Shinra Turks

The Shinra Electric Power Company is a large corporation
that pretty much runs the planet. They have a monopoly on the
power, the waterways, and the gas pipelines of the world. They
also have millitary and pollitical power and have develloped
millitary power including biological weaponds and a space program.
They build gigantic Makou draining power plants in city's such
as Nibulheim and Midgar. Five years ago their plant in Nibelheim
exploded, killing most of the residents of the town including the
wife of Barret Wallace who is the current leader of the terrorist
group Avalanche, leveling the entire town. This incident also
resulted in the apparent death of Sephiroth, the greatest soldier
on the planet. The Shinra reactor in Midgar city was recently
destroyed in a terrorist attack by the Avalanche. The company
has no concern for the planet's well being therefore the
Avalanche is dedicated to stopping them at every turn.

The Shinra Company's board of directors:

President Shinra: The founder and
leader of the Shinra Electric Power
Company. He rules the company with
the power of his vast amount of money

Rufus Shinra: The vice-president
of the Shinra and the president's son.
When he becomes the president of the
company after the death of his father
he begins to rule the company by fear
by using the Turks to impliment his

Palmer: President of Gallactic Devellopment

Scarlett: President of Weapons devellopment

Heidegger: President of Public Welfare. Commander of all the Turks.

Hojo: President of Chemical Development.

Reeve: President of Municipal Development.

Tseng: The leader of the Turks.
He is only assigned to important missions. He trusts
the other members of the turks and is trusted by the Shinra.

Elena: She always follows orders and is very responsible.
She always do what Tseng wants her to not only because he is
her commander but because she is in love with him.

Rude: He is both a sniper and a heavy drinker. He is very
dedicated to the Turks and he is always concerned with the well
being of the other members of the Turks.

Reno: He is fun loving and enjoys gossiping about subject such
as romance. He may not appear to be dedicated but in reality he can
be as serious as the other members of the Turks.

Avalanche good. Turks bad.