Infinite Items

The only 'downside' to this trick is that it actually costs you some money,
but the flip side is that you can have as many 'special' items as you want without
going through the hassle of constant poaching or stealing. Here's how it works:
The Trick:
- The weapon/shield that you want to duplicate must be stronger than any other weapon/shield that the shop sells.
- The character's armor must be better than anything that the shop sells. (so it isn't replaced by "best fit" option.)
- Equip what you want to duplicate and go to the shop's fitting room.
- "Try on" something in the opposing hand of what you have equipped. (what you have equipped is what you want to duplicate.)
- This should make the item you want duplicated to disappear out of your hand.
- Select and confirm "Best Fit".
- Your character should have back on his original equipment when you entered the shop.

- You should now have a duplicate item of what you wanted duplicated.. It should have worked.

To duplicate Katanas, use Orlandu to do this trick. Make sure his current Job Class is "Holy Knight".