 31) 
Treasures: Daia no Tate (Diamond Shield), Etel (Ether) x 2, Ice Shield, Elixer x 2,
Hayate no Yumiya (Gale Bow & Arrows), Ice Bland, Kotetsu, 9900 giru, Twin Lancer,
8000 giru, Partisan, Fuuma Shuriken 
Are you ready to beat up the Exdeath? Do you think you have good job-ability
combination? If not, you should go back to basement of Bal Castle and gather some
ABP (Ability point) there. If you are ready, go up from the unlocked front door. At
the third floor, head back a little to break the illusion of Exdeath. After
revealing the true shape of Exdeath castle, proceed. Get Karbunkle at 10th floor,
fight Gilgamesh at 12th floor, and finally, you'll fight Exdeath at 13th floor. I
recommend having "Otoshiana Kaihi" (Avoid Snares : Fuusuishi (Elemental User) Lv.
2), and "Damage Yuka" (Damage Floors : Fuusuishi (Elemental User) Lv.3) abilities
to help your way. (You can have Fuusuishi (Elemental User) + Dash in your party) 


Bosses on parade in Exdeath Castle 

   * Boss #1: Karbunkle. Lv. 44, HP 15000. 

   Normal way to beat this boss: 
   Karbunkle is always in "reflec" status, so just cast "reflec" to your party and
   reflect the magics to Karbunkle. You can steal "Reflect Ring" from him.

   Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
   Make four Shoukanshi (Summoner) and cast Katoblepas. The success rate is rather
   low, but you can kill him in one shot. 

   * Boss #2: Gilgamesh. Lv. ??, HP ??? 
   Since his attacks are pretty weak, I'll skip the "quick and dirty" section.
   Just attack normally and heal with "Kearuga" (Cure 3) and "Esna". 

   * Boss #3: Exdeath. Lv. 66, HP 32768, Weakness: Holy Powers 
   Normal way to beat this boss: 
   Guard your party with "shell", "leviteto", and "Golem". Then attack Exdeath,
   but make sure that you can cast "Raise" at any given time during battle. 

   Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
   Cast "Golem" and "Karbunkle". Equip everyone with "AoMahou" ability and heal
   with "White Wind". For attacking Exdeath, "Midareuchi" (Archer Lv. 5) and
   "Tameru" (Monk Lv. 2) works pretty well. 


After the battle with Exdeath, World One and World Two merge together.... 

The End of the Second World. 

Final Fantasy Vj Walkthrough of World Three 
Written by Tatsushi Nakao 

Party's Level indicate levels which you should go there in order to finish that
place without difficulty. 

1. Tycoon Castle, Death Valley, and West Valley (Party's Level: 

31) After the dance party in Tycoon, leave the Tycoon castle and head to the
Pirate's Hideout. Boko will once again join your party. Ride the chocobo north
from Tycoon castle and you fight Antolion at the West Valley. Faris joins here. 

2. Ghido's Dwelling, and Ancient Library 
Exdeath returns here. After Exdeath leaves, head to the Ancient Library. When you
arrive at the Ancient Library, make sure to get the "Maryoku no Uta" (Song of
Magics) at top of the Library. Then get the "Fuuin no Sho" (Concealed Book). Once
you got the book, head to the Pyramid. 

3. Pyramid (Party's Level: 32) 
Treasures: Noroi no Yubiwa (Cursed Ring), Ice Shield, Flame Shield, Dark Matter x
7, Shiro no Robe (White Robe), Kuro no Robe (Black Robe), Elixer x 4, Ibara no
Kanmuri (Thornlet), Kuro Shouzoku (Ninja Gear), Crystal Mail, 9000 giru, 8000
giru, Daichi no Hammer (Hammer of Earth), 10000 giru, Cottage, Ribbon, Mamori no
Yubiwa (Protection Ring), Kin no Kamikazari (Golden Hairpin), 12000 giru 
On the fourth floor, you'll encounter many "Machine Head"s. Since you can not run
away from them, you have to defeat it everytime you encounter one. 
Stats for "Machine Head" is: Lv. 37, HP 7210, weakness: Water and Thunder. Use 
"Mahouken-sandaga" to kill them. At the top of the Pyramid you'll find the first
"Sekiban" (Stone Tablet). Also, Bahamut shows up and he flies to the North

4. Elderly Tree 
On the way back from Pyramid (at the Elderly Tree) to the Library, you'll meet
with Exdeath. Exdeath sucks Ancient Library into "mu" (Nothingness) and
Meryujiinu appears. After the fight with Meryujiinu, Lenna joins your party. 


Boss of the Elderly Tree: Meryujiinu. Lv 29-33, HP 20000 
Note: Meryujiinu does barrier change and her weakness can be one of Fire, Ice, or

Normal way to beat Meryujiinu: 
Before you fight, make one character that can use "Raibura" or "Miyaburu" to see
her weakness. Then hit her weakness. 

Quick and dirty way to beat Meryujiinu: 
Since Meryuujiinu's barrier change changes her weakness to one of Fire, Ice, or
Thunder, attack with magics other than those (i.e. "Aeroga", "Bio", etc..). Use
"Mahouken Sairesu" to stop her magics. 


5. Getting Airship 
Once you beated Meryujiinu, head to east coast to get the airship. (You saw it
from top of the Pyramid, right?) Ride the airship and some towns & castles will be
sucked into the "mu" (Nothingness). 

6. Pirate's Base revisited
Once you have Lenna and Faris in your party, you can obtain Shoukanjuu (Summoned
Beast) "Syldra" here. 

7. Concealed Castle of Koozer (Party's Level: 34) 
Place the first "sekiban" (Stone Tablet) at central table at basement of Koozer
castle. You can choose any THREE weapons for your use. Choose wisely. Here are the
locations of the weapons in Koozer (Clockwise from Top) 

   1. Excalibur : Attribute of Holy power. 
   2. Assasin Dagger : Randomly kills target upon attacking. 
   3. Sasuke no Katana (Sasuke's Katana) : Has evade rate. 
   4. Holy Lance : Attribute of Holy power. 
   5. Rune Ax : Use MP to do critical hits. 
   6. Masamune : Always attack first in battle. 
   7. Yoichi no Yumi (Bow & Arrow of Yoichi) : No special ability. 
   8. Fire Byuuto : Randomly casts "Faiga" (Fire 3) against target. 
   9. Kenja no Tsue (Wise One's Cane) : Increases damage of "Holy" 
   10. Wizard Rod : Has every attribute, and increases magic's damage. 
   11. Apollon no Harp (Apollon's Harp) : Critical hits against dragons. 
   12. Daichi no Bell (Bell of the earth) : Randomly casts "quake". 

Nasty enemies of Koozer Castle 

   * ExdeathSoul Lv.1, HP 20000, weakness: Holy power 
   This is an armor that has soul of Exdeath concealed into it. Since his attacks
   are strong (Death, Degeon, Shinigami no Ken (Death God's Sword), etc..) I
   recommend you run. No exp. 
   * Shield Dragon Lv. 29, HP 19999 
   Since he is already in the "reflec" status, your magics will be reflected. I
   recommend "ayatsuru" (Control) the Shield Dragon and using "Honoo" (Flame)
   against itself. It will inflict 4999 damage. 

8. Town of Cresent and Town of Mirage 
Gather information about town of Mirage at Cresent. Then head to the town of
Mirage by encountering at forest south-west of cresent. Gather information, buy
equipments, and buy the level 6 magics. You can find the last "piano" here. Also,
Black Chocobo is here, but not needed at this time (since you have airship). 

9. Shrine of Solitary Island
Treasures: 12000 giru, Elixer, 9000 giru, Rising Sun, Beast Killer, Etel (Ether)
x 2, Ryuu no Kiba (Dragon Fang), Dark Matter, Circlet, Mamori no Yubiwa
(Protoction Ring), Crystal Helm 
You have to move around through the air duct in this dungeon. Flip the right
switch down to get Elixer, return to the switch room, flip the left switch down
to get 9000 giru, and flip the right switch UP to proceed. You can steal "Eibis
Killer" from "ToteEibis" ( Large bird looking enemy) which always results
critical hits against Eibis enemies. I also recommend having "Otoshiana Kaihi"
(Avoid Snare) ability here. At the very end, you'll fight Stalker. 


Boss of the Shrine of Solitary Island: Stalker. Lv. 7, HP 20000 

Splits up into four segments. Only one of them is the true Stalker. If you use
magics to all four segments, he'll revenge with "Blaze". 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
Use "Zeninage" and "Midareuchi" to inflict damages. If you like gambling, you may
want to try using "Tameru" (Charge) on one target.

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
Make all members in the party that can use distant attacks. (i.e. Magics, Jump,
Arrow, etc..) Then let each member of the party attack one unique segment. 


10. Concealed Castle of Koozer (Party's Level: 35) 
Obtain additional three legendary weapons. 

11. Fork Tower
Treasures: Etel (Ether), HiPotion, Wonder Wand, Defender 
You have to divide your party into two in this tower. One party goes up the
"Tower of Magics" (Left) and other goes up the "Tower of Power" (Right). Note that
only magics are allowed in "Tower of Magics" and only physical attacks are allowed
in "Tower of Power". Also, you have to fight two bosses successively, so you
cannot change the equipments around between the boss battles. After you beat one
of the boss, quickly take the other. Otherwise, the tower will explode. 

Boss of the "Tower of Power": Minotaur. Lv. 37, HP 19850 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
When the battle begun, the "mute" magic is already in effect. Thus no magics can
be used (including Mahouken). Heal your character with "HiPotion".

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
Just put Monk with "Mamoru" (Guard) ability and guard until Minotaur dies. Since
"Mamoru" makes all physical attacks zero Monk won't get any damages, and Monk's
"Counter" ability would counter-attack Minotaur's attack. This ensures your
victory even with one character. 

Boss of the "Tower of Magics": Subete wo Shirumono. Lv. 53, HP 16999, weakness:

Normal way to beat this boss: 
Note that if you do any physical attacks against "Subete wo Shirumono", he will
cast "return" and resets the battle to beginning. (Very good way to recover your
party if you get beated badly though) Since this will be magic battles, use
"Earoga" (Aero2) against him.

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
Cast "Baasaku" (Bersk) to him first. Then he can't use his magics anymore. Then
use "Golem" to guard his attacks. He can't even cast the last Flare due to
berserked status. 

12. Airship Modification 
Enter "Catapult" that was under the Fork Tower. Cid will modify your airship...
and your new airship can transform into submarine as well. 

13. The Great Deep (Party's level: 36) 
Treasures: Suiton no Jutsu, Honoo no Yubiwa (Flame Ring), Ryuu no Kiba (Dragon
Fang), Etel (Ether), Fenix Down, Kaizer Knuckle 
Go through the Dwarf Kingdom and head to the very bottom floor. After the battle
with boss, you'll get the third "sekiban" (Stone Tablet) and strongest Jikuu
magic, Meteo. 

Some notes about this dungeon: 

   * Most of the monsters in this dungeon are undeads, so I recommend using
     "requiem". It costs no MP, but inflict alot of damage. 
   * On the B4F, do not push the second switch. It will remove the bridge and you
     have to go around the magma. 
   * On the B4F with five switches, push the one on upper right. This will make a
     bridge to the treasure box. Other four leads to the magma pond. 
   * On the B8F, push three switches on the lower half of the floor to get access
     to the boss's room. Other one will open the door to Kaiser Knuckle. 


Bosses of the Great Deep * Toraiton (Red). Lv. 37, HP 13333, Weakness: Ice, Kearu 
* Neregeid (Blue). Lv. 20, HP 13333, Weakness: Fire, Kearu * Phorbos (Green). Lv. 
39, HP 13333, Weakness: Earth 

Normal way to beat these bosses: 
Toraiton will absorb fire, Neregeid will absorb ice, and Phorbos will absorb
poison magics. Thus, you can attack them with magics that have attribute other
than the above one. "Sandaga", "Syldra"'s ThunderStorm, and "Titan" would work. If
you get hit by "Delta Attack", heal with "Kin no Hari" (Golden Needle). 

Quick and dirty way to beat these bosses: 
Since two out of three are undead, use "requiem" with all members of the party.
(Need Gin'yuushijin's (Bard's) ability "Utau" (Sing)). 


14. Concealed Castle of Koozer 
Obtain additional 3 weapons. There should be only three weapons left when you
leave this place. 

15. Basement of Bal Castle 
Enter this place by climbing the wall at deadend in Dungeon of Jacole. Go up to
meet Odin, but make sure to unlock the door on bottom before you leave this place.

Boss of Basement of Bal Castle: Odin. Lv. 2, HP 17000 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
You need to defeat Odin in 60 seconds... otherwise, he's "Zantetsuken" (Iron
Cutting Sword) will kill your party. Try casting magics on him (Holy or Flare
would work), or throw Shurikens ("Nageru" (Throw) ability of Ninja required). 

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
Use "Mahouken Bureiku"... this will petrify Odin and only requires 2 turns. If you
have time, you might want to steal "Mamori no Yubiwa" (Protection Ring) from Odin.


16. Pheonix Tower 
Treasures: 5000 giru, 10000 giru, 15000 giru, 20000 giru, 25000 giru 
You need to get Black Chocobo at Town of Mirage to reach this place. (Airship
cannot land on the desert nor forest) 
Land your Black Chocobo at forest north-east from the Pheonix Tower (Tower you see
in west from Carwen). Once you are in the tower, search the wall in middle for the
hidden staircase. Each floor without staircase going up will have *two* staircase
leading to upper floor. One of the door has enemies in it, and other doesn't. For
the quick and dirty way to go through this tower, read the following line.
Otherwise, skip the following line. 


Note: When you meet a monster named "Magic Pot", give him Elixer. When he escapes,
he will give you 100ABP (Ablitiy Point). Also if you happened to have "Thief" in
your party, try stealing the following items from enemies. 

   * Sherry (Dancer with Red Dress): You can steal "Rainbow Dress" and occasionary
     can steal "Sango no Yubiwa" (Coral Ring). 
   * Komusabera (Snake Lady): You can steal "Akai Kutsu" (Red Shoes) and
     occasionary can steal "Elf no Manto" (Elf's Cloak). 
   * Chamukyubia (Floating Lady with Red Dress): You can steal "Reflect Ring" (You
     can sell it for money) and occasionary can steal "Rainbow Dress". 

   * Why do I need these items anyway!? 
     Rainbow Dress and Red Shoes can only be equipped by Odoriko (Dancer) [ Suppin
     too. Suppin can equip anything ] and these two items increases the change of
     getting "Tsurugi no Mai" (Sword Dance) which quadruples your sword attack.
     Very useful dance. 

At the very top of the tower, you'll get Shoukanjuu (Summoned Beast) Pheonix. 

17. North Mountain 
North mountain is located north from the forest you landed your Black Chocobo. So,
why not go there now? At the peek of the north mountain, Bahamut will fight you...
and if you win, you'll get Shoukanjuu (Summoned Beast) Bahamut. 


Boss of North Mountain: Bahamut. Lv. 99, HP 40000 
There is no quick and dirty way to kill Bahamut. Use "slow" and "stop" to reduce
Bahamut's attacking oppotunities, and attack Bahamut with Mahouken Flare, Meteo,
or Holy. 


18. Sunken Tower of Walse 
Okay, how many of you remember that tower of Walse sunk in World One? It sank, and
it still exists underwater in World Three. You can enter this tower by using your
submarine. You'll enter from top of the tower and make your way to bottom.
However, since our hero cannot breath underwater, you must return to the submarine
before time runs out. At the very bottom of the tower, you'll encounter Gogo. If 
you beat Gogo, you'll get the last piece of the Crystal and the last job of Mimic. 


Boss of Sunken Tower of Walse: Gogo. Lv. ??, HP ???? 
When you attack him, he will revenge your party with "Meteo", "Holy" and "????".
Listen carefully to what he say... "If you mimic me, you can win." So do whatever
he does, and if he doesn't do anything, don't do anything. 


19. Istory Falls (Party's Level: 36) 
Treasures: Etel (Ether), Kame no Koura (Turtle Shell), AirKnife, Mamori no Yubiwa
(Protection Ring), Refect Ring, Enhance Sword, 12000 giru, Artemis no Yumi (Bow of
Artemis), Aegis Shield, Fuuma Shuriken, Kyojin no Ono (Ax of Giants), Rune Blade,
Kyojin no Kusuri (Giant's Medicine), Fenix Down 
You have to enter this place from underwater cave. Look for a white spot on your
underwater map near Istory Falls. 

   * On B3F, you need ability "Dash" to get the treasure box behind the running
   * On B5F, you can go to lower floor by jumping down from the holes on lower
     left. Open the hole by using the switch. 
   * Nasty monster of Istory Falls... Tonberi! Tonberi's level is 46 and has 39393
     points of HP. Also his special attack "Houchou" (Cooking Knife : Ouch!) will
     randomly hit four times for significant damage. If you think you can't kill
     him before he approaches your party, run. But he will sometimes drop "Mirage
     Vest" (This vest has effect of "blink" and can evade one physical attack per
     battle with 100% evade rate). 


Boss of Istory Falls: Rivaiathan. Lv. 39, HP 40000, weakness Thunder 
He is weak against Thunder and has an attribute of water. So, Mahouken Sandaga and
Sandaga will work the best against Rivaiathan. If you were able to afford buy some
"Sango no Yubiwa" (Coral Ring: Sold at Town of Mirage for 50,000 giru each), you
can absorb any water attacks including Rivaiathan's Tidal Wave. 


20. Concealed Castle of Koozer 
Get the last three weapons. 

21. Miscellaneous things you can do before going to final dungeon 
All of these are optional, and if you wish, you can skip this section 

   1. Obtaining "Mighty Guard" (AoMahou : Blue Magic) Ocean near Map #11 
      To learn Mighty Guard, head your airship and land it on water near sunken
      tower of Walse. Occasionary, you will encounter an enemy named "StingRay"
      (Looks like blue ray). He only does normal attackes, but when you "Ayatsuru"
      (Control) him, and you will be able to use Mighty Guard. Make sure you have
      at least one AoMadoushi (BlueMage) or ability "learning" and beat this ray
      to learn it. He's HP is 30000. (Lv. 93) StingRay will also drop "Ryuu no
      Hige" (Beard of Dragon), the strongest whip, occasionary. 

   2. Learn the "Eiyuu no Uta" (Hero's Song) 
      If you played all of the piano around the world, you can become PianoMaster.
      By obtaining this status, bard in Cresent will present you with "Eiyuu no
      Uta" which will raise your levels during battle (only during the battle, of

   3. How brave were you? Chicken Knife or Brave Sword If you go to the town of
      Muah, the locked door is now open. At the very end, you can choose either
      Chicken Knife or Brave Sword. Chicken Knife has strange property of running
      away even if you choose "fight", and Brave Sword has high initial attack
      power, but decreases everytime you run. (Chicken Knife's opposite. Attack
      power increases when you run... but only before you get it) So, evaluate
      your braveness here. :) 

   4. How am I doing so far?? Monoshiri Jiisan's place. Head your airship to
      Karnak and dive in the bay south of Karnak. When you look around, you'll
      find one cave on right side of the bay. Enter there and old man will tell
      your progress up to this point. He will tell you: 
         1. Number of Fights: 
         2. Number of Monsters Slayed: 
         3. Average EXP: 
         4. Treasure Box Collection Rate: 
         5. Number of Times You Saved the Game: 

   5. Meet the Moai from Easter Island! 
      Head your airship above the sunken tower of Walse (don't land your airship
      here). Then head directly north and dive as soon as you reach the ocean.
      Continue your way up north and you'll meet small Moai on the sea floor.
      This has nothing to do with the game. 

22. Cleft of Dimention (Party's Level: 37) 
The entrance to Cleft of Dimention is the hole where it used to be Tycoon. Fly
over the hole to get into the Cleft of Dimention. Since this dungeon is long, I
will seperate the walkthrough into following sections: The Ruins, The Forest, The
Dungeon, The Towers, The Castle, and The Final Floors. 

Cleft of Dimention: The Ruins 
Treasures: Etel (Ether), Cottage, Elixer x 2, Dark Matter, Blood Sword 
There is nothing special here. You can climb to upper floor by hanging onto the
moving chains. A monster called "Baldandells" (Looks like circle with skull on it)
sometimes drops "Rune no Bell" (Bell of Rune) the strongest bell of all. (It does
critical hit using MP and has all attributes) Once you are in the town, head to
the exit. 

Cleft of Dimention: The Forest 
Treasures: Ryuu no Kiba (Dragon Fang), Riris no Rod (Rod of Riris), Enhance Sword,
Nothing special about this place except that there is a boss in this forest. 


Boss of CoD Forest: Karophysteli. Lv. 68, HP 18000 

Normal way to beat this boss: When she uses "Reflec", nullify it with "Dispell".
Then use "sairesu" to stop her from using the magics. Since she doesn't have any
weaknesses nor attributes, any attack would work. 

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
"Mahouken" and "Shoukanjuu" (Summoned Beast) does not get reflected by reflect
magic. So, use Mahouken Sairesu to stop her magic and use "Shoukanjuu" (Summoned
Beast) to attack her. 


Cleft of Dimention: The Dungeon 
Treasures: Honoo no Yubiwa (Flame Ring), Tenshi no Yubiwa (Angel Ring)
You can enter the left most waterfall on upper level (the level you start with). 
Just after the save point, you will see "Omega" wondering. If you wish to try your
strength, fight it. If you don't want to waste time, you can ignore it. For those
of you who wished to fight, here is the stats. If you went past Omega's place,
check the book on the table to fight the boss. 

Omega: Lv 119, HP 55530, MP 60700, Attack Power 115, Defence Power 190, Agility
76, Evade Rate 95%, Magic Defence 150, Attribute: Water, Wind, Earth, Holy Power,
Poison, Ice, and Fire. 

   * Omega: Lv. 119, HP 55530 
     Omega has one weakness... that is Thunder. But casting "Sandaga" to Omega
     won't work that well. The secret to beating him is "Nitouryuu-Midareuchi-
     Mahouken-Sandaga". This ability combination allows you to attack 8 times with
     Mahouken Sandaga. However, this requires you to master Ninja (for Nitouryuu)
     and Karyuudo (Archer : for Midareuchi), and also have Mahouken Lv 5. (for
     Mahouken Sandaga). I recommend having three characters with these abilities.
     Once you got those abilities, follow the following procedures: 

        1. Make three Suppin with Midareuchi and Mahouken as their abilities. Make
           fourth person Monomaneshi (Mimic) with Jikuu (Time & Space Magic (Lv.
           5+) and Shiromahou (White Magic)(Lv. 5+). 

        2. Equip everyone with armors that will increase their agility. (i.e.
           Kuroshouzoku) Also equip everyone with "Honoo no Yubiwa" (Flame Ring).
           Flame ring will absorb some of Omega's attacks. 

        3. Encounter Omega. (Easiest step!) 

        4. Let three suppins cast Mahouken Sandaga while Monomaneshi cast
           "Heisuga" (Haste 2). 

        5. On the next turn, let every suppin attack with Midareuchi. Let
           Monomaneshi cast "Kearuga" (Cure3) to party. 

        6. Repeat the above step until you beat Omega. After the battle, you will
           get "Omega no Kunshou" (Decoration of Omega) which says: "Your wisdom,
           courage, and power have beaten the ancient technologies."


Boss of CoD Dungeon: Apanda. Lv 59, HP 22200, weakness: Fire 
(No, it's not A Panda... it's Apanda) 

Normal way to beat this boss: 
Basic strategy is same as Biblos of Ancient Library. You can use Fire magics. But
make sure not to use Ifrit, since he will heal himself with "Chiryou" (Cure).

Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
Just cast "Baasaku" (Bersk) to Apanda and guard his attacks with "Golem". But make
sure not to use Ifrit, because he will heal the berserked status. 


Cleft of Dimention: The Towers 
The roads are invisible, but you can see them with Thief's "Kakushi Tsuuro"
(Hidden Route) ability. No bosses in this section, but enemies of this section can
be tough. Read the following hints to help yourself. 

   1. Ninja has high evade rate (70%). You can use AoMahou (BlueMagic) "Goblin
      Punch" to inflict damages. Goblin Punch uses no MP, but can hit for about
      3500+ points of damage. 
   2. You can rarely steal "Artemis no Yumi" (Bow of Artemis) from Dragon Eibis
      (Looks like flying dragon). Also, if you have "Eibis Killer" (Bow you
      could've have stolen at Shrine of Solitary Island), you might want to use

Cleft of Dimention: The Castle 
Treasures: Tooru no Hammer (Thor's Hammer), Erumesu no Kutsu (Helmes's Shoes),
ManEater, Akai Kutsu (Red Shoes), Rainbow Dress 
Once you enter the main entrance, head straight and go DOWN the staircase and go
left. There, you'll fight Apocaryopus, and after the battle, save point will open.
Once you have saved the game, explore both wings of the castle (Right wing has
Thor's Hammer and left wing has Helmes's Shoes). Once you got most of the
treasures, walk right from the save point, and fight Catastrophe. (You can fight
Arute Roite if you want to get Rainbow Dress and Red Shoes, (One in the jail) but
I'm sure you stole these at Pheonix Tower, right?) Once you beat Catastrophe, go
up the stairs until you reach outside. Make sure to get ManEater at end of the
left staircase. Then enter the central door and you'll fight Harikarunassosu when
you try to go up the staircase. After you beat Harikarunassosu, go up the
staircase and face up at the top of the castle. You will fight Twin Tania here.
Once you beat Twin Tania, you can followed the staircase up, and you'll warp to
the last floor. One Note: On the staircase to the warp point, enemy called
"Youjinbou" (Looks like samurai) will show up. Rarely, you can steal "Ame no
Murakumo", the strongest Katana [stronger than Excalibur!]. 

Bosses of CoD Castle: 

   1. Apocaryopus. Lv. 57, HP 27900, Weakness: Poison 
      He uses most of AoMahou (BlueMagic) and he also can "learn" your AoMahou. 

      Normal way to beat this boss: 
      Since his weakness is poison, Mahouken Bio can inflict 7000+ points of
      damage. Keep attacking, and there shoudn't be no problem. 

      Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
      Steal his "Kyojin no Kote" (Giant's Glove) first. Then let one of your
      member use "Jibaku" (Exploder) to Apocaryopus. He will learn it, and if you
      are in luck, Apocaryopus will scarifice himself. (One of your member WILL
      die) If this didn't work, just follow the normal way. 

   2. Arute Roite/Jura Eibis: Lv. 58 - 61, HP 6000 - 15000 
      He will transform into Jura Eibis after some amount of damage.

      Normal way to beat this enemy: 
      When he is in Arute Roite's shape, Mahouken and Flare works. When you get
      hit by "circle" (Erases one of your character for that battle) use "return"
      to reset the battle. When he transforms, Fire, Ice, and Thunder magics will
      not work. Use "Bio" to attack then.

      Quick and dirty way to beat this enemy:
      "Graviga" works against Arute Roite. When he transforms into Jura Eibis,
      use Odin. 

   3. Catastrophe: Lv. 71, HP 19997 

      Normal way to beat this boss: 
      There is no attribute or weakness so any attack would work. He uses
      "EarthShaker" and if you use "leviteto", he nullifies it with "Juuryoku
      100" (Gravity 100). Cure "Akuma no Hitomi" (Devil's Eye) with "Kin no Hari"
      (Golden Needle). 

      Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
      When you use "leviteto", Catastrophe will use "juuryoku 100". So, if you
      make one character into "leviteto" chanting character, Catastrophe can't do
      anything but "juuryoku 100".... 

   4. Harikarunassosu: Lv. 97, HP 33333 

      Normal way to beat this boss: 
      If you get hit by "Kururururu!" cure him/her with "Otome no Kiss" (Lady's
      Kiss : Cure's Toad). Heal the character that got hit by "Holy" or "Power
      shuuchuu" (Power Concentration) with "raise". Since she has no attribute nor
      weakness, any attack would work. 

      Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
      Use Mahouken Sairesu to stop her magics, and use "Minimum" to stop her
      "Power Shuuchuu". Then cast "Baasaku" (Bersk) to stop her "Kururururu!"

   5. Twin Tania: Lv. 39, HP 50000, weakness: Holy power, water 
      After he "power up", he will use "Giga Flare", a flare rumored to be
      stronger than Bahamut's "Mega Flare". 

      Normal way to beat this boss: 
      Twin Tania's weakness is water and holy power. So use Mahouken Holy and
      Rivaiathan to attack. Use "shell" to guard your party against his "Giga

      Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: 
      Twin Tania's hidden weakness is when he does his power up. When the
      message "Giga Flare no tameni power up!" (Powering up for GigaFlare)
      shows up, use Odin. If you have time, you may want to steal "Kyojin no
      Ono" (Ax of Giant) from him. 


Cleft of Dimention: The Final Floors 
Treasures: Elixer, Fuuma Shuriken x 3, Ragnarok 
Once you arrive at the first warp site, you'll encouter Gilgamesh. (Remember that
he was sent to Cleft of Dimention with Exdeath's Degeon??) After a while, he will
run once again.... When you have warped twice, you'll see a treasure box on island
like place (connected with staircase). That treasure box contains Ragnarok, but it
is heavily guarded. The monster that guards this treasure box is called "Shinryuu"
(God of Dragon). See below for instructions on how to defeat the Shinryuu. 

If you go further into the last floor, you'll meet NecroPhobia. (Don't go
straight!! Exdeath is there!) After beating NecroPhobia and saved your game, enter
through the last warp zone to fight Exdeath. Around the save point, you'll rarely
encounter enemy called "Mover" (It come in triplets). If you are able to defeat
them, you will recieve 199ABP and 100000+ giru. Also, you can occasionary steal
"Hiryuu no Yari" (Flying Dragon Lance) fom "Suishouryuu" (Crystal Dragon). Here's
the stats for both of these enemies: 

   * Mover: Lv. 52, HP 10000, Attribute: Poison, Weakness: Fire This comes in
   * Suishouryuu: Lv 62, HP 17500, Attribute: Fire, Ice, Thunder, Wind 


Bosses of CoD Final Floors: 

   1. Gilgamesh: Lv. ??, HP ???? 
      Just make sure to steal "Genji no Kabuto" and attack normally. There
      shouldn't be no problem. 

   2. Shinryuu: Lv. 97, HP 55500, MP 51000, Attack Power 175, Defence Power 60,
      Agility 87, Evade Rate 20%, Magic Defence 20, Attribute: Holy power.
      As his initial attack, he will do Tidal Wave, which inflicts 6000+ points
      of damage. 
      Shinryuu is dragon afterall.... Thus, if you can get "Hiryuu no Yari", this
      will always result critical hits. This is the key point in the battle. Get 8
      "Hiryuu no Yari" (Flying Dragon Lance). To do this easily, optimize
      "return". Steal from Suishouryuu, and if you didn't get what you wanted,
      cast "return" and try again. Once you got 8 "Hiryuu no Yari", you need to
      master Ninja (everyone). After you got this done, follow the following

         1. Make 4 suppin with "Jump" as their ability. 

         2. Equip everyone with 2 "Hiryuu no Yari" (No shields) and "Sango no
            Yubiwa" (Coral Ring). Coral Ring will absorb Shinryuu's first Tidal 

         3. As soon as the battle start, let everyone jump. 
         4. Put down the controller and wait until everyone comes down... and
            Shinryuu should be dead by then. After the battle, you will get
            "Ragnarok" (Sword) and "Ryuu no Monshou" (Emblem of Dragon) which says:
            "This praises your honor of defeating the strongest dragon".

   3. NecroPhobia: Lv. 66, HP 44044 

      Normal way to beat this boss: 
      You must defeat all four segments of barrier before you can attack
      NecroPhobia. Use "shell" to minimize the magic damages, and "Golem" to guard
      against NecroPhobia's "Shinkuuha" (AirBlade). 

      Quick and dirty way to beat this boss: Use same strategy for the barriers.
      Bahamut will also work well. Once NecroPhobia is alone, use Odin. It will
      kill him with high rate. 

      It's not quick... but want to see the end of Gilgamesh!? 
      You MUST follow these steps to see the end of Gilgamesh. Kill the barriers
      first. Then reduce NecroPhobia's HP to 5000 or so (by using very weak magics,
      I guess), but do NOT kill NecroPhobia. Wait until Gilgamesh shows up. After
      Gilgamesh shows up, make sure to steal the last piece of Genji equipment,
      "Genji Armor". 


The Final Battle with Exdeath 
I don't have Exdeath's stats handy right now. I'll update this section once I got
the data. 

Round One: Exdeath 
Guard your party with "Mighty Guard" (Or use "shell" and "protesu" to everyone)
and "Golem", then cast "Heisuga" to speed up your party. Use Mahouken Flare, or
any other strong magics (Flare, Holy, etc..) to attack him. 

Round Two: NeoExdeath 
There is four sections to NeoExdeath, and back two are considered to be on back
row, so all physical attacks can inflict half of the damage. Make sure that you
can heal your party with "Esna" at any give time in the battle. "Zeninage" works
pretty well if you have alot of giru to spare. 


The Ending.... Put down your controller and enjoy! You'd might like to take a look
at my translation of the Ending to English if you want to understand what they're 
saying. The multiple endings of Final Fantasy Vj FF5j has sort of multiple endings
and it only depends on who was still standing (not dead, zombied, or stoned) at
the time you killed NeoExdeath. 

The End.


After going through the warp zone, they see Exdeath.

Exdeath: You... are too late. I have gained the control of the ultimatepower, the
power of 'Mu'.

[ Exdeath walks off, and returns in his original form... a huge tree in Muah
forest ]

Exdeath: I am going to get rid of everything in my way.... and for start, I shall
vanish your friends!

[ Exdeath concentrates and starts vanishing some more towns ]

Butz: Stooop!!

Exdeath: Now... it is your turn to disappear into void!

[ Exdeath creates "mu" in front of Butz and party and sucks them in ]

[ Butz and party lie unconsciously in the "mu".... person flies by ]

??????: Butz, get up!

[ The Four Braves of Dawn are in the sight. Galuf, Kelgar, Zeza, and Dorgan ] 

Butz: Dad! Zeza! Kelgar!

Kururu: Grandpa!!

Butz: ...and Galuf!!

Galuf: Presenting... The Warriors of the Dawn!! 

Butz, Lenna, Faris and Kururu, destroy Exdeath while we hold off the power of the
"mu". ONLY the Warriors of Light can save the world from power of "mu".

[ The Four Braves of Dawn holds back the power of "mu" letting Butz and party to
get out from "mu" ]

Exdeath: What?? The power of "mu" disappears!?

[ Exdeath creates another "mu", but King Tycoon rushes in and nullifies the
"mu". ]

Lenna: Father!

Faris: Dad!

The Four Braves of Dawn: NOW, destory Exdeath! Go, the Warriors of Light!

[ Butz looks into everyone's face and everyone nods back ]

Butz: Exdeath... here we come!!!!

[ Beats Exdeath... ] 

Exdeath: Why...? I had the total control of the power of "mu"... What in the world
is this "mu"!? Arrrrrrgggghhhh!!!!

[ Exdeath gets sucked into "mu" and NeoExdeath comes out from "mu" ]

NeoExdeath: My name is NeoExdeath... I will destory all memories, allexistance,
and all dimentions... then I shall disappear as well...eternally!!

[ After beating NeoExdeath, screen turns into warping screen (kind of like staff
roll of FF 2 US) ]

                              Text Scrolls Up 
                   In the beginning, there was a void... 
           when the void was filled with four elemental spirits, 
     the four crystals were born and the world was created. Since then, 

                       Hope gave the earth blessings, 
                           Courage lit the flame, 
              Kindness made the water as a source of life, and 
                   Search let the thoughs ride the wind. 

                  When the void endangers the world again, 
                          Light shall reincarnate.

[ Scene changes to Butz and party lying in star filled space. Butz wakes up. ]

Butz: Why doesn't the "mu" disappear??

Kururu: We destoryed Exdeath though...

Lenna: Is it because the Crystals are gone?

Faris: Is the world going to be sucked into the "mu"?

[ Butz, Kururu, Lenna, and Faris flies off the screen with the pieces of crystals
they had gathered. ] 

(Kururu): Hope will give the earth blessings...

(Faris): Courage will light the flame...

(Lenna): Kindness will make the water as a source of life...

(Butz): Search will let thoughts ride the wind.

[ Crystals are being restored to the original locations.... ]

[ ...and the "mu" closes off in the world... ] 

Butz: The world is recovering!

Lenna: The Crystals are too!!

Faris: There was still some power left in the pieces!

Kururu: I'm so happy!!

Butz: It's because... Lenna, Faris, and Kururu defended the pieces of crystals.

Lenna: You too!

Kururu: Grandpa too!

Lenna: Now... the wind will return to Tycoon.

King Tycoon: Yes.

[ King Tycoon and four Braves of Dawn come into the scene ]

Butz: Dad!

Kururu: Grandpa. 

Lenna: Father.

Faris: Dad.

Butz: Kelgar and Zeza too.

Dorgan: Now... you fellows return to your world!

[ King Tycoon and four Braves of Dawn flies off to distant... and Kururu's Hiryuu
shows up from distant instead. ]

[ Butz and party rides the Hiryuu... screen turns black and Wind Crystal is
restoring from fragments... then scene changes to Catapult. ]

Mid: Grandpa! We got a letter! 

(Letter from Kururu): 
Dear Cid and Mid... How are you? It's me, Kururu. Somehow, we made it.

[ Flashback of the scene where Hiryuu drops unconscious heroes at Bal Castle. They
wake up. ]

That battle seems like a dream now.

[ Flashback of heroes visiting Mouguli (Moogle) village with Mouguli dancing in
joy. ]

We've visited alot of towns after that. They were all peaceful... just like

[ Scene of Tycoon castle... Lenna and Faris sitting at the throne. Minister is
jumping and hopping around with joy. ]

The minister of Tycoon is all excited.

[ Scene of Faris's room in Tycoon ]

But Faris seems to be worried about her fellow pirates.

[ Faris takes off her dress and changes to her pirate outfit... and jumps out from
window. ]

Our castle is in a bit of a bind... we don't have a heir to the throne of Bal.
Maybe I'll become the queen? Hehehe, that's not bad...

[ Butz visiting parent's grave in Lix. ]

Butz is at his home. He said he will be wandering the world again, but until then,
he wants to stay with his parents.

[ Pirates hideout. Koko, wife of Boko, lays three eggs and surprises the
pirates. ]

By the way, Boko and Koko now has kids. They're really cute. You should come and
see them.

[ The three eggs hatch. Scene changes to Kururu near the summit of north mountain
with Hiryuu. ]

It's been a year now.... Lenna and Faris are busy with the castle and Butz left
for another journey around the world. So... I'm thinking about visiting that
place... the place where Grandpa rests... If... if, bychance, others visited
you... no... I'm sure they will, please tell them that I wanted to see them....

[ End of Letter from Kururu. ]

Cid: Kururu... you did well. Actually everyone did so well.

[ Flashback of some key scenes of the scenario in black and white: Butz fighting
Exdeath, Butz being challenged upon Kelgar, and Butz first realizing that maybe
Faris isn't a male. Butz's caption. ]

[ Flashback of some key scenes of the scenario in black and white: Lenna getting
hit by an arrow, Lenna getting the poisonous Hiryuusou, and Lenna talking to Faris
on the balcony of Tycoon castle. Lenna's caption. ]

[ Flashback of some key scenes of the scenario in black and white: Faris in
princess dress, Faris crying over death of Syldra, and Faris in wrecked ship
shaking off water. Faris's caption. ]

[ Flashback of some key scenes of the scenario in black and white: Kururu picking
up Galuf's braclet after death of Galuf, Kururu getting into a fight with Butz,
and Kururu appearing to save the others in Lonka ruins from Exdeath. Kururu's
caption. ]

[ Scene changes to front of the Eldery Tree of Muah. ]

Kururu: Grandpa... if you didn't saved me at that time, I...

Kururu: The earth, wind, water and fire are beginning to return and the world is
at peace again... but still, I feel I'm missing something.... It's probably
because... you're gone and I'm all alone...

[ Flashback to Galuf saving Kururu from Exdeath in Eldery Tree from Exdeath 
sacrificing his life. ]

Kururu: Good bye... grandpa.

[ Kururu starts to walk away... ]

Butz: You're not all alone!

[ Butz, Lenna and Faris comes down from the tree. ]

Lenna: You got us with you!

Faris: Cheer up!

Kururu: You came to see me!

Butz: Of course! How could we forget about party member who fought with us?

Kururu: You guys....

Lenna: Tears don't suit you, Kururu. You have to be strong at heart!

Faris: Galuf would laugh at you.

[ One drop of light drops from sky and creates circle of flowers around the
heroes. ]

Kururu: Sniff... Hehe, you're right... Grandpa is laughing. The Crystals have 
regained their sparkle... and it's our turn to protect it.

Butz: [ nods ] Like Dad and others did...

Lenna: Do you hear anything?

Faris: Yeah, I do...

Kururu: Grandpa?

Butz: No... it's the rustling of the trees?

Lenna: The murmur of the water?

Faris: Crackling of the fire?

Kururu: Whispers of the earth?

Butz: [ Shakes his head ] I don't know... I don't know, but...

Faris: I can hear it...

Lenna: Yes, something warm.... Let's go!

[ Butz, Faris, Lenna and Kururu runs off... the voice of Kururu's Hiryuu is heard.
Three chocobos come into the screen and shakes off their riders (Butz, Lenna and
Faris). Kururu appears riding on her Hiryuu. The others get back onto the chocobo
and runs off the screen. ]

[ Mode 7 effects around the world which three chocobo's with Butz, Lenna,and Faris
on their back. (Very similar to that of FF3 US... if you replace Falcon with three
chocobos and scene to grass land). Occassionally, Kururu flies across the screen
on her Hiryuu. Staff role takes place. After end of the staff roll, the stats of
Butz, Lenna, Faris, and Kururu are shown, then the screen zooms out. Scene changes
to warping scene with the "The End". ] 

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