Rare Items

Any item you are looking for that isn't listed below either doesn't exist in the realm of FF8 or is incredibly easy to obtain via refinery.

Adamantine: You'll need these to make some of the best weapons. Go to Long Horn Island near Dollet; you can occasionally fight Adamantoises on the beaches there, and they'll drop Adamantines fairly often.

Aura Stone: Learn Tonberry's Familiar ability. Then buy Power Wrists or Hypno Crowns from the Esthar Pet Shop and use Tool-RF to make them into Aura Stones.

Barrier: Mug Behemoths.

Cactus Thorns: Frequently won from Cactaurs.

Curse Spike: You'll need 100 of these to make a Dark Matter. They can be stolen from Tri-Faces, and occasionally won from Forbiddens, Malboros, Tri-Faces, Imps, Creeps, and Grand Mantises.

Dark Matter: This can be refined into some useful items. Get Siren up to Level 100, then get 100 Curse Spikes and use Tool-RF on them.

Dino Bone: Mug T-Rexaurs to get these.

Dragon Fang: Needed for the Lionheart. Blue Dragons drop them more often than other enemies; you can find them on the Island Closest to Hell and the forests of Trabia.

Dragon Fin: Mug Grendels.

Dragon Skin: Anacondaurs drop them fairly often.

Energy Crystal: You'll be using quite a number of these if you're trying to make everyone's best weapons. Fight the regenerating Elnoyle in Esthar to get all you need.

Fury Fragment: Mug Blue Dragons to get it.

Inferno Fang: Mug Ruby Dragons.

Laser Cannon: Mug high-level Elastoids or the Mobile Type 8 boss.

Lightweights: You can win them from Vysages.

Malboro Tentacle: Defeat or Mug Malboros.

Moon Stone: Mug the regenerating Elnoyle for these.

Power Generator: Occasionally obtained by Mugging high-level Blitzes.

Red Fang: Mug Hexadragons.

Star Fragment: Mug Iron Giants. A number of enemies on the Island Closest to Hell drop them, too.

Whisper: Mug Adamantoises.

Wizard Stones: Buy Magic, GF, Draw, or Item Scrolls from the Timber Pet Shop and use Tool-RF to make them into 10 Wizard Stones each.