Since the game booklet calls the hero Benjamin, that is what he is called in this script.

We open up on the world map, where Benjamin is standing in front of a mountain. Benjamin enters the mountain, named destiny. The mountain shakes a few times, and he approaches an old man on the mountain
Benjamin: My village is gone!! What on earth is going on?
Old Man: This place is going to sink any second! Let's climb up quick!
The old man floats up the mountain, on a cloud of sorts, with Benjamin slowly behind. The mountain shakes once again. Benjamin is now at the top, with a chasm seperating where he is and the old man is
Old Man: Jump across!
Benjamin jumps across, just as the mountain on the other side crumbles
down to the ground. A large tower is visibile high above the clouds
Old Man: Look over there. That's the Focus Tower, once the heart of the
World. An old Prophecy says, "The vile 4 will steal the Power, and
divide the World behind 4 doors. At that time the Knight will appear!"
The Prophecy has now come true. 4 monsters have locked the doors of the
Focus Tower and escaped with the keys. They're draining the light from
the 4 crystals of the Earth, and the World is in chaos. The people are
in desperate need of help. Benjamin, only you can save the Crystals and
the World.
Benjamin: Me?
Old Man: Yes, you Benjamin! Only you could be the Knight spoken of in
the Prophecy...
Suddenly a monster appears from nowhere, Benjamin and the old man turn
around in suprise
Old Man: Look out! A monster!
Benjamin engages the monster in combat, and wins
Old Man: Seems I was right! At last I've found a true Knight!
Benjamin: But you said you were SURE I was the one!
Old Man: Well, actully it was more of a guess...
Benjamin: Forget it. Just tell me where I can find the Crystals.
Old Man: It's up to you to find them.
The mountain begins to shake
Old Man: This place is becoming dangerous! Follow me to the Level Forest!
The old man drifts away on his cloud, leaving Benjamin somewhat confused
Benjamin: Got to get out of here. Who is that guy, anyway?
Benmjamin descends the mountain, which then crumbles. Eventually, he makes it to the Level Forest, where the old man is awaiting
Benjamin: There you are! What do you think I should do first?
Old Man: Save the Crystal of Earth. See you!
The old man drifts away, leaving Benjamin even more confused. Benjamin approaches another old man in the Level Forest, who is standing in front of a large boulder.
Old Man: That boulder is blocking my way back to town. Would you shove it aside?
Benjamin, with some effort, moves the boulder aside so the man can pass
Old Man: Thank you! If you want to go through this forest, find Kaeli in
Foresta, and show her this.
Benjamin recieves a piece of a withering tree. Deciding to try to find this Kaeli, Benjamin heads towards Foresta, to the east. Benjamin enters a house made from a large tree, where he approaches a girl.
Girl: I'm Kaeli. There's a tree blocking the north exit of the Level
Forest. I can chop down the tree, but monsters have taken over the
forest, and I can't get to it.
Benjamin: I can help you with that. Come on, let's go!
A woman sitting on the opposite side of the table, obviously Kaeli's mother, doesn't like this idea too much
Kaeli's Mom: Don't you dare take Kaeli anywhere dangerous!
Kaeli: Listen, mom...
Kaeli suddenly notices the tree wither Benjamin has
Kaeli: Hey! That Tree Wither looks awful! How much the trees must be
suffering! OK, you win.
Kaeli retrieves an axe hanging on the wall. Kaeli's Mom approaches her
Kaeli: Don't worry, Mom.
Benjamin and Kaeli go towards the Level Forest. When they get there, Kaeli approaches a tree.
Kaeli: Let me cut this with my Axe.
Kaeli swiftly knocks down the tree with her axe
Kaeli: We've got to reach the north exit.
and so the pair fight their way through the Level Forest, where they eventually come upon a tree with a strange aura surrounding it
Kaeli: This is the evil tree I was talking about.
Kaeli swiftly cuts down the tree, when suddenly a monster appears where the tree once was, to our hero's suprise.
Monster: Uwa ha ha! Suprise!
The monster releases some sort of gas upon Kaeli. Kaeli falls to the ground
Kaeli: He poisioned me... Just as he d...did the t.t...trees!
Kaeli manages to pick herself up, and they engage the monster. They emerge victorious. Just as they win the battle, Kaeli colapses to the ground once again, and her mother appears from the south
Kaeli's Mom: Kaeli! What happened?
Kaeli: I'll be soon as I take Elixir...
Kaeli's Mom: That's in the Sand Temple.
Benjamin: Don't worry, I'll get it!
Kaeli picks herself up again
Kaeli: Then take this Axe with you...
Kaeli hands Benjamin he axe, then falls to the ground again, completely exhausted
Benjamin: I'll be back.
Kaeli's Mom picks Kaeli up, and heads back to Foresta. Meanwhile, Benjamin walks north, towards the Sand Temple, which he enters. A treasure chest is located on the far side of the Temple, which must contain the Elixir. Benjamin opens the chest... it's Empty! A man approaches benjamin from the entrance to the south
Man: Looking for some Cure, kid?
Benjamin: First of all, my name is Benjamin, and I'm looking for Elixir.
Man: I'll sell you some for, say 9000 gold pieces. Well?
Benjamin: Whoa! That's way too much!
Man: Listen kid, this stuff is precious, right?
Benjamin: My allowance is only 2 gold pieces a month!
Man: Then lets do it this way. I'm going to the Bone Dungeon to find
treasure. You come with me and help. If I get the treasure, you get the Elixir.
Benjamin: Do I have any choice? When do we go?
Benjamin begins to walk out of the Temple
Man: There's a Battlefield nearby. Why don't you whack a few monsters
there, and maybe win something, kid!
Benjamin: The name's Benjamin!
The man introduces himself as Tristam, and they depart for the battlefield. After winning several fights there, they go towards the Bone Dungeon, north of them. While fighting their way through the dungeon, Tristam and Benjamin approach a door which has been sealed shut.
Tristam: The door's sealed shut. Well, here goes...
Benjamin gets a confused look on his face
Tristam: Watch this!
Tristam lights a bomb, and it blows up the sealed door, allowing passage, much to Benjamin's suprise
Tristam: Aren't these something? I'll sell you some, cheap! How about 50
Explosives for thirty gold pieces?
Benjamin gives in to Tristam's offer, and buys the explosives. Eventually they make it all the way to the bottom of the dungeon, where they meet up with a monster made of bone.
Bone Monster: Grr... You'll never beat me. I have the power of the Crystal of Earth!
A fight ensues, which Tristam and Benjamin win. After winning the battle, Tristam immediatly walks over to where a group of treasure chests are. Meanwhile, where the monster just was, a crystal forms, and rises slowly into the air.
Benjamin: Look! The Crystal!
Tristam: Never mind that, get a load of this stuff!
Tristam demonstrates an extendable claw of sorts
Tristam: I'll keep this. Oh, here's what you wanted.
Benjamin recieves the Elixir
Tristam: Look, I've got to go. See you around, kid.
Tristam leaves Benjamin, who exits the dungeon, and goes back to Foresta to see Kaeli
Kaeli: it really you?
Benjamin: Here's the Elixir.
Benjamin gives Kaeli the Elixir
Kaeli: Thank you. Now I can visit Spencer in Aquaria...
Benjamin: Why don't I go to Aquaria first and look around? Where is it?
Kaeli: It's through the Focus Tower, and to the northeast. Take care...
And on that note, Benjamin goes to the Focus Tower, where the strange old man on his cloud is waiting
Old Man: Well done, Benjamin. Remember, Captain Mac will be crucial to your quest.
Bengamin has a questioning look on his face
Old Man: A girl named Phoebe can help you.
Benjamin: But I'm going to Aquaria!
Old Man: Maybe you'll find her along the way...
The old man once again drifts off, leaving Benjamin confused. Benjamin works his way through the Focus Tower, and towards Aquaria. Before reaching Aquaria, Benjamin stops by the Libra Temple, where a girl is waiting.
Benjamin: Hi!
Girl: It's hopeless, I give up... Aquaria is frozen, people are sick,
Grandpa is trapped...
Benjamin: Wait, have you ever heard of a man named Spencer?
The girl looks suprised
Girl: Why... he's my Grandpa!
Benjamin: What luck! Let's go free him.
Girl: But we can't! I'm going home...
The girl begins to leave, once again
Benjamin: Hey! What's your name? Where are you from?
Girl: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Phoebe from Aquaria.
Benjamin: YOU are Phoebe? Then I'm going with you!
The two enter the frozen Aquaria, where they stop by at Phoebe's house
Benjamin: So Phoebe, where's Spencer trapped?
Phoebe: In the tunnel he was digging under here. The dirt is frozen
solid, so he can't get out.
Benjamin: Can't we melt it?
Phoebe: Not until we get Wakewater from the Spring of Life. But a
monster in the Wintry Cave stole the Libra Crest which Warps us from the
Libra Temple to the Life Temple.
Benjamin: Anyway, first we have to get that watcha-ma-call-it Crest back, right?
Phoebe: Right! To the Wintry Cave!
So Phoebe and Benjamin fight their way through the Wintry Cave. While walking along, a piece of the ledge falls off, dropping Benjamin to the ground, however, Phoebe was able to hang onto the wall using her claw.
Phoebe: This claw saved me! Here's how to use it.
Phoebe demonstrates the uses of the catclaw
Phoebe: Now it's yours!
They continue through the Wintry Cave, until they come upon a squid-like creature. They engage it, and win. After defeating the monster, a treasure chest is revealed.
Phoebe: That must be the Libra Crest! Let's take it and go to the Libra
Temple. There's a mark there that looks just like the design on the
Crest. Stand on it, and we'll be Warped to the Life Temple!
Benjamin grabs the Libra Crest that's in the chest, and exits the Wintry Cave to go to the Libra Temple. Benjamin and Phoebe step on the symbol, and they are instantly teleported to the Life Temple.
Phoebe: That must be the Spring of Life.
Phoebe walks over to the spring, and is suprised with what she sees
Phoebe: The water's dried up! It's hopeless now.
Benjamin: Don't give up yet. There's someone inside. Let's have a look.
They enter the Temple, and see the old man on his cloud
Benjamin: Aquaria's in great danger!
Old Man: I know that. We need Wakewater to melt the ice...
Phoebe: But the Wakewater has dried up! It's hopeless!
Old Man: Hear me! All that's left of the Wakewater is in this bag. Take
it and go back to Aquaria.
Benjamin received the Wakewater. The old man floats away. Phoebe and Benjamin go back to Aquaria, to the plant that's in the center of town.
Phoebe: Wakewater, please save our town!
Phoebe pours the wakewater on the frozen plant... it instantly is unfrozen and returns to life. However, everything else around them remains frozen
Phoebe: That's it? I guess this town will stay frozen until the Crystal
of Water shines again.
Benjamin: Then we'd better hurry to the Ice Pyramid!
To get to the pyramid, Phoebe and Benjamin need to pass through the falls basin, where they defeat a giant crab like creature. Only a sealed door blocks way to the pyramid now.
Phoebe: You can use Explosives, right? Here's how to use a Jumbo Bomb.
Benjamin learned how to use the Jumbo Bomb. Our two heroes head north
towards the Ice Pyramid, where the entrance is barred by two large statues.
Phoebe: I see a switch in the statue, but can't reach it. Let's push it
with something...
Getting an idea in his head, Benjamin uses his sword to trigger the switch, which opens a door, allowing entry into the Ice Pyramid. They fight their way through the pyramid, until they reach a large golem.
Golem: Mwah ha ha. I'm enjoying our little game...
And the golem dissapears... Phoebe and Benjamin hack their way through some more of the Ice Pyramid, and come uppon the golem once again
Golem: You think you're a Knight, huh? Fwa ha! Take this!
The golem engages Benjamin and Phoebe, however, they are victorious. The crystal of water appears where the golem was before.
Phoebe: The Crystal! I'll go back to Aquaria and see if the ice melted.
Don't forget to see Grandpa!
Benjamin: Right. Bye!
Phoebe leaves the Ice Pyramid, with Benjamin slowly following. Deciding to take Phoebe's advice, Benjamin goes underneath Phoebe's house to find Spencer.
Spencer: The ice has melted! How did it happen?
Benjamin: Phoebe and I restored the Crystal of Water's light.
Spencer: Then you're the Knight in the Prophecy! The shield has found its owner!
Benjamin gets a questioning look on his face
Spencer: A shield used by a Knight in days gone by. Captain Mac found it.
Benjamin: Captain Mac! I've heard that name before!
Spencer: For years Mac's been studying a Prophecy. On his way back from
doing some research, the lake dried up and his ship ended up on a rock ledge.
Bengamin looks quite shocked by this
Spencer: But that's no problem. If we dig from here, we'll be able to
reach the ship. Anyway, here's a key. The shield is hidden in the Focus Tower.
Benjamin recieved the Venus Key
Spencer: By the way, Fireburg's been having some strong earthquakes lately.
Benjamin thanks Spencer, and leaves for the focus tower, where he once again meets the mysterious old man
Old Man: Some awful news made Captain Mac race from his home.
Benjamin gets a confused look on his face
Old Man: Anyway, seek Reuben in Fireburg. Say, what's this status for?
Benjamin makes his way to Fireburg, where he finds Reuben
Benjamin: You're Reuben, huh? Have you heard about the Crystal of Fire?
Reuben: I can't deal with that now. I've got to help my Dad.
Benjamin: Well, why don't you let me help you!
Reuben: He's stuck behind a boulder. There'd be no problem if we had a
Mega Grenade, but only Dad's friend can use them.
Benjamin: Where's the guy's house?
Reuben: In this town, but he's shut himself in.
Benjamin: We'll pay him a visit anyway. Come on!
They try to visit, but the door to the house is locked. Dispairing, Reuben and Benjamin head off towards the Hotel to see if they can find any help. When there, Benjamin is suprised to find Tristam!
Tristam: What's up?
Benjamin: We went to the house in the pit, but the guy wouldn't let us in.
Benjamin: You two want in? Then take this.
Benjamin recieved the Multi-Key. Quickly, they go back down to the house, and are suprised when the Multi-Key lets them open the door. They enter the house and talk to the man there.
Man: I ran when I saw the monsters in the Volcano. A huge boulder fell
and trapped Arion... Only a Mega Grenade can free him.
Benjamin: How do you use one?
Man: Just throw it!
Benjamin learned how to use the Mega Grenade
Man: Go through the abandoned Mine to reach the boulder. Be careful when
you use a Mega Grenade!
Reuben and Benjamin hack their way through the mine, until they reach where Reuben's dad is, stuck behind the boulder.
Reuben: We're close enough to blow up the boulder! Dad! Stand back!
Reuben's dad stands out of the way, as Reuben throws a grenade at the boulder. We then see the boulder roll off the map.
Reuben: We did it!
Reuben's Dad: Reuben!... I knew you'd save me!
Reuben: Please head home to Mom!
Reuben's Dad: Right. You two be careful!
Reuben: Benjamin, let's return to Fireburg.
We see Reuben's Dad walk off towards Fireburg, with Reuben and Benjamin slowly behind. Eventually they make it back to Fireburg, where they make sure Reuben's Dad, Arion, arived okay. After geting some rest and supplies, Reuben and Benjamin decide to check out the Sealed Temple, that is now accessable thanks to the boulder. Not too suprised, they find the old man there
Old Man: Do you have ten gold pieces for a cup of coffee?
The man once again floats away, leaving Benjamin confused as per normal. Benjamin and Reuben decide to check out the pathway to the north, that was cleared when the boulder was removed. Much to their suprise, it leads to a Volcano. After fighting their way through the volcano, they enter the Lava Dome. Eventually, they meet a big two-headed dragon.
Dragon: It's the end of the line for you!
A battle ensues with the dragon, however, Reuben and Benjamin are victorious. As soon as the battle is over, the Crystal of Fire presents itself.
Benjamin: We did it! There's one Crystal left to go!
Reuben: I remember a person from Windia saying something about a Crystal...
Benjamin: Windia? Where's that?
Reuben: To the southeast of the Focus Tower...
Suddenly there is a violent shaking, and we see the Volcano erupt, lava melting a way through the mountains. Quickly, Reuben and Benjamin make their way out of the Lava Dome, and towards the Focus Tower, where they find the Old Man once again
Old Man: Hurry to Windia, but be on the lookout for Captain Mac's ship!
Taking the man's advice, Reuben and Benjamin go southeast to where Windia is located, however, before reaching there, they need to croass a bridge... While crossing it, a monster appears from behind them.
Monster: Gotcha!
Reuben: Step back, Benjamin, and leave this filthy monster to me!
Reuben engages the monster, however he is beaten, and is thrown off the bridge. Benjamin engages the monster and defeats it. Looking for a way to get down to see if Reuben is OK, Benjamin spots a vine, and climbs down it to where he sees Reuben on a ledge
Benjamin: Reuben!
Reuben: I'm all right! Keep going, and I'll catch up!
Benjamin climbs back up the vine, and continues across the bridge, but not before Tristam comes walking from the opposite direction.
Tristam: Your buddy fell, kid?
Benjamin: Yes, but he's okay.
Tristam: All right, then I'll tag along with you for a bit.
To get to Windia, they need to fight their way through the Alive Forest. They do so, and come uppon a giant tree.
Benjamin: So you're the King of this forest, huh? Let us through!
Nothing happens
Tristam: I don't think it likes you! How about Kaeli? Can't she talk to trees?
Benjamin: Yeah! She must be in Aquaria by now...
So Tristam and Benjamin go to Aquaria, where they find Kaeli sleeping at Phoebe's house
Phoebe: Kaeli's sleeping. Why don't you talk to Grandpa until she wakes up?
They go to visit Spencer
Benjamin: How's the tunnel going? Can you save Captain Mac and his ship?
Spencer: I can't dig a tunnel that far! We need Otto's help. He's in
Windia. By the way, who's that with you?
Tristam: Tristam at your service. I'm a treasure hunter.
Spencer: You don't say. Listen, I recently heard a rumor about some
amazing armor...
Tristam: Let's go! Sorry Benjamin, I'm going treasure hunting with him. Later!
Tristam and Spencer begin to walk away
Benjamin: Tristam! Spencer!
Tristam demonstrates his Claw weapon he obtained in the Bone Dungeon
Tristam: I almost forgot. I'll give you this Dragon Claw. Don't worry,
it's on me. Bye!
Benjamin recieves the Dragon Claw from Tristam, and he walks off. Phoebe comes walking in shortly after.
Phoebe: Grandpa just won't slow down! Well, maybe I'll use a bomb to
move this dirt.
Phoebe walks north...
Benjamin: Phoebe, you shouldn't fiddle with that...
There's an explosion, and Phoebe comes back running. Quickly, they exit Spencer's cave, and it colapses behind them.
Phoebe: The tunnel collapsed! I have to tell Grandpa. Take care of Kaeli for me!
Phoebe wlalks off, leaving Benjamin by himself, who decides to see if Kaeli is awake yet.
Benjamin: Kaeli! You're well!
Kaeli: Yes, but did you hear about my Dad?
Benjamin: Yeah, Spencer told me. He said I should see Otto in Windia,
and I was hoping you'd come too.
Kaeli joins Benjamin, and they go back to where the giant tree was, in the Alive Forest
Kaeli: Oh great tree spirit of the forest, please let us through to Windia!
Tree: I'll let you through if you can whack the monsters inside of me.
Benjamin: If that's the way you want it!
The tree opens up, allowing Kaeli and Benjamin to enter. They fight their way through the tree, and eventually meet up with a Chimara-looking creature, which they defeat with little difficulty.
Tree: I am grateful to you for beating those monsters! Allow me to carry you!
The tree takes Kaeli and Benjamin to a more suitable location, where they may reach Windia easily. Before going to Windia, they stop in at the Kaidge Temple, where they find the old man.
Old Man: Captain Mac will tell you about the Prophecy.
They continue to Windia, to find Otto. They enter a house with a man in it
Benjamin: Excuse me, are you Otto?
Man: Later, later...
Benjamin gets a questioning look on his face
Man: My daughter Norma went to the Tower up north using my Rainbow Road.
But the powerful wind from Mt. Gale broke the road-making machine.
Norma's stuck there until the winds die down.
Kaeli: Benjamin, let's keep on going. The Crystal of Wind might be in
that mountain.
Kaeli and Benjamin begin climbing Mount Gale. When they reach the summit, they find a monster there.
Benjamin: So you're the one who's draining the Crystal of Wind's power!
Monster: Nah, it's Pazuzu. But you'll never meet him!
A battle begins, however Benjamin and Kaeli are victorious. They go back to Windia, where the wind has stopped blowing. They check back in with Otto
Otto: The wind has suddenly stopped. I'll try to make the Rainbow Road!
Otto goes upstars, and there's some noise. He comes back down
Otto: It worked!
Benjamin: Otto, we're going to save Norma and the Crystal!
Otto: Wait! In the Tower, you'll see switches on even-numbered floors.
Flick the switches with your Axe. Then the elevator won't go past that floor!
Taking this advice, Benjamin and Kaeli go north, to Pazuzu's Tower. They see a girl waiting on a platform.
Benjamin: Are you Norma?
Norma: I was so afraid no one would find me, but now I can go home!
Benjamin: Your Dad's waiting for you.
Norma exits the tower for Windia. Kaeli and Benjamin slowly climb and fight their way through the tower, until they meet up with Pazuzu himself.
Pazuzu: Playtime's over! Prepare to meet your doom! And you can forget
about Captain Mac!
A battle ensues, however the pair are victorious once again. They board Pazuzu's elevator, and ride it to the top where the Crystal of Wind awaits. They then go back down, towards Windia, where they talk to Otto
Benjamin: We still have Captain Mac to worry about. Spencer said you'd help...
Reuben enters the building
Benjamin: Reuben! Are you okay?
Reuben: Yeah! And guess what I found when I fell? A stairway to the top
of the Focus Tower!
Benjamin: Stairway?!
Otto: I've got it! If we refill the dry lake, we can save Captain Mac!
Benjamin: How?
Otto: Go to Spencer's tunnel. Set a bomb there, and the water from the
Upper Lake will spill into the dry lake!
Benjamin: But Spencer's tunnel has caved in.
Otto: There is one way... If you power the Rainbow Road Machine with
Thunder Rock, you can reach Spencer's Place!
Reuben: Dad will know about this!
Benjamin: Kaeli, would you take care of Norma? Reuben and I know the
Focus Tower well, so we'll be back from Fireburg in no time.
Kaeli: Of course.
So Reuben and Benjamin go to Fireburg to see Reuben's Dad about the Thunder Rock
Benjamin: Arion, you ever heard of Thunder Rock?
Arion: Of course! Wait a second. Here. Take it.
Benjamin recieved the Thunder Rock
Arion: Okay, knock 'em out!
So with Thunder Rock in hand, Reuben and Benjamin go back to Windia to see Otto
Otto: Found some Thunder Rock, huh?
Otto takes the Thunder Rock, and goes upstairs to where the Rainbow Machine is with it. He returns several seconds later
Otto: Power up completed! Now you can go to Spenser's Place!
The pair walk the Rainbow Road into Spenser's Place
Reuben: Let's blow that area up with a Mega Grenade.
Reuben throws a grenade at the wall, and it opens up, allowing the water to flow into the dry lake. Also, a ship drifts from where it was dry docked onto another piece of land.
Benjamin: We did it!
Reuben: Let's tell Kaeli.
Reuben and Benjamin go back to Windia to tell Kaeli
Benjamin: It worked! The ship is afloat.
Kaeli: Thanks. I'll head there now!
Benjamin: But the ship's full of monsters. Let us go first.
Kaeli: Give this Captain Cap to Dad when you find him. Then he'll know
I'm coming.
Benjamin recieved the Captain Cap. Using the Mobius Crest, they teleport to the island that Mac's Ship drifted to. They enter the ship and start hacking their way through the monsters that have taken it over. Eventually Reuben and Benjamin make it down to the hold, where Mac is waiting.
Mac: Is...Isn't th...that my Captain Cap?!
Benjamin: Kaeli asked us to give it to you. Are you okay?
Kaeli enters the room, much to Mac's suprise
Kaeli: Dad! I was worried about you. You look awful...
Mac: I'm...okay, but I have some bad news... The Dark King...Prophecy...
Kaeli: Dad, tell us about the Prophecy later! Let's cure your wounds in Windia first.
Mac: But...
Kaeli and Mac exit the room to Windia. All of a sudden, Reuben colapses, then recovers himself
Reuben: I'm okay. I guess I haven't recovered from that fall off the bridge.
Benjamin: Reuben! Let's go to Windia and put you to bed!
Reuben and Benjamin exit the ship, back on the dock, when Tristam and Spencer appear
Spencer: There you are!
Benjamin: Spencer! Phoebe's been looking for you.
Spencer: I met her at the Inn in Windia, and now she wants to see you.
We're done here.
Let's go!Tristam: Right! See you again, kid!
Reuben and Benjamin go to the Inn at Windera, where Phoebe is waiting
Benjamin: Reuben's hurt!
As if on cue, Reuben colapses, then slowly recovers again
Phoebe: I'm suprised you made it here with such a bad wound! Off to bed
with you.
Reuben slowly makes his way to the room at the inn, but not before colapsing, then picking himself up, yet again
Phoebe: Benjamin, you need to hear Mac's news. You're not going to like it...
They go upstairs to where Mac is resting
Benjamin: What can be so important?
Mac: I've discovered a lost part of the Prophecy.
Benjamin gets a questioning look on his face
Mac: "The one behind the 4 is darker than the night, and rises midst the
land!" You've saved the Crystals, but our real enemy is the Dark King.
He's in the Focus Tower. Reach the Tower with my ship. I owe that Dark
King one...
And so Phoebe board Mac's Ship, and sail towards the base of the Focus Tower. There, they climb to the top of the Doom Castle, where they find astatue
Statue: ... Benjamin, Phoebe, Knights of Light... We Crystals now
entrust you with our power.
There is a flash of light, and a door to the north opens. Entering the door, they walk along to confront what only could be the Dark King
Benjamin: Dark King, we meet at last...
Dark King: Indeed, and now you will serve me...
Benjamin: I don't think so! We won't allow you to ruin our World.
Dark King: Alas, silly humans, I must share a terrible secret! That
Prophecy? Ages ago I started that rumor! Welcome to the power of Darkness!
And so the Dark King engages our two heroes, however while fightingalong...
Dark King: How amusing. Is that all you can muster?
And the Dark King transforms into a multi-armed version of himself, with many different weapons. The heroes fight on until...
Dark King: Grr... Now see what I realy am!
The Dark King turns into a Giant Spider. While fighting, he transforms once more, then eventualy the last, fatal, blow is dealt, and the Dark King is defeated
Benjamin: Yes, yes!! We defeated the Dark King!
Phoebe: At last! It's all over!
Suddenly the mysterious old man on his cloud appears, and slowly transforms into a Crystal.
Crystal: Disguised as a human I, the Crystal of Light, have guided you.
Evil can't thrive if you keep hope alive, use your courage, and respect
your World. A bright future awaits you now. Go, and enjoy all the World
has to offer.
Benjamin: Thank you!
We see Mac's Ship sailing back to dock, then we open back up in Windia, in Otto's house
Otto: Benjamin! You say the Dark King was the problem, and you beat him?!
Benjamin: But of course! Say, what's become of Reuben and Captain Mac?
Otto: They're fine! They've already headed home.
Benjamin: Great. Sometime I'll drop by and say "Hi!"
Next we stop in Foresta, at Kaeli's house
Kaeli: You're safe! What are you going to do now?
Benjamin: Hey, maybe you can answer that. Mac, how about lending me that
ship? I need a little more adventure in my life...
Kaeli is rather worried about this
Benjamin: Don't worry, Kaeli!
Mac: Alright. But let me see if it's still seaworthy
Kaeli's Mom: Don't forget your Cap again!
Next we're in Aquaria, in Spencer's cave
Benjamin: Spencer! You still digging?
Spencer: Yep. All because of you guys!
Benjamin: Anybody seen Tristam?
Spencer: That jerk... He's gone treasure hunting again!
Benjamin: Well, tell him I said "Hi!"
Now we're in Fireburg, in the Hotel, where Reuben is on stage
Reuben: How's it going?Bengamin: Reuben! Couldn't be better!
Reuben: Why don't we hang out in this town?
Benjamin: No way! I'm off for more adventure in Captain Mac's ship.
Reuben: At least let me see you off!
Now we're back at the dock, where Captain Mac's ship awaits. Everyone else is here, excluding Tristam.
Mac: The ship's better than new!
Benjamin: Thanks, Mac.
Kaeli's Mom: Three cheers for Captain Benjamin!
Otto: Wait until you see my next invention!
Girl: Can you come over again?
Arion: Have a good trip!
Girl: Do it up while you're young!
Reuben: Ithink I've had all the adventure I can stand!
Spencer: How about taking me along? You'll need an expert treasure hunter!
Phoebe: You don't know what you're saying, Grandpa! You'll be back in no
time. See the World for me!
Kaeli: We're going to miss you.
Benjamin walks closer to the ship
Benjamin: I'm going to miss you, too. Farewell!
Benjamin boards the ship, as everyone seems him off. We see the ship sailing away... when all of a sudden... Tristam walks onto the deck
Benjamin: What are you doing here?
Tristam: I can't resist it when I hear about an adventure... I'm going
to keep an eye on you, kid.
Benjamin: That's Benjamin, you nut!
We fade once again to the ship, sailing slowly away...