Duplicating Items:
This cheat duplicates items in battle only. Equip W-Item on one of your characters. W-Item is found at Bone Village. When you dig for treasure, its inbetween the crashed plane, the old man in the chair, and the latter to the top right. Use the W-Item command and choose the item that you want to duplicate. With that item, choose any target. Then select another item. Now, when choosing another target, press to cancel the use of the second item. Then you will see that the first item has been duplicated. So, keep pressing O and X and you will see its number rising.

Easy Battle Square handicaps:
During the "slot machine" handicap sequence, rapidly tap Square in the Battle Square section at Gold Saucer. The slots will slow down, allowing an easier selection of your handicap. Note: This trick will also work in a similar manner with Cait Sith's limit break.

Gold Saucer - Wonder Square Items:
(purchasable with GP only:)
Potion - 1 GP
Ether - 20 GP
Ex-Potion - 80 GP
Turbo Ether - 100 GP
Gold Ticket - 300 GP
Garaf Seed - 500 GP
Gil plus materia - 1000 GP
Exp plus materia - 2000 GP

Gold Saucer - Raise your Chocobo's Stamina:
Holding down L1 and R1, slowly raises your chocobo's stamina meter. Holding L1 and R1 and Sprint at the same time, makes the meter go down 5 times slower.

100 GP for 10,000 Gil:
Sometimes when you go into the ropeway station in the gold sauser you will see a man in the corner by the save point. This man is the GP guy and will sell you 1 GP for 100 Gil. After you buy from him he will disappear and reappear later on.

All 7 Fever:
We've all heard of what's known as "All 7 Fever." If not, here's a brief explanation: when your character enters a battle with exactly 7777 HP, the character will cause enormous amounts of damage. The easiest way to do it, is to have your character's max HP at 9999. Then equip the character with a materia that lowers their HP by 10%. The rounding process forces the game to lower their Max HP to exactly 7777.

Turtle Paradise Flyers:
If you find all 6 of the Turtle Paradise Flyers that are spread all over
the world, you will get some great items. These items are Power Source,
Guard Source, Magic Source, Mind Source, Speed Source, Luck Source, and a Megalixir.
- Midgar (Look in the house on the east side of the Sector 5 Slums)
- Shinra HQ (1st floor, right side)
- Gold Saucer (Ghost Hotel)
- Cosmo Canyon (Weapon Shop)
- Cosmo Canyon (Inn)
- Wutai (Yuffie's Hideout)

The Cursed Ring:
Find the locked door in Mideel. Walk around the corner and a board will squeak. Search the
board to find a key, then go back to the door. Answer the man's question TRUTHFULLY.

Unlimited Sources:
In the downed Shinra Plane in the bottom of the ocean, the enemies can be morphed into different sources. You can just keep fighting them and morphing them until you have your fill of sources. Here is a list of how to get each one:
Unknown 2 
Research Room, Cargo Room
Defense +1
Bad Rap
Hallway inner section
Luck +1
Unknown 3
Research Room, Cargo Room
Magic +1
Cargo Room
Spirit +1
Research Room, Cargo Room
Strength +1
Hallway inner section
Speed +1

Valuable Morph-able monsters:
Cactuer (Little Green cactus) - Tetra Elemental
Ho-Cho (Big Green and Pink plant at the Battle Arena) - Ribbon
Master Tonberry (Little Critter with a star over his head) - Ribbon
Iron Man (Blue soldier with a BIG sword) - Escort Guard

How to get into Midgar in Disc Three:
If you try to get back into Midgar you will see a man standing by the door who will say that he lost the key on a tour of bone village. Go to bone village and order a search by the tent at the top of the village. This may take a couple of tries but when you get it you enter sector 5 by Aeris's church and you can go to sector 6 as well. You can get Tifa's Ultimate weapon in Wall Market's Item shack, where it would shoot at you if you tried to use the controls.

Final Attack Materia:
The Final Attack Materia is located at the Battle Square. First of all, you must buy all of the Items at the Battle Square. Then, you need to have atleast 60,000 BP. If you meet these 2 requirements, then you can fight in the Special Arena, too. You must defeat all monsters in the Special Arena. When you have completely gone through the Special Arena, then as a Prize when you return to the Battle Square, you will recieve the Final Attack Materia.
If you pair Pheonix Summon with it, then it will have the same effect as LIFE 3, in Final Fantasy 3, every time you die. It will revive all dead people from your entire party.

Other hard to find/get materia:
- Underwater Go to the underwater reactor under Junon with the sub, and morph the enemy that looks like a ghost ship and you will get the guide book, take it to the travler in Kalm to recive the Underwater materia which stops the timer when fighting Emerald Weapon.
Note: You can only get the Guide book the first time you are in the Reactor, you fight Ghost ships in the Aquarium-type room.

- Knights of the Round To get this awesome summon spell you will need to breed a gold chocobo and go to an island that is not on the map but it's in the top right corner. In the cave on the island you will find the ultimate summon spell that does 70,000+ damage when used once!

- Bahamut ZERO Stop the train from smashing through north coral, get the huge blue materia. When the materia is in Cosmo Canyon take Bahamut and Neo Bahamut to it and you will get the summon.

- Master Summon Master all of the summon spells in the game and take them to the huge red materia at Cosmo Canyon

- Master Magic Master all of the magic spells in the game and take them to the huge green materia at Cosmo Canyon

- Master Command Master all of the command materias in the game and take them to the huge yellow materia at Cosmo Canyon

Kill Ruby Weapon:
- Kill off two party members, they must have zero HP. Do this in a normal/random battle and not while fighting Emerald.
- Equip Cloud with "Knights of the Round" paired with "HP Absorb".
- Also Equip "W-Summon", "Mime" (or "Master Command"), "Hades" (Summon), and a "Ribbon"(Accessory), on Cloud.
---Ruby Weapon Battle:
- Because only Cloud is alive, two are dead: As soon as the battle begins, Ruby will burry his claws right away.
- With W-Summon command, use "Hades" and then "Knights of the Round".
- Mime your previous action with "Mime" command. (Hades & KotR will be summoned for no MP cost)
---Ruby should be dead in about half an hour. Hades will Paralyze him, seizing his attacks.

Nibelheim safe combo:
Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97

Combination in Cid's Rocket, Shinra No.26:
Circle, Square, X, X

Guide Book Location:
You can only get this by morphing the enemy called "Ghost Ship". It looks like a big wooden ship with a leg-less skeleton mounted to the bow, holding a big paddle. It can only be found in the Underwater Reactor (in a long glass passage way) and the Battle Square in Gold Saucer.

Seventh Heaven:
After playing the first hour or so of FF7 you will be in the slums, and enter "Seventh Heaven", Barret's pub. You will have the option to give Marlene or Tifa the flower (which you bought from Aeris at the first of the game). Afterwards, you have the option to ask for "something hard" or "dont feel like it"... then you will go downstairs and listen to more storyline - the Arcade machine is an elevator.. here's where the interesting part comes into play..

The television/monitor-screen on the wall is that of a news cast. (the first chance you get, quit 'talking' with who-ever downstairs and walk towards it, its centered at the top part of the room, so you can get a better view.)

On this television is a man telling the news of the mako reactor blowing up.. Which is where Cloud and Barret just came from, since thats the first mission and first part of the game. Thats what its supposed to be anyway. You will notice this man is wearing goggles (and looks just like an Al-Bhed). You will notice that the ONLY word on the television is "SIN". And you will notice that the only picture on the television is a big flaming perfect sphere.. a sphere that could actually be Sin - if you remember the part at the first of FF10 when Tidus gets sucked into Besaid.. Sin was a perfect sphere of water, and then a perfect sphere of rock, just floating in the sky.

Now then, I ask you: Did Square already have plans made up for FF10 during FF7's creation??? Did Square already have FF10 coded and made up years ago, and they are only waiting things out with a massive amount of games to be financially stable for the next few decades??

Editor Comment: "Actually, I think this is untrue. What you see, is the explosion of the reactor, not a perfect sphere of fire. It's like a snapshot of a big mushroom cloud. The man is not an Al Bhed, he's a news reporter with glasses. You will notice if you blow your screen up like I did. :) Sin isn't really a perfect sphere of rock or water. It's his normal self, made of...his skin, I could say." -SB