Airship minigame - I've heard of it but haven't seen it myself. How do I play it?
Unless you have a Japanese version of the game, there's no way you can play it. I don't speak Japanese and haven't played it myself, so I really don't care about the mini game myself.

Beowulf - I haven't read the saga of "Beowulf". Fill me in?
Read the damn book.. Short and sweet: Beowulf is an adventurer. He slays a beast, the beasts mother, and fifty years later attempts to slay a dragon in his old age. Wiglaf (Wiegraf is a bad translation of Wiglaf) comes to his rescue while his other men sit on their ass. Wiflaf and saves Beowulf from certain death and humiliation from dying at the hands of a dragon. Wiglaf becomes the new king.

Bervenia Volcano - Why doesn't it show up on the map?
You cannot go there until Chapter Four.

Boco's Rambling - He says "It seems like I've met him before." so does Boco transform like Reis?
Afraid not. Boco is a chocobo. Did Boco transform in FF5? Didn't think so. What makes Boco so special now? Boco is still Boco and isn't going to turn into some measily human. What Boco is actually referring to is how he fought with Weigraf at the Windmill Shed (in Chapter One).

Brave and Faith - Is it bad to make them too high or too low?
Well. If their permanent brave becomes 5 at the end of a battle, or their permanent Faith equal to 95, they will leave the party and there's nothing you can do to stop it except hitting the reset button.

Byblos - Who? Where?
He is located on the last floor of the Deep Dungeon.

Characters - How many are there?
Well. As for Secret Characters, there are just Beowulf, Reis, Worker 8, and Cloud. There are several Special Characters. Honestly, the only special characters that aren't worthless are Mustiado and Orlandu. As for Monsters, the only worthwhile ones in my opinion are Chocobos, Behemoths, Dragons. Byblos is pretty damn good too.

Cid - There's one in every other game, who is he in FFT?
Pay attention to the storyline. Orlandu is Cid.

Cloud - How do I get him?
Check out the "Cloud" section on this site. It will explain in greater detail. It does not matter what order you complete things in order to get him. It's pretty much impossible not to - unless you dismiss one of the required special characters that are needed to get him.

Dark Knight - Can you get this specific class with any character/special character?
No. -Ever heard of Gameshark?

Draw Out - As a Samurai, I have the abilities learned but can't use them?
You must have atleast one un-equipped samurai sword by the same name of the skill in order to use the skill. For example, you want to use "Muramasa" samurai skill. Well, the only way you can is if you have atleast one "Muramasa" katana not equipped on anyone. Also, you can use any specific Samurai skill for as many times as you have available katanas - because the katana becomes destroyed if you use it in an ability (which cannot be helped).

Escutcheon II - And just how exactly do I get this?
I'd suggest checking out the "Equipment Locations" section on the site. It can explain better.

Grog Hill - The Wizard asks me if I have read the Germonk Scriptures. Does it matter what I say or If I have?
Other than what his response is to whether you say yes or no.. It will have no other impact on the game.

Job Classes - What bonus do you get if you master all of them?
Other than flexing your Squaresoft muscles to your friends.. You receive no bonus.

Mime - How do you become one?
You need to have your character's classes to be a minimum of: Lv. 8 Squire & Chemist, Lv. 4 Geomancer, Lancer, Mediator, & Summoner

Monster Breeding - How do I get a level three monster?
For example, a level one chocobo is yellow, level two is a black chocobo, and three is a red chocobo. Let the level one or two monsters stay in your party. The more you walk around on the map, the more days that pass, and after so many days the monsters lay eggs and new monsters are born. Sometimes what hatches is a monster that is one level higher (Yellow lays an egg, Black choco pops out, etc). Level one monsters cannot lay eggs that produce Level three monsters. However, Level Two and Three monsters can lay all three levels of monster eggs.

Monster Friends - How do I get a monster to join my party?
Use the Mediator's "Invititation" skill or the "Train" ability. As a side note, there is a storyline part where you can get a chocobo named "Boco".

Mustiado - I dismissed him without knowing I needed him in order to get other special characters. Now what?
Heheh, you're screwed. There's no way to get back any specific character once you dismiss them.

Nelveska Temple - I didn't get the Sasuke Knife/Escutcheon/Ultimate Javelin, but got something else. Uh?
It's random that you step on the space with move-find ability equipped, and receive an item or special item. It's random that the item you get is a good or bad item. It's random that you get either a really good javelin or crappy one. The lower your brave, the better your odds of getting the better item.

Squire - Why isn't Ramza a master Squire eventhough I have learned all of his abilities?
He hasn't learned Ultima yet. Check out the "Learn Ultima" section on this site.

Transparent -What the hell is the ability good for?
Yes, all you have to do is get physically harmed and the transparency fades away. The plus side is that it is the equivalent to "concentrate"(the archer ability). This allows you to have a 100% success rate of physical attacks on anyone and anything for as long as you are transparent. Pretty nifty.

Treasure Hunter - What do I gain by completing propositions at bars, gaining treasure items?
You gain Treasure Hunter levels. It's just a side-quest 'game' that has no affect on any gameplay or bonuses. It's really just to show off to your friends or feel better about yourself that your list is longer than so-and-so who also has played it. As a side note, the different colored Materias that you can gain from Treasure Hunting also have no bearing on the game, and do not affect Cloud in any way.

Ultima - How do you get it?
After Chapter Four, Ramza as a Squire must have it cast on him. The most reasonable way to get it is from an Ultima Demon.

Ultima Demon - I can't seem to ever successfully "Invite" one into my party. Uh?
That's because you aren't supposed to be able to have one in your party. The storyline for one would back this up. They are the devil's spawn, and ultimately the theme of the game is good vs evil. Why would you want the evil's king's pets running around in your party?

Zalbag - I want him in my party. How do I get him?
Despite the fact that he was a 'guest' in your party in the storyline battles for a short time, doesn't mean that you will automatically get him in your party as a permanent/playable character. Regardless, no, you cannot have him in your party (without a Gameshark).

Zodiac Ramza - Does it matter what sign Ramza has?
The only thing that his Zodiac sign affects in the entire game is the compatibility with other characters, as far as success rates of certain actions/abilites is concerned. His Zodiac sign has absolutely no bearing on level-up stat gains. See the "Leveling Bonus" section for more info about stat gains.

Zodiac Stones - What is the importance of the Zodiac stones?
If you've played the game all the way through and still have no clue, I offer you two things: Replay the game all over again and pay more attention to the storyline. Second, the stones serve no purpose other than storyline. They affect no character, equipment, stat bonuses, etc. There is only one "required" stone, which is actually optional via a side quest, but you need it to get Cloud. See the "Cloud" section for more details.