Cloud: How to get him

1. To get Cloud you must be in Chapter 4, and you must have Mustadio in your (active) party.

2. Go to the bar in Zeltennia Castle located in the Northeast part of the map. Listen to the rumor of the Cursed Island, Nelveska. When you return to the world map, you should see a path extended to the nort. Don't bother going there because you can't.

3. Buy a flower from the girl that looks like Aeris in Zarghidas Trade City.

4. Go to Goug Machine City. Mustadio and Basrodio should discover a ball-shaped machine found in No. 57 mine.

5. In the bar at Goland Coal City, listen to the rumor of the "Ghost of Colliery." There should be a reward posted.

6. Go to Lesalia Imperial Capital. When you talk with Beowulf, take him into your party.

7. Go to Goland Coal City, and there will be three battles you'll have to face in the underground floors of Colliery. Now, when the fourth battle begins, you will need to protect the Holy Dragon. At the end of the battle, the Holy Dragon will join your party, and you should receive the Aquarius Zodiac Stone from Beowulf.

8. When you go back to Goug Machine City, the fearsome Steel Giant will violently transform from the steel ball.

9. Go to Nelveska Temple (the place which you could not go to before) and once there you'll fight a robot and get another Zodiac Stone and the Holy Dragon will transform into the Dragoneer.

10. Return to Goug once again. The new Zodiac Stone will allow the usage of the time machine, which will summon Cloud into the new world. Unfortually he will run off but don't worry, you'll meet up with him soon.

11. If you have not already, fight your brother Dycedarg and then the monster he transforms into, Adramelk.

12. Go to Zarghidas Trade City and some thieves should be picking on Aeris, then Cloud should stand up for her and then they attack Cloud, so protect Cloud. When you get Cloud he has no weapon, but you can fix this problem.

13. Go to the active volcano at Bervenia and get into a battle. In this battle, have someone with the Move-Find Item skill. Have that person climb the highest rock tower on the battlefield, (and must have a level 3 jump or higher) and you will receive the Materia Blade the only sword that Cloud can use his Limit Breaks with. Without the sword he cannot do any of his limit breaks. Cloud has all of his limit breaks and a new one called the Cherry Blossom.