Side Quests

Feed the Moogle Family:
Everytime you receive a Kupo Nut for successfully delivering a letter between the moogles, you have to return to Gizamaluke's Grotto and feed it to the father of the moogle family, Moguta. In exchange for a Kupo Nut, you will receive a random item. The random item includes items like Tent, Phoenix Pinion etc.
During your 'Dead Pepper Treasures' hunting, you will receive 7 Aloha T-shirts. They are the foaming water directly between the Mist Continent and the Outer Continent. But, you have eight party members. You can get the 8th Aloha T-shirt by giving a Kupo Nut to Moguta in disc four at Gizamaluke's Grotto. Now, you have the full set of Hawaiian gear. Now, everyone is stylin'.

Stellazzio: Zodiac Coins
There are 13 Stellazzio coins scattered all over the world. The first 12 Stellazzio coins are your zodiac coins. The 13th Stellazzio coin is the hidden one, and you need to find all the first 12 Stellazzio coins before you can get this. Don't worry if you have missed some of the coins earlier in the game. You can still find them later on, even in disc four.
Queen Stella at Treno is a collector of these coins. She will reward you handsomely. After giving all 12 Stellazzio, speaks to her again and she senses that something is missing. Notice that one of the Stellazzio cages is empty? Say to Queen Stella that there is the 13th Stellazzio coin. To help you to find the 13th Stellazzio coin, she returns you all the 12 Stellazzio coins. Now, read the clues inscribed on the coins. Since you already have all the 12 Stellazzio coins, I won't bother to type down the clues. Take some time to think about the clues before you look at the answer below.
If you assemble all the clues into one, you will discover that the 13th Stellazzio coin is up a hill above a river and beyond the darkest where the sun seems to be setting and is somewhere in the southeast. And, this place seems to be the Quan's Dwelling.

Inside windmill in village of Dali.
Behind item shop in Treno.
Check Treno's fountain at the entrance and throw 10 gil each time consecutively for 13 times.
At the entrance of Burmecia, search behind the overturned cart.
Search the upper right corner of the room where the Neptune statue is. The Neptune statue transports party to Alexandria Harbour. it is in the west tower of Alexandria.
In Black Mage Village Inn.
Search the right side of Madain Sari's fountain.
Search the bottom right corner of the screen in Quan's Dwelling where the restoring spring is.
In Lindblum's Business district. Just before the screen that leads to the item shop, weapon shop etc, search the left side of the Gysahl Pickle cart. You can only find the coin during the construction period from disc three onwards.
From Daguerreo's entrance, keep heading right to the waters. Search there.
At the entrance of Ipsen's Castle, open the treasure chest near the right hand pillar.
The chest on the left side of the screen inside Invincible. Invincible is the airship which you will get in the final part of disc three but you can only get the chest in disc four when you have full control of the airship.
Collect all 12 Stellazzio coins, talk to Queen Stella to search for the 13th Stellazzio coin. Return to Quan's Dwelling and search the area where Scorpio was found.

Here's the reward that you will get for giving the coins to Queen Stella.

1,000 Gil
Phoenix Pinion
2,000 Gil
Blood Sword
5,000 Gil
10,000 Gil
Black Belt
20,000 Gil
Rosetta Ring     
30,000 Gil
Robe Of Lords

Treno Weapon Shop Monsters
When you visit Treno's weapon shop, you will notice that there is a monster being caged under the floor. Talk to the weapon store clerk and choose to fight the monster. The fight is one to one and you can choose any one your eight characters. If you can defeat the monster, you will not gain any experience, AP, or gil, but you will receive a prize for your victory.
You can fight one monster in disc two, two monsters in disc three and one monster in disc four. Here's the name of the monsters and the prize you will get.
Disc #
Tonberry Card
15,000 Gil
Running Shoes
Disc #
If you forgot to beat Griffin in disc 2, but you are in disc 3, you cannot return to request to beat Griffin. You can only fight the monsters on the specific disc they are on. Note that if you get K.O while fighting one of these monsters, you will not receive a 'Game Over'.

Frog Catching
When you enter the frog pond area of any of the four Qu's Marsh in the world, Quina requests to spend some time to catch some frogs. You must have Quina in your party to trigger this event. Agree to let Quina catch frogs. Quina can only catch frogs when they jump onto the ground out of the water. You just have to wait for them to jump out. Press the X button to catch the frog. there is really no strategy to frog catching. You just have to be patient and swift. Below shows the list of locations of the four Qu's Marsh.
Location of Qu's Marsh
Mist Continent
To the west of Chocobo's Forest, after crossing the bridge.
Outer Continent
Northeast of Black Mage Village.
Forgotten Continent
In the northern part of Forgetten Continent. East of Ipsen's Castle.
Salvage Archipelago
On an island, northwest of Daguerreo.
Location of Qu's Marsh

As Quina catches a certain number of frogs, Quale appears and rewards Quina. If you catch 99 frogs, Quale appears and challenges the party to a battle. By winning the battle, you receive Gastro Fork, Quina's most powerful weapon. Here's the rewards for the number of frogs you catch from Quale.

# of Frogs
Silk Robe
Silver Fork
Bistro Fork
Battle Boots
Gastro Fork
# of Frogs

You can learn some blue magic ability at Qu's Marsh by eating monsters like Gigan Toad. By eating Gigan Toad, Quina will learn the 'Frog Drop' ability. How much damage Quina's Frog Drop will cause, will depend on how many frogs Quina has caught. The amount of damage caused does not change with different monsters or bosses. Frog Drop has a 100% success rate and the formula to calculate the damage caused is:
Quina level x amount of Frog(s) = HP damage
For example, if Quina is at level 75 and has caught 100 frogs, the damage that Frog Drop will cause is 75 x 100 = 7500 HP damage.

It is important to know tips to help frogs to regenerate faster. Don't catch all of the frogs, if not, it will take a very long time for the frogs to regenerate. It could mean many hours. And, with only four Qu's Marsh in the world, it is important that you learn some tips. Here are some points that you should take note:
-The number of frogs you catch is cumulative. It means that the frogs you caught earlier still count.
-Leave a male and female frog in the pond to let the frogs regenerate faster.
-If you leave a Golden Frog, together with a male and a female frog, the frogs will regenerate faster.
-Avoid catching the baby frogs. They will grow up to become adults. Adult frogs are easier to catch.
-Female frogs are usually brighter in color than male frogs.
-Baby frogs are more olive-toned and are smaller.
-To distinguish the gender of the frogs, you might want to change the 'contrast' of your television. However, you can't distinguish the gender of the baby frogs, only adult frogs.
-To distinguish between an adult male frog and an adult female frog, check the legs. This is applicable to adult frogs only. An adult male frog has yellow legs and an adult female frog has red legs.

Mr. Morrid's Coffee
In disc one, on your way from Ice Cavern to Dali, you might want to first head for the Observatory Mountain. An elderly man named Morrid lives inside the hut and he will reward you if you can bring him some rare coffee.
The three rare coffees are Moccha Coffee, Kirman Coffee and Burman Coffee. You must give these three coffees to Mr. Morrid before the end of disc thee, that is before you head to the World Of Terra. Below shows the location of these three coffees.
Rare Coffee
Moccha Coffee
South Gate entrance. Examine bottom right of the screen.
Kirman Coffee
Search near the picnic table on the far left on Eiko's back porch in Madain Sari.
Burman Coffee
See below for details.
Rare Coffee

(Mocha) There are so many South Gates and you might wonder which South Gate entrance. It is the South Gate entrance near the Chocobo's Forest. That South Gate is located on flat plains, not Mountain and from where Chocobo's Forest is, walk a little northeast and you will find it. Moccha Coffee is on the bottom right of the screen. You should see water flowing down if you are observant. Check this area.

(Kirman) Table explains it well enough.

(Burman) The only chance to get Burman Coffee is to let Zidane leave Treno during the card tournament during disc 3 and head through South Gate to Dali. You might want to get some of your party members back since you will definitely face some enemies on your way from Treno to Dali.
The Mayor is not at home during this period. You notice that the Mayor's son is sleeping on the sofa in the middle room. If Zidane makes too much noises during his movement, the Mayor's son will be awaken and you have to start your search again.
Search the Mayor's desk and you will find the Mini-Brahne here. Search the desk two more times and the boy starts to say 'Zzzz'. Slowly move to the stove and search the stove to find the Mayor's Key. Next, leave the Mayor's house and go to windmill. Move around the chocobo pen to the right side to find a hidden treasure chest contains 30,000 Gil. Examine the same chest to find the Burman Coffee.

Mr. Morrid said that he will mail to you the Mini-Prima Vista model ship, which he bought it in Treno's Auction house, if you manage to find all the three rare coffees to him. Head to Tantalus hideout in Lindblum to find the Mini-Prima Vista model ship sitting on the floor near the bed.

This 'Mr. Morrid's Coffee' side quest is quite important, especially if you want to get the complete four figurines. The four figurines are key items and if you have them, it will improve your treasure hunting ranking.

The four figurines are key items that will improve your treasure hunting ranking. Completing the 'Mr. Morrid's Coffee' side quest is also a MUST since you might also find two of the four figurines during your quest.
Purchase from Treno's Auction house.
Inside the Tantalus troupe's playhouse in Lindblum.
See below for details.
Mini-Prima Vista
Complete the 'Mr. Morrid's Coffee' side quest. Then, go to Tantalus Hideout in Lindblum.

There are two ways to get Mini-Brahne. The first way is to search the Mayor's desk in Dali during the card tournament in disc three. If you forget to get the Mini-Brahne, you can still get it in disc four. The second way is to enter the Mayor's house in Dali during disc four. You notice that the Mayor is not there and his son is sleeping in the sofa. Notice that there is a ladder on the top-left of the screen? Climb the ladder to get the Mini-Brahne.

Friendly Monsters
During a random battle, you notice that the battle theme has changed to a sweet and melodic one. The creatures that appear will not attack you but they beg you to give them a specific jem. By agreeing to their request, you will receive tons of AP and even a useful item. There are nine such friendly monsters at various locations in the world.

-DO NOT attack these creatures or they will run away.
-You DO NOT need to encounter them IN ORDER but I will strongly advice you to encounter them in the ORDER I have listed in the table. [Look at the spoils you get for each creature and you will figure why.] However, to encounter the Friendly Yan, you have to find all the other eight creatures and perform their requests first, if not, the Friendly Yan will run away.
-Be PATIENT if these creatures don't appear. They MAY appear after you have fought a couples of battles in the area.
-They won't give the party any Exp or Gil but they give the party a lot of AP. Before fighting them, make sure the party equips weapons and armours to let them learn skills that require a LOT of AP. This makes learning ability faster. Also, equip them with the Ability Up ability so that they can double the AP they gain.
-Note that you must have the airship or at least a red chocobo to get to the forest where you can find Purple Jabberwock.

Brown Mu
Plains, Forest etc between Ice Cavern and Dali.
1 Ore
10 AP, 1 Potion
White Ghost
Plains around Treno
1 Ore
10 AP, 1 Hi-Potion
Around Forest outside Black Mage Village
2 Ores
20 AP, Ether
Green Yeti
The bigger forest outside Madain Sari
2 Ores
20 AP, Elixir
Green Nymph
Forest around Iifa Tree area
3 Ores
30 AP, Emerald
Purple Jabberwock
Forest directly east of Oeilvert
40 AP, Moonstone
Green Feather Circle
Lost Continent, near to chocobo's track.
30 AP, Lapis Lazuli
Rainbow Garuda
Forest facing east on the plateau after climbing the rope inside Gizamaluke's Grotto
Lapis Lazuli
40 AP, Diamond
Friendly Yan
Forest on Vile Island. island is the island south-west of Iifa Tree
50 AP, Rosetta Ring
What's The Reward:
It is important that you encounter all the nine Friendly Monsters. They are a valuable source for gaining huge amount of AP and it will aid you in learning skills that require high AP. Remember to equip the Ability Up ability.
Another reward that you will definitely want is the 'Friendly Monsters' blessings. It increases your range of attack when you are fighting against Ozma, thus making physical attacks to Ozma possible. This is very crucial as characters like Zidane, Steiner and Amarant more useful in the battle.

An Interesting Note:
It is possible to beat Ozma without getting the 'Friendly Monsters' blessings. If you beat Ozma before completing the 'Friendly Monsters' side quest and then you go and encounter Friendly Yan, (Assume you have found all other eight Friendly Monsters,) it will be stunned after you give it a Diamond. it will say a line like 'reach the round guy... huh? You already BEAT him?'

Not Friendly?:
You may encounter 'Not Friendly' versions of these friendly monsters. These monsters have the same name as the 'Friendly Monsters' but then, they are just like the normal enemies that you have encountered. However, you can spot some differences between these monsters and their respective 'Friendly' versions like colour differences, skin texture differences etc. Also, take note that these 'Friendly' and 'Not Friendly' monsters are found in the same area in the world.
The 'Non-Friendly' versions of Yan gives you a lot of Exp if you are able to defeat it but are not easy to defeat. [The Exp you gain is even higher than defeating Grand Dragons.] Each Yan has 19,465 HP 3378 MP and gives you 42,673 Exp and 2218 Gil. Furthermore, they may come in a set of two or three. Also, if Quina manage to eat a Yan, s/he will learn the Auto-Life ability.

The Ragtime Mouse
While roaming the forests, you may encounter a weird creature in a battle that asks your party true or false question. You will also realise that the battle theme has changed to a rather sweet and melodic one. The large 'Circle' symbol represents true and the large 'X' symbol represents false.
You receive a percentage grade based on the number of questions that you have answered right or wrong for each correct answer. Percentage grade will be higher if you have answered most of the questions correctly. Depending on your percentage grade, you get different amount of gil.

There are some points that you should take note:
-The Ragtime Mouse ONLY occurs RANDOMLY in FOREST. You cannot find Ragtime Mouse, OTHER than in FOREST.
-The battle theme changes if you encounter the Ragtime Mouse.
-DO NOT ATTACK the Ragtime Mouse or he will RUN AWAY.
-To answer his question, ATTACK the correct symbol. The answer is either TRUE or FALSE.
-If answer correctly, the Ragtime Mouse will give you a certain amount of gil. If you answer wrongly, you receive nothing.
-Unlike the Friendly Monsters, you DO NOT NEED to give the Ragtime Mouse ANYTHING.

As you know, Ragtime Mouse appears ONLY in the forest. An example of an area where you can encounter Ragtime Mouse quite often is the huge forest outside the Black Mage Village.
I found a way to encounter Ragtime Mouse. It is not a trick. Now, the chances of Ragtime Mouse appearing in the SAME forest AGAIN is not quite high. You might have to fight a few battles before Ragtime Mouse can appear in the SAME forest.
First, you must have the airship. Having an airship makes travelling easier and saves time. Try to encounter Ragtime Mouse in a forest. After that, go to the airship and pilot the airship to the NEAREST forest. Walk around the new forest and enter into a random battle. Hopefully, it is Ragtime Mouse. If not, fight one or two more battles and Ragtime Mouse should appear in the next battle. Chances of Ragtime Mouse appearing is very high in a forest that you have NEVER been to or have not been to for a VERY LONG TIME. In such situations, your FIRST random battle is most likely to be the Ragtime Mouse.
I hope the above information helps you. I won't say this information WORKS all the time but this is what I have observed. I manage to encounter the Ragtime Mouse CONSECUTIVELY for two to four battles by having each battle in DIFFERENT forest. With that, I completed the Ragtime Mouse side quest quite fast.

Completing The Ragtime Mouse Quest:
In total, a list of 17 questions have been gathered so far but it is so funny because Ragtime Mouse will only ask you 16 questions. Why is it like this? I REALLY don't know. Maybe, someone 'play me out'?
Encounter the Ragtime Mouse Quest for 16 times and answer all his 16 questions. Encounter him one more time and Ragtime Mouse will be defeated. You will also receive Protect Ring for your efforts.
If you answer all his 16 questions CORRECTLY, besides obtaining the Protect Ring, you will also receive 22,852 Exp and 59,630 Gil.
Below are the questions asked by the Ragtime Mouse. The questions are asked randomly. Note that if you happen to spot any error in the questions and answers, please inform me.
The Ragtime Mouse Questions
"I Want To Be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon
The 15th Lindblum War started in 1600.
The theater ship Prima Vista was build in Artania Shipyards.
Lindblum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle.
Some Mu's are friendly and won't attack.
Burkmea Cable Cars have been running for 8 years.
Only one desert exists in the entire world.
Conde Petie is a village of Goblins.
Prima Vista means love at first sight.
Treno's cafe, Card Carta, is members only.
Bobo bird is a bird that brings you fortune.
You can defeat Ragtimer.
Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate.
Theater ship Prima Vista uses Mist as its energy.
The Lindblum war started in 1500.
Fossil Roo is an underground tunnel that connects Treno and Alexandria.
Lindblum air cabs operate around the clock.