Equipment Locations

The Basics:
Gariland Magic City: knives, rods, staffs, sticks, bags, clothes, robes, hats, shuriken, balls and Broad Swords.

Castles: swords, knives, bows, spears, axes, shields, armor, and helmets.
- Some castles also sell crossbows and hammers.

Trade cities: katanas, ninja swords, dictionaries, harps, cloths, hammers, rods, sticks, staffs, bags, shields, clothes, robes, hats, shuriken, and balls.
- Also have "Fur Shops".

Goug Machine City: guns, crossbows, and balls.

All Other towns: typically: rods, sticks, staffs, bags, clothes, robes, hats, shuriken, and balls.

New Equipment in Chronological Order:
- When you have advanced to these places then the following 'new items' are added to shops at these places or places near them.

Gariland Magic City:
Broad Sword, Dagger, Oak Staff, Rod, Clothes, Leather Hat, Potion, Antidote, Eye Drop, Phoenix Down

First time at Igros Castle:
Long Sword, Mythril Knife, Bow Gun, Escoutchen, Leather Armor, Linen Cuirass, Leather Outfit, Leather Helmet, Bronze Helmet, Feather Hat, Battle Boots, Soft, Maiden's Kiss, Echo Grass

Sand Rat Cellar:
Iron Sword, Long Bow, Blind Knife, Buckler, White Staff, Thunder Rod, Ice Rod, Flame Rod, Bronze Armor, Leather Vest, Linen Robe, Iron Helmet, Red Hood, Small Mantle, Hi-Potion

Lenalia Plateau:
Mythril Sword, Mage Masher, Silver Bow, Night Killer, Battle Axe, Bronze Shield, Chain Mail, Chain Vest, Silk Robe

Chapter 2 Begins:
Ice Bow, Javelin, Round Shield, Mythril Vest, Mythril Armor, Barbuta, Headgear, Spike Shoes, Leather Mantle, Shuriken, Holy Water

Zirekile Falls:
Coral Sword, Platina Dagger, Mythril Shield, Rainbow Staff, Poison Rod, Cypress Rod, Plate Mail, Adaman Vest, Mythril Helmet, Triangle Hat, Power Wrist

First time at Lionel Castle:
Lightning Bow, Cross Bow, Great Axe, Spear, Gold Shield, Battle Bamboo, Asura Knife, Kotetsu Knife, Battle Dictionary, Ramia Harp, Ramouda Gun, Gold Armor, Wizard Outfit, Wizard Robe, Gold Helmet, Green Beret, Rubber Shoes, Defense Ring, Defense Armlet, Wizard Mantle, Fire Ball, Lightning Ball, Water Ball, Ether, Remedy

Baraius Valley:
Bizen Boat, Flail, Wizard Staff, Brigandine, Cross Helmet*, Diamond Armlet

Golgarand Execution Site:
Cross Helmet

Chapter 3 Begins:
Ancient Sword, Mythril Spear, Mythril Bow, Poison Bow, Murasame, Hidden Knife, C Bag, Ice Shield, Flame Shield, Twist Headband, Feather Boots, Magic Gauntlet, N-Kai Armlet, X-Potion
- The "Fur Shops" now become available

Lesalia Imperial Capital:
Sleep Sword, Main Gauche, Slasher, Ninja Knife, Heaven's Cloud, Flame Whip, Iron Fan, Monster Dictionary, Persia, Aegis Shield, Diamand Armor, Judo Outfit, Chameleon Robe, Diamond Helmet, Holy Miter, Germinas Boots, Jade Armlet, Elf Mantle, Magic Shuriken

Orbonne Monestary:
Diamond Sword, Orichiculm, Windslash Bow, Hunting Bow, Partisan, Short Edge, Papyrus Plate, Wizard Rod, Gold Staff, Gokou Rod, Bloody Strings, P Bag, Diamond Shield, Power Sleeve, White Robe, Black Hood, Magic Ring, 108 Gems, Hi-Ether

Yadrow Fort City:
Platinum Sword, Ninja Edge, Kiyomori, Morning Star, Cashmere, Platina Armor, Black Robe, Circlet, Platina Helmet, Gold Hairpin, Sprint Shoes, Bracer, Dracula Mantle

Chapter 4 Begins:
Ice Brand, Assassin Dagger, Muramasa, Spell Edge, Platina Shield, Carabini Mail, Earth Clothes, Angel Ring, Yagyu Darkness

Bethla Garrison:
Rune Blade, Air Knife, Oberisk, Gastrafitis, Kikuichimonji, Octogan Rod, H Bag, Crystal Shield, Crystal Mail, Reflect Mail, Black Costume, Light Robe, Crystal Helmet, Flash Hat, Red Shoes, Feather Mantle

Limberry Castle:
Thief Hat

Harder to find Equipment:
Sorlin Shape - Poach a Plague
Chaos Blade - Find in Deep Dungeon END, highest area
Defender - Steal from Meliadoul and Dycedarg; Poach a Taiju
Persus Bow - Find in Deep Dungeon VOYAGE, lower level
Blast Gun - Find in Deep Dungeon TIGER, starting corner
Dragon Whiskers - Poach a Red Dragon
Javelin (II) - Find at Nelveska Temple; Bring Worker 8 or Reis and use that unit to climb on top of the pillars. Item finder must have a Jump of at least 4.
Chirijiraden - Find in Deep Dungeon END, same area as Chaos Blade
Koga Knife - Find in Deep Dungeon Bridge, search high plateau. Jump of 4 required or use Chocobo or stepping stone trick.
Scorpin Tail - Poach a Hyudra
Kaiser Plate - Find in Deep Dungeon VALKYRIES, at second twist in map
Venetian Shield - Find in Deep Dungeon HORROR, lower level adjacent to Grand Helmet.
Escutcheon (II) - Find in Nelveska Temple on one of the pillars.
Grand Helmet - Find in Deep Dungeon HORROR on the single panel that bridges the starting point and the rest of the map.
Maximillian - Find in Deep Dungeon HORROR at the bottom of plateau that runs down the edge of the map.
Vanish Mantle - Find on the peak of Germinas Peak

For all cool items that are found with Move-Find, you need low brave on the person with Move-Find to have a good chance at obtaining the best item. If you find crap like Phoenix Down, reset and try again. All the poached items are the rare ones so the poaching trick may help. (Check the "Poaching List" section for more details.)

Traps with Hidden Stuff:
Zeklaus Desert
Thunder Rod or Hi-Potion (no trap)
Blind Knife or Phoenix Down (Steel Needle)
Battle Boots or Echo Grass (Degenerator)
Iron Sword or Potion (Sleep trap)

Fovaham Plains
Silver Bow or Phoenix Down (Steel Needle)
Night Killer or Echo Grass (Degenerator)
Battle Axe (Deathtrap)
Mythril Sword or Antidote (Sleep trap)

Bervania Volcano
Materia Blade (Deathtrap)
X-Potion or Fire Ball (Steel Needle)
X-Potion or Fire Ball (Deathtrap)
X-Potion or Fire Ball (Degenerator)