Game Script Disk 2

After Cloud's group goes outside...

Cid: ...Which way did that creep Sephiroth go!?

Cloud: (shock) ...ugh. (saw Sephiroth's illusion)

Barret: Hey, you awright?

Cloud: Hmmm... Sephiroth said to me... Head North...... ...past the 
Snowy Fields......

As Cloud's group head out of the City of the Ancients, they head to 
Icicle Inn.

Elena: There they are, hurry!!

Shinra soldier: Yes ma'am!!

Elena: Cloud... huff... wheeze. I won't let you go any further!

Cloud: What's down there?

Elena: It's a SE-CR-ET. It really doesn't matter! But you really got 
guts doin' my boss in like that!

Cloud: You mean Boss...... Tseng? That wasn't us. Sephiroth did it.

Elena: No! Don't think you can fool me, liar!

Cloud: I'm not lying... it was Sephiroth.

Elena: Don't try to act innocent. I'll never forget it!!

Cloud: Oh, man...

Elena: Looks like talking alone won't cut it. You're going to have to 
feel some pain! 

Shinra soldier: Just you... and me!!

Elena: No, I can handle him! There's no way he can avoid my punch.

Shinra soldier: What? Yeah......

Cloud dodged the punch. After Elena misses the punch, she rolled out of 
the Icicle Inn.

Shinra soldier: Ele... Elena!?

Next, Cloud took the Glacier Map and the Snowboard from the kid. Then 
Cloud's group began snowboarding, after doing that they crash into 
Great Glacier. 

Cloud: Ugh... I guess we're still in one piece. Everyone all right?

Barret: Of course.

Cid: I can't be doin' this! Damn!

Cloud: So where did we land? We've jumped pretty far...

Barret: Hey, what's that!? They just gave you something, right? 
(talking about the map they took from Icicle Inn)

Cloud: It sure is cold. We'll freeze if we stay here any longer. 

Cloud's group later found Holzoff's house. Inside...

Holzoff: Now, this is a surprise!! How many years has it been since I 
last saw anyone here...? Oh, excuse me! My name is Holzoff. I've lived 
here for 20 years now. Your mind listening to the stories of a lonely 
climber? Why don't we go to the next room and sit down.

In the next room.

Holzoff: You ever hear about those who challenged the cliff?

Cloud: No.

Holzoff: There's an old legend that says something fell from the sky 
here a long time ago. That's what's supposed to have pushed the land up 
and formed this cliff. 30 Years ago, Yamski and I took this cliff on to 
see what was on the other side. But, we weren't prepared for it. We did 
expect the temperature to be low but... On that cliff, there's always a 
biting cold wind. The cold air lowers your body temperature. Yamski, 
was below me. He cut his own rope... ...and I didn't even notice... 
Ever since then, I've settled here... continuing to challenge the 
cliff, and provide warning and shelter to my fellow climbers. If you're 
going to climb the cliff, there's 2 precautions you'll need to take. 
First, check your route... It's hard to find because of all the snow. 
Second, once you get to a ledge, make sure you warm yourselves up. 

Cloud: Yes.

Holzoff: You must've used a lot of energy getting up here... Better get 
some rest before you head out.

After Cloud's group get some rest, they head out and met up with the 
other members (most of them are shivering).

Barret: You know, I've been thinkin'...?

Cloud: What is it?

Barret: ...Seein' a place like this, makes you realize how awesome 
nature is. But, if anyone ever told me to live here, I'd tell them to know... I tell you one thing though, if I did have to live here 
I'd change things around 'n' make it better. I guess the total 
opposite of this would be...... Midgar. When you think of it that way, 
Shinra don't seem so bad... Uuuuuurrrrrgh!! What the hell am I sayin'!? 
The Shinra, not bad!?

Cloud: We'll secure the route. You come up later.

Cloud, Cid and Barret head to Gaea's Cliff. On their way they 
encountered Schizo. After destroying it, Cloud's group head to the top 
where the crater is. We watch a movie of the crater and man it's 

Cloud: An old crater... Something fell out of the sky and crashed down 
here...... Leaving a scar on the planet.

Barret: So all this energy's gathered here for the planet to heal 

Cloud: Sephiroth took that energy and is trying to use Meteor. Next 
time the wound won't be so small.

As Cloud's group proceeds to the crater.

Tifa: Cloud, wait for me!! Please take me with you. You're going to 
have it out with Sephiroth, aren't you? Because of Sephiroth, I, too, 
have lost many things, so please take me along. Don't say no. 

Cloud: It can't be helped......

Cloud replaced Barret with Tifa. They move on.

Cloud: That's......!!!

Meanwhile in the Airship with Rufus...

Rufus: So, I finally found you.

Scarlet: Kyaa haa hah. Kyaa haa hah haa hah haa......... hah. This is 

Heidegger: This is the Promised Land the President has been searching 

Rufus: But, I'll be the one who gets it. Sorry, old man.

Hojo: Heh heh heh...... That land is no one's. It's where the Reunion 
will take place...... They will all gather here...... I wonder if we'll 
see...... Sephiroth?

Cloud's group moves on.

Sephiroth: This is the end... for all of you.

Sephiroth slashed away two black figures.

Cloud: Sephiroth!!

Cid: This is the end!

Sephiroth: You're right. This is the end of this body's usefulness. 

Cloud: He disappeared!?

Tifa: He might still be nearby......

???: Our purpose is to deliver the Black Materia to our master.

Cloud: Our...?

Cid: Hey, hey! What's goin' on?

???: Those who carry Jenova's cells...

Cloud: Master...!?

???: Of course... Sephiroth. Heh, heh, heh...

Sephiroth left a Jenova for Cloud's group to fight. After Cloud's group 
defeats Jenova-DEATH...

Cloud: Jenova's cells... ...hmm. So that's what this is all about. The 
Jenova Reunion...

Tifa: Not Sephiroth!? You mean all this time it wasn't Sephiroth we've 
been after?

Cloud: I'll explain later. Right now, the only thing I'm thinking about 
is beating Sephiroth.

Tifa: But Sephiroth is......

Cloud: He's here. The real Sephiroth is just beyond here. It's both 
incredibly wicked and cruel... But it's releasing a powerfully strong 
will from deep within this planet's wound.

Cloud picked up the Black Materia.

Cloud: ...The Black Materia is back in our hands. Now all we have to do 
is defeat Sephiroth and that'll be the end of it.

Tifa: We'd better not take the Black Materia any further. Why don't you 
give it to someone else to hold on to?

Cloud gave the Black Materia to Barret.

Barret: Damn, man! ...Pressure's on now.

Cloud: Don't give it to ANYONE. I'm counting on you.

Tifa: Let's find Sephiroth!!

Cloud: We're going in first! You guys stay and keep watch.

Cloud's group moves on.

Tifa: What is this? What happened?

Cloud: Calm down, Tifa. Sephiroth is near. Anything could happen.

Tifa: Nibelheim...

Cid: What the hell? Why Nibelheim!?

Cloud: This is an illusion Sephiroth made up. He's trying to confuse 
us. It'll be all right. As long as we know it's an illusion, there's 
nothing to be afraid of. Come on, let's keep going.

Tifa: Yeah, you're right... Look!!

A flashback of Sephiroth and folks.

Sephiroth: All right, let's go.

Cid: Cloud's not here......

Tifa: Stop... Sephiroth.

Cloud: This is so stupid...

The flashback characters disappeared.

Tifa: Cloud... It's just an illusion. Don't worry about it...

Another illusion appeared.

Cloud: What's... next?

Tifa: Stop it already!!

Cid: This is terrible...

Cloud: ...This is what actually happened five years ago. But... It's 
probably not me that's going to come out of the Shinra mansion. He's 
going to try and show us another stupid illusion. See... didn't I tell 

Zangan: Hey it's you! You're still sane, right? Then come over here and 
help me!

Tifa: I don't want to... watch this. Cloud... don't watch.

Zangan: I'll check this house. You check that one over there!

Cloud: ...What's wrong, Tifa? I told you before, right? As long as we 
know that it's just an illusion, there's no need to be scared.

Cid: (to a illusion man lying down) Hey...... hey you! You alright!? 
Damn! This was all made up. 

Cloud: Sephiroth! I know you're listening! I know what you want to say! 
That I wasn't in Nibelheim five years ago. That's it, isn't it?

Sephiroth: I see you finally understand.

Cloud: What you are trying to say is that you want to confuse me, 
right? But... even making me see those things won't affect me. I 
remember it all. The heat of the fire... the pain in my body... and in 
my heart!

Sephiroth: Oh, is that so? You are just a puppet... You have no 
heart... and cannot feel any pain... How can there be any meaning in 
the memory of such a being? What I have shown you is reality. What you 
remember, this is the illusion. ...Do you understand?

Cloud: I don't want to understand. But, I want to ask you one thing. 
Why... why are you doing this?

Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha...... I want to take you back to your real self. 
The one who gave me the Black Materia that day... Who would have ever 
thought a failed experiment would prove so useful? Hojo would die if he 

Cloud: Hojo!? What does he have to do with me!?

Sephiroth: Five years ago you were... ...constructed by Hojo, piece by 
piece, right after Nibelheim was burnt. A puppet made up of vibrant 
Jenova cells, her knowledge, and the power of the Mako. An incomplete 
Sephiroth-clone. Not even given a number. ...That is your reality. Ha, 
ha, ha......

Tifa: Cloud... Don't listen to him... Close your ears! Close your eyes!

Cloud: What's wrong, Tifa? I'm not affected by it. ...I wasn't paying 
attention to him.

Tifa: All that talk of Hojo constructing you is a lie. Don't we have 
our memories together? Being kids together, starlit night...

Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha... Tifa... Why are you so worried and scared by 
those words? Hmm... Shall I show everyone here what's in your heart? 
Ha, ha, ha... You look like you're not feeling well.

Cloud: ...Tifa? Is Sephiroth right?

Tifa: Cloud...

Cloud: Why are you so scared? Don't worry about me. I'm all right. No 
matter how confused I am, I'll never believe a word that Sephiroth 
says. It's true that sometimes I can't figure out who I am. There's a 
lot of things muddled up in my memories. But, Tifa...... But you said 
'Long time no see, Cloud' right? Those words will always support me. I 
am the one you grew up with. I'm Cloud of Nibelheim. No matter how much 
I lose faith in myself, that is the truth. That's why you shouldn't be 
so scared. No matter what anyone else says to me, it's your attitude 
that counts...

Tifa: No, that's not true, Cloud......

Cloud: What's not? Aren't I the same Cloud you grew up with?

Tifa: That's not what I mean... I don't know how to say it... Cloud, I 
need same time... Just give me a little time...

Sephiroth: Cloud... Don't blame Tifa. The ability to change one's 
looks, voice, and words, is the power of Jenova. Inside of you, Jenova 
has merged with Tifa's memories, creating you. Out of Tifa's 
memory...... A boy named Cloud might've just been a part of them.

Tifa: Cloud... Please... don't think right now.

Sephiroth: Ha, ha, ha...... Think, Cloud? ...Cloud? Ha, ha, ha...... 
Oh, excuse me. You never had a name...

Cloud: Shut up... Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: You still don't understand? Then... Do you remember the 
picture that we took before we headed for Mt. Nibel? ...Tifa, you 
remember, right? But there is no way he would know. Now... what 
happened to that picture? this it? ...Do you want to see it? 
It turned out pretty good.

Tifa: Cloud... don't...

Cloud: I... should be in the picture. Even if I'm not in there, no 
worry. This is just an illusory world Sephiroth made up.

Cloud looked at the picture that Sephiroth picked up from the cameraman 
who's lying down. As Cloud looked, it turned out to be Zack, Tifa, and 

Cloud: ...Just as I thought. This picture's a fake. The truth is in my 
memory. ...Five years ago, I came back to Nibelheim, to inspect the 
reactor. I was sixteen. The town hadn't changed at all. What did I 
do...? Oh yeah... I spent the night and went to the reactor in Mt. 
Nibel. I was excited about it. Because that was my first mission after 
becoming First Class in SOLDIER. (quick flash) ...SOLDIER, First Class? 
...SOLDIER? When did I enter SOLDIER? (holding his head) How did I join 
SOLDIER? Why... why can't I remember? I'm... I'm... That's right... 
...I didn't have to worry about it, because I was...

Tifa: ......Cloud?

Cloud: Let's go, Tifa. I'm... I'm all right.

Later in the center of the Crater with Rufus and his group.

Scarlet: Wow!! That's amazing! It's all Materia!!

Rufus: The outside is rich with Mako energy. The inside is a treasure 
trove of Materia. This truly is the Promised Land.

Hojo: There is no such thing as the Promised Land. It's a legend... an 
old wives tale...'s utterly ridiculous.

Rufus: Everything's as I imagined it to be. Isn't it splendid? It is 
that kind of dullness that makes you a second-rate scientist. What's 

Scarlet: It's coming from within' the wall! Something's in there! It's 

Hojo: Weapon... Then it really does exist... I didn't believe in it.

Rufus: What does this mean?

Hojo: ...Weapon. Monsters created by the Planet. It appears when the 
Planet is in danger, reducing everything to nothingness. That's what 
was stated in Professor Gast's report.

Rufus: I never saw that report... Where is it?

Hojo: Here, right here.

Rufus: You keep a lot of things to yourself.

Meanwhile with Barret.

Barret: Are Cloud and the others awright? But what's up with that? One 
little piece of materia, destroying the planet... What the......? The 
hell was that? H, huh!? Hey... Guys! Where are we? Where did we end up?

Tifa?: Barret, you're here! I'm so glad!!

Barret: Tifa!! Something's weird here. It got pitch black all of a 
sudden, and everyone disappeared!

Tifa?: Everyone's waiting! Cloud's in trouble! Please come. Help us! 
Over there!

Barret: Yea... yeah! I don't know what's goin' on, but let's just get 
on with it.

Sephiroth was actually morphing into Tifa when he's talking to Barret.

Sephiroth: ......hee hee hee... And remember... the Black Materia!

Meanwhile at the center of the Crater.

Scarlet: Mr. President... I've got a bad feeling about this place...

Rufus: Hmm... maybe we should go back to our ship now. We need to 
prepare for the inspection anyway.

Cloud mysteriously appeared in a flash.

Scarlet: Hey!! Where did you come from?

Cloud: ...don't know...This place is going to get rough. Better leave 
things to me and get out of here while you still can!!

Rufus: Leave things to you? Hmph... I don't know what you mean.

Cloud: This is where the Reunion is happening. Where everything begins 
and ends.

Tifa: Cloud!!

Barret: Hey! We're here to help you!

Cloud: Thanks... Barret. Where's the Black Materia?

Tifa: Cloud!!

Barret: It's safe. I have it.

Cloud: I'll take it from here. Give me the ... Black Materia.

Tifa: You can't hear my voice?

Barret: You alright? Okay then, here. Had a lot of pressure holding 
this thing.

Tifa: No! Don't! Please stop Cloud!!

Cloud: Thanks. ......leave the rest to me.

A flash of Sephiroth told Cloud to give the Black Materia to him.

Cloud: Everyone, thanks for everything. And... I'm sorry. (to Rufus and 
folks) ...Sorry. (to his group) ...Sorry. (to Tifa) Especially you, 
Tifa. I'm really sorry. You've been so good to me...... I don't know 
what to say... I never lived up to being 'Cloud'. Tifa...... Maybe one 
day you'll meet the real 'Cloud'.

Hojo: Ha, ha, ha... this is perfect!!! It means that my experiment was 
a complete success. What number were you? Huh? Where is your tattoo?

Cloud: Professor Hojo... I don't have a number. You didn't give me one 
because you said I was a failed experiment.

Hojo: What the--? You mean only a failure made it here?

Cloud: Professor... please give me a number. Please, Professor...

Hojo: Shut up, miserable failure...

Cloud levitated up all the way to the top and he is actually controlled 
by Sephiroth.

Rufus: Who... was that?

Hojo: He's a Sephiroth clone I created after the real Sephiroth died 
five years ago. Jenova cells and Mako, with my knowledge and skills, 
have been combined with science and nature to bring him to life. ...I'm 
not wild about the failure part, but the Jenova Reunion Theory has now 
been proven. You see, even if Jenova's body is dismembered, it will 
eventually become one again. That's what is meant by Jenova's Reunion 
to start. Five years have passed, and now the Clones have began to 
return. I thought the Clones would begin to gather at Midgar where 
Jenova is stored. But my predictions were not entirely correct. Jenova 
itself began to move away from the Shinra Building. But being a genius 
that I am, I soon figured it out. You see it was all Sephiroth's doing. 
Sephiroth is not just content to diffuse his will into the Lifestream; 
he wants to manipulate the Clones itself.

Cloud: (to himself as he is still controlled) Yes, that was how it got 

Hojo: I wondered where the clones were going, but I was never able to 
figure it out.

Cloud: (talking as he stands upside down on a ceiling) I couldn't 
figure it out, either.

Hojo: The one thing that I did know was that Sephiroth was at their 
final destination.

Cloud: I wasn't pursuing Sephiroth. I was being summoned by Sephiroth. 
All the anger and hatred I bore him, made it impossible for me to ever 
forget him. That and what he gave me. Sephiroth? I'm here. And I 
brought you the Black Materia. Show yourself to me. Where are you? 
Sephiroth... So we finally meet again.

We watch a movie of something from the ceiling coming down.

Hojo: Did you see it!! It's Sephiroth! So he IS here! This is perfect! 
Both Jenova's Reunion and Sephiroth's will! They won't be diffused into 
the Lifestream, but gathered here! Mwa, haa, ha,...... 

Tifa: What are you so happy about, Professor? You know what this means, 
don't you? Cloud has the Black Materia! Sephiroth is going to summon 
Meteor! Every single person is going to die!

Rufus: Whatever I say is too little... too late...... We must evacuate. 
I want you all to come with me. There is still much more I want to 

Barret: Yo! Cloud! Knock it off!

Tifa: Cloud------!!

We watch a movie of Cloud giving the Black Materia to Sephiroth. Then 
as the Airship gets away, Weapons were released, one of the Weapon's 
attack knocked Tifa unconscious. The Airship flies away to Junon. 
Meanwhile in Tifa's dream...

Tifa: Cloud... Cloud... ......I didn't know what to do. I was always 
like that...

Tifa sees Cloud at the Train Station.

Guard: What's the matter?

Cloud: Ohhh...

Guard: ......poor kid.

Cloud: Ooouugh......

Tifa: Are you all right?

Cloud: Oo... uh... agh Uh... uh... Tifa...?

Tifa: ...? Tifa! ...............? Oh, Cloud!

Cloud: That's right. I'm Cloud.

Tifa: Is it really you, Cloud? I never thought I'd find you here!

Cloud: Yeah, it's been a while.

Tifa: What happened to you? You don't look well.

Cloud: ......Yeah? It's nothing. I'm okay.

Tifa: How long has it been?

Cloud: (after some shocks) Five years.

Tifa: ............

Cloud: What is it?

Tifa:'s really been a long time. Actually, it's been seven years. 
You got your wish and joined SOLDIER, quit after the Sephiroth 
incident, and now you're a mercenary... You told me a lot about what 
happened after you left Nibelheim... But... Something's wrong. I felt 
there was something strange about the things you talked about. All the 
things you didn't know that you should. And other things you shouldn't 
know that you did... I wanted to make sure... But then I heard... you 
were going far away... And I didn't want that... ...I didn't know what 
to do. So, I thought I need more time. And that's why I told you about 
the AVALANCHE job. I wanted to be with you, watch you.

Later after the Armageddon, Barret and Tifa ended up locked in a lab in 

Tifa: ...ding......

Barret: Huh?

Tifa: The glare...

Barret: You'll be better soon. You've been a sleep for a long time.

Tifa: I'm...... hungry...

Barret: Hey, why don't you ask? About him.

Tifa: ...Because I'm scared.

Barret: Don't worry. I don't know what happened to Cloud either. Guess 
I shouldn't tell you not to worry... None of them know if he's all 
right either.

Tifa: He's still... alive, right? How long... was I asleep?

Barret: Lessee now...... Must've been about 7 days.

Tifa: What about Sephiroth?

Barret: You ain't over it yet. Remember that huge light, in the 
Northern Cave? Since then, the crater's been surrounded by a huge 
barrier of light. Everyone knows Sephiroth sleeps in that big hole, 
protected by the barrier. We can't do a damn thing about it. We just 
gonna wait till he wakes up. An' on topa that, some huge monster called 
Weapon's been on a rampage.

Tifa: ...Weapon? 

Barret: Remember that huge monster that was with Sephiroth, at the 
bottom of the crater? Well it's up here now. They say it's some 
legendary monster from the past.

Tifa: Weapon... is protecting Sephiroth?

Barret: Dunno. But he's up here goin' around tearin' shit up. Right now 
Rufus' fightin' it. I hate to say it, but he's got guts. We shoulda 
been the ones to destroy it, but we ain't got no time...

Tifa: Time... ...Hey! How about Meteor?

We watch a movie of Barret opening the window and watches Meteor about 
to approach the Planet.

Tifa: Do we have to give up? 

Barret: ...Dunno.

Rufus: (opened the door) I thought Cloud would show up to save you 
all... Professor Hojo wanted to check up on Cloud, too.

Tifa: What are you going to do to Cloud?

Rufus: Sephiroth's alter ego... Meteor has been summoned... 
Essentially, it's all but over now. So, there's no need for you now. 
No, maybe there is an important task for you...

Heidegger: President! Preparations for the public execution are 

Barret: Execution!? What're ya gonna get by executin' us?

Rufus: You are to be executed for causing this situation. People are 
ignorant. They'll feel better as long as someone is punished. 

Barret: I take back what little praise I had for this damn jackass!

Rufus: Well, enjoy your last moments together.

Heidegger: I'll tie you arms now.

Barret and Tifa handcuffed to their back are forced to the execution 
room. In there...

Scarlet: Is everyone here? These are the ones who brought this madness 
into the world!

Barret: The hell are these people?

Scarlet: We will be broadcasting your miserable deaths live on national 

Fat Man: Scarlet, why a public execution in this day and age?

Scarlet: With the chaos resulting from the Meteor reports, we 
desperately need to rally public support... it's better that we punish 
somebody, anybody.

Tifa: You make me sick...

Scarlet: Ha, ha, ha, ha! They'll never admit it, but everyone loves 
this stuff! We'll start with this girl.

Barret: If you've gotta do it... do me first!

Scarlet: Camera, this way! Make sure you get this, the audience just 
eats up tearful goodbyes!

In the gas chamber...

Tifa: What are you doing!?

Scarlet: This is my special gas chamber. Take your time, and enjoy a 
slow painful death.

The Shinra soldier untied Tifa's arm and Scarlet pushed her into the 
chair and strapped her arms.

Scarlet: Stuck up #*&$#*$!! (she slapped Tifa)

When the Shinra soldier and Scarlet got out, a key was dropped by the 
Shinra soldier. Later in the room with the audience...

Scarlet: Well now, the show's about to begin. Ha, ha, ha!

Radio: (suddenly emergency started) Emergency! Emergency! Weapon's 
approaching! Attention all military personnel: take your positions!

Fat Man: Oh no! It's Weapon!

Man: Run!

Almost all the audience ran away.

Scarlet: Hey, hey all of you! Damn! Why now?

Fat Man: How does it feel now, Scarlet?

Scarlet: Hmm, so you didn't run? I'm impressed. How do I feel? Right 
now...... Nnaaaaaahhhh! (hit by sleeping gas)
Barret: Huh!? Sleeping gas?

Shinra soldiers: Weirdo!!

The Fat Man was actually Cait Sith in that costume. The soldiers go 
after Cait Sith. After Cait Sith killed them...

Cait Sith: (untied Barret's arms) I'm here to help!

Barret: Why you......? Ain't you part of Shinra?

Cait Sith: Let's just say I'm against capital punishment. Besides... I 
hate this broad. Come on, we gotta help Tifa. I'll keep watch at the 

Barret tried to open the gas chamber door.

Barret: It won't open!

Meanwhile with Rufus.

Heidegger: It's Weapon.

Rufus: There's been so many attacks lately. Can we handle it?

Heidegger: I believe so. Your orders?

Rufus: No need to ask.

Heidegger: We'll give it a shot from our big cannon. Open cannon 
doors!! Activate cannon. Target: Weapon!!

We watch a movie of Junon shielded and the Junon cannon was activated.

Sailor: Preparations complete!

Heidegger: The cannon... Fire----!!!

We watch a movie of a show being fired from the cannon.

Rufus: Did we get 'em?

Heidegger: Seems so...

Radio: Weapon approaching! It's heading right toward us! Speed, 50 

Heidegger: It can't be! We hit it dead on!

Rufus: How about the cannon?

Heidegger: It'll take time to reload.

Rufus: Then use regular fire power in the mean time!

Heidegger: Yes sir! Open all artillery doors! Target: Weapon! Don't let 
it land!

We watch a movie of the Weapon approaching. The soldiers opened fire at 
it. Meanwhile in the execution room. 

Tifa: Gas!! Barret, help!! 

Barret: Hold your breath! Hold on as long as you can!

Tifa: Come on! I can't hold on forever! (struggling)

Barret: Shi-! The Gas Room's probably locked from a different room!

Cait Sith: Hmm, we gotta go with a different plan. Let's get out of 
this room first. 

Barret: Tifa! I'll help you, I promise!

Barret and Cait Sith head out of the door.

Barret: No! They locked this too!

Scarlet: Fools. Now, you can't save the girl. Ha, ha, ha, ha!!

Barret: Goddammit......!!

Cait Sith: OK, OK time for Plan B. Let's run to the airport!

Barret: Why the airport? An' leave Tifa there? 

Cait Sith: Trust me, trust me. We gotta take a chance.

While Barret and Cait Sith outside of Junon.

News Reporter: I know you're in a hurry! But, please if I could have a 

Barret: Shu'up!! I'm in a hurry!

Yuffie: (news reporter is really Yuffie) Kiiiiin... Don't make so much 
noise...... It's me, ME! Yuffie!

Barret: The hell you doin' here!?

We watch a movie of the Weapon rising up.

Yuffie: I'll explain later! Now we gotta get to the airport!

Barret's group managed to arrived at the airport. After that...

Barret: Yo! You sure this is the right way? It's a dead end!

Cait Sith: Uh oh? Did I make a wrong turn?

Barret: You damn cat......! What the hell're we gonna do now? They all 
be comin' soon! Yo, better watch my back till the end... partner!

Meanwhile in the gas chamber, Tifa reached for the key with her legs 
and her mouth and she managed to free herself.

Tifa: Which button stops the gas...?

After Tifa switches off the gas, Tifa tries to open the door.

Tifa: Open it---......

We now watch a movie of the Weapon firing a laser beam at the gas 
chamber creating a hole in the ceiling. Then the cannon charged up and 
blew the Weapon's head off. The Weapon was killed instantly and falls 
into the ocean.

Scarlet: What d'you do? Hey! Open it!

Tifa: First you lock me in this weird place, and now you're telling me 
to come out? Make up your mind!

As Tifa climbed her way out of the hole in the ceiling. She climbed 
down and as she finds herself in a dead end of the cannon.

Scarlet: Our little game of hide and seek ends here. The execution may 
have been unsuccessful, but your death by falling from here and 
crashing into the water below still might be pretty exciting. (Scarlet 
slapped her) Stuck up to the end!

Tifa: Quit slapping me! You old wench!!!

The face slapping fight begins. Tifa and Scarlet kept slapping each 
other. After Tifa wins the battle.

Scarlet: God! I can't stand it! Take her away. Now it's time to pay up. 
I'll really drop you if you don't settle down! Ha, ha, ha, ha! 

???: Run... Run to the end of the Cannon!!

We watch a movie of the Airship appearing and Tifa ran and jumped to 
catch a rope held by Barret. After Tifa hops aboard.

Barret: You okay?

Tifa: My cheeks hurt a bit. Forget about that, what's all this about?
Cait Sith: Well, I'll catch the details later. In any case, the 
Airship, Highwind, is now yours. 

Barret: (to Cait Sith) Dammit! Why didn't ya tell me you could fly an 
airship!? I thought...... Tifa was gone for good.

Cait Sith: Sorry, but I had to do something to trick the enemy. Come 
on! Everyone is waiting!

Tifa: Everyone? Everyone's here?

As Tifa head to the cockpit.

Cid: Welcome to my airship-the Highwind. What's wrong!? You should be 
more excited than that!

Red XIII: Cid......

Cid: Yeah......

Tifa: Not enough crew.

After Tifa searches for all the crew.

Red XIII: Do you think we aren't strong enough without Cloud? Do you 
think we can't save the Planet alone?

Tifa: Meteor is coming, and Weapon is on the rampage...... At a time 
like this, I don't know what I'm supposed to do...... No idea at all...

Barret: Get a hold of yourself Tifa! C'mon, let's think about this! No 
way we can get offa this train we're on! 

Tifa: ......If only Cloud was here, everything would be fine. Cloud 
would...... Stand that cocky little way he did, and tell us what to do. 
He'd say, 'Everything's under control, Tifa'.

Barret: Tifa! When'd you become such a wimp!

Tifa: I'm sorry Barret. I'm kind of shocked myself. I'm so depressed.

Red XIII: And Tifa...... the reason why we all thought it was Cloud was 

Tifa: ......I know. That's why I want to make sure. That's why I have 
to see him again.

Cid: I want you to know that I didn't dislike him. Gotta admit he was a 
strange dude. Just when you thought he was smart, he'd show how stupid 
he was. Everything about him from his movements is his speech were 
kinda odd. Knowin' what I do now, I can see why he was that way. Well, 
as long as you stay alive, you just might see him again someday, so 
cheer up, sis.

Tifa: ......I'll be able to see him someday.

Cid: If we can find out where he is, the Highwind'll get us there in no 

Red XIII: ......Maybe. Cloud is still ground cracked and swallowed him 
up...... Buried in the depths of the underground......

Tifa: Deep within the earth...... are you talking about the Lifestream?

Red XIII: The Lifestream sometimes gushes out to the surface from 
cracks in the ocean floor. I heard that such a place exists. Maybe, 
just maybe Cloud's......

Pilot in training: Waaaah! Captain Cid!

Cid: Tifa, sorry, but I've gotta show this moron how to land the ship. 
Don't worry, it'll be done in a minute. Oh, and Tifa...... No matter 
what your goal is, you've got to be prepared. Go to your room and get 
ready for our operation.

After Tifa chose Cid and Barret to be in her group, the Highwind 
travels to Mideel. In Mideel, Tifa saw a dog.

Tifa: What's the matter? Are you all alone? You got lost didn't you? 
Separated from someone you love......? Silly thing...

Man 1: ......guess its been about a week now since he washed up here on 
the shore... Poor pokey-headed young thing...

Man 2: It was really sad... ...but weird. He was holding this really 
long sword. I dunno. The whole thing was those weird blue eyes......

Tifa: Wha!? Wh...... wait a minute!! What did you just say!? Excuse me! 
That young person you were just talking about......

Man 1: Yeah... a villager found him a little ways down the coast... It 
was about a week ago I think.

Man 2: Yeah, poor kid...... He must've drifted from somewhere pretty 
far away...

Tifa: Cloud!! It must be!! It's Cloud!!

Cid: Heh, good job, Tifa.

Barret: You sure!?

Tifa: So where is he? Is he safe!? Where is he now......?

Man 1: Yeah... up ahead here... At the, uh, clinic......

Tifa: He's alive...! Cloud...... Cloud's alive!! Cloud!!

Meanwhile As Tifa's group head to the medical clinic.

Tifa: Cloud!?

Doctor: Here now. The way you're running around here, you'd think 
Meteor fell or something.

Tifa: I'm sorry, but I heard that a friend of mine was being taken care 
of here......

Doctor: A friend...? Oh yeah......! That young fellow!? Don't worry. 
Your friend is next door. But I'm afraid his condition is...

Tifa: Here? Over here.

Cloud is in a wheelchair.

Tifa: Cloud...!? Oh... Cloud!! I'm so glad you're safe!? ......!? 

Cloud: Uh...... aa......?

Tifa: Wh...... what's wrong...... Cloud......?

Cloud: A...... Gurk......?

Tifa: Cloud! What happened to you......!?

Doctor: Mako poisoning...... Quite an advanced case...... It appears 
this young man's been exposed to a high level of Mako energy for a 
protracted period of time. He probably has no idea who or where he is 
now...... Poor fellow, his voice doesn't even work. He is literally 
miles away from us. Some place far away where no one's ever been... All 

Tifa: Doctor......!!

Cid: Damn...... that's evil.

Barret: That's bad......

Tifa: Cloud......

Doctor: Ahem! Let us excuse ourselves. (to Barret and Cid) Listen, 
would you all mind...... waiting outside?

Barret: ...... (they both went outside)

Tifa: Why......? What do you want me to do? Please, Cloud...... Talk to 
me...... Tell me you see me, that you can hear me...... Tell me, 
please...... I came this far believing in the memories we have 
together... This isn't happening......! This is too cruel...... Oh, 
Cloud......! I.........

Later outside with Cid and Barret...

Barret: So what about him? You know...... Cloud?

Doctor: I'll say it again, he's got Mako poisoning. I've never seen a 
case this bad. An immerse amount of Mako-drenched knowledge was put 
into his brain all at once...... No normal human could survived 
it...... It's a miracle he did!

Barret: No wonder... After fallin' in the Lifestream an' bein' washed 
up here......

Doctor: But remember, the light of hope can be found anywhere. Listen, 
if you give up hope... What will happen to him?

Barret: ......hope...... Hey, but honestly, man...... Do I really want 
him to come back? What did he do for the world? What can he do for us 
from here on out? He may be nothing more than Sephiroth's Shadow......

Doctor: Is something wrong?

Barret: No, nothin'. Nothin' at all, doc.

Tifa: .........   

Barret: You okay?

Tifa: Yes...... I'm sorry I had you all worried. And I have something I 
want to tell you all...... I don't care about anything else, only 
Cloud...... I...... want to be by his side......

Cid: Yeah. Right. Hang in there, Tifa.

Barret: Yeah, that's probably best...... For Cloud...... an' for 

Tifa: I'm sorry, everyone... At a time like this......

Cid: Don't worry. I'll stop by again sometime. 

Barret: You take care now, Tifa. And take care of Cloud.

Tifa: Right......

Barret: Oh, and uh, Tifa...... I don't like askin' this but...... I she 
really your childhood friend? And not Sephiroth's shadow?

Tifa: Huh!? Well... that is...... No, I'm sure of it!

Barret: Yeah......? Okay then...... Sorry for askin' that.

Cid: Now, we gotta be headin' back to the Highwind.

Later back in the Highwind...

Barret: What're we gonna do now! What can WE do? Huh? Ain't there 
nothin' we can do? An' don' go tellin' us to wait for Cloud to get 

Cait Sith: Oh, I've got some news.

Barret: Yeah, what!? That you a spy?

Cait Sith: Yeah...... I've already told you I was. Both gya ha ha and 
kya ha ha, are up to something. Wanna eavesdrop?

Meanwhile in the Shinra Headquarter...

Rufus: Now then...... We're faced with two issues. 1 Destroy Meteor. 2 
Remove the barrier around North Cave and defeat Sephiroth. Any ideas?

Heidegger: Gya haah hah hah! We already solved the first problem! 
Meteor will soon be smashed to bits! The plan has already been put in 
motion. Namely, to collect Huge Materia from each region.

Rufus: Well......

Scarlet: Huge Materia is a high density special type of materia made 
through a special compression process in Mako reactors. The energy 
extracted from it is 330 times the strength of normal materia. Ha, ha, 
ha! How about that!? We will gather all the Huge Materia together and 
ram it into Meteor. That will cause a huge explosion!! Reducing Meteor 
literally to bits.

Rufus: You're going to ram Meteor? Do you think we have the technology 
to do it?

Scarlet: Don't worry about that! More importantly, we've got to collect 
Huge Materia from each area.

Heidegger: We've already collected materia from Nibelheim. All that's 
left is "Corel" and "Fort Condor", I've already dispatched troops to 
Corel. Ghaa haah hah hah!

Back to Highwind.

Barret: Corel! What else can they do to Corel!?

Red XIII: And the Huge Materia...... You mean the Huge Materia, don't 
you? I've heard about it. When, our small materia nears the larger one, 
something should happen. I'm certain of it. That's why we're using the 
power of materia in our fight......

Barret: Can't let Shinra get a hold of the Huge Materia! Besides, when 
Cloud gets back, I wanna show him this Huge Materia. He's gonna be 

Cait Sith: So, what are you saying, Barret? Even though you're always 
knocking him, you really want Cloud to return.

Barret: I ain't sayin' nothin' 'bout nothin'. You just... shut your 
face! Every group's gotta have a leader. An' that's me! Or at least I 
wanna be... Bit I ain't cut out to be no leader. I never knew that till 
lately. An' that's what is......

Cid: ......ZZZZ...... hmph? Wha? What's goin' on?

Barret: You been chosen to be the new leader.

Cid: Pain in the ass. Forget it.

Barret: But for us to fight, we gotta have Highwind, and you. We need 
it to save the Planet. An' who's runnin' this ship? You! That's why 
you're our new leader. Ain't no one else can.

Cid: Hm...... this ship's gonna save the Planet, huh? Ain't that gonna 
be just a little tough? Oh man, that went straight to my heart. I'm a 
man, too! Okay, I'll do it! Everyone, follow me!

Barret: Awright, now here's the first job. The Operation Room's waiting 
for you!

Cid: Yeah!!

Barret: Yo, Cid! When you're ready, we're headin' for the Corel 
Reactor. C'mon Mr. leader, you'd better hurry.

Yuffie: Cid......??

Cid chose Barret and Vincent to join his group. As the Highwind head to 
North Corel, they land there. In there, Cid's group head to the reactor 
where there's couple of soldiers.

Shinra soldier: You guys are...!

The fight began. After Cid's group killed the two Attack Squads...

Cid: Guess we're safe for now...! 

Vincent: !!

Barret: Da--mn!

The train came by from the reactor.

Cid: Looks like they're takin' off with the Huge Materia in that train!

Barret: NO! You damn boneheads!

Vincent: ...go after them?

Cid: Hey, do you know who I am? I'm Cid- that's who the hell I am! Now 
just let me handle it!

Cid's group took another locomotive from the reactor and followed the 
other train.

Cid: Hey, hey, hey, hey---!

Barret: How can they even drive this?

Cid: Don't ask me... I don't know!

Barret: What!?

Cid: Don't worry! I can handle this kinda stuff!

Cid speeds up then they jumped into the other train with the Huge 
Materia. They got only 10 minutes to stop the train. Cid's group fought 
some enemies as they head to the locomotive.

Shinra soldier: What the...! You... you guys!

Cid: All right--- Just hand over the Huge Materia!

Shinra soldier: Sh...... Whooooa----!

After Cid's group kill the Attack Squad.

Cid: You got guts comin' after me! I'll never forget you!

Barret: Got no time for that now!

Vincent: Hit the brakes, Chief.

Cid: I KNOW, already! Just shut up and keep quiet! If we keep this up, 
we'll crash right into North Corel! Let's see... If we alternately use 
the levers to accelerate,... It should brake if we move the levers up 
or down simultaneously!

After Cid's first attempt...

Barret: Hey, it's not working!

Vincent: Isn't it... the other way?

Cid: Fuck! The other way!? Just watch, this time, I'll...

After Cid's second attempt...

Barret: Hey... HEY HEY!!

Vincent: ......!!

Cid: SHI--------!!

After Cid's final attempt, the train stopped. We watch a movie of the 
train stopping. Cid's group got the Huge Materia.

Man 1: Aren't you the ones that stopped the Shinra Train? The Shinra 
was just about to destroy our lives again... It might be full of junk, 
but this the only home we got, Barret!!

Barret: Of... of course! We're all born and raised in the coal mines!! 
No matter how tough it gets, our hearts burn bright red like coal!

Man 2: To hell with Meteor! We're Coal Miners, ain't we? We'll dig a 
deep tunnel and hide from the Meteor!

Man 1: That's it! Hey, kid! How about givin' somethin' to these guys 
fighting the Shinra?

Kid: I got it out of the well. Isn't it an amazing rock!!

Cid receives the Ultima Materia.

Man 2: Must've been a horrific battle. You have scars all over your 
body. I already talked to the Inn's owner, today you can rest for free.

The next morning, Cid's group takes their Highwind to Fort Condor. In 
Fort Condor, Cid speaks to a man.

Man Sitting: Hmmm, now this is something, I never thought anyone would 
ever climb up here. Any minute this will be a battlefield against 
Shinra. You'd better get down before you get involved.

Cid: A battlefield, we can't overlook that.

Barret: Shinra? The hell those jackasses doing here?

Vincent: What do you mean by that?

Man Sitting: It appears you have a problem with Shinra, too. After all, 
you climbed up here. Why not listen to what I have to say for a moment?

Cid: All right, talk on!

Man Sitting: Do you know what's at the top of this mountain?

Barret: Huh? Something's up there?

Cid: No matter how you look at it, that's a reactor. And on top of it, 
is that the condor?

Man Sitting: I can see you're very perceptive. Yes, it's a reactor and 
a condor. Looks like there's a special materia up in the Mako Reactor. 
Then came the Condor, so Shinra dispatched the troops to get rid of the 
condor and the people on this mountain and to get the materia from the 
Mako Reactor. Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to fight Shinra 
ourselves. That's why we have hired soldiers to help us. As our sponsor 
you can help us with a contribution or by fighting along side of us... 
What do you think? You want to join us in our fight?

Cid: If you go that far, what can I say. Well, we'll be able to do 
something if you leave it up to us.

Barret: Hey! We'll come to the rescue.

Vincent: That's the right decision.

As Cid's group head to the top floor and met a man there.

Man: So shall I let you in on our strategy? The enemy is targeting this 
mountain's reactor and will be climbing to reach it. We must set a trap 
and hire soldiers to protect the place. Well, this is all we have...... 
this village doesn't have any money. Even if we wanted to fight, our 
hands are tied 'cause we're broke. To hire one soldier, we need 400gil. 
So, if we hire 20 soldiers, we must have 8000 gil. That is, we would 
like you to use you own money to hire these soldiers, but a trap, set 
it up and give the commands. We know that we're asking is selfish. We 
sent our wives and kids to another village. We are resigned to our 
fate. Let's get back to square one. If the enemy penetrates this shed, 
you'll have to fight them off immediately. I know it's a one shot deal, 
but I'm asking for your help. Now then, is there anything you wish to 

Cid: Enough.

Man: Ready?

Cid: Okay, ready. 

Man: This is the deciding battle. The enemy numbers more than ever 

The fight began. After Cid hired enough soldiers to destroy groups of 
Shinra troops.

Man: YES! We did it! That was wonderful! Thank you! I doubt Shinra will 
attack now. A, arrgghh......

We watch a movie of the condor waking up. The egg suddenly exploded and 
the condor died and fell off.

Man: Th, that light just now...... The condor...... The eggs...... 
What!? Would you go outside and see what it was?

Cid's group went outside and saw a baby condor flying away.. Cid saw a 
Phoenix Materia and picked it up. Cid now talks to the man sitting 

Man Sitting: Everyone, thanks. I really mean it. Thanks. Although there 
isn't anything we can give you, we'll make sure you can stop in and 
stay any time, so be sure to drop by. Yes, yes, and there's one thing I 
forgot to tell you......

The man sitting gave Cid's group the Huge Materia.

Barret: Damn man, it's Huge Materia.

Vincent: This is......

Man Sitting: The truth is, this is the materia inside the reactor.

Cid: What the hell did we fight for?

Man Sitting: We weren't protectin' the reactor, we were protectin' the 
condors. When that reactor was built, they forced us to help. That's 
how we knew what was inside the reactor. I knew this day would come, so 
after the Shinra left, I sneaked in and took the materia. I didn't mean 
to fool you, but I guess that's how it ended up. I'm really sorry.

Cid: Just forget about it. Anyway, we're still alive.

Man Sitting: I see. If you put it that way...... we're really graceful.

Cid: So the last Huge Materia that Shinra's after's in the underwater 
reactor in Junon?

Barret: We gotta get there first and beat'em no matter what!

Cid: But ya know, Shinra's probably on high alert since we always mess 
with 'em. How 'bout we take a break and go see that little fella for a 

Barret: You mus' mean Cloud......

Cid: Yeah, I'm worried 'bout Tifa, she may've collapsed takin' care of 
the guy. How 'bout checkin' in on 'em? Down to Mideel!

Cid's group takes the Highwind back to Mideel. In Mideel, Cid's group 
head in the medical clinic. 
Tifa: ......It's no use...... I don't understand a thing, Cloud. What 
should I do......? Wha if you never recover for the rest of your life? 
(something happened outside of Mideel) Eyaaah!?

Cloud: ...... They're...... They're...... coming......!!

Cid: What did you say, Cloud!? 


Cid: Damn. What the hell's goin' on!?

Cid's group goes outside.

Cid: What's this...!? The Lifestream is gushing up from below the 
surface of the earth! Damn, that's......!? This is bad......!!

Tifa: Cid......!? What's wrong?

Cid: N, nothin'!! You and Cloud get inside quick!!

Tifa: But I......!?

Cid: Hey, don't worry about a thing. I ain't about to die that easily.

Tifa: Be careful...!

Cid: Okay, here I go! Watch this!! Damn!! That fucking Weapon!! Of all 
the times to show up......! OK then, come on!! You #$*#&$!!

Cid's group fights Ultimate Weapon. After the fight, it got away.

Cid: You bastard! You tryin' to escape?

Barret: Damn, man. Just a little bit more an' I woudda smashed 

Vincent: And the Lifestream also appears to be normal.

Cid: Damn, you gotta be kiddin'......!! Th, this's bad......! The main 
Stream is kickin' up!! Somethin' way bigger than that last one is on 
its way!! No good!! Get outta here......!! Goddammit!! You don't have 
to worry about anyone other than yourself! You don't know when that 
stream'll blow...... Whoa!! There's no time, hurry!! Tifa!! Cloud!! Get 
outta here!!

Inside the hospital...

Tifa: This is bad...... The tremors are getting worse. Wait a minute, 
Cloud. Doctor! Shouldn't we move him somewhere rather than stay 

Doctor: Hmm...... It might be safer to take refuge in a wide open 

Tifa: Don't you worry about a thing, Cloud...... I'll see to it that 
you get somewhere safe!

Doctor: No! The structure can't take it!! Hurry!

Tifa: Yes! Ready Cloud? We're leaving now!!

Tifa pushes Cloud's wheelchair and they head out. We watch a movie of 
Tifa and Cloud falling into the Lifestream. In the empty void with 

Tifa: Wh, where am I......? What's happening? I......? Where's 
Cloud......!? Cloud, where are you!? Huh...... what......? Who......? 
Who is it......? I can't hear......? Wait a minute......! I don't know 
anything about that! No! It's not me......! I'd never do anything like 
that!! No! Stop it......!! Stay back!! Somebody help! Please!! Cloud, 
help me!! Eyaaaaghh......!!

Tifa sinks into the darkness. Tifa then awakes in a surreal world with 
three Clouds and a Cloud on top holding his head. 

Tifa: ............Where am I......? Cloud!? What is it, Cloud? What is 
this......!? Is this the inside of your dreams? Or is it...... 
your..... subconsciousness......? You're searching, aren't you Cloud? 
Searching...... for yourself...... I can help too. We'll work together 
to try and get the real you back. But...... Where do we start......?

Tifa spoke to the first Cloud.

First Cloud: The gates of Nibelheim... Five years ago, Sephiroth passed 
through these gates...... And...... That's how it all started......

Tifa: It connects...... to Nibelheim......? That's right... It's 
probably best to start from there...... Let's go have a look, Cloud. I 
know it's not easy...... But I'll be right with you......

We watch a movie of a view to Nibelheim.

Tifa: Cloud... look. Here's the well... And that's Gramps' Inn, too. 
The only truck in town. It's been here since we were little kids, 
right? This is the Nibelheim you remember, right? It's the same as my 
Nibelheim. That's why this place is...... our Nibelheim.

Another Cloud appeared near a truck and Tifa spoke to him.

Tifa: Five years ago... two men from SOLDIER came... Sephiroth 
and...... a young and vibrant soldier. Can you tell me again what 

Sephiroth from the past appeared along with soldiers and Cloud.

Tifa: Five years ago... I saw the real Sephiroth for the very first 
time. So this is... the Great Sephiroth. But to tell you the truth, I 
thought he was very cold. I remember, I felt a forboding about him.

The Cloud that appeared near a truck went into the Cloud in the past.

Tifa: No, Cloud. I've been hiding it for some time, afraid that if I 
told you ...something terrible might happen. But, I'm not going to hide 
anything anymore. You weren't here. Cloud did not come to Nibelheim 
five years ago. I... waited. But, Cloud... never came. The two that 
were ordered here were Sephiroth and another person...

Sephiroth of the past reappeared with soldiers and Zack.

First Cloud: You mean that member of SOLDIER who came with Sephiroth 
wasn't...... Cloud......?

Tifa: There's nothing...... I can say...... You must find the answer 
yourself...... If you can't...... Then you...... Take your time, Cloud. 
Slowly...... little by little, okay?

Tifa then spoke to the second Cloud.

Second Cloud: That starry night at the well...... And our promise that 
night... What if the memory was just a lie?

Tifa: Don't hurry, Cloud...... Don't answer too quickly. Just keep 
checking all those small emotions and it'll come back...... 
Slowly...... little by little...... Right... like the sky that 
night...... the heavens were filled with stars......

We watch a movie of a view to Nibelheim of the night.

Tifa: From the beginning... OK? Try and remember, Cloud.  

Cloud and Tifa as kids appeared.

Tifa: Right, I was wearing these clothes. That's you, too. You were so 
small then...... ...and cute. Sephiroth once said... Cloud made up his 
memories by listening to my stories... Did you imagine this sky? No, 
you remembered it. That night the stars were gorgeous. It was just 
Cloud and I. We talked at the well... That's why I continued to believe 
that you were the real Cloud. I still believe you're the Cloud from 
Nibelheim... But you don't believe in yourself... These memories aren't 
enough. Cloud, what about your other memories? No, not memories. A 
memory is something that has to be consciously recalled, right? That's 
why sometimes it can be mistaken and a different thing...... But it's 
different from a memory locked deep within' your heart...... That's why 
it must be a fake. If he could recall up that memory...... That's it! 
What about some memory that has to do with me? I say something and you 
don't remember it...... But you say something, and I remember it, 
too... Then we'll know that's our memory...... Talk to me. About 
anything, some important memory to you... Now that you mentioned it, 
why did you want to join SOLDIER in the first place? I always thought 
it was a sudden decision you made......

Second Cloud: ......I was devastated. ......I want to be noticed. I 
thought if I got stronger I could get someone to notice......

Tifa: Someone to notice you...? ......who?

Second Cloud: You......

Tifa: ......Me? Why!?

Second Cloud: Tifa...... did you forget...... about those days?

Tifa: Look...... I...... I'm sorry...... But what are you talking 

Kid Cloud appeared.

Kid Cloud: No...... it's all right. You were having a hard time back 
then. You were so busy with your own things, it's only natural you 
don't remember me back then.

Tifa: 'Back then'?

Kid Cloud: It's important to me...... I hate to say it but... It's a 
very important memory...... Do you want to see it?

Tifa then talks to the third Cloud.

Third Cloud: ......a sealed up secret...... wish...... Tender 
memories...... no one can ever know.........

Kid Cloud: Do you know where this window goes to, Tifa? Fine...... I'll 

We watch a movie of a view to Tifa's room.

Tifa: My room?

Kid Cloud: It was my first time there.

Tifa: Was... it?

Kid Cloud: I only used to look up at it from outside.

The kids and Tifa as a kid appeared.

Kid: Hey, look! Cloud's coming! You think he wants to come in?

Tifa: Was that the first day you came into my room? ...That's right. We 
lived next to each other. But I really didn't know you that well. I've 
known you since we were children and always thought we were close... 
Now that you mention it... I don't recall you ever being in my room...

Kid Cloud: Tifa always used to be with this three-some.

Tifa: ...That's right.

Kid Cloud: I used to think... they were all stupid.

Tifa: What!?

Kid Cloud: You were all childish, laughing at every little stupid 

Tifa: But we were children, back then.

Kid Cloud: ...I know. I'm the one that was stupid. I really wanted to 
play with everyone, but I was never allowed into the group. Then 
later... I began to think I was different... That I was different from 
those immature kids. That then... maybe...

Shadow Cloud: Just maybe, they would invite me... I thought that might 
happen, so I hang around...

Kid Cloud: I was so prejudiced. And... weak.

Shadow Cloud: That night I called Tifa out to the well... I thought to 
myself Tifa would never come... that she hated me.

Tifa: Yeah... it was so sudden. I was... a bit surprised. But... It's 
true that we weren't THAT, close, but... After you left town, I really 
thought about you a lot. I used to wonder how Cloud was doing. I wonder 
if Cloud was able to get into SOLDIER? I started reading the 
newspapers, thinking that there might be an article about you.

Kid Cloud: Thanks, Tifa. Tell him what you told me, later. He'll 
probably be so happy.

Tifa: OK! Huh? What happened on this day? Was it a special day?

Kid Cloud: This was the day...

Shadow Cloud: Tifa's mother...

Tifa: The day Mom died...

Kid Tifa: I want... to see... mom... 

At the mountain Mt. Nibel with Tifa and the kids...

Kid Tifa: ...I wonder if there's anything beyond that mountain?

Kid: Mt. Nibel is scary. Many people have died there. No one crosses 
that mountain alive...

Kid Tifa: How 'bout those that died? Did mama pass through the 
mountain? I'm going!

A kid left and kid Cloud saw where Tifa's going. Later in the white 

Shadow Cloud: I don't remember the path I walked. Tifa missed her step. 
I ran to her... but didn't make it in time. Both of us fell off the 
cliff. Back then, I only scarred my knees but......

A man appeared.

Man 1: Cloud! Why'd you bring Tifa to a place like this!

Man 2: What the hell's the matter with you!?

Man 1: What if she dies!?

Kid Cloud: Tifa was in a coma for seven days. We all thought she 
wouldn't make it. If only I could've saved her... I was so angry... 
Angry at myself for my weakness. Ever since then, I felt Tifa blamed 
me... I got out of control... I'd get into fights not even caring who 
it was. That was the first time I heard about Sephiroth. If I got 
strong like Sephiroth, then everyone might...

Shadow Cloud: If I could get stronger...... Then even Tifa would have 
to notice me......

Tifa: So that was it...... Sorry, Cloud. If I had only remembered more 
clearly what happened, I could have done something sooner......

Cloud: It's not your fault, Tifa.

Tifa: But, I remember back when we were, eight! That's it! Now I know! 
You weren't created five years ago. My childhood memories weren't all 
made up! Hang in there Cloud! Just a little longer! You've almost found 
the real you! Let's go back to Nibelheim again......!

Shadow Cloud went into Cloud. Tifa then goes to the Nibelheim in this 
surreal world.

Tifa: Cloud, wait. Where are you going?

Cloud: ......The reactor......? To the reactor! The Mako reactor of 
five years ago!

A flashback of the Mako Reactor in Mt. Nibel, but Zack appears instead 
of Cloud.

Tifa: That's right! It was Zack who came to Nibelheim with Sephiroth! 
Then, where were you, Cloud? Cloud... Did you... see it all?

Cloud: I saw... everything... 

A soldier took Zack's sword and moves on to stop Sephiroth. The soldier 
poked Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: Aaarrrgh...... who... who are you?

Soldier: Mom... Tifa... my town... give it back... I had so much 
respect for you... I admired you...

Tifa: Cloud!?

The soldier took off his mask showing himself as Cloud.

Tifa: That's what happened... ...You were there. You were watching me. 
Yeah, I remember. Hmm... so it was you.

Zack: Hey Cloud. If you're feeling sick, why don't you take that mask 

Cloud: Yeah...... Yeah... this is... me.

In the truck from the past...

Cloud: I ...never made it as a member of SOLDIER. I even left my 
hometown telling everyone I was going to join, but... I was so 
embarrassed...... I didn't want to see anybody...

A flashback of Sephiroth and folks in Nibelheim. But is different, Zack 
is the difference. And then in the burning houses of Nibelheim.

Cloud: I'm...

Another flashback in Mt. Nibel Mako Reactor of the past.

Tifa: ...You came. ...You kept your promise. So you really did come 
when I was in trouble!

Cloud: Sorry... I didn't get there... fast enough...

Tifa: It's all right... Cloud.

Sephiroth: Just like you.

Zack: Cloud... Kill Sephiroth...

Cloud goes after Sephiroth.

Cloud: Sephiroth!!

Sephiroth attempted to stab Cloud but the blade was under Cloud's right 
arm pit.

Sephiroth: Don't... push... your luck...

Cloud took Sephiroth's sword and threw him.

Sephiroth: ...It can't be!

Sephiroth fell into the reactor and died. Back to the surreal world.

Tifa: Cloud......

Kid Cloud: Then... this is goodbye, Tifa. Until we meet again......

All the Cloud's came and formed together into one.  

Tifa: ............!?

Cloud is finally back.

Tifa: Cloud!!

Cloud: Uh...... Ah, uh......! Uh...... Tifa......

Tifa; Oh, Cloud......! It's really you, isn't it?

Cloud: Yeah...... Tifa...... We finally meet again......

Tifa: You stupid jerk!! You had us all worried sick!!

Cloud: (holds his head as a result of a headache) Krgh......!

Tifa: Cloud!? Are you all right!?

Cloud: V, voice...... Their......

Tifa: I see. We're... in the Lifestream aren't we? Everyone's waiting. 
Let's go back, Cloud. Back to everyone......

Cloud: Yeah, I guess so... Come on, Tifa. Let's go home......

Cloud and Tifa went up of the Lifestream and was saved by Cloud's 

Barret: Yo! You alright!? Tifa!?

Tifa: U... unn......? Barret... You came back. I...... Cloud... Where 
is he?

Barret: Don't worry about him. He's a tough one.

Tifa: Barret...... I ...... When I was in the Lifestream I saw the real 
Cloud. I mean, I didn't really find him. Cloud found himself on his 

Barret: Awright, I know... I shouldn't have doubted him. But I can't 
win against you. You're some kinda lady.

Tifa: People have so many things about pent up inside of themselves... 
And they can forget so many things...... Strange...... isn't it...... 

Barret: Yo, Tifa! Snap outta it!! Tifa......!?

Later back at the Airship in the Operation Room.
Cloud: Everyone...... I'm sorry. I don't know what to say......

Red XIII: Don't say anything, Cloud. All you've been doing is 

Cloud: I never was in SOLDIER. I made up the stories about what 
happened to me five years ago, about being in SOLDIER. I left my 
village looking for glory, but never made it in to SOLDIER...... I was 
so ashamed of being so weak; then I heard this story from my friend 
Zack... And I created an illusion of myself made up of what I had seen 
in my life...... And I continued to play the charade as if it were 

Barret: Illusion, huh...? Pretty damn strong for a llusion, I'd say.

Cloud: I'm physically built like someone in SOLDIER. Hojo's plan to 
clone Sephiroth wasn't that difficult. It was just the same procedure 
they use when creating members of SOLDIER. You see, someone in SOLDIER 
isn't simply exposed to Mako energy. Their bodies are actually injected 
with Jenova cells...... For better or worse, only the strong can enter 
SOLDIER. It has nothing to do with Jenova Reunion. But weak 
people...... like me, get lost in the whole thing. The combination of 
Jenova cells, Sephiroth's strong will and my own weakness are what 
created me. Everyone knew that. I'm...... Cloud. ......the master of my 
own illusionary world. But I can't remain trapped in an illusion any 
more...... I'm going to live my life without pretending. 

Tifa: You're sure messed up, Cloud! 

Barret: That means there ain't no difference from before!

Cait Sith: By the way, Cloud. What are you going to do now? Don't tell 
me you're going to leave the ship?

Cloud: ......I'm the reason why Meteor is falling towards us. That's 
why I have to do something in my power to fight this thing.

Barret: Good!! Then you're gonna keep fightin' to save the planet!?

Cloud: It's like you always told me, Barret.

Barret: Oh, uh, you mean that!

Red XIII: What? I don't understand!

Barret: There ain't no gettin' offa this train we on! The train we on 
don't make no stops! 

Cloud chose Cid and Barret to go with him.

Cait Sith: Listen, Cloud. We're right in the middle of the mission for 
the Huge Materia, right? I know this's kinda outta the blue, but 
there's a underwater reactor at Junon. As far as I can see, that's the 
only one left. That's that. Let's go!

The Highwind landed near Junon. Cloud's group took the elevator to the 
city. In the city...

Cloud: I may be mistaken, but...... Doesn't it feel like we're missing 

It might be the cannon. Cloud's group head into the elevator going 

Soldier 1: How 'bout, who ever stays alive, gets to take her out?

Soldier 2: All right, you're on!! But... What if both of us...

Soldier 1: Whoa!! Don't even talk about that!

Cloud's group fought two Submarine Crews. After killing them, Cloud's 
group got out of the elevator.

Soldier 1: OK! Back to work!! Back to work!!

Soldier 2:Yawn... I'm sleepy!! For Junon!!

Cloud's group killed two more Submarine Crew. They then took another 
elevator down and in the reactor.

Cloud: !? The Huge Materia!

Barret: Damn, just missed it!

Cid: That's what you think! #$(#&*$(#*$$!

Cloud's group moved on. There at the submarine dock.

Cloud: Did we make it!?

The Huge Materia was placed in the Red sub.
Reno: What are you doing? Help, load. Cloud!?

Barret: We're gonna help transport the Huge Materia... Reno!

Cid: You know I don't work for cheap!

Cloud: Either give it to us or else. ...which is it gonna be?

Reno: Unfortunately, I don't have time to deal with you. My priority is 
the Huge Materia!

Reno ran and Cloud's group end up fighting Carry Armor. After Cloud's 
group destroyed it.

Cloud: Damn! The submarine!

Barret: Damn! So they was just buyin' time!?

Cid: Hold on to your horses! Let's get it from them!!

Cloud's group killed some soldiers blocking their way and inside the 
submarine with one commander and two soldiers in the control room.

Commander: NO, NO!! This is terrible!

Soldier 1: We don't have much time left! I don't want to die!

Soldier 2: There's so much more I've got to do! I never even got to do 
my special victory dance in battle!

Commander: All right!! Then make this your first victory!! Go on, show 

Soldier 1&2: Yes, sir!!

Commander: Remember your last training. Begin!!

Soldier 1&2: Yes, sir!!

Commander: I'm back! An' now I got no regrets!! ATT----ACK!!

Cloud: Hmmmm... Take them prisoners.

The commander and the two soldiers moved outta the way.

Cloud: Someone... please. I'm sorry I can't take it anymore. The lack 
of space, the shaking, the roar of the engine...

Barret: Stop your blubberin'!! How we gonna move this without you?

Cid: Hunka junk... just gotta do this! SEE! Now you take over!

Cloud: Hey, you're right... I DO feel a little better driving. No 
sweat. Just leave everything to me.

Cloud sat in the seat and they began the battle with the Red submarine. 
After destroying it.

Cloud: Phew--! WE did it! The Huge Materia should be at the bottom of 
the sea by now. Let's continue the search...

Radio: ...all Shinra Subs. Do you read?

Cloud: Hmm...? ...Must be from Shinra.

Radio: ...Report, No. 2...

Barret: Is it us?

Cloud: All right, I'll do it. This is Shinra No. 2... Everything's 

Radio: ...Roger... ...Your next mission is... ...Return to Junon 
Dock... ...We will transport the Huge Materia from the airport... 
...Those without other assignments will report for guard duty... That 
is all. Over and out...

Cloud: Junon Airport... We should make it if we hurry. Forget about the 
Huge Materia for now. We're climbing.

Cid: The Airport. No sweat!

Cloud's group gets out after. Cloud replaces Vincent with Barret. They 
head back to the sub and proceeds to Junon. In Junon Airport, we watch 
a movie of the Gelnika plane taking off.

Cid: Oh no! The Huge Materia...

Barret: Let's go after it!

Cid: Where's that thing headed?

Cloud: Rocket Town, of course.

Cloud's group took the Highwind to Rocket Town and in Rocket Town.

Shinra soldier: Those terrorist are here!

Cloud's group kills the first two soldiers. Then they go upstairs with 
one commander and four more Shinra soldiers.

Commander: Don't let them get any further! Everyone, ATTACK---!

Cloud's group kills two more soldiers. After that.

Commander: Urrrgh, you're not going anywhere! Uh un, nowhere!

Cloud's group kills the commander and the two remaining soldiers. After 

Cid: Goddammit, what the hell do they think they're gonna do to my 
rocket!? I'm outta here, Cloud! I'm gonna kick those #$#($#($' Shinra 
right out of my rocket.

Cloud's group climbs the ladder where they saw Rude and the two 

Rude: again? ...We will eliminate everyone who gets in Shinra's 

The fight with Rude and the two Shinra soldiers begin.


After Cloud kills two soldiers and wounding Rude.

Rude: ......they got us.

Cloud's group heads inside the rocket.

Commander: You... you! Why are you here? Rude of the Turks should've 
been here!!

Cloud: Too bad. Those guys are over there.

Commander: Oh man... the Turks, being done in like that... But, I won't 
let you through!

Cloud's group wounds the commander. Cloud's group then proceeds to the 

Cid: Hey! What the hell're you guys doin'!?

Crew 1: Hey! Just when I thought somethin' was goin' on, you come back!

Crew 2: Listen to me, Captain. We're gonna launch this rocket!

Cid: Huh? What are you talkin' about?

Crew 3: We're gonna load a Materia bomb in this and blow up Meteor.

Crew 1: Our rocket's gonna save the planet!!

Crew 2: Urrrrgh. Man this is so COOL!!  
Cloud: Wait a minute!

Cid: (to Cloud) Shut up!! Just shut the hell up!! (to the crews) How's 
the rocket?

Crew 1: It's pretty much OK.

Crew 2: But...

Crew 3: We planned to run it into Meteor on Auto-Pilot, but the most 
important device is broken.

Cid: Broken? How's the repair goin'?

Crew 3: Shera's doin' it...

Cid: Oh great! What a buncha wizards you guys are! She's gonna take 100 
years! I'll take over, so don't worry about the Auto-Pilot! Hey, go 
ahead! Go tell everyone!

All Crews: All right, Captain. Good luck. (left)

Cloud: Hey, Cid! What're you doing!? There are generations of knowledge 
and wisdom inside the Materia. We're gonna borrow their powers and save 
the planet from Sephiroth. There's no way that we can lose the Huge 
Materia. You understand that, right?

Cid: Yeah, I understand. I understand that Materia is precious, and 
also understand what you're thinking. But listen. I don't give a rat's 
ass whether it's science or magical power. No, I guess if I had to 
choose, I'd rather put my money on the power of science. Humans who 
used to only roam around on the ground are able to fly now! And 
finally, we're about to go into outer space. Science is a "Power" 
created and developed by humans. And science just might be what saves 
this planet. I was able to earn my living thanks to science. So to me, 
there's nothing greater! Now quit your worrying 'bout what Shinra's 
gonna do! I don't want to regret not having done something later.

Cloud: But, Cid......

Cid: Shut the hell up!! I don't wanna hear it!! Alright, time to get to 
work! Anyone who ain't involved, get the hell outta here! What the 
hell......? What the hell happened!?

Palmer: Hey-hey!

Cid: Palmer! What the hell did'ya do!?

Palmer: They said they finished repairing the Auto-Pilot. So, I laun---
ched it!

Cid: Goddamn Shera! Why'd she pick today to get fast! DAMN! Won't even 
budge! It's completely locked up!

Palmer: Hey-hey-hey! Almost lift off!

Cid: What the!? No countdown!? It just don't seem the same without it!

Palmer: Hey!!!! Hey-hey!!! Blast-----off!

We watch a movie of the rocket taking off to outer space. 

Cid: I finally made it... outer space... Let's see, how's the course 
set...? Yup, it's headed for a collision with Meteor.

Barret: Can't we do somethin'? We can't jus' leave it.

Cid: That damn Palmer went outta his way to lock the Auto-Pilot device. 
We might not be able to change the course.

Cloud: ...this is the end?

Cid: Huh? What the hell're you sayin'? You're still young, and you give 
up that easily? I'm not gonna crash into Meteor. Just watch. I keep an 
Escape Pod on the rocket just for emergencies like this. I deciphered 
the lock code on the Escape Pod. We'll ball right before we crash into 

Barret: Hey wait a second! What's gonna happen to the Huge Materia?

Cid: ......If you want the Materia, do what ever you want! The Materia 
should be there after you climb that ladder.

Cloud: ...You sure? 

Cid: I dunno... I know what I said a minute ago. But maybe all that I 
really wanted was just to go into outer space. So, why don't you all do 
whatever you think is right?

Cloud's group proceeds to the Huge Materia room.

Cloud: I finally found the Huge Materia...

Cid: It's structured so that the lock can be opened if we enter the 
passcode from this control panel.

Cloud guessed and deciphered the codes by pressing Square, Circle, X, 
and X. After that.

Cid: Whoa, pretty good! You got the passcode in a single try! You 
must've known the passcode. If not, it's impossible.

They picked up the Materia. They head to the room with oxygen tank, but 
it suddenly exploded.

Cid: Grrrgh! Damn! My leg's stuck in the debris......

Cloud: Cid!!

Cloud and Barret tried to lift the piece up.

Barret: ...damn! ...can't lift it!

Cid: Don't worry 'bout me. Hurry up and go! If you don't hurry, the 
rocket's gonna crash into Meteor!

Cloud: ...I can't go without my friends.

Cid: You @^#*%$&......! No time to worry 'bout other people!

Cloud: I'm gonna do whatever I can.

Cid: You're stupid. You're really fucking stupid. Tank Number 8 blew 
up...... So Tank Number 8... really was malfunctioning...... Shera... 
You were right. But, ......this is the end for me.

Shera: Don't say that, Cid.

Cid: Huh!? Shera!?

Shera: I tagged along. I'm coming to help you.

Cid: You stupid @^#!%@&*#$!! ......Sorry.

After Cloud, Barret, and Shera lifted up the piece, Cid's free.

Shera: Hurry. I'm going to detach the Escape Pod.

Cid: Hey, Shera! Does this Pod really fly?

Shera: It'll be OK. I've been checking it till now.

Cid: .........Then I'm relieved.

Shera: ......Thanks.

We watch a movie of the Escape Pod detached. In the Escape Pod.

Cid: So this is...... outer space... Man... it's the real thing... I'm 
really here in outer space... So long. Shinra No. 26...

We watch a movie of the rocket crashing into Meteor, but that just got 
the Meteor more powerful and approaching the Planet fast. Meanwhile in 
the Airship...

Cloud: Rufus and the other plan was a failure...

Barret: What a bust... But I hoped it work.

Cait Sith: We been botherin' them as much as we can... But there ain't 
no other way... Wonder if we've been wrong all this time?

Red XIII: Makes you worry, doesn't it?

Tifa: Don't worry! Think!

Cid: Hey! The girl's right. You start worryin' and there's no stoppin' 
it! Things just start fallin' apart and get worse and worse.

Barret: You're pretty damn optimistic! You up to somethin'!?

Cid: Yeah, I been thinkin' about this and that. All the time we been up 
here lookin' at the planet. I been thinkin' even when were floatin' in 
the ocean in that escape pod.

Cloud: I've... been thinking too. About the universe... planet... 
ocean. How wide and big... No matter where I go and what I do it won't 
change a thing.

Cid: Maybe you're right. But I came up with something different. I 
always thought this planet was so huge. But lookin' at it from space, I 
realized it's so small. We're just floatin' in the dark. ......kind of 
makes you feel powerless. On top of that it's got Sephiroth festerin' 
inside it like a sickness. That's why I say this planet's still a kid. 
A little kid sick and trembling in the middle of this huge universe. 
Someone's gotta protect it. Ya follow me? That someone is us.

Tifa: Cid... that's beautiful.

Barret: Yo! Cid! You even got to me! Do, now what? How're we gonna 
protect the planet from Meteor?

Cid: ...............I'm still thinkin' about that.

Red XIII: Huh!? Did you...... hear something?

Tifa: The planet's scream...... or Meteor...? Is it this planet?

Cloud: Hey, how do we know that this is really the planet's scream?

Tifa: Did you forget? Bugenhagen told us.

Cloud: Bugenhagen...

Red XIII: Let's go see grandfather! To Cosmo Canyon! I'm sure he'll be 
able to tell us something that will be helpful!

Cloud's group head back to the submarine and got the Huge Materia from 
the downed red sub. They also found the Key of the Ancients. Then they 
found Lucrecia's cave. Cloud replaces Barret with Vincent and inside 
the cave.

Vincent: That voice? It can't be... Lucrecia...?

Lucrecia: Vincent...?

Vincent: Lucrecia!!

Lucrecia: Stay back!!

In a flashback , it appeared to be that Lucrecia talks about Sephiroth 
that she raised him. In the memory, Gast shot Vincent, and did some 
operation to him. Vincent woke up and felt really bizarre.

Vincent: This body is... the punishment that's been given to me... I 
was unable...... to stop Professor Gast and Hojo... And Lucrecia... I 
was unable to stop them... All that I was able to do was watch... That 
is my punishment...

Back to present.

Vincent: Lucrecia... You're alive...

Lucrecia: I wanted to disappear... I couldn't be with anyone... I 
wanted to die... But the Jenova inside me wouldn't let me die... 
Lately, I dream a lot of Sephiroth... My dear, dear child. Ever since 
he was born I never got to hold him, even once... Not even once. You 
can't call me his mother... That... is my sin... Back!! Stay back!! 
Vincent... Won't you please tell me?

Vincent: ......What?

Lucrecia: Is Sephiroth still alive? I heard he died five years ago. But 
I see him in my dreams so often... And, I know that physically, like 
myself, he can't die so easily. Please, Vincent tell me......

Vincent: Lucrecia... Sephiroth is dead...

After that, Cloud's group heads to Cosmo Canyon with the Highwind.

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. If you ever are in need of my wisdom, you are 
always welcome here.

Cloud: Yeah, that's why we came.

Bugenhagen: What to do? Have you lost your way? When that happens we 
each have to take a good long look at ourselves. There's always 
something in the deepest reaches of our hearts. Something buried, or 
something forgotten. Remember it... Whatever that is, must certainly be 
what you are all looking for...

Cloud: That's easy enough to say... But, I can't remember a thing.

Bugenhagen: It must be there. Look harder!

Barret: This ain't no good with just us! Cloud, we gotta get some 
others in here.

Cloud dialed the PHS and called everyone to come in to Bugenhagen's 

Bugenhagen: Do you see it? What is it that you are searching for?

Cait Sith: Nope. Not a thing. Naw. Can't come up with a thing.

Yuffie: Me either! I don't get any of this!

Cloud: I remember Aeris a lot. No... not that. You haven't remembered. 
You haven't forgotten. That's not it... How would say it... Aeris was 
right there all along. Right by our side. She was so close, we couldn't 
see her. What Aeris did... The words she left behind...

Tifa: That reminds me... I was the same.

Red XIII: was I.

Barret: Me too...

Cloud: She said she was the only one who could stop Sephiroth's Meteor.

Tifa: But Aeris is gone.

Red XIII: Is it impossible for us to carry on... what Aeris tried to 

Barret: We ain't no Ancients, if that's what ya mean.

Cid: What, did that girl go off to that place?

Cloud: That's it!!

Cid: What's it?

Cloud: We don't know about it. What did Aeris know? Why did she face 
Sephiroth without running away?

Red XIII: I see... She returned there once again, correct?

Bugenhagen: Hmmm. Perhaps I'll have you take me there.

Red XIII: You're going too?

Bugenhagen: What's so surprising about that...? Even I want to get out 
from time to time and see the outside world. I wonder what did it? I 
haven't felt like this in ages.

Red XIII: It must be the planet. The planet is calling you!

Cid: Yeah, hoo boy, the planet calling... right.

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Then let's go.

Everyone left the room and Cloud speaks to Bugenhagen.

Cloud: Oh yeah, Bugenhagen. I have one more thing I want to ask you, 
We're carrying around Huge Materia. This is pretty delicate stuff and 
we would like to keep it in a safe place...

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Then we'll put it upstairs. Now, shall we be 
on our way?

After Cloud puts the Huge Materias upstairs, they all head to the 
Highwind. In there.

Bugenhagen: Hm, hmm, hmm! ......Smells like machinery. I love this 
smell. Of course, I also love the smell of nature, too...... Hm? IS the 
deck up there? Then I'll be on the deck just passing the time. I can 
feel the workings of the planet in the wind. I also feel the greatness 
of man's wisdom and the knowledge in the smell of machinery... Well, 
bye for now.

Cloud's group heads to the Ancient City.

Cloud: Are you getting something?

Bugenhagen: ...give me a moment.

At the place...

Bugenhagen: The knowledge of the Ancients swirling around here is 
telling me one thing. The planet's in a crisis... A crisis beyond human 
power or endless time. It says, when the time comes, we must search for 

Cloud: Holy?

Bugenhagen: Holy... the ultimate White Magic. Magic that might stand 
against Meteor. Perhaps our last hope to save the planet from Meteor. 
If a soul seeking Holy reaches the planet, it will appear. Ho Ho Hoooo. 
Meteor, Weapon, everything will disappear. Perhaps, even ourselves.

Cloud: Even us!?

Bugenhagen: It is up to the planet to decide. What is best for the 
planet. What is bad for the planet. All that is bad will disappear. 
That is all. Ho Ho Hoooo. I wonder which we humans are?

Cloud: Search for Holy... How do we do it?

Bugenhagen: Speak to the planet. Get the White Materia... This will 
bond the Planet to humans. Then speak to the planet. If our wish 
reaches the planet, the White Materia will begin to glow a pale green.

Cloud: ...This is the end. Aeris had the White Materia... But when 
Aeris died, it fell from the altar... That's why...... this is the end.

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo! Ho Ho Hoooo! Ho Ho Hoooo! Look at this!

Cloud: !?

Bugenhagen: Ancients' writing.

Cloud: Can you read it?

Bugenhagen: I can't even make it out!!

Cloud: This's no time for jokes...

Bugenhagen: I'm not an Ancient. I can't read this thing! I may be old, 
but my eyes aren't completely bad yet. Look closely below the writing.

Cloud: There's a note written in chalk...... (key)... (in the Music 

Bugenhagen: It was probably written by a scientist who's been here... 
He probably used all his energy to make out these two words.

Cloud: Key......? To what?

Bugenhagen: I don't know... But, it probably has something to do with 
our riddle. The riddle... then it must have something to do with Aeris.

Cloud: What does it mean?

Bugenhagen: That Music Box over there. We'll put the key in it. I'll go 
use the key. You all wait here. And watch closely what happens. Ho Ho 

We watch a movie of Bugenhagen putting the key into the Music Box and 
water came out.

Bugenhagen: Now, go inside. Hope may be inside... Or...... This was 
just a screen to project an image! Look! Look at the image projected on 
the screen of the water!

We watch a movie of Aeris in the flashback and the White Materia 

Cloud: ...It's glowing.

Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo!! It's pale green!!

Cloud: ...Aeris. Aeris has already prayed for Holy. ...After I gave up 
the Black Materia to Sephiroth...... Aeris' words came into my 
dreams... She said, she was the only one who could stop Sephiroth...... 
And to do that, there was a secret here... that was Holy...... That's 
why, she had the White Materia. Aeris knew about here... and what she 
had to do. Aeris has left us great hope. But, it cost her her life... 
her future... I'm sorry... Aeris. I should have figured this out 
sooner. ...You left us without saying a word...... It was all so 
sudden, so I couldn't think... That's why it took so long for me to 
find out. But, Aeris... I understand now. Aeris... I'll do the rest.

Barret: That's 'WE'! 
Cid: The big gift the flower girl left for us... It'd be sad if we 
didn't finish it!

Cloud: Thank you... Aeris. Aeris' voice has already reached the Planet. 
Just look at the glow of the White Materia. But...... how about Holy? 
How come Holy isn't moving? Why?

Bugenhagen: Something's getting in its way.

Cloud: ......Him...... He's the only one that could do it. 
...Sephiroth. Where are you?

While going out, Cloud picked up the PHS.

Cloud: What the?

Cait Sith: whisper... whisper... (Sorry I was a little surprised).

Cloud: What happened?

Cait Sith: You remember when the Junon Cannon disappeared? Actually, 
Rufus moved it.

Cloud: Moved it? The big thing......? Where...? Why?

Cait Sith: Rufus wants to destroy Sephiroth with it. That cannon 
operates on Huge Materia. But the Huge Materia has already been used in 
the Rocket Plan. So since the cannon's useless right now, he decided to 
move it. To a place where Materia... no, where Mako is gathered...

Cloud: And, where is that!?

We watch a movie of Meteor approaching and Midgar with the cannon. In 
Shinra Headquarters...

Rufus: ......That's why, Reeve. It's your job to adjust the reactor's 

Reeve: I see......

Scarlet: Hah, hah, hah! Don't worry about adjusting it, Reeve. Once you 
open it up all the way everything will go full speed!

Heidegger: Gya, hah, hah, hah! The President's sure done it this time! 
If we can only defeat Sephiroth, the idea that Meteor will also 
disappear is based on different objectives!

Scarlet: Please remember, Mr. President... It was my idea to fire Mako 
reactor powered shells.

Rufus: Will the shells really reach the far northern border?

Scarlet: Ah, hah hah! Of course! But Mr. President, please do not call 
it a Mako cannon. This new weapon will be called...... The Sister Ray!

Back to Cloud's group. As they get on the Highwind.

Cloud: ............? Wh, what the...!?

Diamond Weapon rise up from the ocean. Then in the Highwind.

Cid: What's wrong!?

Pilot: It's a strange signal!

Cid: From where?

Pilot It's coming from this... person (?)

Cait Sith: Wow! Hey! That was a surprise, the controls went crazy. This 
ain't no good... Weapon came out of the sea and is heading straight for 
Midgar. The new weapon should stop him, right? I don't know if it's 
ready or not...

Barret: Hey! What's gonna happen to Marlene!?

Cait Sith: Doncha worry none, Marlene's in a safe place. She's with 
Aeris' mama. Barret!! What was that scratching just now!? As long as 
Marlene is safe, who cares what else happens, right? I been itchin' to 
say this to ya fer a while now! When ya blew the Midgar No. 1 up, how 
many folks d'ya think died?

Barret: ...that was for the life of the planet. Ya gotta expect a few 

Cait Sith: A few? Whaddya mean 'a few'? What may be a few to y'all is 
everythin' to them who died...... Protect the planet. Hah! Y'all sure 
sound good! Ain't no one that'd go against ya. So ya think ya can do 
whatever y'all want?

Barret: I don't want hear from no one in Shinra...

Cait Sith: ......nuthin' I can do 'bout that...

Cloud: Stop it!

Tifa: Cait Sith...... Barret, he knows what he did. What we did in 
Midgar can't be forgotten no matter what the reason. Right? We haven't 
forgotten, right? I know you. You can't quit the company because you're 
worried about the people in Midgar, right? ......Cloud?

Cloud: OK! Let's go! We'll beat Weapon ourselves!

Cid: Hey Cloud...... You think we can win against that monster? We got 
a chance of winnin', right?

Cloud: How would I know? But that's no reason for us to just let him 
go! We're goin' to Midgar and fight Weapon! Come on, let's move!

They landed near Midgar. Cloud's group fight Diamond Weapon. After the 
fight, Cloud's group evacuates. Cloud then picks up the PHS.

Cait Sith: Oh no! Let's hurry out of here! Something big... I'm talkin' 
REALLY BIG's comin'!

Meanwhile at the Shinra Headquarter...

Heidegger: Hah, hah, hah, Mr. President, preparations for Sister Ray 
are now in order.

Scarlet: Hah, hah, hah! Anytime is fine.

Rufus: ......Fire.

We watch a movie of the Sister Ray charging up and then it fires. 
Diamond Weapon fired his weapons too.

Tifa: Which direction is it going to attack from?

Red XIII: Midgar!

Barret: Marlene!!

We watch a movie of the shot from the Sister Ray blowing the shit 
through Diamond Weapon and he's dead.

Barret: Damn... 

Red XIII: It went right through Weapon......

Cloud: I see! They're after Sephiroth! The crater on the Northern 

We watch a movie of the Sister Ray shot destroying the crater barrier. 
Then at the Shinra Headquarter...

Operator: Sir! Weapon's been defeated!! The barrier has disappeared! 
Sir! A mass of high density energy is heading towards Midgar!

We watch a movie of the Weapon's shots destroying the Shinra HQ and 
hitting Rufus as well. Rufus died. In the Highwind.

Cloud: What happened to...... Sephiroth? Northern Cave... Let's go see 
what happened to it.

When they flew there.

Cloud: Sephiroth's energy barrier is gone...... Cid! Can the Airship 
get inside?

Cid: Huh? He's my student, ain't he!? Of course he can go anywhere!

Cloud: Right, sorry about that.

Barret: Yo, Cait Sith! Now what? 

Cait Sith: Hold it! Scarlet! Heidegger! What's going on?

Meanwhile in the Shinra Headquarters...

Heidegger: Strange. I can't reach the President!

Reeve: Not the President. To Sister Ray!

Scarlet: Ha, ha, ha. What is it Reeve? You're speaking strangely.

Reeve: None of that matters! The reactor's output is increasing all by 

Scarlet: Ww, wait a minute. That's not wise! It must cool for 3 hours 
or it won't work. Reeve, shut off the machine!

Reeve: We can't do that! It's inoperable!

Operator: Someone has switched the machine over to mainframe operation! 
We can't operate it from here.

Reeve: What about the mainframe? Who!? Hey, call the mainframe!

Heidegger: Huh? Why are you giving orders?

Reeve: I don't give a damn about the details!!

Meanwhile in the controls of the Sister Ray...

Hojo: Ha, ha, ha...... Just you wait, Sephiroth. I'll give you all the 
Mako you want.

Reeve: (calling from the PHS) Hojo, STOP! The cannon, no, Midgar itself 
is in danger!

Hojo: Ha, ha, ha...... One or two Midgars?'s a small price to 

Reeve: Hojo! HOJO......!!

Hojo: Show me...... Sephiroth. It should be near... Ha, ha, ha...... Go 
beyond the powers of science... Before your presence, science is 
powerless... I hate it, but I'll concede to it. Just... let me see it. 
Ha, ha, ha......

Later in the Highwind...

Barret: YO! Do somethin'! Ya big cat!

Cait Sith: We're sunk. Hojo's doing this on his own...... ...? ...? H, 
huh? I don't like this......

Barret: You're busted, Reeve! Too late tryin' to hide it now...

Cloud: Can't you stop the Mako Reactor?

Cait Sith: ......We can't stop it.

Barret: You're from Shinra, ain't ya? So why's it impossible!?

Cait Sith: ............

Cid: We came a long way to get here. You better not double-cross us 

Cait Sith: I can't make you trust me......

Cid: You damn fool! Don't you understand anything I'm saying? I don't 
give a damn about Shinra. If you're a man... no, if you're a human 
being, you'll save the planet! Don't you even care?

Cait Sith: No way! If we shut down the reactor, all hell will break 

Cid: Why? Can't you just shut off the valve?

Cait Sith: Yeah, it's easy to shut off the reactor's pipe valves... 
...But the reactor made a path for the energy to escape from below. 
Once you open that, it'll be impossible to close it until everything 
blasts our... And we can't try to stop the energy from gushing 

Barret: An explosion!!

Cait Sith: This blast'll be way stronger than when the number 1 reactor 
blew up!

Barret: Damn...!

Cait Sith: Forget about that...... the CANNON! We've got to get to 
Midgar! That's the first thing!!

Cloud: Must stop Hojo... first.

Meanwhile at the Shinra HQ...

Reeve: Looks like Cloud and the others are on their way. Stay out of 
the way!

Heidegger: Ghaa haah hah hah! Don't be so ludicrous! I don't recall you 
giving me any orders! The Peace Preservation will give their best 
effort to make the enemy retreat! Because of them, I...... I...!

Reeve: That's a private matter......

Heidegger: The President is dead! Now I'm doing things my way! Ghaa 
haah hah hah!

Scarlet: Ha, ha, ha. Heidegger! Now I'm going to use the new weapon!

Reeve: Hey! Wait!! Cloud, everybody! Sorry...... But!! 

Two Shinra soldiers got Reeve. Back to the Highwind.

Cait Sith: But! But you'll come won't you!?

Cloud: I know!

Cid: Hey! I'm leaving the ship in your hands!

Pilot: I'm heading for Midgar!

When they head there.

Pilot: We reached Midgar!

Barret: Even if we get there, Midgar's under martial law! There'll be 
no way we could slip into the slums.

Tifa: Looks like all transportation from the slums us cut off...... 

Cid: Hey, hey, whaddya think we have Highwind for? Where are we now!?

Barret: Huh? Where are we...?

Cid: If land's no go... We'll go by air!

Cloud: Okay then! We'll parachute into Midgar!!

Outside of Highwind.

Cloud: Here we go!!

Everyone jumps. After a successful landing.

Cait Sith: (to Cloud) Heidegger is going after you all. That's why it's 
dangerous out there. Let's go underground!

In the alley.

Cait Sith: This is where we go in. Please! Hurry and come to the Mako 

After Cloud's group make their way to the train tunnels.

Elena: Oh no! They're here! What are we going to do!? I think it's okay 
for you to ignore your orders now.

Reno: ...Elena, don't act so weak.

Rude: We're Turks, Elena.

Elena: ...Yes, sir. You're right.

Rude: Come on, we've got work to do.

Reno: I'm not really up for it, but...

Elena: Our orders were to seek you out and... ...Kill. Our company may 
be in turmoil, but an order's an order. That's the will and spirit of 
the Turks! Believe it!

Cloud: ......

Elena: What are you doing! Let's go!

Cloud: No, let's not go.

Elena: You showing pity!? Don't take the Turks for fools!

Reno: Wait, Elena.

Elena: Reno! You're not violating the order... are you!?

Reno: Shinra's finished. It's come down to this.

Rude: ......

Elena: Rude...

Reno: Elena, you were a great Turk!

Elena: ......

Reno: Farewell. If we both survive... If we can save our lives...

Reno left.

Elena: (to Cloud's group) Remember the spirit of the Turks...!

Elena left.

Rude: Our mission's finished...

Rude left. Cloud's group moves on, then.

Barret: What the... hell is that!!?

Cid: Hey-hey! You serious...?

Proud Clod came and Heidegger and Scarlet came out.

Heidegger: G'yaaa, Haaa, Haaa!!! Here they come! G'yaaa, Haaa, Haaa!!! 
So they really showed up! You sure did treat us like dogs up to now!! 
Scarlet: You killed off a lot of my precious soldiers!

Heidegger: G'yaaa, Haaa, Haaa!!! But let's see how you do against anti-
Weapon artillery!

Scarlet: You guys are worthless, but my proud creation is a sure thing! 
I'll show you the destructive power of the Proud Clod!

Cloud's group fight Proud Clod. After the fight.

Scarlet: Not tha! This is the Proud Clod.........!? 

Heidegger: Whoooooa!!

Proud Clod's destroyed with Heidegger and Scarlet deceased. Cloud's 
group moves on and met Hojo at the Sister Ray.

Cloud: Hojo! Stop right there!!

Hojo: Oh... the failure.

Cloud: At least remember my name! It's Cloud!

Hojo: Every time I see you, I... It pains me that I had so little 
scientific sense... I evaluated you as a failed project. But, you are 
the only one that succeeded as a Sephiroth-clone. Heh, heh, heh...... 
I'm even beginning to hate myself.

Cloud: None of that matters... just stop this nonsense!

Hojo: ...nonsense? Oh, this? Ha, ha, ha... Sephiroth seems to be 
counting on the energy. So I'm going to lend him a hand.

Cloud: Why!? Why do that!?

Hojo: Quit asking me why, you moron. Hmm... actually, you might be cut 
out to be a scientist. Energy level is at...... 83%. It's taking too 
long. My son is in need of power and help. ...That's the only reason.

Cloud: ...your son?

Hojo: Ha, ha, ha... Although he doesn't know. Ha, ha, ha... HA, HA, 
HA...!! What will Sephiroth think when he finds out I'm his father? 
Always looking down on me like that. HA, HA, HA...!!

Cloud: Sephiroth is your son?

Hojo: Ha, ha, ha... I offered the woman with my child to Professor 
Gast's Jenova Project. When Sephiroth was still in the womb, we took 
the cells of Jenova... HA, HA, HA!!

Cloud: I can't believe you're the one who did this... The illusionary 
crime against Sephiroth...

Hojo: Heee, hee, hee, hee! No you're wrong! It's my desire as a 
scientist! Heee, hee, hee, hee! I... was defeated by my desire to 
become a scientist. I lost the last time as well. I've injected 
Jenova's cells into my own body! Heee, hee, hee! Here are...... Heee, 
hee, hee! results!!

Cloud's group fights Hojo. After killing him...

Cloud: ......

Cid: #$*&#*$#&.

Barret: Anyway... that's the end of the cannon...

Later, everyone heads back to the Highwind.

Cait Sith: Shinra's...... finished.

Cloud: Meteor's gonna fall in about......

Red XIII: Seven more days. That's what Grandfather said.

Cloud: Red XIII...... You want to see everyone in Cosmo Canyon again?

Red XIII: .........yes.

Cloud: (to Barret) You want to see Marlene, right?

Barret: Don't ask me that.

Cloud: We'll beat Sephiroth... Then, if we don't release the power of 
Holy in seven days...... There won't be a planet left to protect. If we 
can't beat Sephiroth... It's as good as death for us. We'll just go a 
few days sooner than the rest who'll die from Meteor.

Barret: Don't be thinkin' you're gonna lose before you even fight!

Cloud: No! What I meant was... What are we all fighting for? I want us 
all to understand that. Save the planet... for the future of the 
planet... Sure, that's all fine. But really, is that really how it is? 
For me, this is a personal feud. I want to beat Sephiroth. And settle 
my past. Saving the planet just happens to be part of that. I've been 
thinking. I think we all are fighting for ourselves. For ourselves... 
and that someone... something... what ever it is, that's important to 
us. That's what we're fighting for. That's why we keep up this battle 
for the planet.

Barret: You're right... It sounds cool sayin' it's to save the planet. 
But I was the one who blew up that Mako Reactor...... Lookin' back on 
it now, I can see that wasn't the right way to do things. I made a lot 
of friends and innocent bystanders suffer... ...At first, it was 
revenge against Shinra. For attackin' my town. But now...... Yeah. I'm 
fightin' for Marlene. For Marlene... For Marlene's future... Yeah... I 
guess I want to save the planet for Marlene's sake...

Cloud: Go and see her. Make sure you're right, and come back. All of 
you. Get off the ship and find out your reasons for yourselves. I want 
you to make sure. Then I want you to come back.

Cid: Maybe ain't none of us'll come back. Meteor's gonna kill us 
anyway. Let's just forget any useless struggling!

Cloud: I know why I'm fighting. I'm fighting to save the planet, and 
that's that. But besides that, There's something personal too... A very 
personal memory that I have. What about you all? I want all of you to 
find that something within yourselves. If you don't find it, then 
that's okay too. You can't fight without a reason, right? So, I won't 
hold it against you if you don't come back.

Everyone left, then with Cloud and Tifa solo...

Cloud: What are you going to do, Tifa?

Tifa: Did you forget? I'm... all alone. I don't have anywhere to go.

Later outside near the Highwind, Cloud and Tifa sits on a hill...

Tifa: Everyone's gone...

Cloud: Yeah, we don't have anywhere or anyone to go home to.

Tifa: You're right... But... I'm sure someday... they'll come back, 
don't you think?

Cloud: Hmm... I wonder...? Everyone has an irreplaceable something 
they're holding on to... But this time, our opponent...

Tifa: Hmm... But that's all right, even if no one comes back. As long 
as I'm with you... As long as you're by my side... I won't give up even 
if I'm scared.

Cloud: ............ Tifa......

Tifa: No matter how close we are... We were for apart... before this. 
But when we were in the Lifestream surrounded by all those screams of 
anguish, I thought I heard your voice... ...sniff... you probably won't 
remember this... But deep in my heart I heard you calling my name... Or 
at least I thought I did... 

Cloud: Yeah... At the time I heard you calling me. You were calling me 
back from the stream of consciousness in the Lifestream. After all, I 
promised. That if anything were to ever happen to you, I would come to 

Tifa: Cloud...? Do you think the stars can hear us? Do you think they 
see how hard we're fighting for them?

Cloud: I dunno... But... Whether they are or not, we still have to do 
what we can. And believe in ourselves... Someday we'll find the answer. 
Right, Tifa? That's what I learned from you when I was in the 

Tifa: Yeah...... that's right...

Cloud: Hey Tifa...... I...... There are a lot of things I wanted to 
talk to you about. But now that we're together like this, I don't know 
what I really wanted to say... I guess nothing's changed at all... Kind 
of makes you want to laugh...

Tifa: Cloud... Words aren't the only thing that tell people what you're 

Cloud: ............

In the middle of the night. 

Cloud: ............It's almost dawn...

Tifa: H, huh...?

Cloud: Sorry. Did I wake you...? It's almost dawn, Tifa.

Tifa: Umm... G, good morning... Cloud. Give me a little longer... Just 
a little bit longer... This day will never come again... So let me have 
this moment...

Cloud: Yeah... okay. This is probably the last time we'll have 

The next morning.

Tifa: .........

Cloud: We'd better go.

Tifa: But, I still...!?

Cloud: It's all right, Tifa. You said so yourself yesterday. At least 
we don't have to go on alone.

Tifa: Yes... That's right!

Cloud: Okay! Let's go!

In the Highwind.

Tifa: The airship is too big for just the two of us. Yeah, it's a 
little lonely without everyone.

Cloud: Don't worry. It'll be okay. I'll make a big enough ruckus for 
everyone. Besides, I'm the pilot. No more flying around casually like 
before. We won't have time to feel lonely.

Tifa: Huh!?

Cloud: It's moving...... Barret! Cid!

Barret: O, oh...... is that okay with you?

Cloud: Red XIII!

Tifa: Why didn't you tell me!?

Red XIII: But, you know, Cid.

Cid: Hey, Red XIII. If you butt in now, you never know what they'll say 

Tifa: ......Were you watching?

Cloud: Vincent!

Vincent: Why such a puzzled look? You don't want me to come? 
Cloud: No, it's just that you're always so cold. I thought you didn't 
care what was happening.

Vincent: Cool? Hmm...... I guess that's just how I am, sorry.

Barret: Well lookey-here. The Shinra Manager's come back.

Cait Sith: Uh, excuse me but... I wanted to come with the main group, 
but I couldn't get away...... SO some people in Midgar took me in. I 
know I have a stuffed animal body, but I'll work really hard!

Barret: I guess that's everyone.

Red XIII: No, Yuffie's missing.

Barret: She ain't gonna show up. 'Least this time she ain't steal our 
materia. Guess we gotta be thankful for that.

Yuffie: How could you say that!? I came all the way here after being 
seasick as a dog! I didn't go through all that just to have you guys 
have the best parts all to yourselves!

Cloud: Welcome back, Yuffie.

Yuffie: Gee, Cloud...... that's so nice of you to say that. ......You 
sick? Well, whatever. I'm gonna be in my reserved seat in the 
hall...... waiting...... upp! ......Urk!

Cloud: Thanks everyone.

Barret: We didn't come back for your spikey headed ass! We came back 
for Marlene. Guess it's jes' my...... whatcha call, feelings or 
somethin' I, uh I ain't got no words now......

Red XIII: ......Although she's not here, she left us a window of 

Cid: We can't let it go like this.

Cloud: ......Aeris. She was smiling to the end. We have to do 
something, or that smile will just freeze like that. Let's go all 
together. Memories of Aeris... ...Although she should've returned to 
the planet by now, something stopped her and now she's stuck...... 
We've got to let go of Aeris's memory.

Cid: Has anyone here changed their mind?

Cloud: I'm counting on you, Cid.

Cid: Yeah, yeah...... There are 2 levers here that've been buggin' me 
for a while now... Let me try them out. All right, so what should I do? 
You decide, Cloud. 

Cloud: This is our last battle. Our target is the North Cave. Our enemy 
is...... Sephiroth! So let's move out!

We watch a movie of the Highwind activated speed boosters.

Cloud: We're almost to the North Cave! We're on our way, Sephiroth!

Cid: Man, I'm going to stick it to him!

Cloud: What is it, Cid?

Cid: Errrrggh! Some incredible force! Losing... control......!

The pilots came.

Cid: Get the hell outta here, flunkies! Didn't I tell you all to go 

Crew: Yes, sir. This is our home!!

Cid: Oh ma--...... stop trying to act so cool. All right, you jokers! 
Hold me down with everything you got!! Geronimo!!