-- Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII --
-- FAQ/Walkthrough --
-- By Ken "Kouli/Ice" Zhao ([email protected]) --
-- Version 0.2 --


This game is made and published by Square Enix. As for this FAQ/Walkthrough, it
is based on the JPN version of "Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII" that is
released on January 26th, 2006. Also, this FAQ could contain spoilers.


\February 1st~2nd, 2006/
- Version 0.1, beginning to write the walkthrough and done Chapter 2

\February 2nd~5th, 2006/
- Version 0.2, done the walkthrough

Walkthrough(Easy Mode)---------------------------------------------------------

# Of Memory Capsule: 8

Starting up, take out the 3 enemies that are nearby. Move on to get a Potion.
Go up the ladder, 1 more enemy for Handgun Bullets. Head to the right, destroy
the box for 500 Gil. Back track and continue along the left path.

Clear out more enemies & continue on. Don't go through by about N3(of the Map)
yet, instead, continue along the path for another Potion at the end. Now, for
the 1st Memory Capsule, get to about F2, face south & you can vaguely see it
being on top of some roof. Shoot it down. Afterward, back track and go down by
about N3. Continue down and take out more enemies.

Second map, continue on and clear the enemies that are chasing the villagers.
You are here to save about 25 of them within this chapter. On the way, at G13,
there is a Potion. Head to I14, there is a girl, as well as 500 Gil around. By
around I15, there is a couple.

Now, move on from G13. There is a Makou Point, as well as a Fire Materia. Don't
forget to equip the Fire Materia and to use it, press L1 while in First Person
View. Continue on and clear out more enemies.

At about F11, destroy the boxes for 500 Gil. There will be more enemies coming.
One of them drops the Card Key. Continue on, more villagers. Move on for some
enemy. After that, a Makou Point. Just a bit beyond the Makou Point, there are
3 more enemies. Also, about I10, face north, aim high at a window of some room.
This is the 2nd Memory Capsule. After that, move on, clear more enemies and get
to around J8.

Here, you can get Phoenix's Tail, Potion, 500 Gil after breaking some box, and
a Hi Potion on a crate. Check the fountain here, it's the 3rd Memory Capsule.
Clear the enemies here first, then go open up that cargo. Clear the enemy and
get near the girl within the cargo. She will run off to her mother that was
crying at the corner.

Moving on to H6, don't go up yet. Go explore the left area. Defeat enemies to
save the girl. Continue to the end, at E6. You can clear the enemies to save
these 3 villagers. Now turn around here to F6. There is a Makou Point here and
with Vincent's MP at Yellow, you will use his Limit Break to turn into Gallian
Beast by pressing L1 and R1 at the same time. Continue on, clear the enemies,
get 500 Gil and another Card Key.

Now, back to H6. At there, face south and aim high. At the roof, there is some
fence. The 4th Memory Capsule is on there. After that, time to move pass that
gate. Continue on, clear more enemies, get Phoenix's Tail and Handgun Bullets.
Going down the stairs, clear the enemies and one of them drops the Long Barrel.
More items here, Handgun Bullets & Hi Potion. There is also a Makou Point. By
the Makou Point, there is a crate and behind that crate, it is the 5th Memory
Capsule. After, go pass the door here. It's time for a boss fight.

Boss: Dragon Flyer
Equip the Long Barrel and attack with Fire Materia. There are also Makou Points
around if you need them. Keep attacking and the Dragon Flyer will drop down few
enemies. Use the barrels here to get rid of them fast, then you can get back to
shooting down the Dragon Flyer.

After, you will be within a house, at F2. Check the near for a Phoenix's Tail.
Now check the rooms here for 500 Gil, Handgun Bullets, Shoot Barrel. One of the
rooms also got a Shop where you can Buy/Sell/Tune. Next, continue up through
stairs. Clear lots of enemies.

Third map, clear the enemies, get to D7. Supports and 2 Makou Points, as well
as Potion and 500 Gil after breaking boxes. At E8, you can ask the WRO Member
about various things, as well as Shopping from him. After, get the Griffon and
Machinegun Bullets. Ok, from here, see the crates near? Jump onto the 2nd right
one and you can aim at a roof of some further house. You can hardly see that
6th Memory Capsule, but you can shoot it down.

Afterward, continue on. To the left and right, there are enemies to be killed.
Do so to help out those WRO Members. At the right area/F8, an enemy can drop
the Cerberus Relief. Head to F9, break the boxes and get the Card Key. Now, go
to H8. Get the last Card Key and 500 Gil. As for the 7th Memory Capsule, head
to G8, fact up and beyond&within the fire, you can see it. Now, go through the
gate at G9.

Moving on, continue on and support more WRO Members. The enemies here can be
killed with the Long Barrel. Continue on and don't forget to jump to the right,
for a Makou Point, as well as Handgun Bullets. From where you get the Handgun
Bullets, face the opposite side which is the roof of some house. You can easily
spot the 8th Memory Capsule. Now just move on to the last area for the boss
fight again.

Boss: Dragon Flyer GL
Use Fire Materia or normal shots. Just keep running and shoot, this should be
pretty easy.


# Of Memory Capsule: 3

Clear the hounds and you will be on top of the car. Clear more hounds.

First map, head to H12 for a Makou Point. Go to I15 for 2 more Makou Points.
Now for the 1st Memory Capsule, head to J12. Face NE and you should spot the
Memory Capsule easily. For the 2nd Memory Capsule, head to G12. Face up, look
under the car. So, crouch and you should see it. Lastly, the 3rd one. Head to
H15, face left, and look down at the waterfall.

Afterward, time to get a move on to the northern area. By F8, time or the first
boss fight.

Boss: Crimson Hound
Use the Machinegun Griffon here. Clear the other hounds if you wish. They can
drop you items. As for the Crimson Hound, attack it with the Griffon. If that
Crimson Hound isn't around, then it's likely that it's on top of some cliff.

After you kill it, pick up the Card Key. Use it to get pass the gate. Continue
on and another fight.

Boss: Air Hose Corps
At K4, there is a Makou Point. Use the Griffon here and a high SPD barrel.


# Of Memory Capsule: 7

At G8, get the Handgun Bullets. Move on to F4. There is a Makou Point there.
Get near the WRO Member. Get the Card Key. Go back to G12.

Get pass the gate and go in the house. Get the Potion, Hydra and Snipe Scope.
Go up. 

Second map, get the nearby Rifle Bullets, then pass another door. Continue on
to F11. Use the Hydra, a long RNG barrel and the Snipe Scope. Kill the Snipers
that are around.

Now, head to G14 for Machinegun Bullets. Nearby, there is a Makou Point. Head
to E11 and there should be a person running into the house. Go in. Get the 1000
Gil. Go up, clear more enemies and a Shop. Get the Potion & Machinegun Bullets.
Go back out of the house and you will see the person runs out, then the enemies
will be chase after.

Head to H12, kill the enemies and save the person. Get near the person for more
scene. Follow the kid. He will go open the near door. Go in and get the 1000
Gil. Continue to follow him and you will be outside.

Now, head to I8, face NE. You can see 2 boxes, above the left one, there is the
1st Memory Capsule. For the 2nd one, head to H8, face SW. You can spot it on
the structure. Continue on and go up a ladder. By F8, face NW or N. You can see
the 3rd one around F7. There is also a ladder at F7, which leads to the Materia

Get in the door at the end. Kill the enemies and get the Card Key. Continue to
go down and get the Toy Gun. Exit out and now you can go through the gate at
about G6. Continue along the path.

(Keep the Toy Gun. You will be able to tune it after the first half of Chapter
8. There is nothing you can do with it til then, except gathering 250000 Gil
which is the total Gil you need to tune Toy Gun into Ultima Weapon.)

Next map, for the 4th Memory Capsule, it's by F3. Get around E3, face east and
look up. It's above some platform. Moving on and clear more enemies.

Take the ladder up at F5 or G4. It leads to a Makou Point and Rifle Bullets.
Go up at around H5, there is a box at H7 that contains 3000 Gil. You need to
use the Gallian Beast to jump up there. Go back down and around H6, you can get
Machinegun Bullets, and Hi Potion.

Head to I8, face east and you should spot the 5th Memory Capsule. At G8, there
is another Shop. Take the door near it. It leads to 1000 Gil and a Phoenix's

Now, continue on through G9. Continue on and clear more enemies. Another Makou
Point on the way. At around I13, there is another Makou Point. As for the 6th
Memory Capsule, stand at the high level of H12, face SE. The Memory Capsule is
all the way to around J14. Anyway, moving on to J12. Pass the door for the boss

Boss: Heavy Mount Soldier
Starting up, clear out all the side enemies. If you are wondering about the 7th
Memory Capsule, it's high up at K13. Go up the stairs, get to around L14, face
NW and look up. Afterward, just stay up there and snipe the Heavy Mount Soldier
til he switches weapon to Machinegun.

Then, equip the Griffon and attack him til he changes to using his sword. Then
transform into Gallian Beast to finish this.


# Of Memory Capsule: 4

First up, clear the enemies around. On the first floor, there is a Makou Point
and break the boxes for items.

Second floor, get the Machinegun and Rifle Bullets at E2. Head to K11 and one
enemy to drop the Rapid Fire. You can't get pass the gate, so continue on and
there is another enemy. He drops the Card Key you need and beyond that, there's
a Red Potion.

Third floor, at the lower right part of the map, you can enter for Hi Potion,
the Shop and Rifle Bullets. Now, go through at lower left and there is a Makou
Point on the way. At upper left, there is a Potion and another Makou Point.

Fourth floor, at the upper right, defeat the enemies to get the Card Key.

Fifth floor, head toward upper right and you will see some enemy goes down with
the lift. If you return to the fourth floor and take those enemies out, you can
get the Anti-Gravity Floater. Then take the lift back up to fifth floor. You
can now explore the eastern part.

Go through the door at F8. At E8, there is a Makou Point and Machinegun Bullets
for you to get. Then you go all the way. Afterward, back track to floor 5 to
spot that Azul. For the door at L9, you can go through it now. It leads to an
Ether and a Phoenix's Tail. Now, for the 1st Memory Capsule, it's at the I12,
high up there by the ceiling. You can head to G10, face SE & snipe from there.

Now, back down to floor 1 with the lift. You can enter the upper right room.
Continue on, clear more enemies. Get the Handgun Bullets and a Potion.

Last map, by around I5, defeat the enemies for the Card Key and Power Cross.
Also, face west from I5, there is the 2nd Memory Capsule in mid air. At J2, it
is another Makou Point. Continue on, clear more enemies and one will drop Card
Key. Next, more enemies and another Card Key. For the 3rd Memory Capsule, get
to K13, face S or SW, it is in mid air as well. At H12, there is a Makou Point
for you. As for the last Memory Capsule, at F14, face north and it is in the
mid air as well. Continue on and a Shop. Beyond that is the boss fight.

Boss: Styleless Shelke
Transform into Gallian Beast and close combat til you beat her.

After, back track and another fight.

Boss: Blue Azul
Use the barrels here to damage him. He's pretty slow and you can easily avoid
his missile attack by running around. If he tries to send out shockwave, then
you can just jump.


# Of Memory Capsule: 8

At K4, which is where you start, face north & check the path that Vincent came
from. It's the 1st Memory Capsule. Crouch and shoot it. At I7, G7 and I8, there
are Potion, Phoenix's Tail and Handgun Bullets. Eventually, you will be at the
first gate. Use the ladder at E10. There is a Makou Point at H10. Then you can
drop down to get pass the first gate. Clear more enemies and get the Card Key.
Pass the second gate and continue along the path to the next map.

Second map, the box at E4 is another enemy. At F9, get the Rifle Bullets. Now,
for the 2nd Memory Capsule, it's by G10. Get to F11, face NE and shoot it. As
you can see, there is also a Makou Point here. If you go down to G15, there is
a Hi Potion. For the H9 area, get the 1000 Gil in mid air first by standing on
a box, then break the boxes for 900 Gil & Machinegun Bullets. Now, moving onto
to F5. You can get the Thunder Materia. Then you can go to L5, to the next map.

Third map, at D10, Rifle Bullets. At E13, there is a Potion. Continue on to E8
and kill that enemy for the Card Key. Well, open the gate that's near. Clear
more enemies for the Card Key. Pick up the Handgun Bullets at C8, look up from
where you are, you should spot another Memory Capsule. Go through another gate
at B8, to get the 2500 Gil.

Now, get to G8 which is a Makou Point. Continue on from H8, and head to J5 for
a switch. Hit the switch. From there, jump down to the lower part. Hit another
switch. For the 2 boxes here, it's got 500 Gil and a Potion.

Fourth map, don't bother with the lift at E4 yet. Head to I3 by crouching. You
can pick up 100 Gil, 400 Gil, Power Booster. At J4, face south, and you can see
another Memory Capsule. Now go take the lift. At the second floor, check F11
for a Shop and D3 is the Makou Point. Back to the lift & take it up to the 3rd
floor. Continue on for Machinegun and Handgun Bullets, as well as another Makou
Point. The door will shut and you just need to clear the enemies on both sides.

Fifth map, heh, playing as Cait Sith here. Go right to J11. Now, avoid enemies
and head toward that red circle on the map.

Sixth map, still with Cait Sith. Avoid the enemies and head to the red circle
at E4.

For the 7th map, back with Vincent. Go through the near door and 2 more doors.
You can only take one. After, the door at F6 is also unlocked. At K7, there is
a fallen bookshelf. Another Memory Capsule is under it. At K9, there are Rifle
and Handgun Bullets. Next, at I9, there is a Potion. At B7, there is an Omega
Report, at B9, there are a Potion and Handgun Bullets. At around C8, there is
another Memory Capsule. Get to C9, face north and look up to spot it. Lastly,
a Makou Point at E12. Now just head toward J14.

For the 8th map, near item box is a Phoenix's Tail. Moving on, at G15, there is
the Handgun Bullets. Continue on to K13. To take out the mines, you first need
to know where they are. They are at K11, I10, K9 and I8. Just get near them for
them to appear, move away & shoot, so that Vincent won't get blast away. After
you've done that, get the Card Key. Continue on. Go down for a Makou Point and
take the ladder up. Hit the switch, get on the platform and wait. Jump toward
the other side at the end. Continue on.

For the 9th map, continue on and go in the door at G9. There are a Shop and 1
more Makou Point. Beyond here takes you back to the 7th map, at the other side
of the previous locked metal door. There are a Potion, Handgun and Machingun
Bullets. You can also unlock the metal door. Anyway, back track to the 9th map
and move on toward E2.

For the 10th map, Rifle Bullets at J8. At L5, break the box for a Hi Potion.
There is another Memory Capsule here, by L4. Just look out of the right window
and look down. At D4, there is a Makou Point. At B7, another Omega Report. As
for D9, 1500 Gil. As for another Memory Capsule, it's by G10. Stand at around
G7, face south, look up the ceiling and shoot it.

Now go down stairs to the first floor. At D11, there is 800 Gil. At J10, there
is another Omega Report. At K8, there is Machinegun Bullets. Head toward I4.

Last map, there is a Potion at G13. Now just head toward F8. Time for another
boss fight.

Boss: Black Widow
Equip Materia Floater, Materia Booster and Thunder Materia. Watch out for the
bombs on the floor. Jump over them. Back at G12, there is a Makou Point now.
Now, just go back and try to locate it. There is also a Shop on the way. Once
you meet it with up, start with using Thunder. It has various attacks, but they
are pretty easily to avoid as long as you are moving or rolling around.


# Of Memory Capsule: 10

Clear the enemies and get the Card Key. At D13, the 1st Memory Capsule. There
is a Makou Point by the gate. Pass the gate and move on. By L13, there is the
2nd Memory Capsule. Just face north and look up. It's in mid air. Next, at M7,
another Makou Point. Continue on, at J4, break the boxes for Rifle Bullets and

Continue on and go down the ladder. At K4, get the 100 Gil and 500 Gil. At L5,
get the 100 Gil and Handgun Bullets. At M5, there are Potion and the Machinegun
Bullets. Lastly, at L4, there is a Shop. As for the 3rd Memory Capsule, it is
around K6. Get to K5, face south, look all the way up and spot it at the top.
Snipe it.

Moving on to H5. Clear out all the enemies around to support the WRO Members.
Head toward D6 after, for another mission which is to hunt down helicopters.
Clear more enemies around. Get the Card Key after. At G4, break the box for the
Makou Point. At F3, there is the Potion. After, go pass the gate.

Second map, continue on. There will be a Makou Point and a Shop. Get Handgun
Bullets at G13. At G8, a Potion. At around H7, Machinegun Bullets. At H9, there
is 1000 Gil. As for the 4th Memory Capsule, it's around F11. Get to G12, face
N or NW, snipe high up at the near top of the pole. For the 5th Memory Capsule,
it's at I10. Get to around H9, face SE, snipe high up at the near top of the
pole. If you check the top, you can see and snipe at a Sabotendaa/Cactus.

Now, head to the door at F7. Continue through here and there is 1000 Gil on the
way. Clear more enemies and one will drop the Card Key. At I4, another Potion.
At F5, there is a Makou Point. By the Makou Point, face south. Check around F10
and you can spot the 6th Memory Capsule just above the water. Now, go to I5.
Like wise, face south. Look at the way to I14. It's around the middle of those
cliffs that you would spot the 7th Memory Capsule. Afterward, pass the gate.

Third map, get the Handgun Bullets at E12. At E9, there is a Potion. At J6, you
can get Machinegun Bullets, Potion and 1000 Gil. At K7, there is a Makou Point.
At J8, there is the Rifle Bullets. At the middle of the stairs, at G6, you can
get the 8th and 9th Memory Capsule. For the 8th one, face NE, look up at the
top of the building where the flashlight is. You can snipe at it. Now, for the
9th one, face SW, look around the middle level. It's just above the water and
below the bridge. After, go up for the boss fight.

Boss: Black Widow II
Head to G10 for 3000 Gil. Now, aside from Black Widow II, there are also side
enemies here. You should take them all out. To avoid the homing missile, you
can just hide behind a pole on the first floor. There is an enemy that drop the
Far Adjuster. Besure to get that. At E4, break the box for a Makou Point. Now,
time to deal with the Black Widow II. Basically, hide before a pole, missile
from it hits the pole, you can then attack. Repeat til you beat it. If you do
this right, you shouldn't even get hit from it.

Fourth map, nearby, there is a Makou Point. Continue on and get a Potion. Then
get Rifle and Handgun Bullets. At F7, there is a Makou Point. At H9, there is
Machinegun Bullets. At J7, there is a Potion. As for the 10th Memory Capsule,
it's high up at G6. Get to around F9, face NE and look up. You can snipe it.
Now take the door at I6. At J3, there is 1000 Gil.

Last map, just head toward L9.


# Of Memory Capsule: NONE

No item, no Memory Capsule, this is really just a story chapter. Anyway, speak
with Yuffie at G10. Next, at M7, speak with Reeve. There is also a Shop around.
Head to the Mechanical Room from H8.

After, back to speak with Cid, Yuffie, Reeve and Cait Sith. You can speak with
each of them multiple times. Now, go back to speak with Shelke. Now go to the
Lower Part of the Sierra from F8. Continue on to the middle room. From there,
back track out for more scenes.


# Of Memory Capsule: 9

First map, there is 2000 Gil at E12. There is a Hi Potion at H10. For the first
Memory Capsule, it's around H8. Go to H9, face N or NW, look up. It's high on
the structure. At E9, after meeting the WRO Member, face west & you should see
the 2nd Memory Capsule within the narrow passage. Now move on from E10.

Clear more enemies and get the Card Key. There is a Mega Potion at B11. Move on

Second map, nearby is another Makou Point. Continue on, around the gate, there
should be an enemy jumping down. Kill him for the Card Key. Move on, clear more
enemies and get another Card Key. For the 3rd Memory Capsule, it's at C6. Move
to D6, face west and you would spot it around the middle, just above the first

Continue on for a Shop. At K5, there is the Blizzard Materia and there is Makou
Point around. At F7, there is 2000 Gil. At E7, another 2000 Gil. Now, for the
4th Memory Capsule, it's all the way up at G7. It's by an enemy. Get to I5, go
face SW and snipe it. Now, for the 5th Memory Capsule, it's at I9. It's under
that bus. Moving on, at I12, there is the Makou Point.

Third map, clear the enemies first. For the 6th Memory Capsule, it's at D11.
Get to D10, face south and you would spot it in the middle of the cars. For the
7th Memory Capsule, it's at G5. Get to G7, face north & look up all the way at
the top of the structure. At F9, there is a Makou Point. At D12, there is 2000
Gil. At around I11, there is another Omega Report. For the 8th Memory Capsule,
it's on a bridge by J8. Get to I7, face SE and snipe it. At J11, there is 2000
Gil. At K5, another 2000 Gil. At L8, yet another 2000 Gil. At L13, the final
2000 Gil.

Fourth map, there is a Shop to the left after you got off the bus. At E11, the
Makou Point. Clear the loads on enemies, then get 2000 Gil at M8. For the 9th
Memory Capsule, it's at K7, under the car. Get to J7, face east, crouch & shoot
it. Go pass the gate here.

Fifth map, Mega Potion at B11. At L7, there is a Makou Point. At B7, there is
a Hi Potion. Supposedly, enemy at about C6 can drop you the Middle Adjuster.
But, I didn't get any.

Last map, there is a Makou Point at J8. At E5, there is 2000 Gil. Now head to
the red circle of the map for the boss fight.

Boss: Unit Shrike
Go hide in the car at about E7. They won't be able to hit you. You can also try
the car at about E5. Basically, have long range and take them out one by one.
For me, I stay at E5, face east and snipe from there.


After finishing the first half of Chapter 8, you will be able to tune the Toy
Gun you found earlier in Chapter 3.

Toy Gun -> Silver Toy Gun (requires 15000 Gil)
Silver Toy Gun -> Gold Toy Gun (requires 35000 Gil)
Gold Toy Gun -> Ultima Weapon (requires 200000 Gil)

That's 250000 Gil in total. Here is the stats of Ultima Weapon:

POW: 200
SPD: 140
RNG: 110
HIGH: 200
MED: 200
LOW: 200


# Of Memory Capsule: 5

From where you start, face south and the 1st Memory Capsule is at about D15.
You can spot it high up in the air.

Continue on and clear the enemies at B11. Get the Card Key and a Hi Potion.
Back track and pass the gate. To the left, there is 1000 Gil and a Makou Point.
Moving on to J8, there is the Handgun Bullets. Around M5, more enemies and the
Card Key. At M5, from the fallen car's lower left, with that narrow view, you
can spot the 2nd Memory Capsule at around M4. Crouch RIGHT at the door at M5,
face that Memory Capsule, you should have it in range. It's pretty hard here to
shoot it, but just keep trying. Continue on, 1000 Gil after you destroy the box
at the corner and a Makou Point near. Take the ladder up, through the fences &
get the Potion at the end.

Second map, continue on and clear more enemies. There is a Shop on the way. Go
up to kill the enemy with the machinegun. Pick up the Rifle Bullets and go up
the ladder.

Third map, a Makou Point near. Head to B10 for a mission. Just crouch down and
use that opening. Afterward, don't go through it yet. At D10, the box here is
the Rifle Bullets. Go in the near room and clear out the enemies to pick up the
Card Key. For the 3rd Memory Capsule, it's at about B9, second floor. Move to
B8, face south and look up to the second floor. Now, don't go pass the gate and
go pass the path at B10. That paths leads a Makou Point, Ex Potion, Machinegun
Bullets, Rifle Bullets and Handgun Bullets. Most importantly, the G Report is
also here. Once you are done, back track. Head to M8, this is a room with lots
of fences. There are 5 devices here you can shoot down. Shoot some will unlock
more fences, which allow access to other devices. Anyway, you can get 1000 Gil,
1000 Gil and Hi Potion. Well, it is time to go through the gate at B8. Besure
to hit the switch to open the door and close the door with the switch within.
At the end, hit the switch to open the door.

Fourth map, break the near boxes to get 1000 Gil and 1000 Gil. Continue on, get
rid of more enemies. You will come to another Makou Point. Break more boxes for
Handgun Bullets and 1000 Gil. At the end, take the lift. Now, within the lift,
face south & as the lify goes up, you will eventually spot the Memory Capsule.
You will need to shoot it before you miss it.

Last map, clear more enemies and continue on. A Makou Point first, then a Shop
after. Take either door here. Don't head toward G14 yet. At K13, a Hi Potion.
Near that, there are Rifle and Handgun Bullets. At E11, there is the Handgun
Bullets. Nearby, there are Machinegun Bullets, Machinegun Bullets, Potion and
Potion. Lastly, there is the last Memory Capsule. It's by B13. Jump onto D12,
face SW and aim at the higher grounds to spot it. Once you are ready, go toward
Rosso for the boss fight.

Boss: Red Rosso
Just stand behind poles to avoid her bullets. Damage her enough and she will go
into Burst.

Boss: Red Rosso Burst
Even more faster. You can still stay behind the poles to block her attacks. But
the wave can go through that and damage you. It's better you keep moving or pay
attention on what she's using. Keep moving and shoot seems to work fine for me.
If you need to, use items and Gallian Beast.


# Of Memory Capsule: 5

Don't go in yet. At the upper left of the map, there is the Rifle Bullets and
Handgun Bullets. To the west, there is a Makou Point. At lower left and south,
there is 5000 Gil and Red Potion. To the lower right, there is Phoenix's Tail
and Machinegun Bullets. As for the 1st Memory Capsule, it's at E4. Get to F5,
face NW, crouch and shoot it. Now, go in.

Second map, the first floor, head up from the right stairs.

Third map, the second floor, get the Rifle Bullets at I4. Head up from the left

Fourth map, the third floor, from E5, face SE, the 2nd Memory Capsule is all
the way at about I12. Snipe it. Head to the right and pick up the 3000 Gil. Go
jump down at G2.

Fifth map, get the Handgun Bullets and Potion that are near. Continue on to the
red circle of the map.

Sixth map, at I8, face north and crouch to shoot the 3rd Memory Capsule. At M5,
get the Rifle Bullets. Continue on to the next area.

The 7th map, much bigger than all the others so far. From where you start, turn
around for a Red Ether. Continue on. On the way, get 3000 Gil and Machinegun
Bullets. Further on, 1000 Gil and Mega Potion. Next, Makou Point, 3000 Gil, Red
Potion, Red Potion. Moving on, a Shop and Phoenix's Tail after breaking a box.
After that, Machinegun, Machinegun, Handgun and Handgun Bullets. Hit the switch
to open a door. Hit more switches and open more doors. Just beware the insects
from the back. A Makou next then enter the door. A quick boss fight here.

Boss: Black Widow TW
Run and keep shooting it. This should be a pretty easy battle here.

After, hit the switch to open the lift, get in and hit another switch. Head out
the lift after.

For the 8th map, well, there is no Map here. Check out each section for Rifle
Bullets, 3000 Gil, Machinegun Bullets and DG Extreme Secret Data. Now, go pass
the door that's at the back of the lift. A Makou Point on the way. Clear out
the enemies at the bridge, the 4th Memory Capsule is also around. From how you
enter to this bridge area, face the left and check the further bridges to the
left. You can just snipe around the bridges far away and you would spot it. It
is the bridge about NW from the door you just entered through. Now continue on
and go through the first crystal room. Second room, full with spheres, you can
also get another DG Extreme Secret Data here. Then move on. Eventually, Cloud
will get Tifa to send you the map of this area. Continue on, get the Handgun
Bullets, hit the switch at the platform to go down. Clear more bombs on the way

For the 9th map, continue on for a Shop and Machinegun Bullets. Within the big
area that's made of 4 rooms, you can get 3 more DG Extreme Secret Data. Moving
on to the upper left area of the map, get the Handgun Bullets, hit the switch
on the platform to go down.

As the platform going down, pay attention to the NW of the map. There's the 5th
Memory Capsule for you to shoot.

Last map, continue on and eventually, a Makou Point. Continue on, a room with
Handgun Bullets, Rifle Bullets, Machinegun Bullets and Ex Potion. Continue on
and eventually, boss time.

Boss: Blue Azul Equip 2
Running around and keep shooting.

Boss: True Azul
Alright, guns here don't work, so that leaves to close combat. Of course, have
Vincent to transform into Gallian Beast. There are lots of Makou Points here,
but you need to lure Azul to break those metal barrels first.

Another way to attack Azul is using Blizzard. Similar to shooting, use Blizzard
and keep running away.


# Of Memory Capsule: 15

First map, get to A7, face NW. The 1st Memory Capsule is by about A6. Moving on
to get the Handgun Bullets, then continue on down. More enemies to clear out
and these ones can fly around. After you clear 8 of them, more and an enemy got
the Card Key. With that, you can unlock the gate at B8 which leads to 1200 Gil
and Ex Potion. Continue on, at H7, there is an Omega Report. At L6, face NE,
and you would spot the 2nd Memory Capsule high on some structure. At K10, one
Makou Point.

Second map, a Hi Potion near. At L5, face east and the 3rd Memory Capsule is at
about N5. Just check the lower part of N5. At G12, Machinegun Bullets. Kill the
enemies around for the Card Key. Continue on to J7.

Third map, continue on and a Makou Point. Clear more enemies, get the Card Key
and head toward D3.

Fourth map, most enemies here got barriers, so close combat to kill them. There
is one you can kill with guns. At F5, there is a Makou Point. At E8, face south
and look down, you should see the 4th Memory Capsule at the bottom. Snipe it.
Now, to F14.

Fifth map, there is a Shop after the door, also a Makou Point near. Clear the
enemies and since you don't have the Card Key yet, go down at E7.

Sixth map, the 5th Memory Capsule is at L6. Get to I7, face NE and look up all
the way to snipe it. Break the boxes around for items. At F11, there is another
box with 1000 Gil. Now head back up to the fifth map.

Fifth map, pass the gate and continue to M9.

For the 7th map, from where you start at B14, face south and look up. It's the
6th Memory Capsule. Slowly move on and you can roll in to the right at F13. It
leads to a Makou Point and a Shop. Continue on to the north of the map to get
on a cart. While moving, turn around and shoot down all the enemies that are
chasing you. Eventually, there will be even helicopters.

For the 8th map, there is the 7th Memory Capsule at about B9. Get to C9, face
west and look down. Under the Shinra logo and the track, there it is. Now, get
a move on toward K6. You will drop down then toward K12.

For the 9th map, this is quite complicated here. Lots of items and there are 7
Memory Capsule here. Near left box is the Rifle Bullets. There is a Shop & the
box near it is the Ether. At K14, face west. Check out the roof and you would
spot the 8th Memory Capsule. At L12, face east and look down to snipe the 9th
Memory Capsule. Continue on and more enemies now block bullets. At N9, there is
2000 Gil. Clear more enemies to get the Card Key. Head to N10, there is another
G Report.

Continue on, pass the 1st gate and clear more enemies for another Card Key, to
go through another gate. Yet another enemy, a Card Key for another gate. There
is an Ex Potion at K10. At J10, a Makou Point. At J10, face NW or W, look up at
the top of the house, then snipe the 10th Memory Capsule. At I10, there is the
Rifle Bullets. At I7, there is a Makou Point and the Blow Machinegun. After,
you will be locked. Clear all the hounds to get the Card Key. The box at I8, it
is a Makou Point. Now, go up to I8, get another Card Key. By around I7, face
NE, look up to that house. The 11th Memory Capsule is left of the chimney. Now
get to E7, face north and you can easily spot the 12th Memory Capsule. Pass the
gate and move on. There is a Shop at D8. At E9, face south but don't drop down
yet. Look up and do you see the box? Near the left of the box, you can snipe
this explosive barrel to knock the box down. That's the Fairy L Barrel.

Moving on. At E11, face south and look pass the fence. You would spot the 13th
Memory Capsule. Get on the machinegun at C12, clear all the enemies to get the
Card Key. Then you can go pass the gate near the machinegun. Get the 2000 Gil,
Card Key and Phoenix's Tail. Head up to D5. Yes, there is a gate but you can go
around, so you don't need any Card Key. Get the 10004 Gil. Continue on, there
is a Shop, and at E3, face north & you can easily spot the 14th Memory Capsule.
Next, there are 3 Makou Point. Clear the enemies to get the Card Key. Move pass
the gate.

Last map, there is a Shop near and Handgun Bullets. Go up for Rifle Bullets, as
we as  Machinegun Bullets. Continue to go up. There is another Shop, a Card Key
near and shoot the device on the floor for a Potion. The Shop is actually just
an enemy. Continue on up and go along the paths. Clear enemies, get Card Keys
and go pass gates. At H12, face the east and wait til the countdown gets to 0.
By 0, a Sabotendaa/Cactus will up. You can also shoot it, but you need to do it

Next, continue on for Rifle Bullets, a Shop and 5000 Gil. Clear lots of enemies
then get the Card Key. At I9, face NW, just by that opening under that bridge,
you can snipe the 15th Memory Capsule. If you go through the gate by J11, you
will get to another area where you need to finish off enemies to get another
Card Key for the other gate. That gate will lead you to a mission to kill 100
enemies. If you can pull that off, you get the Gold Moogle Doll. That's more or
less a reference item. Of course, you can also sell that for 35000 Gil.

Now, get a move on to I9. Get 3000 Gil and a Makou Point. Go down the stairs,
go take the right door for another Shop. Move on from the left door. Clear the
enemies and drop down. Head to K8, shoot the device at the ceiling for the Card
Key. At J8, there is a Makou Point. At H7, which is the ladder, there is one
more Card Key in mid air. After that, continue to go up another ladder, and a
Shop, as well as a box which is another Card Key. Check the back of the Shop,
there is another Card Key. Move to G6, move slowly and get the Card Key. Back
to J8, use the machinegun to shoot down a box at the top left cliff. Go destroy
that box for another Card Key. Back to J8, face SW and snipe at the cut of a
red pipe. You can see a red device which is another Card Key. You now have 7
Card Key. Now, go open up the gate at I9, that gets you 2 more Card Key which
you will have 8 now. Now, time for the 7 consecutive gates at I7. You get the
Lucky S Barrel, as well as 2 more Card Key. So, you have 3 right now. And there
are 3 more gates, so just enough.

After you get the items behind those 3 gates, move on toward E2. Time for the
boss fight.

Boss: Jet Black Darkness Nero
Easy enough. Keep moving and shoot. Eventually, he will multiplies to 3. Just
get behind some rock, then take them down one by one. Another way to damage him
here is the Blizzard. Keep the distance mid range, so you can run and avoid if
you need to.


# Of Memory Capsule: 6

Nearby, pick up the Handgun Bullets, Hi Potion and a Makou Point. At F5, there
is the Ex Potion and a Makou Point. Then just continue on.

Second map, kill the gargoyle around. Move on and a Makou Point. By G8, face NW
and look high up on a ring. Snipe the 1st Memory Capsule. Continue on to the
next map.

Third map, continue on. Get Rifle Bullets, then Handgun Bullets. At H9, face SE
and look down, there is the 2nd Memory Capsule. Move on, clear the enemies for
a Card Key. Pass the fence. There is a Mega Potion near, you will need to go
around or you can jump on with Gallian Beast. Moving on, at H9, there is the
Machinegun Bullets. Get 900 Gil, as well as the Makou Point. Clear enemies for
the Card Key.

Fourth map, clear more gargoyle and move on. Continue on, get the Machinegun
Bullets, Rifle Bullets and Handgun Bullets.

Fifth map, get the Phoenix's Tail and Hi Potion. Move on, and clear the enemies
if you want to. The trick is to use the explosives on top of them. At the end,
get the Hi Potion and Ex Potion.

Sixth map, clear more gargoyle and continue on. There is a Makou Point. Move on
and a Shop. Close combat that enemy til he dies, get the Card Key. Pass the
gate and quickily go finish off that other enemy, or else he will shoot you by
using the machinegun. At C5, face south & you would spot the 3rd Memory Capsule

For the 7th map, continue on and close combat the enemies. Next, a Makou Point
on the way. Run through and clear bunch of bugs to get the Card Key. By B7, go
face west and look up. You would spot the 4th Memory Capsule. Get the 4 Makou
Point here, and by B10, within this near barrel, shoot through the barrel to
get this 5th Memory Capsule. Now, take the platform at the middle to go up. At
about D6, which is the upper left corner, it is the last/third G Report. If you
need some boost with your jump, just use Gallian Beast. Go back down and enter
through the door. By F10, which is just after the door, facing NW and look up.
You should spot the 6th Memory Capsule. Get the Machinegun, Rifle and Handgun
Bullets, as well as a Hi Potion. Hit the near switch to open up the gate. It's
time for a quick fight.

Boss: Dragon Flyer PT
Just keep shooting and it will go down. This is not much of a fight at all.

Now, the 8th map. Hit the switch, continue on and you will get to a Shop. Move
on after that. Time for another boss fight.

Boss: Nero Rough Rare
Run and shoot. The barrier will break after shots. Then you can attack that
Nero. Repeat til you beat him. Don't bother with others, just run, avoid and

Boss: Nero Wing Shooter
A bit annyoing here because he always warps around. But, he tends to appear on
one side a lot more than the other side. Just face one side, look at the screen
and if you see any darkness around, he will appear there. Equip the Snipe Scope
and snipe his head.

Afterward, there is 5000 Gil near and a Shop as well. Continue on for more boss

Boss: Pure White Emperor Vice(Houjou)
Don't bother, you can't win. Let him kill you.

Boss: Vice(Houjou) With The Power Of Omega Dwelled Within
Stay around a tube and work from there. If he's moving around, you can fire at
him then go behind a tube. When you've done enough damage, he will move to the
center and use lasers. Just run and jump to avoid them. If he uses a shockwave,
then jump as well. He can also send out slash slashes, then you can just keep
moving and shoot.


# Of Memory Capsule: 1+1

(For the 2nd Memory Capsule, you will need to watch the G Ending first. I will
talk about that below.)

Vincent will be in Chaos form with the Death Penalty gun. Continue on and try
not to use the Death Penalty Bullets. You can go through here with the Ultima
Weapon just fine. Just switch weapon with L2. For the 1st Memory Capsule, just
move on and drop down at K12. Head to J11, face NW or W. You would vaguely see
it at further of this spiral path. Continue on to the next area.

Second map, continue on to the second floor. At E8, get another Omega Report.
Go on up to the third floor. At F7, there is the final Omega Report. After, at
the top, clear all the enemies for more scenes.

As for the rest, just clear out enemies after enemies. Continue up to the top.
If you are running out of bullets, use others and save Death Penalty Bullets.
If you don't want to fight the enemies, just rush to the top.


# Of Memory Capsule: NONE

Nothing to it, the final 3 battles of the game.

Boss: Crystal Feeler
Just look out for the buds here. Anyone lights up, get near and close combat to
destroy it. Repeat til you get rid of all of them.

Boss: Omega Cocoon
Switch to Death Penalty and keep shooting it.

Boss: Omega Vice
Same here, use the Death Penalty. I have about 370 Bullets. Run and shoot here.
For his attacks, you can stay behind the moving walls here. The rest is just
keep shooting his front. He has lots of Life, so this takes quite sometimes. If
you need to heal, use items.

If Vice comes down, switch to Ultima Weapon and shoot him. Keep shooting him
and he will go back up to Omega. Then Omega Vice is likely to fly up high in
the air. This is time to heal. Omega Vice will use a fireball attack, which can
cause around 1000 damage.

Next, Omega Vice gets more active here. He will come to you and attack. Just go
the other side, attack and repeat. It's important that you also keep your HPs
high here. By the time I beat it, I have about 260 Bullets left for the Death
Penalty. Which means I roughly used up 110 Bullets to kill it, but that's not
counting the Handgun Bullets I used on Vice when he comes down.

Afterward, you have beaten the game.


If you have followed this walkthrough, or at least have obtained the three G
Report, then you will get this ending after 'The End'. And yes, G is Gackt. As
for Gackt's 3 lines:

~Nemuri ni tsuku no wa mada hayai~
(It's still early to fall asleep)

~Tomo ni shuuen wo kanadeyou~
(Let's play the demise together)

~Otouto yo~
(Younger BROTHER)

Load the Clear Data. Based on how many Memory Capsule you have collected, you
will be able to view events of the game. If you have followed my walkthrough
all these time, then you will definitely have 81 Memory Capsule so far. As you
can see from the Last Chapter in Event Viewer, you are still missing one.

<82th/Last Memory Capsule>
After seeing the G Ending, get back to the second part of Chapter 12, aka the
part that's titled as 'Vincent Chaos Descents'. Head to L15, face SE, and look
up to the 2 wings of Omega. Below the lower wing, snipe the last Memory Capsule
and that's it.

If you go back to the Event Viewer, the last one of Chapter 12 will be unlocked
and titled as G. Yup, that's the G Ending.


- Me
- CJayC
- Square Enix


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