Omega Weapon

In Ultemicia's Castle to summon Omega you must ring a large bell.From the From Foyer take the door on the upper right and theres a large bell.When you ring the bell there will be a timer.The timer indicates how long you got to meet Omega before he dissapears.
Quickly run to the where you play the organ and there awaits Omega.To intiate battle just run into Omega

Omega is no ordinary monster. He will be the hardest boss you've fought so far. So plan ahead of time.Youll need supplys to beat this beast which requires your cardmod ability.Here are the most important.
Bahamut-100 Megalixers
ChubbyChocobo-100 LuvLuvG
Gilgamesh- 10 Holy wars
Move the Holywars and Megalixers to the top of the item inventory.Use the 100 LuvLuvG on your part so there all fully compatible with there Gfs.
Now go to your junction screen and on Stats-Def junction equip 100 Death on to anyone whos level is a multiple of 5.
Have at least 2 magic users and 2 people that can use items.
Make absolutly sure Squall has his LionHeart ability,he'll be using his LionHeart limit the entire time.
Have Cerberus,Doomtrain,and Eden but dont equip Eden to Squall no matter what. Have a supple of aura recommended amount 20-30.

Omega will first use level 5 death. As long as your defended this is no problem.As the battle begin quickly summon Eden,Doomtrain,and Cerberus.Doomtrain will slow the boss and weaken its defenses.
Cerberus will setup all the spellcasters with double and triple.Eden will deal a quick dose of damage.
Now when the spellcasters get their turn cast aura on the two that isnt using Eden.Now the 2 not using Eden can repeatedly attack Omega with limits and with any luck Squall might use his LionHeart technique over and over.
Now use Holywar which makes everyone temporarily invincible.Now deal as much damage as possible with Limits and Gfs before the Holywar wears off.
After Holywar ends its likely aura would have ended two.Recast aura on everyone then use Holywar again as quickly as possible.Keep doing this until he is dead.You'll only lose if something goes terribly wrong.
As a reminder this is your best chance to get 100 Ultimas.For your vicory you will get a Three Stars and your Proof of Omega which you can find in the menu.

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