Useless Tidbits

Here are some "useless tidbits" that are mostly just FYI and I thought might be of interest.

-Casualties under Brave Story is mostly self-explanatory. Injured refers to the number of enemy units which have turned into chests or crystals. In other words, it refers to injuries your party causes, not what the enemies do to you. Poached monsters, whether they be yours or the enemy, do not count as injuries or casualties. Therefore, feel free to poach as many of your own monsters as you want without gaining casualties (if having 0 casualties is important to you).

-Also in Brave Story, anyone with an age given is still alive. Even if events or rumors in the game suggest that the character was killed, if their age is given that means you'll see the character again. If a special character dies, Brave Story will record the person as having been "killed in battle."

-Cloud only shows up in Brave Story if you dismiss him.

-During battle, when you bring up the status screen for a character, press the confirm button to see any status effects the character has. With an ally, pressing confirm again will bring up their job screen which you can use to see all the abilities the unit has learned. This is useful for seeing the abilities of guests who never join you such as Olan and Zalbag. This is also useful if you're trying to acquire enough job points during the battle for a certain ability and want to know how many more you'll need.

-During battle, if you check an ally's status you'll notice a dashed line below Cyclops in the Summoner ability list (unless you already have Zodiac). This is the proof that the secret ability exists, that Alma can learn Ultima, and that Ramza cannot learn Ultima until Chapter 4 even though I've seen it cast on the Riovanes Castle Roof.

-If you sell something in a fur shop, it will appear in its stock. It's useful if you need some quick cash but will want the item you're selling later. You can then buy the item back at the half the regular shop price whenever you wish. To my knowledge, this is the only exception to the Pawn Shop rule of RPGs where if you sell an item at a shop, you cannot buy it back unless the shop normally stocks it.

-Regardless of how you adjusted Ramza's Brave and Faith in Chapter 1, it will always default to 70-70 at the start of Chapter 2.

-HP and MP totals of Zodiac bosses do vary each time you fight them.

-The birthdate you enter for Ramza at the beginning of the game does affect the game. It is most significant when Ramza faces another character solo but also affects the strategies you use against certain storyline characters (whose Zodiac signs are fixed).

-This is pure speculation but I think at one time Ultimus Bows were going to be buyable after completing Bethla Garrison. They have a higher price than the Windslash Bow, one can be stolen during the battle where you must open the floodgates, and Archers everywhere seem to have them after they are at a certain level. Random battle enemies generally don't carry unbuyable items so giving every Archer an Ultimus Bow is suspicious.

-Traps are only found on battle maps where no story battle takes place. There are actually 74 different battlefields normally.

-Your starting location in random battles is fixed based on which side you approached the battlefield from. This does have some effect on which random battles you might face.

-In general, most jobs will gain a speed point at levels 18, 35, 52, 69, and 86. Jobs with slower speeds are Calculator and Summoner. Priest, Monk, Thief, Ninja, Mime, and most special classes have higher than base speed. Jobs do matter. If a character gains several levels as a Ninja, it is likely that he or she will get the next speed increase a level or two earlier in a job with normal growth such as Knight or Chemist.

-If a unit attacks someone and is killed by the counterattack, it gains zero EXP or JP for the attack.

-The AT list can track up to 39 turns or actions. Anything that takes longer than that to execute will have an infinity symbol under the wait column.

-In Chapter 1, Wiegraf has Beowulf's outfit, only difference being that it's red instead of blue. This actually makes some sense as Weigraf is a bad translation of Wiglaf. Beowulf and Wiglaf were buddies in the epic Beowulf. For more information about "Beowulf", check out the "FAQ" section of this site.
-Worker 8 and Reis as a dragon can be used as stepping stones to reach high places. Vital for obtaining the ultimate Javelin and shield. Other dragons, behemoths, hydras, and morbols can be used the same way including enemy ones. For climbing purposes, all these monsters are 3h tall. Therefore, if your Jump value is 4, you could climb up to a point 7h higher than the panel the monster is on.

-Mog is not a hidden character but he is mentioned by name in the game. In one of propositions at Lionel Castle that shows up later in Chapter 3 (I believe it's "Deep in Zigolas Swamp" or something like that) the bartender mentions him. Normally, when you view a proposition description, the bartender will tell you "This is what I know about (name of proposition)" However, sometimes he'll say something else. For this propsition, he'll say "Mog's real talkative. You'll have to get by him somehow." There you have it.

There's a fourth way to gain JP. (successful commands, move-jp up ability, and 'accumulate' skill being the first three)
-Charm a human unit and any JP it gains while charmed will be shared with your team as if it were a regular ally. This presumably works against you as well, haven't tested though. Ex. Charm an enemy Knight and when it hits something, all your party members will gain JP in the Knight class even if no one is a Knight.

-Useless tidbit but if you invite a monster and it's standing next to someone with Monster Skill, its secret ability will show up on the stat screen where you decide whether to add it to your party.

C-EV of special characters:
Agrias: 25%
Algus: 15%
Alma: 18%
Beowulf: 14%
Byblos: 33%
Celia: 30%
Cloud: 20%
Delita (Chapter 1): 5%
Delita (Zirekile Falls): 10%
Dycedarg: 10%
Elmdor: 16%
Gafgarion: 15%
Izlude: 10%
Kletian: 14%
Lede: 28%
Malak: 8%
Meliadoul: 12%
Mustadio: 18%
Olan: 15%
Orlandu: 20%
Ovelia: 20%
Rafa: 10%
Ramza: 10%
Reis (Dragoner): 7%
Reis (Holy Dragon): 5%
Rofel: 21%
Vormav: 25%
Wiegraf: 10%
Worker 7: 0%
Worker 8: 0%
Zalbag (guest): 10%
Zalbag (Morund): 22%
Zalmo: 9%