Secret Scenes

These scenes are not available during the normal course of play, you have
to go and seek them out. Below they are transcribed and explained.
	- Zack and Cloud's Escape
	- Icicle Inn Films
	- Lucrecia and Vincent
	- Letter to Tifa

Zack and Cloud's Escape from Nibelheim:

This is probably the most important revelation in the whole game as it clears
up the mystery behind Cloud's identity crisis and how he fell under Sephiroth's
influence. It is a little hard to understand why Square hid this major piece
of plot explanation away as a secret scene. Anyway, if you revisit the
basement laboratory of Nibelheim Mansion on disc 3 Cloud will have a long
flashback about how he and Zack came to escape from Nibelheim and how he ended
up in Midgar. The text and description is as follows:

	---(Start of Laboratory Flashback)---

Zack and Cloud are both confined to glass tubes in the laboratory. A man
arrives in the lab with some food and goes to open Zack's tube.

Man: "Hey! This is your food."

As he opens Zack's tube, Zack punches him out. Zack then jumps out of the tube
and opens Cloud's tube. Cloud tumbles helplessly out of the tube and falls to
his hands and knees. His head shakes and he convulses then he collapses on the
floor. Zack has retrieved his 'Buster' sword and goes to help Cloud up. Zack
then drags the incapacitated Cloud out of Nibelheim. The scene goes black and
we hear the sound of someone putting clothes on.

Zack: "Oh, here!! Put on this. It smells a little though don't complain.
    You look pretty good with that. Well..."

The scene comes back into focus. Zack and Cloud are in the back of an old
pick-up truck. Cloud has been dressed in a SOLDIER uniform. He is still
shaking uncontrollably. Zack is pacing about, he bangs on the rear window of
the drivers cab.

Zack:  "Yo! Old guy! We at Midgar yet?"
Driver: "Shaddup! You're lucky I even gave you a ride!"

Zack returns to Cloud and sits beside him. He starts to talk to him. Cloud is
unable to respond to Zack and can't do anything except shake his head up and

Zack: "What're you gonna do when we get to Midgar?"
Cloud: "......"
Zack: "I got a place I can crash for a while. No wait, the mother lives there
    to... Guess that's out..."
Cloud: "....."
Zack: "Yep...gotta change my plans! Hmm... No matter what I do, I need some
    money first... hey, wanna start a business? But what could we do?" Hey
    Cloud. Think there's anything I'd be good at?"

Zack turns and shouts at the driver.

Zack:  "Hey, old guy. What do you think I'd be good at?"
Driver: "What're you yappin' about? You're still young ain't ya? Young folks
     should try everything! You gotta pay your debts while you're still
     young. Go out and look for what you really want."
Zack:  "Try everything...That's easy for him to say... (does some squat thrusts
     for a bit then has an idea) HEY! Of course! I got a lotta brains a skill 
     that other guys don't. That settles it! I'm gonna become a mercenary!" 
Zack:  "Yeah! Thanks pops!"
Driver: "Hey.. didn't you even hear a word I said?"
Zack:  "Listen, I'm gonna become a mercenary and that's that. Boring stuff,
     dangerous stuff, anything for money. I'm gonna be rich! So Cloud. What
     are you gonna do?"
Driver: (shaking head) " No, got it all wrong."
Cloud:  "u..uhhh......"
Zack:  "Just kidding... I won't leave you hanging like that. 

Zack sits next to Cloud and rests his head on him, Cloud stops shaking for the moment

Zack:  "We're friends right? Mercenaries Cloud, that's what you an' me are gonna be."
    "(He stands up) Understand Cloud?"

The scene fades to Zack and Cloud struggling through the mountains near Midgar.
They get to a cliff. Cloud is still clearly sick and being dragged by Zack.
Zack hears gunshots, he drops Cloud who slumps face down to the ground. Zack
unsheathes the Buster Sword and goes off screen to check out what the noise
was. He runs back and kneels by Cloud to check he is OK, then a bullet hits
Zack in the chest. He is knocked backwards and lands at the edge of the cliff.
 Two Shinra soldiers and a captain come on screen and run past Cloud to Zack.
They surround Zack and shoot him several times at point blank range. One goes
over and aims at Cloud.

 Soldier: "What should we do with this?"
 Cloud:  " ...Ah... ughhhhh......"
 Captain: "...Forget it. Just leave him."

They all leave. It begins to rain. Cloud drags his himself over by his hands
to Zacks dead body. He sits by Zack and picks up the Buster sword still lying
across Zacks body. He looks at it blankly then still weak and trembling he
lifts the sword to the sky. The scene pulls back to show the Midgar in the
distance, then fades away to black.

	---(End of Laboratory Flashback)---

Prior to this revelation there are several clues that can be found if you look
for them in the Nibelheim Mansion Lab. Check the two tubes and you'll get the
following information of how Zack (specimen A) and Cloud (specimen B) planned
their escape:

"C project specimen (B) code c
"A scratch left by a fingernail inside the beaker.
'Lets get out of here'."

"C project specimen (A) code z
"A scratch left by a fingernail inside the beaker.
'Feeding time', that's our chance!"

A further search of the library next to the lab reveals reports on the hunt for
Zack and Cloud.

"Escape report no.1
X month X day
The two escapee's located near Midgar"

"Escape report no. 2
Description at the time of capture.
A - Former member of SOLDIER/Number ( )
No effect could be detected from either Mako Radiation Therapy or Jenova on him
B - Regular/Number ( )
Reaction to Jenova detected."

"Escapee report no.3
Concerning their disposal.
A - Shot for resisting.
B - Escaped during A's resistance."

"Escapee report no.4
B's whereabouts is currently unknown. But, we submit there is no need to
pursue him, due to his diminishing consciousness. Awaiting further

From all this evidence, we can see that Zack, already treated with Mako was
able to resist the Jenova treatment. Cloud however, suffered the double trauma
of Mako treatment and Jenova therapy. His terrible condition once out of the
tube can most likely be explained by this trauma, his wound from Sephiroth and
his "failed" reaction to the Jenova cells (remember Hojo calls him failure and
does not tattoo him).

The one frustration is how long were Cloud and Zack kept in the tubes? It is
likely to have been years, rather than weeks or months as when Tifa sees Cloud
again she reacts like it's the first time in 5 years when the Nibelheim
disaster happened (at this time Tifa is still going along with Clouds messed up
memories of the event, she actually hasn't seen him for 7 years).

In my opinion they were kept in stasis then experimented on approx four years
after. Then they escaped and managed to spend several months crossing over
from one continent to another while avoiding Shinra. During their time together
on the run, Zack told him all about what Sephiroth said in the Basement Lab,
his life in SOLDIER and many other things.

Finally within sight of Midgar, Zack is killed and the Shinra soldiers leave
Cloud because they can't be bothered to take him back (they write in the report
that he escaped, to save them the trouble). Cloud, still delirious makes his
way to Midgar with Zacks uniform and Sword.

Confused and sick, Cloud, winds up at sector 7 station where Tifa finds him.
Clouds brain is too ashamed to admit he never made it in SOLDIER and so a
massive self-denial sets in. Zacks memories are merged into Clouds life and he
becomes the person he always wanted to be. It is this split in his personality
that makes him so much more malleable than the other clones for Sephiroth...

Icicle Inn Films:

When you are in Icicle Lodge you can view three films that fill in some
background to the Ancients, Jenova, the weapons and Aeris's birth.

FILM 1: The Original Crisis (It's just Prof Gast filming Ifalna and asking her questions)

Gast: "Camera's ready! Then, Ifalna, please tell us about the Cetra."

Ifalna: "2000 years ago, our ancestors, the Cetra, heard the cries of the
Planet. The first ones to discover the Planet's wound were the Cetra at
the Knowlespole."

Gast: "Tell us Ifalna... Where is the land called 'Knowlespole'?"

Ifalna: "Knowlespole refers to this area [The northern continent]. The Cetra
then began a Planet-reading."

Gast: "Ifalna, what exactly does Planet-reading entail?"

Ifalna: "...I can't explain it very well, but it's like having a conversation
with the Planet... It said something fell from the sky making a large wound.
Thousands of Cetra pulled together, trying to heal the Planet... But, due to
the severity of the wound, it was only able to heal itself, over many years."

Gast: "Do the Ancients, rather, the Cetra, have special powers to heal the

Ifalna: "No, it's not that kind of power. The life force of all living things
on this Planet becomes the energy. The Cetra tried desperately to cultivate
the land so as not to diminish the needed energy..."

Gast: "Hmm, even here so close to the North Cave, the snow never melts. Is
that because the planet's energy is gathered here to heal its injury?"

Ifalna: "Yes, the energy that was needed to heal the Planet withered away the
land... then the Planet... The Planet tried to persuade the Cetra to leave the
Knowlespole, but..."

Gast: "Ifalna... Let's take a break."

Ifalna: "I'm all right... When the Cetra... were preparing to part with the
land they loved... That's when it appeared! It looked like... our... our dead
mothers... and our dead brothers. Showing us spectres of their past."

Gast: "Who is the person that appeared at the North Cave? I haven't any idea."

Ifalna: "That's when the one who injured the Planet... or the 'crisis from the
sky', as we call him, came. He first approached as a friend, deceived them,
and finally...... gave them the virus. The Cetra were attacked by the virus
and went mad... transforming into monsters. Then, just as he had at the
Knowlespole. He approached other Cetra clans...... infecting them with... the

Gast: "You don't look well... Let's call it a day."

(End of FILM 1)

FILM 2: What is Weapon?

Gast: "Ifalna, can you comment on the thing called 'Weapon'?"

Ifalna: "Yes, Professor. The one the Professor mistook for a Cetra... was
named Jenova. That is the 'crisis from the sky'. The Planet knew it had to
destroy the 'crisis from the sky'... You see, as long as Jenova exists, the
Planet will never be able to fully heal itself."

Gast: "Back then, Weapon was a weapon the Planet produced of its own will?"

Ifalna: "Yes, but... There is no record of Weapon ever being used. A small
number of the surviving Cetra defeated Jenova, and confined it. The Planet
produced Weapon... But it was no longer necessary to use it."

Gast: "So, Weapon no longer exists on the Planet?"

Ifalna: "Weapon cannot vanish. ...It remains asleep somewhere on the Planet.
Even though Jenova is confined, it could come back to life at some time... The
Planet has not fully healed itself yet. It is still watching Jenova."

Gast: "Where is Weapon?"

Ifalna: "I don't know...... I can't hear the voice of the Planet well...
Times... have changed. The Planet... is probably watching this situation

Gast: "...Thank you, Ifalna, that will be all for today."

FILM 3: Confidential

* Daughters Record 10 days after birth.

Ifalna:  "What are you doing, Profes...... I mean, honey?"

Gast: "Oh, I'm thinking of taping it on video. But, the video's not working

Ifalna: "What are you going to tape? Is there still something I haven't

Gast: "No, that's not it. I'm going to record my beautiful daughter. And when
she's sleeping, her face ...looks like an angel."

Ifalna: "First, we have to figure out her name. We can take the video later!"

Gast: "I've already decided! If it's a girl, then it'll be Aeris. That's that!"

Ifalna: "You are SO selfish! But Aeris is a good name! Hee hee... it's a good
name, considering it came out of that forgetful head of yours!"

Gast: "Right!? Oh, the video tape......"

- Daughters Record 20 days after birth.

Ifalna: "Video again? You just got through taping!"

Gast: ".........Please don't say it that way. It's our lovely daughter, both
yours... and mine! Don't you want to capture her childhood on videotape?"

Ifalna: "If you keep doting on her like that, she won't grow up to be
strong... Aeris is different from the other children. I wonder what dangers
await her...?"

Gast: "Never say that! I will protect you and Aeris no matter what!! You and
Aeris are my only treasures. I'll never let you go!!"

Ifalna: "I feel so much better now, darling. If I hadn't met you, I......"

(They embrace, and then there is a knock at the door)

Gast: "Who could that--! I was just about to..."

Ifalna: "Damn!! How dare they intrude on our 'private time' together!"

Gast: "I'll send them away."

Ifalna: "Yes, at once!! Who the devil? It, it's them!!"

(She opens the door, it Hojo and two Shinra Soldiers)

Hojo: "Heh, heh, heh...... I've been searching for you, Ifalna... or
should I say, Cetra! Long time no see, Professor Gast!"

Gast: "Hojo... How did you know?"

Hojo "Believe me, I had to turn over a stone or two to find you. Two years I
waited.... That's how much I wanted this new sample..... Ha, ha, ha."

Gast: "...New sample? You don't mean Aeris!?"

Hojo: "Hmm, Aeris? What a nice name...... Ha, ha, ha."

Gast: "That's it! I'm severing all ties with the Shinra. Hojo, please leave."

(Ifalna kneels on the floor before Hojo.)

Ifalna: "Please, Aeris has nothing to do with it! All you want is me, right?"

Gast: "Ifalna!"

Hojo: "I'll need all of you for my experiment. You understand, don't you,
Professor Gast? We can change the future of the Planet!"

Gast: "Don't worry, Ifalna. I'll take care of this!"

Hojo: "Please don't put up a fight. I don't want any harm to come to my
precious sample."

Hojo: (turns and face camera)  "Mmm? What a funny looking camera. Guard!
Destroy it!"

(The guard nearest the camera shoots out the camera. The screen goes black, but
the sound keeps recording.)

Hojo: "Be careful with her!! Ha, ha, ha...... (sounds of a fight)

Ifalna: "Wh... what are you doing, Professor!?"

Gast: "Ifalna! Take Aeris and run!!"


Gast: "Eyaaaaah... Darling......!!"

Hojo: "Oh, and uh... don't forget the child! Hmm, a video? The Ancients...
Weapon!? Heh, heh, heh... a mountain of treasure! Thank you, Professor...
Ha, ha, ha."

(End of FILM 2)

So four important films. It establishes what happened to the Ancients and what
Jenova is. Although there is no explanation as to Jenova's female
appearance when she appears to have been male upon her first appearance. Also
regrettably it raises some more questions as to Jenova's motivations and
origins. Jenova is clearly labelled here as a non-ancient. But he/she is
never really given a viable reason for doing what he/she did or why he/she
wanted to destroy the Cetra. Maybe Jenova was just malevolence for its own

It also establishes that Aeris and Ifalna must have been in Hojo's custody for
some years. Aeris is new born here, and when Elmyra remembers meeting her at
the station she is old enough to be walking and talking.

Lucrecia and Vincent:

(On disc 2 after you acquire the submarine you can visit Lucrecia. Travel to
the Waterfall Cave, which is in the Nibel area. Get out with Vincent in your
party and go into the cave. You'll see a kind of shrine and Vincent will walk
towards it and hear a voice...)

Lucrecia's Voice - "Vincent..."

Vincent - "That voice? It can't be..."

(A light appears, there is the form of a woman kneeling inside it.)

Vincent - "Lucrecia...?"

Lucrecia - "Vincent......?"

Vincent - "Lucrecia!"

(Vincent goes toward her, she hold out a hand to stop him.)

Lucrecia - "Stay back!"

(We now enter a series of scenes with no dialogue.)

- We are back in Nibelhiem, many years ago. There are three scientists in
walking toward the Shinra mansion: Hojo, Gast, and Lucrecia.
- They are followed by a man in a Turks uniform, the young Vincent.
- The scene changes to Vincent and Lucrecia walking through Nibelheim Town
Square, arm in arm.
- The scene changes to outside the mansion. Vincent is handing something to
Lucrecia, (an engagement ring?). Lucrecia starts to cry and runs away shaking
her head. Vincent stands and watches helplessly.
- The scene changes again and we see Hojo and Lucrecia at
the gate, kissing. Vincent appears, stares sadly a moment, then leaves before
they see him)

Vincent's Voice - "If she is happy then... I don't mind."

- The scene changes to the top floor of the Nibelheim Inn. Lucrecia has her
head in her hands
- The scene changes to the laboratory in the basement of the Shinra mansion.
Hojo and Lucrecia stand side by side, on one side of the room, Vincent on the

Vincent - "I'm against it! Why experiments on humans!?"

Hojo - "She and I are both scientists!!"

(The screen goes black.)

Vincent's Voice - "After that, a child was born to Lucrecia...
          That child's name is...

- The scene changes back to the top of Nibelheim Inn, Lucrecia collapse on the
 - The scene changes back to the laboratory. Vincent and Hojo argue heatedly,
Hojo begins to lose it and in his fury shoots Vincent.
- The scene changes to show Vincent having been tied to an operating table.
Hojo works away on the unconscious Vincent.
- When the scene changes again Hojo is gone and Vincent is alone. He gets up
and looks at himself, the shaking he raises both fists to the sky and the scene
fades to black.

Vincent - "Urrrrrrrrgh!!"

Vincents Voice - "This body is... the punishment that's been given to me...I
was unable...... to stop Professor Gast and Hojo... And Lucrecia... I was
unable to stop them...All that I was able to do was watch... That is my

(We are back in the cave with Lucrecia and Vincent.)

Vincent - "Lucrecia... You're alive..."

Lucrecia - "I wanted to disappear... I couldn't be with anyone... I wanted
      to die... But the Jenova inside me wouldn't let me die... Lately, I
      dream a lot of Sephiroth... My dear, dear child. Ever since he was
      born I never got to hold him, even once... Not even once. You can't
      call me his mother... That... is my sin..."

(Vincent moves forward to comfort her.)

Lucrecia - "Back!! Stay back!"

(He stops dead.)

Lucrecia - "Vincent... Won't you please tell me?"

Vincent - "......What?"

Lucrecia - "If Sephiroth is still alive? I heard that he died five years ago.
      But I see him in my dreams so often... And I know that physically,
      like myself, he can't die so easily. Please, Vincent, tell

(Cloud comes forward, but Vincent waves him back.)

Vincent - "Lucrecia... Sephiroth is dead..."

(The screen fades to black.)

If you return again to the cave on disc 3 you will get Vincent's Ultimate Weapon 
and Limit break. Lucrecia does not reappear, maybe once she thought Sephiroth 
was dead she was able to let herself die and find the peace she deserved.

Letter to Tifa:

During Cloud's flashback in Kalm you can learn a music sequence to play on
Tifa's piano ("Do Re Mi Ti La Do Re Mi So Fa Do Re Do."). If you return to
Nibleheim on Disc 3 and play the tune you will get a short scene that explains
how Tifa came to escape from Nibelheim and end up in Midgar. It takes the form
of a letter from Tifa's martial arts instructor Zangan and the text is as

"Tifa, what's happened to our town? Was it all an illusion, or just a dream?
No, it was neither. I remember trying to get people out of the flames, but not
having the strength... Burning with anger, I went to the reactor to kill

But he was nowhere to be found. Instead, I found you, collapsed inside. I felt
saving you was far more important than going after Sephiroth. There were
several others that were still alive inside, but I was only able to save you.

As I was coming out of the reactor, Shinra troops were just arriving. I recall
a scientist named Hojo was in charge. He ordered the troops to gather up
everyone still alive for the experiment. I didn't know what type of experiment
he was talking about, but I wasn't about to let them have my dearest student.

Putting you on my back, I headed down the mountain to the village. I used the
Cure spell on you many times and started to head for Midgar to look for a
doctor for you. I don't like that city, but my Cure spells weren't helping.

I decided to go to Midgar to find a doctor I could trust. I'm worried about
you, but I can't settle down in one place for very long. Have you recovered
fully? Are you well?

I wonder how many years have passed since then? I just got into town again, but
I can't believe it... The whole town is back to normal, except for the strange
beings with black clothes all around...

The town reeks of Shinra, but I won't go after them. You may think I'm running
from them, but it's just that I don't want anything to do with Shinra anymore.
Feels like time is running out.

I'm sure you'll find this letter. And this gift for you. It should come in
handy. I can't even jump anymore. But I hope you continue to sharpen your
skills and remember what I taught you.

To my most precious student, From Zangan."

This is a key item of plot detail as it specifically ties the Sephiroth clone
experiment to the former inhabitants of Nibelheim. It also explains how Tifa
escaped from the ensuing mayhem in Nibelheim without being captured like Zack
and Cloud were.