The Basics:
- Only Ramza can learn Ultima.
- The only way to learn it is for it to be casted on Ramza and he must live through it.
- Only "The Assassins" in battles 42 and 43 (refer to the walkthrough), and Ultima Demons cast Ultima.
- The Ultima Demon can be found in the Third Murond Battle, battle 48.

Ultima Demons don't cast Ultima that often, usually casting more powerful spells like Dark Holy or Nano Flare. Because of this, I would suggest to learn it from the Assassins in battle 42 "At the Gate of Limberry Castle". Battle 43, "Inside of Limberry Castle", you are going to want to steal the Genji equipment from Elmdor.

[This method of learning Ultima is based off of trying to learn it in battle 42]

Battle Preparation:
Before you enter Battle 42: make sure you follow this checklist:
- You party members should all atleast be in the Level 50's. Level 60-70 would be preferred. The lower your party member's levels the lower their speed will be, and unless you've got the excaliber with auto-haste, youre pretty much dead already.
- You should equip "Black Costume" and "N-Kai Armlet" on Ramza so he cannot have 'petrify' or 'dead' cast on him. Try and have both of these peices of equipment on every party member if possible.

Party Members:
- Ramza in your party is a given. Make sure he has some sort of movement bonus (Move+2, Teleport, etc) equipped as an ability. Also make sure that his job class is "Squire".
- Have Orlandu in your party. He is the strongest character in the game, so automatically the bad guys are going to be going after him the most. He is the bait.
- The remaining three slots, I would suggest having the other special characters in your party, such as Agrias, Mustiado, and Beowulf if you've already got him by this point. Make them stay in their primary classes (Holy Knight, Engineer, etc).
- If you use 'hired soldiers' to fill the remaining three slots, make them monks or ninjas with the ability "Attack Up" or "Dragon Spirit"(auto-revive).

- You need to have Black Costumes and N-Kai Armlets equipped on as many people as possible. If you have a Barette, then equip that in place of a N-Kai Armlet. You need these equipped to defend against the bad status ailments that the two Assassins use as skills. They can petrify and instantly kill your party members.
- Give Orlandu the Excalibur so he can bumrush the enemies.

The Fun Begins:
Where to place the party members: (assuming these are the five characters you use)
- Ramza can go anywhere. He will be moved automatically to a different spot due to storyline.
- Orlandu goes in the furthest lower right corner of the availible panels.
- Beowulf should be placed right next to Orlandu.
- Mustido goes behind Orlandu.
- Agrias goes next to Mustiado and Behind Beowulf.

The Battle:
- The battle ends as soon as you 'kill' either one of the Assassins.
- Orlandu, with the Excalibur equipped, should be the first one to move. Do what you want with him, just make sure you dont get inbetween Ramza and Celia (if it's even possible to move that far).
- It should then be Celia's turn (one of the Assassins). Since Ramza is closest to her, and he has on the N-Kai Armlet and Black Costume, that cancels her two status attacks so the only attack she will have left is Ultima.
- More than likely, Celia will cast Ultima on Ramza, and then move away so she can charge up for casting it.
- This should be the exact order of the sequence of events for the first three turns.

- The rest of the battle is up to you. Do what you want, just make sure to NOT kill either Assassin until Ultima has been cast on Ramza successfully without him dying because of it.

(If you are wanting a walkthrough on this battle.. If you made it to Battle 42, made it this far, then you should have enough knowledge about the game already to figure it out on your own.)

Other Ultima spells:
- The Ultima that Ramza learns is the smallest/weakest type. It is concidered low or mid level magic, much like "Fire 1" or "Fire 2" (out of a range of Fire 1-4).

- The Ultima that Altima the Holy Angel can cast has medium damage and is concidered mid or high level magic. Alma can also cast this, but only in the last few battles of the game, and you can not even control her. Alma and Altima the Holy Angel are the only ones that can cast this.

- The All-Ultima that Altima the Arch Angel can cast is a summon which is the strongest type. It does massive damage and Altima the Arch Angel is the only one that can cast this.