Game information:
Press Start to display the menu, then hold Start + Select.

2 Level Ups: -instead of 1
When you fight in a battle field, fight the first 9 battles and leave 1. Go somewhere other than a battle field (for instance, the Bone Dungeon) and get to where your exp. points are extremely low. About 1-100. Go to a battle field where you don't win anything and defeat the last battle. You'll get 2 level ups, instead of 1.

Dark King - Easy kill:
The final boss is the Dark King, which is extremely hard. But the easiest way to kill him is to use Cure on him a few times. (undead creatures, on any final fantasy game, can be hurt most effectively with a cure/pheonix down/megalixer/etc)

Kill Skullrus Rex Quickly:
The 1st part of Doom Castle is guarded by another version of Flamerous Rex, called Skullrus Rex. Most people would just sigh and use up all of the magic left in their inventory. Instead, do this. Just equip the hero with the Dragon Claw and scratch Skullrus Rex once, and he should be dead. The other 2 ninjas you have to fight shouldnt be too hard to deal with.

Infinite Potions:
This trick will work anywhere in the game, where there is a treasure box with a potion in it. Take the potion(s). Leave that section/screen of the game. Come back. It has replenished! You repeat this over and over until your potions, or another item, are MAXXED OUT.

Exploding doors:
When you get the Mega Grenades from Fireburg and you need to blow up a door, you do not need to find a chest that contains bombs. Instead, just go to a door and press A. Note: This trick only works with Mega Grenades, and not Bombs or Jumbo Bombs.

Full Heal:
Having to use the Cure spell or using lots of potions gets to be rather irriating, so the quickest way to get that HP up, is to simply use the Life Spell. You can use it any where at any time, and it makes your HP MAX out, when casted only once!

Get Pheobe With 680 HP:
When Phobe joins press A 3 times to get her to join as a 680 HP character. She will be a powerful ally for a long time if you take care of her.