Secret Characters

The following are secret/hidden characters that you don't have to have in your
party to beat the game, but are optional as well as having awesome special skills
that will come in handy if you choose to get them.

    - Worker 8
    - Beowulf Kadmas
    - Reis Dular
    - Cloud Strife
    - Byblos

    - 17 easy steps to recruit all five secret characters
- Worker 8 - Class: Steel Giant Sex: N/A Zodiac Sign: Gemini Skillset: Work Class Bonuses: Inherent Innocent, Counter, Any Weather, Any Ground, Defense UP, cannot enter water Class Equips: none (monster) Worker 8 is a relic from Saint Ajora's time when airships flew in the sky and humanoid robots helped man. Steel Giants were demolition androids used to raze buildings and lift heavy objects. Worker 8's power comes from the Aquarius Zodiac Stone. In its unpowered state, Worker 8 resembles a large metal ball. This ball was unearthed from beneath Goug Machine City by Besrodio Bunanza and subsequently powered up by the Aquarius Zodiac Stone found in the mines beneath Goland Coal City. Worker 8 acknowledges Ramza as its master and follows his commands without question. As a robot, Worker 8 has no belief in God. Thus, Faith-based magic does not work on him (as Faith is belief in God.)  
- Beowulf Kadmas - Class: Temple Knight Sex: Male Zodiac Sign: Libra Skillset: Magic Sword Class Bonuses: Inherent Equip Knight Sword Class Equips: Swords, Knight Swords, Armor, all non-female accessories Beowulf was a Temple Knight working for the Glabados Church. Note the "was." He fell in love with a woman named Reis Dular. Unfortunately, a Glabados priest, Buremonda, also had feelings for Reis. But Reis had eyes only for Beowulf. Consumed with rage, Buremonda attempted to cast a spell on Beowulf. At the last second, Reis blocked the spell for Beowulf and she was transformed into the Holy Dragon. Reis ran off, and Beowulf left the Temple Knights to find her and hopefully find a way to return her to her human form. Beowulf meets Ramza and co. in the bar at Lesalia Castle. They decide to investigate the rumors of monsters in the coal mines together, since the description of one of the monsters bears a striking resemblance to a Holy Dragon...  
- Reis Dular - Class: Holy Dragon/Dragoner Sex: Female Zodiac Sign: Pisces Skillset: Breath/Dragon Class Bonuses: Inherent Two Swords, Train, Monster Skill (as Dragoner) Class Equips: none (Holy Dragon) Bags, Ribbons, Perfumes, Armlets (as Dragoner) Reis was employed by the Glabados Church. She fell in love with Beowulf Kadmas, a Temple Knight. She was also the object of lust for a Glabados Priest named Buremonda. Buremonda attempted to curse Beowulf for his love for Reis but Reis intercepted the spell and turned into a Holy Dragon. She then fled the Church and, one way or another, wound up beneath Goland Coal City, where an Archaic Demon and his Plague lackeys attacked her. Ramza and Beowulf rescued her, and defeating the Demon yielded the Aquarius Zodiac Stone. After defeating Worker 7 *NEW at Nelveska Temple, Reis was able to return to her human form using the Cancer Zodiac Stone. She and Beowulf decided to stay with Ramza in his quest to defeat the Lucavi.  
- Cloud Strife - Class: SOLDIER Sex: Male Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Skillset: Limit Class Bonuses: Can equip Ribbons even though he is male Class Equips: Swords, Hats, Ribbons, Clothes, all non-female accessories Yes, it is Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. After retrieving the Cancer Zodiac Stone, Ramza inserted it into another machine excavated from Goug: the Celestial Globe. The energy of the stone reached across time and space and pulled Cloud from his home world to Ivalice. Nobody knows if this is the real Cloud or one of his memory clones from within the Lifestream. After being summoned, Cloud runs off to defeat Sephiroth. Ramza and co. find him at Zarghidas Trade City, protecting a flower girl named Aeris from a gang of brigands. After slaying the villains, Cloud joins the party in an attempt to find a way home. Unlike all the other characters (excluding Agrias and Mustadio), Cloud starts at Level 1 instead of at the level of the highest party member.  
- Byblos - Class: Byblos Sex: N/A Zodiac Sign: varies Skillset: Byblos Class Bonuses: Inherent Counter, Secret Hunt, and Ignore Height, cannot enter water Class Equips: none (monster) Not much is known about the enigmatic Byblos. This one seems to be the last of its kind and does not reproduce. The Byblos appears on the final level of Deep Dungeon, END, during the fight with Elidibs, possessor of the 13th Zodiac Stone, Serpentarius (the Sign of Neutrality.) Elidibs senses the energy released by the Zodiac Stones that Ramza is carrying, and he wants them, so he attacks. Byblos shows up to lend the team a helping hand. After the battle, the Byblos joins your team (if he survives and is not crystallized/chestized.) He has sharp claws, a long skinny tail, stands on two feet, and closely resembles an Apanda.  
- 17 Easy Steps - Requirements: - Must be in Chapter Four - Must have Mustadio in your party Many of these events center around excavations at Goug Machine City that Besrodio does. If Mustadio is gone, his father (Besrodio) won't help you. If Mustadio isn't in the party, start a new game or start at an old save. You could also use GameShark codes to force him into the party, but then again, why bother doing that when you can just use the Gameshark to force the other five secret characters into your party and not even have to do the 17 steps to get them.. The 17 Steps: 1) Anytime in Chapter 4, head to Goug Machine City and view the "Steel Ball" Scene. Besrodio comments that the Steel ball is unpowered. It has an Aquarius sign etched into its surface. 2) See the rumor at Goland Coal City's bar about monsters underground, and you return to the World Map. 3) Meet Beowulf at Lesalia Castle's bar. He's interested in exploring the coal mines, and Ramza decides to go with him. Once you return to the world map, Goland Coal City has turned into a red dot, signifying a story batle. What you'll face, however, is a battle series, so prepare accordingly. 4) Go underground Goland and fight the Underground Colliery Battles. Eventually, you will have to save Reis (the purple dragon) from the Archaic Demon and Plagues. You get the Aquarius Zodiac Stone. Beowulf and Reis (the Holy Dragon) join up. It's not the "true" Reis. 5) Go back to Goug and re-energize The Steel Ball using Aquarius. Worker 8 joins the party, and Ramza issues his first command to a Steel Giant, with hilarious results. Continue the game until you can get to Zeltennia Castle. 6) Unlock Nelveska Temple area at Zeltennia through rumor at bar. Despite the red dot, there's no battle here yet (as noticed if you go to the dot, nothing happens.) Just continue the game. 7) Buy Aeris' flower at Zarghidas Trade City (plot event, there's only 1 chance to do so, it is on the way to Limberry Castle to fight Elmdor. (It's just 1 gil! Buy it!) 8) Return to Goug Machine City. Besrodio has unearthed a new toy. This strange device has a Cancer sign inscribed on it and is called a "Celestial Globe." 9) Go back to Nelveska Temple. The battle will now occur, the only battle there ever. Fight Worker 7 *NEW (don't forget the 4 great items!) After the battle, you win the Cancer Zodiac Stone (Worker 7 *NEW's power source.) 10) Try to leave and Reis regains her humanity by Cancer's power. A touching reunion between lovers ensues (don't worry, nothing explicit.) 11) Take the Cancer stone to Goug and summon Cloud from the Celestial Globe--he runs off (nothing you can do.) 12) Continue the main quest until you reach the battles at Igros Castle. Defeat the Zodiac Demon Adramelk within the castle and the next leg of the journey will open up. 13) Return to Zarghidas Trade City, view the scene, and save Cloud from the thieves. Cloud joins up. Retrieve his Materia Blade (the very top of Bervenia Volcano (Move-Find with low Brave) in order to use his Limits. 14) Play until you defeat Vampiric Zalbag at Murond Holy Place. 15) Go to Warjilis Trade City and view the rumor about a Deep Dungeon. 16) Play the Deep Dungeon (don't miss the awesome items on every level.) 17) Defeat Elidibs at END (learn Zodiac for your Summoner, it's now or never) and recruit the uber-Apanda, Byblos. ** You should now have Worker 8, Beowulf, Reis, Cloud, and Byblos in your party. ** To view their special abilities, go to the "Job Classes" section, or just click here