FF6 Bonus

You can not view the "Bonus" section in its entirety until you successfully complete the game and wait until you are prompted to save the system file on your memory card. You are not prompted to do so until the ending has completely finished. The "Bonus" section is located on the main screen where you also have the options to load from memo, save 1, or save 2, or start a new game. Below is merely a tease, since it is just a list telling what all of the "Bonus" features are. Im not giving any spoilers. You'll have to beat the game yourself to see the Bonuses.

The Magitek Empire (Opening FMV)
For the Lovers... (Ending FMV)
Pilot (television teaser commerical)
Art Gallery 1
Art Gallery 2
Art Gallery 3
Art Gallery 4
Art Gallery 5
-This shows the best and worst saved games on the memory card that
the system file is saved under. It also shows what percentage that
every character is at for completion. (levels, magic, skills, etc)
Pre-C (World of Balance)
-Shows every location of every monster, and all of their stats
Post-C (World of Ruin)
-Shows every location of every monster, and all of their stats
-Shows all espers, what you can learn from them, their descriptions,
their at-level-up bonuses, and their during-battle picture.
-Lists every spell, all the monsters you can learn each spell from,
the spell's description, and its MP cost.
-Lists every possible 'bet this, win that' split into four groups
of Weapons, Armor, Relics, and Items.

-After you finish the game, and only after the config file has been saved on the memory card to see the full 'Bonus' section, a small red knight with white hair-like spikes atop his red helmet, comes waddling out as the 'random character' that you always see upon start up. This is a character from the "real" Final Fantasy 3, which was never released to the USA and all its versions remain confined to the WonderSwan to this day. (The WonderSwan is a Japanese gaming system, much like USA's NES and SNES)