The Strategy:
- Give Ramza the Auto Potion of a Chemist.
- Change his Job to a Monk and give him the Basic skills of a Squire.
- Make sure you have learned Accumulate, Yell, Auto Potion(Chemist), and Chakra(Squire). It's Best that you have learned Cheer(Ramza-Squire)
- Get rid of all potions except for x-potions before beginning the battle.
- Stay away from Weigraf as long as you deem necessary, using your Yell and Accumulate, or Cheer, commands to increase your speed and attack power.
- You might be hit by Weigraf so auto potion with x-potions is necessary.
- Auto Potion doesn’t always work during a 'counter', so use Chakra if needed.
- After at least 3 turns of using your Squire commands (Cheer, Yell, Accmulate) then go after Weigraf with your powered up Ramza Monk.
- If Ramza is powered up enough, his attack be at least 500 damage and even up to 999.
- Weigraf will die in a round or two Velius will be summoned.
- Go after Velius with your powered up Ramza Monk and hit Velius a few times and watch Velius die.

If you want the fight to be incredibly easy, just level Ramza up to level 75 or higher. It's almost a guaranteed win unless you intensionally try to lose.