Characters List

Returning characters:

- Zack Fair
- Cloud Strife
- Sephiroth
- Genesis Rhapsodos
- Aerith Gainsborough
- Tifa Lockhart
- Tseng
- Reno
- Rude
- Cissnei (The Turk with the shuriken from Before Crisis. Her weapon is called Rekka.)
- Professor Hojo
- Yuffie Kisaragi
- Weiss
- Nero
- Jenova
- Cait Sith

New characters:

- Angeal Hewley:
A SOLDIER who is the mentor to members in SOLDIER. Angeal also gives guidance in techniques and doctrines to fellow SOLDIERs. Angeal's troubles and ties seem to be a vital element to the story of this game. The previous wielder of the Buster Sword which Cloud inherited from Zack, Angeal does not like using the Buster Sword, claiming that he believes it would be "a waste". In the new trailer, it appears he does not go on the mission to find Genesis with Zack and Sephiroth, leading Sephiroth to question his loyalty. His loyalty comes under even more scrutiny, when Angeal decides to aid Genesis. Angeal bears two white right wings on his back which seems to cause him some uneasiness as he considers it the trait of a monster. Whether or not these wings connect him with either Sephiroth or Genesis is not known. Angeal's design seems to be based on Tetsuya Nomura's original design for Cloud Strife. Angeal's surname is derived from the Greek word hyle which is translated as materia in Latin.

- Lazard:
The head union executive of the Department of SOLDIER of Shinra. During Crisis Core, the SOLDIER department is independent, and Lazard is the union executive overseeing SOLDIER's management and drawing up rough strategy guidelines. Since Lazard does not have the combat abilities of a SOLDIER, he does not operate directly in the field. Within Shin-Ra, Lazard has received promotions at an exceptional speed to attain his present status.

- Dr. Hollander:
A former Shinra scientist who holds a grudge against Hojo, due the power struggle for leader of Shinra's Department of Scientific Research that cost Hollander his job. He is the father of Angeal and the creator of Project G. Originally Project Gillian as he uses his wife as a carrier and extracts it from her into Genisis. He sides with Genesis originally, serving to halt his degeneration, until Genesis had no more use for his services.