Jobs, Lands, & Treasures

At various towns on the world map, you can go in to bars and ask for a job. At each job, you can either receive a big money reward for completing the job-task or almost nothing at all, with the random chance of receiving a treasure as well. Some locations that you are required to go to complete a job will uncover a new unexplored land. Below are the descriptions and titles of all Jobs, Unexplored Lands, and Treasures you can find in the game Final Fantasy Tactics.
There are also various story line sequences that will gain you some of these treasures as well.

Highwind Salvage Trade ship Highwind shipwrecked 20 sectas off of Jiris Bay. The company's next big hit, "Choco-Bun" was on board. At first, sabotage by their rivals was suspected, but it was found to be an accident and a successful recovery saved the business. Salvage Tour Thoughts Lesalia Tours held a 'Sunken Ship Salvage Trout'. It gave us chance to join in the salvaging of ships, many children participated. Luckily, they discovered a sunken ship, (probably set by the company) and the recovery was successful. Sailor Tour Thoughts Thompson Service of Yardow put on a 'Sailor Tour'. This gave commoners the chance to experience being a sailor. Participants ranged from small children to the elderly. They found this was no easy task. All were exhausted, but pleased with the experience. Enterprise Salvage The Larner Channel, between Ivalice and Romanda, is famous for its fast currents and danger for ships. The trade ship, 'Enterprise', is one that sunk here. This ship was owned by Nobles, but now there's no need to know why they hid this fact. Attractive Workplace? The Zeltennia Salvage Association, is searching for sailors. They've been subsiding their operations, since an internal corruption scandal. It's the first time in several years they've been hiring. It's only temporary employment, but the contract seems sure for a company that's been inactive for several years. It was an interesting job from a company rife with rumors. Hindenburg Salvage It's been confirmed the trade ship 'Hindenburg' of the Zaland Trade Company shipwrecked 16 sectas off of Oval Bay. A slavage company wasn't used due to their high cost. Many ships wreck or are run aground in this area. We know the salvage company is using fact to their advantage by the way they treated us. Falcon Salvage It's been confirmed that the envoy, Falcon, carrying gifts to the continent, has sunk in the West Baguros Sea. It sunk during a storm, losing all of its passengers. Emmissary Hamilton of Yardow, also believed to be among them, sunk with the ship and it's cargo. This further illustrates the perils of sea travel. Legend of Heroic King Rumors said the ship of King Mesa, Savior of the people, was sunk off the coast of Goug. We successfully recovered the ship, but upon further investigation, it seemed to be another ship. We checked with an informant and he confirmed it was a ship from the Estor Trading Company, in Goug. We were tricked... Doga Salvage It's been confirmed that the trade ship 'Doga' was shipwrecked 40 sectas off of Kanen Bay. It had many valuable goods in its cargo. Those in charge were distressed by the accident. We recovered the ship, but 90num of the goods were ruined...a huge loss for the company. Envoy Ship of Lionel Castle The ship carrying an informer from Lionel Castle was attacked and sunk by a group of pirates. It was thought to be carrying valuable cargo. But when we got to it, many other salvagers were there. We salvaged the ship, and investigated it immediately. We found treasure in one passenger room, and we kept it. Luxurious ship salvage A ship carrying goods to be donated to the Zaland Embassy has been shipwrecked. It sank during a storm and was found to have been completely destroyed. Many of the items were priceless showing the good feelings between the two. But since the incident relations between the embassy and its government have cooled. Lost Ancient Writings Ancient Writings have been stolen from the Gariland University of magic. According to witnesses, the suspect was a male in his 30s. He was last seen leaping from a 2nd floor window at the University, escaping by ferry. Sadly, the ferry wrecked and that's the reason for the salvage. We weren't able to recover the ancient scripts. Maybe the current caught them and they drifted out to sea...? Good Workplace and Job? The Yardow Salvage Guild, located in Yardow Fort City, is recruiting sailors. They said they were offering high wages for light work, so we took the job. But, it was the opposite. We worked from dawn to dusk with minimal wages. There aren't any easy jobs. Salvage in Riovanes! Gredia Island is located 15 sectas off of Riovanes Bay. Due to its strong currents and shallow waters, this area's known for shipwrecks. But since it's the shortest rout to Riovanes, many ships sail through here unaware of the danger. This ship we're currently salvaging, must be one of them. Vessel of Istanbul Another ship's wrecked near Gredia Island 15 sectas off Riovanes Bay. This ship, the 'Philedelphia', was owned by the Istanbul Trading Company. It's unregistered and contained lots of drugs smuggled from the continent. The estimated value is around 7 million gil. Douing Salvage The trade ship, 'Douing' has been found shipwrecked 35 sectas off Seijita Bay. It was transporting a birthday gift to the president of the Galesta trading Company. We decided to salvage it, after seeing the look of disappointment on Holeska, the manager's, face. We recovered the gift, and Holeska said, ' save my job...'. Mining Tour Thoughts Lesalia Tour, located in the Imperial Capital, sponsored a 'Mine Excavation Tour'. It gave commoners a rare chance to excavate an abandoned mine. Many children from the coast participated. An ore deposit, and treasure were excavated making this a successful event. Miner's Tour Thoughts Thompson Service, located in Yardow, sponsored a 'Miner's Tour'. It gave commoners a rare chance to experience mining life. Participants included men and women. It showed the hardships of being a miner, and all came away with a respect for their work. Letter to the Family Several years ago, a hidden ore vein was found in the abandoned, Coldman Mines. It was revealed in a will, written by Topa, a former miner at the mine. We contacted the family to confirm this, but the will had been stolen. We suspect Gordon, the informer, stole the will. Luckily, the rights to the mine were returned to the Topas. Miner's Tour Repeated! Thompson Tours, located in Yardow, sponsored a 'Miner's Tour'. Capitalizing on the success of the prior tour, a new area with a higher degree of difficulty was selected this time. But, a participant named Gotch (age 9 at the time) discovered an ore deposit on a hunch. Anything's possible! Miners are wanted for the reopening of the Ural mines. Mining was to begin again, after being suspended due to an accident. They are eager to restart mining and make up for lost work. The miners encountered a huge stone, but through their combined efforts they moved it, reminding them all that anything is possible. Guide to Miners There was a cave-in at the Oh mines. This mine has been known for its gold veins. It's been reported that expansion, due to the discovery of gold, caused the infrastructure of the mine to weaken. 10 People died in the accident. But the mine has not taken responsibility for the accident, continuing to mine it... Miner's Day Off The Dukatia mines are looking for miners. The mine hires whenever a new ore deposit's found and lays off when it gets slow. But experts say no workers have been fired since the last finding, and they believe this must be a gold deposit. Girl of Flame!? Gulg Volcano, inactive for over 5000 years has been designated as a danger area for some time and no one's ever come this close to it. The lava was flowing, and the girl was in the intense heat. Residents say a little girl accidently fell into the volcano many years ago. We built a little shrine there to pray for her soul. The First One Back We finally returned from the Maze of No Return! Now we know why no one's ever returned. It's because of its topography and layout, made to mix up ones sense of direction. It must've been made by very meticulous people. But we made it back by picking out a landmark and beat the legendary Maze of No Return! Behind the Cliff We conquered the Himka cliffs! We can verify the top of the Cliffs, are often covered by clouds. We did it while mining ore, on top was a wide field, with an enormous tree at the far end. We're not sure, but this tree might be the legendary Yugdrasil, also known as the 'World Tree'. We've seen one of the mysteries of the world. Meet with the Unknown The Lord was seen at God Canyon! We were excavating in God ravine, searching for ore. When we dug about 30 sectas, we found a Catacomb. Then a man with light beaming from his clothes appeared in front of us as we built a shrine and prayed before it. We stood speechless and the man disappeared into the distance. Was it God...? One Activity Mining has restarted for a limited time at the abandoned Balbak mines. Due to rumors of a hidden ore deposit, mining restarted to see if the rumors were true. Of course we participated and during the mining, a miner said, 'It's like the Gold Rush returned'. What did he see in this ruined old mine... Fight of the Miners They're looking for miners at the Dukatia mines again. Several days after their first hirings, we disguised ourselves as miners and took the job. We were cautiously screened for the job, and led in a group of miners to the bottom of the mine. After our investigation, we found the rumors of a new gold deposit to be true. Ghost Staffs The Rolade Ore Company went bankrupt, making the Mythril mine their last project. The miners there revealed there was a sealed door at the bottom, in the northern section of the mine. We believed it leads to a secret ore deposit. We checked it out immediately. Entering through a dungeon area, we opened a huge door. Through there, we saw a ghost miner mining and huge ore... Tears of an Ex-miner Mt. Urvos... Mining towns and people were plentiful here during the Gold Rush, years back. But after the ore ran out, all 15 towns in the area were deserted. Now its history is washed away by the rears of a middle-aged, ex-miner at the bar... 15 Black Knights During the Fifty Year war robbery and murder were common. Governments formed independent militia to combat the problems. Ex-war heroes were hired for the militia. A group known as the '15 Black Knights' was formed. Said to have been trapped and killed at Devil's Ravine by bandits, there is a rumor that black armored knights are sometimes seen in this area. What do the pieces of black ore laying around the area mean...? After the Discovery Race Dorter Trade City travel bureau sponsered a 'Hunt'. This was a contest to search for ancient ruins in various regions of Ivalice. Whoever found the secret finds first won. The participants were only allowed to use various scriptures, legends, and documents. The participants had a hard time in their search, due to the limit. Things at Lake bottom A ancient legendary monster at Poeskas Lake!? What was that mysterious black shadow that appeared before us, when we were exploring Poeskas Lake...? The experts say that the lake was a part of the sea, closed off by geological activity in the area. It is believed that this monster is the water dragon, Possy, who was trapped in the lake. This certainly was a mysterious job. After 2nd Discovery Race Due to the popularity of the first one, the Dorter Trade City travel bureau sponsered a 2nd 'Hunt'. The second one was also full of participants. Vehicles were allowed in this second race, so the search area widened. We rented a Chocobo Car near the starting area. We found an ancient ruin in this race as well. Thing at Myst. Frontier Locals believe the Lenalia Plateau is a 'magic frontier'. Local legends say 'A devil will descend upon Lenalia as the world goes to hell'. But the plateau we saw was peaceful, the complete opposite of the myth. On the road back, however, I thought there was something behind us...!? After 3rd Discovery Race Based on the success of the first two, Dorter Trade City travel bureau sponsered a 3rd 'Hunt'. This one also was full of participants. Some were concerned over the expansion of the search area, but once the race started, all were eager to search. The next race will be held after all the information of newly discovered ancient ruins are gathered. Thing in Deep Forest Sweegy Woods... An important area connecting Gariland and Dorter. Only recently cleared for travel due to bandits in Lenalia Plateau, this area is still relatively unknown. We discovered an area based on our secret sources. Thing at Bed Desert The day we left on our exploration we heard of a 'demon in Bed Desert'. At the end of each month a monster called 'Sandworm' appears in an enormous tornado engulfing the area with darkness while the tornado isolates desert from the outside world. Is this to protect the area, or some sort of message to the human race...? Thing at Zeklaus Desert Adventurer Ramzen is a man of the continent. He seems to have entered Ivalice by land. He has an huge adventure corps and is well known on the continent. We joined his corps as guides, to search for hidden areas. We headed for Zeklaus Desert, and found a secret ruin. Over Mountain Pass After receiving information from a farmer, we headed for Doguola Pass, There, we saw a mysterious ceremony by a group of farmers. They were dancing in a circle, around an Elemental. Later, we found out it was a festival, once an ancient ritual. It has nothing to do with the ruins we found over the pass, but seemed worth mentioning. Discovery Tour Thoughts We participated in the Hunt. This tour focused on hidden areas, giving hope in a chaotic time. With more people than expected, we split into 10 groups and started at dawn. Searching in the uncharted land, a new discovery was made of ruins of an ancient culture, deep in the jungle... Thing in the Swamps We headed for Zigolis Swamp. A poisonous swamp left by the Fifty Year War to remind us of the terrors of the war. On the way home, we saw something unexpected. A Selseta plant growing in the shadows of the swamp... Will this area be full of selseta plants when our children grow up...? Maze of Ancient People Professor Joshua has studied labyrinths for over 50 years, and he believes that the labyrinth that goes through Marquis Colins under-ground dungeon, is from an ancient race. The labyrinth was built to protect the civilization, and is full of complex aisles. Under the direction of the professor, we discovered a new and unexplored ruin, deep inside the labyrinth. Join the Adventurer Team The search group, led by Bashon, explores regions unknown and introduces the area to the people in the city. The most recent exploration was a big one, but reaffirmed her leadership abilities. We recorded every detail of the find of a new ancient ruin. We're looking forward to it being published. Report! It is true! Receiving information on a unexplored ruin, we headed for the mountains. Covered in a dense fog, the area seemed beautiful, like a that of fairytales. But this area was also affected by the war. It's better not to say what we saw, letting you see it for yourself. This sight would make you forget the joy of discovering a new ruin. Merchants' Worries! 'With faith, everything will become clear.' This is not necessarily true for the unexplored areas. Our informant, a merchant named Bibid, believes the world revolves around money and has no faith. After hearing about the new found ruin, he fled out of the bar. Let's hope he has learned life isn't all about money, after hearing our story... In the Mist... A mysterious place where it rains year round. The rain is neither heavy nor light but pleasant drops that sooth minds tormented by battles. Mt. Bekuta is known for its fog, due to its high ground temperatures. Legend has it a white devil dwelled here because of its conditions. We found a hidden area and left this oasis of the soul, for battle. Wyberns Annihilated! Authorities have said the 'Golden Gotsko' has taken over the bandits, 'The Wyberns'. Considered a first-rate criminal, Gotsko's committed numerous crimes and is believed to be involved in the abduction of a member of the royal family. The kingdom has placed a price on his head. We suppressed his attack, and received a reward from Priest Palcino. Wild Kingdom A monster's been terrorizing the Bervenia region. Behemoth has killed approximately 30 farmers, including Cassandra. We beat it, but if showed us the brutal aspect of nature. What's going to happen? Battle! Demon Lylis The main product of the Vaccas Brewery is 'Vaccas Liquor' made from Vacca fruit. This brewery's been under attack due to the sweet smell of its product. A monster bandit group led by Demon Lylis attacked for that reason. We beat Lylis and now their liquor should reach those in Ivalice. Father and Child Inspired by the 'Royal Family's Reward', we went to get dragon fangs. After beating the dragon in a fierce battle, we were about to take its fangs. Then, we were surrounded by troops. Prince McEnroe took the fang and disappeared leaving a bag of sorts. His desire to gain his child's respect moved us... Whisper Grass in Dark After passing through a small, labyrinth outside Warjilis, we came upon a giant underground lake. Feeling something was behind us, we turned and saw, Red Mash. We beat it and saw a 'Whisper Plant', known to only bloom once every 1000 years. Was is it protecting this exotic flower? Battle! Whirlwind Karz! 'Whirlwind Karz' the serial criminal who robbed over 765 times, has finally been caught! Getting information Karz was in Zarghidas, we set out to get him. After a hard battle, we caught him with the help of a Black Ninja. After the battle, the Ninja was no where to be found, but according to witnesses, he was the informant, who was sold the information on Karz. Crime of Ct. Minimum! We have uncovered the criminal acts of Count Minimum! After beating 'Assault Door', who held the way to the Count's door, the authorities and ourselves made an investigation. We found a large number of coins, and other documents in his basement. It would take too long to give all the details on the documents, but this destroyed his chances of getting elected as Mayor of Dorter City. Battle! Assault Cave! 'Assault Cave' possessed the Ural mines, where a large mythril vein was being mined. 'Assault Caves' normally dwell in 'natural' caves, and it's rare to find them in artificial caves, like Ural. They say the forbidden beast, Adamantaimai was found in these mines long ago. Miners believe 'Assault Cave' possessed the mine as Adamantaimai's curse. A rare incident indeed... That is not the Aim! An outlaw Zero sighting! Zero was seen in the area tonight! He was after Viscount Bafai. Disguising himself as security, he made his way into the mansion and left with art, cash, and treasures. We chased him through the garden, but he got away in a puff of white smoke. But, he left a note and a treasure. Seeing that no one was around, we took the treasure and left... Too Naive! An outlaw Zero sighting! Zero was seen in the area tonight! He was after Baron Basanda. Disguising himself as a servant, he made his way into the mansion several days ago. He left with art, cash, and treasures. He escaped leaving a note and a treasure again. Seeing that no one was around, we took the treasure and left... Pleasure of Goddess An outlaw Zero sighting! Zero was seen in the area tonight! He was after Baron Bakord. Authorities believed he was after works of art, so they focused attention on the trophy room. But, he got into the mansion as a gardener, and left with art, cash, and treasures. We took the treasure again, and left... Women held in arms... An outlaw Zero sighting! Zero was seen in the area tonight! He was after Magic Duke Bamjik. Sneaking into the mansion as a cook, he left with cash and treasures. The Duke likes great works of art, but Zero didn't take any. Authorities are currently trying to find out what was behind this burgulary. What does he want? Bye, Noble of Darkness! We finally know Zero's motives. He's after the legendary Mashim gold coin. It belonged to the grandfather of Sheila, who's just been targeted by Zero. Sheila's desire to have the coin back in the family was the cause of all this. Leaving, Zero said, 'As long as there' injustice and people have hope, Zero shall appear again!'. At the Hilltop Mansion? The 'Kimera', once thought to be extinct, has reappeared. A Kimera is a synthetic monster, cloned from many different animals. Since this monster is man-made, it cannot regenerate itself. Residents say someone resurrected it with ancient magic. After an 8 hour battle to the finish, we finally beat Kimera. Unfortunate Monsters A pet turned monster. This incident was caused by a freak accident by the pet's owner, Adia Luka (age 18 at the time). The mutation was done by ancient family scriptures found by Adia. After the former pet was destroyed, she confessed the incident was her doing. Promising never to do this again, she was released... Fiar's Intentions! The pirate family, Buranar have been beaten! The family that had terrorized a local fishing village has finally been destroyed! They kidnapped villagers, keeping them from reporting to the authorities. But because of the bravery of a little girl named Fiar (age 10 at the time), the authorities were notified and the Buranar family was beaten. Back then... Bitz, owner of a lodge in Zeltennia, has been tormented by the death of his son, Garua (age 6), who died in an accident. We learned from a specialist that Garua continues to live in Bitz's mind. This is the beginning of a mysterious job. Rescue of Cornelia! We learned that Cornelia, daughter of Baron Katasto, was kidnapped. The suspect, calling himself 'Jack the Ripper' is demanding the Katasto family treasure for her ransom. When he appeared to get his ransom, we beat him. The kidnaper turned out to be Bob, gardener for the Katasto mansion. We found the scheme was planned by Cornelia, who wanted her parents to settle their differences. Return of Pappal! The son of McEnroe's been kidnapped. There are 3 male suspects, who call themselves the 'Anti-Noble Federation'. The authorities called for an independent investigation, as did McEnroe, who hired his own investigators. Through cooperation between the two groups, the hideout was found. Papal, the boy, was rescued after the apprehension of the kidnappers. The kidnappers were demanding the abolition of the Noble social system. Ultimate Atavism Carrot, a Morbol, owned by the Zamas family, has been missing (5 months old at the time). While we were on a break in the hills behind the count's mansion, we found her. According to experts, a Morbol returns as a primitive life form every 4 generations. This incident taught us the instincts of the wild. Thoughts of a Doll We investigated the voices coming from the old mansion outside of Lesalia. They were coming from a child's room on the 2nd floor in the back. A doll was crying in a dark room. After a thorough check, we learned a whole family perished in a fare at this mansion. Was the doll crying for its owner...? Letter from distant We investigated a floating object off the beach at Gariland. There were various things on the beach. Most were trash dumped in the ocean from the land. But a small bottle caught our eye. There was a note inside, but we were unable to read t like the other trash in the area because it was written in a language of the continent, but we felt as though it was trying to tell us something. Battle! Mud Man! We headed towards a town, on the outskirts of Goug, to beat a monster in an old well. At the bottom of the dark and musty well the monster was covered with mud. After we beat it, a nomad appeared from within it. He was possessed by the monster, when he took shelter in the well. Everything turned out for the best. Darkness of Eternal Way We headed for the castle town of Zeltennia to investigate reports of a suspicious man appearing in the dark of night. We pursued a suspicious man we found on a moonlit night. Realizing we were in an unfamiliar area. This 'Black-caped man', cast a spell of eternal darkness on us. But, with courage and faith, we were able to break the spell and beat the mysterious man. Demon Golem We investigated the old mansion in Limberry. There, we saw strange looking giant mechanical tools. They wre making a doll 4 sectas high. The Golem doll sensed our presence and suddenly attacked. We managed to beat it and arrested Dr. Gel, the doll's maker. He confessed to experimenting with alchemy for resurrection. Final Resistance Riovanes academy cadets shut themselves up in an ancient shrine for 5 days. Almost 30 students help up within the mountain ruins. This was an act of protest against corporal punishment by teachers. The Ivalice board of education immediately removed all the teachers and the principal. They announced a new policy of zero corporal punishment. But, some gave concern over hasty decision making. Informant We found a spy in that secret company. The investigation revealed the man was Hekkrun Mauhar (41 years old at the time). They stated the secret company was smuggling fashionable chocobo declared an endangered species. We immediately searched their house and uncovered all their wrong doings. Most Precious Thing Viscount Lakaira gave his family treasure to an adventurer! We were hired to authencitcate the Lakaira family treasure. We did, and shortly after, his family broke up on his remarking, "The family treasure is more important than our lives". The loss of his family made him realize what was really important in life and he gave us the treasure for our work. Poet Gilbert's Thoughts We just learned Anna the singing Princess of Warjilis, is in love with the poet, Gilbert! According to our information, because of their demanding schedules, they can't meet often. They exchanged letters for years and loved each other platonically. We found this love connection by agreeing to deliver the love letter. This was really enjoyable work. Delighted Ct. Minimum! Count Minimum of Dorter donates large sums of money to charities each year. But, he couldn't get his safe open. This is because he stuffed too many gil bags inside. We were impressed by the Nobles lavish lifestyle. But, this count who lives for making a difference in the world is seen as a leading reformer! Can anyone correct the corrupted ways of the Nobles? Cannibalistic Plant We confirmed the existence of the man-eating plant, 'Rafurshva", the giant flower that grows in the north. Its diameter is 5 sectas. We found the carnivorous plant while collecting other plants. Sensing our presence, the giant Rafuresheva attacked us with its leaf. But, we managed to escape. This is truly a historical discovery and it will stimulate the academic world. Joyous Song for You Anna the singing princess, announced her marriage, after 7 years of courtship. The groom is the poet Gilbert who works at the Riovanes Castle. They say Gilbert might be of royal blood. He certainly is a gentleman. Maybe this is what made Anna decide to marry him. We wish our beloved Anna the best of luck and all the happiness of the world. The Talkative, Katedona The debut of a new talent! A female mediator Ms. Katedona Fim (19 years old at the time) won this year's contest and tells us of her victory. 'I was very shy by nature and never had much chance to talk with others. But, since I got the knack of speaking, it became easy. I'm no longer afraid to talk to anyone. One shouldn't avoid things only because they're uncomfortable!' Katedona smiled pleasantly. Courage of Durman! Durman used to hate math (7 years old at the time). He volunteered to answer a question in math class one parent-day at school. He seems entirely different from the boy we knew who cried for help with his math. This must be cause of our excellent way of teaching. The boy was applauded by the entire class, for he was the only student there who could solve that particular math problem. Regain Ability! Mameko, the traveling artist, restarted his act. Years back, he won a talent contest many praise his originality. But, he's been in a slump for a long time. We drank together all night, thinking about his new job. We suggested things to him like, "Why don't you change your hair style?" we were glad since he's started acting again. Delighted Ct. Minimum! Count Minimum donates large sums of money to the Red Wing charity every year. The door of his mansion at Dorter won't open because of the weight of the many gold decorations on the door. The count was very nice and noble. He never discriminates against others for any reason. The count seems to be the hope of the corrupted Nobility. Won Machinist Contest! The annual "Machinist Contest" is opened this year in Goug. We worked as helpers for the 'Goripan' team. This team is a regular in the contest. They've come close to winning many times. This was the biggest contest yet. The Goripan won with their Chocobo Car. Artist Mameko Leaves! Mameko the traveling artist, started recitals again after 10 years. He had been in a slump for a long time, but now he's the king of late night entertainment in Igros. His fans gathered for his "Goodbye Recital" and were very excited showing their sincere support for Mameko who will travel the world. Chocobo Restaurant There's a party at "Gizarl's" a restaurant famous for its Chocobo. We think the party's for some special occasion. But, since the restaurant was so full we couldn't even find out what was being held. Early in the morning, we started cooking, then never ending dish washing. Then, late at night when the party was over, we had to clean up. When all the work was done, it was already the following afternoon. Ship Casino, Black Jack The Casino ship, Black Hack is at the port of Warjilis. It's equipped with all types of gambling items including slot machines and a Black Jack table. Although the gambling is restricted nowadays, the owner of the ship, Mr. Setzer (27 years old at the time) defends the rights of casino owners and gamblers. He says this is about the only entertainment that exists for the commoners. Storm of 777! The Casino ship Black Hack is at the port of Limberry castle. The slot machine on the left hand side gave us 777, the jackpot. Nothing happened so we asked Setzer about this. He said he deliberately lowered the pay-off rate. "Gambling's not fun unless there's some risk." Inside Lakam Trade Co. The president of Lakam commerce, Narman, Jose (24 years old at the time) is wanted for smuggling drugs. While we were fighting a monster, trying to guard the Chocobo cart, the car flipped and we found a large amount of drugs in it. We asked the driver and found it was the president's doing. Now he is wanted by the authorities. Cherish Memories A monster attacked Mr. Dener, a resident of Dorter, killing him. We were supposed to deliver a letter for the mother of the deceased, Mrs. Branch. We weren't quite sure how to break the news to her. Out of respect for Mrs. Dener, we lied. We told Mrs. Branch her son was doing fine. Mrs. Branch already has lost her sight and didn't have much longer to live. She hired us to deliver a meal to her son for his birthday. A Perfect Smile! Mickey, the son of Prince Kappa, (12 years old at the time) scored 100 on the Gariland Magic Exam. This test is one of the most competitive of its kind. Only one in 600 pass it and only one other student ever scored 100 on it. We didn't know how competitive it was and later realized that the 10000 gil reward is too cheap. But, seeing the boy smile, we knew it was worth more than just money. Won the Yardow Fight! This year Yardow sponsors the "Ultimate Martial Arts Contest". This year celebrated 80 years of their history and the Dojo was filled with fans. Although I was beat once, I managed to advance to the final competition. I beat Gustav and won first prize. Won the Zaland Fight! The Zaland Martial Arts Contest was held in Zaland. This contest continues in the spirit of the contest held in Yardow. They invited many accomplished martial artists. Because the toughest competitors were paired in the same block exhausting each other, we easily advanced to the final competition and won first prize. Won the Magic Contest! Gariland's Magic Association sponsors this year's magic contest, the 'Gariland Memorial'. Many participants want to show off their magic. We got to the final competition and faced the last opponent, a black mage called Alesta from Dorter. We beat him and managed to be this year's champion. Won the Meister Contest! The Goug Artisan Association sponsored this year's Meister contest. It tests 3 elements to be a good Artisan; "Knowledge", "Innate Skill" and "Learned Skill". Participants are tested in many ways the highest total of points ultimately decides the winner. Early in the contest, we lost some points because of the clock. But, we came back strong and won.
Unexplored Lands:
Shrine of Chaos: Long ago, ancient gods sealed Jade, the king of Hell, deep underground. Also on that very same spot is the Shrine of Chaos, a defiled shrine with an air of decadence. Forbidden Land Eureka: According to legend, Eureka was the once prosperous capitol of the Kashuka kingdom which collapsed due to the enormous debt of the royal family. Today, it's a ghost town, a memory of its past glory. Pandemonium: The former capital of the ancient Paramekia Empire. Surrounded by a mountain range of 9000m, even airships couldn't access it. The only way to reach the city was through a corridor that passed through Hell. Mirage Tower: This tower connects the ancient Ronkan castle to the earth. A special magic coating on the walls keeps the tower hidden. Once in a while, the castle can be faintly seen as a mirage. Floating Castle: Winged men once knew how to create floating rocks. The same technology was used for this castle. But with the disappearance of winged men, the technology was also lost. Matoya Cave: The cave where the magician Matoya who served the ancient kingdom of Ronkan lived. He was well liked by the people, but after creating a demon, he was feared as a sorceress. Crystal Tower: The castle of the ancient kingdom of Baron. The town was built like a labyrinth to keep strangers out. The castle is made of pure crystal representing the power and wealth of the royal family. It was built entirely at the people's expense. Magic Continent: Once, believed to be the gate to either Heaven or Hell, recently scholars agree it is the result of a great impact caused by the collapse of the floating stone within the earth. Castle of Trials: In the past, this was military school for the Baron's kingdom. An exceptional group of pilots called "Red Wing" graduated from this academy. Even a great institution like this is now destroyed. Tower of Babel: The legendary tower that reaches to Heaven from deep underground. It's also called Giant's Tower. More than legend this is a valuable record of an ancient civilization. Ronkan Ruins: At its height, the Ronkan Empire covered the world. But because of a mysterious disease, the entire civilization was destroyed. Today, only an empty castle remains quietly floating. Falgabird: Said to be the village where magic swordsmen hide. Because magic swords shorten the life of the user the number of swordsmen steadily decreased. Now, all that remains are empty houses. Magic Train: A transport train used during the war to transport man-made demons, it's now known as the Magic Train. It's also sometimes called the 'carrier of dead'. Touzas Village: A village of dwarves called Liliputians. Once a dictatorship, it was liberated by the giant, Atlas. Touzas in the original means "distant land". Chocobo Forest: Very little light comes into this deep forest where many rare, wild Chocobo live. In its center, it's said the World Tree grows. It reeks of Chocobo... Semite Falls: One of the most important areas in the Paramekia Empire. Mythril can be found within this gigantic waterfall, and its water was used as fuel for the airships of their time. A magical waterfall indeed.
"Four Gods Set" This's a miniature set shaped like the gods from the far East. Judging from its jewels, it must have belonged to a noble. "Statue of Lylis" The stone statue of the goddess Lylis is said to be the source of life or the first devil. It is believed the possessor of this stone statue increases his strength. A favorite item for the ancient warriors. "Beetle Charm" Called a scarab in some areas, it's a beetle-shaped ornament. Well loved by the people as a good luck charm. It sparkles like a rainbow. "Tobacco Pipe" A tool used by thieves in the Far East. Normally, it is used for smoking, but since it's made of Golden tight stone, it can also be used in battle. "Zeni-Sword" Used for fortune telling by an itinerant Caranan trade group. Made of foreign coins shaped into a sword. "Black Cat" Ornamental black cat with eyes made of lapis lazuli and claws made of diamonds. Very ancient and very popular with collectors. "Malice Mask" Mask of a giant demon that rules an ancient foreign kingdom. These demons were said to be the source of hatred among mankind. "Parade Helmet" Used in victory parades, it's very impractical, but breathtaking. A symbol the glory of the ancient world, it's nearly completely covered with jewels. "Kid's Bread" Ancient bite-sized bread snack for children. Few know how to make it today... only a recipe book remains. "Adult's Bread" Ancient over-sized bread eaten for stamina. Its recipe book also remains. Adults like it. "Calcobrina" Traditional dress-up doll first popular among the girls of this area when there wasn't much entertainment. The doll contains the memory of those girls. "Yurgeivogue" Popular marionette with designs that hold the attention of kids. No one knows how to make them anymore. Therefore, they are very valuable. "Red Materia" In the ancient magic city of Salonia, the people used to seal their wisdom in magic orbs for posterity. These orbs are called materia, and they raise the skills of whoever possess them. "Blue Materia" In the ancient magic city of Salonia, the people used to seal their wisdom in magic orbs for posterity. These orbs are called materia, and they raise the skills of whoever possess them. "Black Materia" In the ancient magic city of Salonia, the people used to seal their wisdom in magic orbs for posterity. These orbs are called materia, and they raise the skills of whoever possess them. "White Materia" In the ancient magic city of Salonia, the people used to seal their wisdom in magic orbs for posterity. These orbs are called materia, and they raise the skills of whoever possess them. "Rat Tail" Since ancient times, magicians have used this as magical medicine. The desire for its delicious taste has been known to start a war. "M-Fiction Novel" First edition of the life of the Saviour, Mesa. Sadly, most of it is damaged and only part of it is able to be read. "Diary of Nanai" The psychologist Nanai analyzed many people in this book. Part of it writes of the life of a gambler. "Wyuvle" If published, it is said this book would have changed the course of history. It is the record of the life of a certain lady. "Book of Enavia" A record of Kusu Castle in Enavia. The most important part is written in an ancient script and cannot be deciphered. It is a story of 3 girls. "Magical Gun" An ancient pistol believed to be magic, because its bullets contain magical power. Later, bullets containing Summoned monsters were invented. "M Machinegun" An ancient gun mounted on many aircraft of the time. Its use varied depending on the type of magic bullet inserted. Very useful. "Magi-Sword" From a nearly illegible inscription on the sword, I managed to read that this sword killed a Warlock in Hell with one slash. A gigantic tower-type sword. "Minu-Orb" This is actually a Magi-orb. It's called the Minu Orb because it contains the soul of the first Magician, Minu. It's also known as the Soul of Minu. "Tarot of Ben" Created by the famous artist, Benstat, only one set exists in the world. It was stolen from the Lesalia Museum of art, a few years ago. "Excalipar" An imitation of the legendary sword "Excalibur". Although it's a copy, its sharpness is superb. It was cherished by adventurers. "Parasite Tree" This tiny tree feeds on the bark of the World Tree, Yugudoracil. Once it attaches itself to the tree, it usually dies in half a day. The tree, which is tricky to get, is said to be medicine for eternal youth. "Longibunne Spear" Legendary spear used to kill the Demon who rules the earth. This spear is said to be able to pierce any shield. Many died trying to get it. "Chocobo Cannon" With this, you get a fat chocobo to drink gun powder and fire it like a cannon. Rarely hitting the target, it was never used for practical purposes. It was made during an experiment. "St. Elmo's Fire" This blue flame is said to come from the human body. Those who produce it usually are suffering from some sickness. It is thought that a virus causes the disease. "Germonik Scriptures" This is a record of St. Ajora, written by his disciple Germonik. It was supposed to be a lost book. "Aries" One of the 12 Holy Stones. A legendary Zodiac Stone representing the 'Ram'. It was acquired after defeating Wiegraf. "Taurus" One of the 12 Holy Stones. A legendary Zodiac Stone representing the 'Bull'. It was found hidden in the Goug Machine City. "Gemini" One of the 12 Holy Stones. A legendary Zodiac Stone representing the 'Twins'. Acquired after beating Duke Elmdor in Limberry Castle. "Cancer" One of the 12 Holy Stones. A legendary Zodiac Stone representing the 'Crab'. Acquired after beating the Steel Giant. "Libra" One of the 12 Holy Stones. A legendary Zodiac Stone representing the 'Justice'. This was a treasure of the Orlandu family. It was in the possession of T.G. Cid. "Scorpio" One of the 12 Holy Stones. A legendary Zodiac Stone representing the 'Scorpion'. It was acquired after vanquishing Draclau. "Sagittarius" One of the 12 Holy Stones. A legendary Zodiac Stone representing the 'Archer'. The High Priest gave it to Meliadoul. "Capricorn" One of the 12 Holy Stones. A legendary Zodiac Stone representing the 'Goat'. Acquired after beating the eldest brother Dycedarg. "Aquarius" One of the 12 Holy Stones. A legendary Zodiac Stone representing the 'Water' bearer. Found in a deep mine in Goland. "Pisces" One of the 12 Holy Stones. A legendary Zodiac Stone representing the 'Fish'. It was given to Alma by Izlude while he was dying. "Serpentarius" 13th Zodiac Stone. Added to the 12 original Zodiac Signs. It represents the 'Snake'. Acquired after beating Elidibs.