Final Fantasy Tactics FAQ 1.1 (Final)

Serin Tobias 
shinseitori  hotmail (dot) com

ii. Introduction

Welcome.  Over the past couple of years, I have gathered information about Final Fantasy
Tactics.  That information, my love of the game and a bit of insanity produced what you now
see here.

A notice to players: these files contain many "spoilers" of the storyline, so be cautious.  The
walkthrough section is in the order of the game, but the other sections have potential spoilers
from various portions of the game.  If you have a question about a specific issue, don't
hesitate to ask me via e-mail.

If you wish to use any information contained in any of these files for a webpage, publication,
or any other form of media, you must contact me first.

Table of Contents

Final Fantasy Tactics Complete Walkthrough

1. Chapter One: The Meager
  1.1. Orbonne Monastery
  1.2. Magic City Gariland
  1.3. Mandalia Plains
  1.4. Sweegy Woods
  1.5. Dorter Trade City
  1.6. Zeklaus Desert
  1.7. Thieves' Fort
  1.8. Lenalia Plateau
  1.9. Fovoham Plains
  1.10. Fort Zeakden

2. Chapter Two: The Manipulator and the Subservient
  2.1. Dorter Trade City
  2.2. Araguay Woods
  2.3. Zirekile Falls
  2.4. Zaland Fort City
  2.5. Baraius Hill
  2.6. Zigolis Swamp
  2.7. Goug Machine City
  2.8. Baraius Valley
  2.9. Golgorand Execution Site
  2.10. Lionel Castle
    2.10.1. The Gate of Lionel Castle
    2.10.2. Inside Lionel Castle

3. Chapter Three: The Valiant
  3.1. Goland Coal City
  3.2. Back Gate of Lesalia Castle
  3.3. Orbonne Monastery
    3.3.1. Underground Book Storage: Second Floor
    3.3.2. Underground Book Storage: Third Floor
    3.3.3. Underground Book Storage: First Floor
  3.4. Grog Hill
  3.5. Yardow Fort City
  3.6. Yuguo Woods
  3.7. Riovanes Castle
    3.7.1. The Gate of Riovanes Castle
    3.7.2. Inside Riovanes Castle Wiegraf Velius
    3.7.3. The Roof of Riovanes Castle

4. Chapter Four: Someone to Love

  4.1. Doguola Pass
  4.2. Bervenia Free City
  4.3. Finath River
  4.4. Church outside Zeltennia Castle
  4.5. Bed Desert
  4.6. Bethla Garrison
    4.6.1. North Wall of Bethla Garrison
    4.6.2. South Wall of Bethla Garrison
    4.6.3. In Front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice
  4.7. Zarghidas Trade City
  4.8. Germinas Peak
  4.9. Poeskas Lake
  4.10. Limberry Castle
    4.10.1. The Gate of Limberry Castle
    4.10.2. Inside Limberry Castle
    4.10.3. Underground Cemetery of Limberry Castle
  4.11. Igros Castle
    4.11.1. Dycedarg
    4.11.2. Adramelk
  4.12. Murond Holy Place
    4.12.1. St. Murond Temple
    4.12.2. Hall of St. Murond Temple
    4.12.3. Chapel of St. Murond Temple
  4.13. Orbonne Monastery
    4.13.1. Underground Book Storage: Fourth Floor
    4.13.2. Underground Book Storage: Fifth Floor
    4.13.3. Murond Death City
    4.13.4. Lost Sacred Precincts
    4.13.5. Graveyard of Airships

1. Chapter One: The Meager

At the start of the game, you will have a handful of Squires and Chemists to fight your battles.
If you are having trouble with the battle system, all I can suggest is to go through as much of
the Tutorial as you can take.  It is quite well designed, and by the middle of this chapter,
you'll know it well.  To build levels, you should go to the areas on the map with green spots;
these locations serve as areas for random battles, and with a bit of tinkering, you should be
able to get some good characters in either the Knight, Monk, Archer, Priest, or Wizard classes.
The Thief, Time Mage, and Oracle classes are a bit advanced at this point, and you should
probably reserve exploring them until towards the end of this chapter.

1.1. Orbonne Monastery

This battle is very simple, since you only control one character, that of Ramza.  Your allies
(who are considered "guests" in this battle) are more than capable of dispatching your enemy, so
you will not need to worry about this battle at all.  The purpose of this battle is to get you
acquainted with the battle format of Final Fantasy Tactics.

1.2. Magic City Gariland

Now, you control all but one character.  This is a big jump from the battle at Orbonne, so you
will need to adjust rather quickly.  Your enemy is a small group, being of four Squires and a
Chemist.  The enemy Chemist has the ability to heal his allies, and so he can become a nuisance
quickly in this battle.  He should probably be your first target.  This particular engagement
is simply a hack-and-slash battle, so bring along one of your Chemists in case any one needs
healing.  Furthermore, don't let anybody die unless it's close to the end of the battle so they
will not decay, or unless you can't avoid it.  Replacing your soldiers at this time can be
costly in gil, and it can be absolutely devastating later on.

1.3. Mandalia Plains

In this battle you have a choice.  If you choose "Destroy the Death Corps," you will not need to
keep Algus alive.  If you pick "Save Algus!" instead, you will have to keep him alive, but your
party's brave level will increase somewhat.  You will have your first encounter with a monster,
and it will be a Red Panther.  Monsters are not as versatile as humans are, but they make up for
it in brute strength and a plentiful amount of hit points.  The Thief in this battle has the
ability to charm one of your players of the opposite sex, so note his or her gender and plan
accordingly.  A single charm has an average success rate of 50% (depending on Zodiac
compatibility), and will last a few turns.  This can change a battle.  However, using Throw
Stone at the charmed character is a good way to counter this effect.

Also, it would be a good idea to keep a chemist with you in this battle, as you will definitely
need healing.  After you have won this battle, you will be able to build levels and explore the
different jobs by fighting random battles here.  I suggest you build a couple of levels, and
perhaps even get the Gained JP Up support ability on a few of your characters.  Later on, you
want to get Accumulate on every one of your non-hero characters, as it is the best way to gain
job points when level building.

1.4. Sweegy Woods

This battle pits you against a force of monsters.  You will likely fight a force of Skeletons,
Goblins, and Bombs.  The Skeletons may rise again after dying once their counter reaches zero,
and the Bombs have the very powerful ability to self-destruct, leaving the monster dead, but
any of your surrounding characters will become badly damaged and soaked in oil (which will make
them more vulnerable to fire).  The Goblins are not very difficult; they can simply be annoying,
but they are not very strong.  Delita and Algus will accompany you as guests in this battle, as
they will in most of the key battles in this chapter.

1.5. Dorter Trade City

This is the first real test of this game.  If you have not built levels since coming out of
Igros Castle, you will likely lose this battle.  There are three Archers, one of which can
attack your characters immediately because he is on the roof near you.  The Wizards here can
cast powerful spells that will do quite a bit of damage, so you need to be wary of them as well.
I suggest that you bring either a Priest or a Wizard into this battle, and possibly an Archer
if you need a long range attacker, or a Knight if you need someone who can take damage.
Try to help Delita and Algus take care of the Archer on the rooftop, and then focus on the
Knight and the Wizards.

1.6. Zeklaus Desert

Your enemy uses yet another new class of fighter against you: the Monk.  He and the Archers are
the greatest threat.  I suggest keeping a well-equipped Knight at the main entrance door, by all
of the enemy Knights, while having a Wizard and/or an Archer sniping at the Knights at the same
time.  Make sure your Knight is in a position to block them from exiting.  You can bring your
other fighters in from behind and dispatch them easily.  This will not be that difficult, but
you may have some trouble holding the Knights in at their entrance.  So, make sure you keep
that Knight healthy.

1.7. Thieves' Fort

Your objective here is to defeat the female knight Miluda, and not to defeat all of your
enemies.  Here again are some Thieves, who again have the ability to charm you, so be careful.
The Priests will be able to heal Miluda and her allies, but they are not much of a problem.
Remember that enemies with high Faith levels will be more healed by the Priests, but they will
also be more susceptible to your Wizards' attack magic.  Chances are that Miluda will not come
out at first, so concentrate on defeating the Priests and Thieves first.  Furthermore, some of
the Priests may have Time Magic or Black Magic spells, depending on their level.  Check the
Priests' abilities at the beginning of the battle and see which may be the largest threat, and
neutralize them.

1.8. Lenalia Plateau

You will fight Miluda again here, and this time she has Wizards and a Time Mage with her.  The
Wizards will cast powerful spells on you while the Time Mage hastens Miluda and her allies, or
slows your characters down.  The enemy units will probably stay grouped for most of the battle,
so it is best to take a Wizard and cast Fire, Bolt, or Ice on them since those spells can
target multiple characters.  The Wizards and the Time Mage can't take a lot of damage, so it is
best to attack them physically, as long as the enemy Knights are kept at bay.  Again, remember
that your objective is to only kill Miluda, so that's all you need to do.

1.9. Fovoham Plains

Here you will fight the White Knight Wiegraf for the first time, and he has some rather powerful
Holy Sword attacks that can do a fair amount of damage to your party.  You will probably need
a good Wizard to take out Wiegraf, since he has plenty of defense against physical attack, and
possibly a Knight to destroy his equipment or to take damage.  The enemy Chocobo, although a
lesser threat, can still heal the enemies, so be vigilant of it.  Your objective is to defeat
Wiegraf, so, again, killing the other enemies is not necessary.

1.10. Fort Zeakden

This is a very tough battle if you don't play it right.  Algus is your target in this battle.
Stick to him, or you will get burned by the Wizards in the back.  They are much more powerful
than usual (depending on their Faith) and will do quite a bit of damage to your characters.
Plus, you have two characters on the other side of the fort, who will not be able to reach
Algus for a few turns.  Focus all of your attacks on Algus, and you will win.  Don't waver from
this, or you may end up losing too many of your characters to bring him down.

Chapter Two: The Manipulator and the Subservient

Coming back from the flashback that was all of Chapter One, you are joined by Rad, a squire,
and two female knights, Alicia and Lavian.  You should probably drop some or all of them,
depending on what levels and abilities your existing characters have.  I would not suggest
having more than five or six regular (non-unique classed) characters for the rest of the game.
Chances are that you may find that the unique classes that you will be getting are more useful
or interesting, and you want room for them.  Otherwise, you will be spending more time on your
normal characters to level them up as well.  Keep in mind you're only using five at a time,
and you will be using Ramza most of the time.  You will also be joined by the Holy Knight
Agrias, and the Dark Knight Gafgarion.  Start exploring the more advanced job classes at this
point, and you may want to find a way to lengthen your level building trips.  Try using Steal
Heart or Sleep to keep the battle going, and find good abilities like Accumulate to build job

2.1. Dorter Trade City

Here, you will be attacked by a small force on a narrow, sloped road.  This group consists of
two Thieves, two Archers, and two Wizards.  The Archers, since they are elevated, have the
ability to target your characters immediately, so be careful and ready to heal if necessary.
The Wizards are the largest threat, so take them out first while Gafgarion and Agrias attack
who they want to with their powerful attacks.  Because of those two, you really don't have much
to worry about with this battle.  Just look out for surprises.

2.2. Araguay Woods

Again you will be prompted with two choices, the choice to either save the Chocobo or to ignore
it.  If you choose to ignore it, you won't have to save it, but the other option may increase
your bravery, as in the battle in Chapter One.  You will be fighting against one Black Goblin
and five Goblins, so bring a Wizard that has Ice or Ice 2 learned.  Goblins are very susceptible
to this spell, so you will find it very useful in this battle.  It is not particularly difficult
to save the Chocobo since it does heal itself, but it won't survive attacks forever.  Boco the
Chocobo will join you in this battle.  It's up to you to keep him around, but if you've looked
at my other files, you know I don't think too highly of most monsters due to their lack of

2.3. Zirekile Falls

You are up against five Knights and Gafgarion, in this battle, and you must protect Ovelia.
This is not really difficult, since she casts MBarrier on herself, which gives her just about
every defense spell there is, and she runs to the safest position.  You will also have Delita's
help once again, and his attacks are like Agrias' Holy Sword attacks.  You should first use all
of your controllable characters to attack Gafgarion and defeat him quickly, as he can deliver a
lot of damage, and he can be quite annoying by healing his damage in this manner.  You can rely
on Delita to take out one or two Knights before you can get to them, so don't be very worried
about keeping Ovelia alive.  The most difficult part is simply bringing the Dark Knight down.
This is a rather difficult area to move your characters about on, since you need a high jump
to manuever in the falls, the bridge is only one square wide, and you have a deep river at the
bottom.  Keep an eye on how far you can move about.

2.4. Zaland Fort City

Here you will have to save a man in the Engineer job class, Mustadio.  He has the ability to
snipe at his enemies, either preventing them from moving or acting.  The Wizards here are very
powerful and may have learned the Fire 3 spell, so it may be a good idea to have a Priest and
cast Shell on him, and Protect if the Archers get to him.  Have your Priest or a Summoner keep
him healthy, and try to get an Archer to the top of the front wall so he/she can attack your
enemy easily.  Depending on her position, Agrias will take a while to get involved, so don't
rely on her.  Your strategy here should be to either keep Mustadio healthy while you defeat
the enemy, or use a Summoner, Wizard, or a quick moving Knight, to defeat the enemy quickly.

2.5. Baraius Hill

This battle has some powerful new mages, Summoners.  They will probably do plenty of damage to
any of your characters with plenty of Faith, and they can do some healing as well. There are
also two Archers near the top of the hill.  Mustadio will probably attack the Summoner on the
left side at first, but don't rely on him to defeat her.  You may want to try using a Wizard to
burn either the Archers or the Summoners.  Don't really worry about the Knights, but don't get
too close to them, since they still do have a bite against your physically weaker characters.
You should have Ramza and another character take care of them.

2.6. Zigolis Swamp

This location will probably have some of the most difficult terrain you will ever encounter.  If
you leave a character immersed in the swamp water for a turn, he/she will be poisoned, which
can be annoying.  Also, there are some places you can't even go at all, so try to find a path
that you can use.  The Ghouls here possess an advantage in their teleporting; they don't have to
worry about the map restrictions.  If you kill one of them or the Skeletons, dispatch the other
enemies quickly, for they will usually return to life when their death counter passes zero.
Mustadio's Seal Evil ability can petrify one the Ghouls or Skeletons, so he can be of great help
in this battle.  However, he won't use it too often.

2.7. Goug Machine City

You can purchase a few guns for your Chemists or Mediators here, which can be quite useful.  It
also might be a good idea, if you haven't done so already to change one of your characters to
Chemist to build up their Item skill, for the gun has a very long range.  In the battle here,
there are again Summoners in this battle, so you will need to focus on them first.  The Thieves
also have Steal Heart again, and the Archers are yet again elevated above you.  This isn't a
particularly difficult fight, but it can be a little difficult to get into a good position in
the first few rounds.

2.8. Baraius Valley

This is another tricky map to work with, as it is very difficult to cross from one side of land
to the other.  Agrias is more than capable of holding her own, so you need not worry about her
immediately.  The Wizards might be able to do a fair amount of damage to her, so take care of
them first.  The Knights here are the usual fare; armored and rather powerful, but slow moving.
You will notice only two easy ways to cross the river here.  Don't even bother trying to go
through the deep river unless you have some good water movement.  Once this battle is over,
Agrias will join your party as a normal character, and not as a guest.  Her Holy Sword
abilities are very powerful, so if you have a spot for her in your forces, she will serve you

2.9. Golgorand Execution Site

This is one of the toughest battles that you will fight.  Your troops will be divided from each
other, and the second group will be right next to Gafgarion.  You can use a Knight's ability to
destroy Gafgarion's sword, as this will severely hamper his attack.  I would definitely suggest
you equip White Magic or Item on your second group, as Gafgarion will continue to pound you and
heal himself.  You will likely need your party's help with him.

You are also rather outnumbered in this battle, but the Time Magi are not a real problem; all
they can do at this level is Haste your enemy or Slow you, and these spells tend to have a low
success rate if their Faith level is low.  However, the Knights and Archers around here can
still give you problems, so don't let your guard down once Gafgarion falls.

2.10.  Lionel Castle

Here you will be fighting two straight battles in a row, so stock up on the latest equipment and
potions.  Build up your characters' experience if you think you need to--this depends on how
well you did at Golgorand.  If you had a really rough time in the first battle, you should
probably build in the valley a bit.  As with any of the successive fights, make sure you save
before you go into the area, as you will not be able to escape and build levels if you need it.

2.10.1. The Gate of Lionel Castle

Gafgarion has set another trap for you, and this time he has singled out Ramza.  Your other
fighters will be surrounded by three Knights, two Archers and a Summoner, so be prepared.  The
Summoner will obviously be your greatest threat, so try to spread out your party so the
Summoner can't hit more than one character with a spell.  If Ramza is having a tough time with
Gafgarion, he can open the gate by moving to the panel in front of the switch on the inside of
the wall, and your other characters can help dispatch him.  When Gafgarion dies here, he will
immediately leave behind a crystal, giving any weak character an instant heal.  This is another
tough battle, so you should probably have Ramza equipped with some secondary ability to heal,
giving your other group time to thwart the ambush.  Chances are you will not be able to take
out Gafgarion with Ramza alone.

2.10.2. Inside Lionel Castle

You now have to defeat the first Zodiac Monster, Queklain, the Impure King.  Before the battle,
set your players in a position so they are spread out, because Queklain can put as many as four
of your characters to sleep if they are clumped together.  This is a rather easy battle, so just
have a couple of strong fighters hack away at Queklain.  Some magic users will also be of use
here as well, especially those who can give your characters Haste or some other status boost,
since you can't do a whole lot to Queklain himself.

Chapter Three: The Valiant

At this point you will now have delved enough into the job classes to really start exploring
and experimenting with various combinations of job classes and abilities.  Samurai and Ninja
swords can now be found at Trade Cities (such as Warjilis and Dorter), which will allow you to
develop these powerful classes further.  You will probably also find the Summoner class more and
more interesting by this time.  The end of this chapter should show you what you need in your
party, and it should also be a good measure of your strength in these battles.  Remember to
keep your characters' levels above that of your enemies in the story battles, or you will be
having a very difficult time.

3.1. Goland Coal City

The first battle of Chapter Three is an interesting one.  You are trying to save Olan, an
Astronomist who has the incredibly powerful Galaxy Stop spell, which he can use to stop all of
the enemies.  There are three Thieves here who can use Steal Heart, so be careful again.  The
Chemists are equipped with Mythril Guns, which would be nice to steal and use as your own for
your Chemists or Mediators.  However, Olan does very well on his own.

3.2. Back Gate of Lesalia Castle

In this battle you will have Ramza's sister Alma, who has the same spells Ovelia did when you
saved her.  You only have to defeat the Holy Priest Zalmo, but he has various spells that can
heal and protect himself and his allies.  You are also fighting two Monks and three Knights,
which are all strong, physical characters.  Either use a Summoner or a Wizard to defeat Zalmo,
since his Faith is rather high, and distract the Knights and Monks with your other characters.

3.3. Orbonne Monastery

You are going to be fighting three battles in a row here, and two of them are rather difficult.
I suggest building up to around level 30 or higher.

3.3.1. Underground Book Storage: Second Floor

This battle puts you against a couple of Lancers, but their jump attack is not very useful at
this point in the game; it's very limited and takes too long.  You should take out the Chemist
first, as he will restore his allies' life and possibly even use Phoenix Down on fallen enemies.
The Time Magi again are just a source of annoyance, so they are not priority targets. Use
Ramza and another strong physical character to take care of the Lancers.  You will have a very
good height advantage in this battle, so you may want to consider tossing in an Archer or maybe
a Wizard in this fight.

3.3.2. Underground Book Storage: Third Floor

Your objective here is to defeat Izlude, which is, by no means, an easy task.  He uses a
full-ranged Jump attack, which can take out your Summoner or Wizard rather easily.  Also, there
is an enemy Summoner whom you many not be able to reach early on, but you need to either
avoid or defeat him.  It's very possible that you need to defeat the Archers as well before you
can get to Izlude.  Once he gets close enough to you, though, he will typically stop using his
jump attack.  At that point, you can start laying into him with magic and your strongest
characters.  You may want to equip your characters with good Jump abilities or equipment.  This
can give you quite the advantage in reaching Izlude.

3.3.3. Underground Book Storage: First Floor

You will fight Wiegraf a second time in this battle.  He may come out from behind the wall
early, and if he does this, the battle will be much easier.  If he doesn't, you will have to
fight through the Archers and the Knights that come through the openings.  Use a Summoner to
deal a lot of damage to Wiegraf, and a character with a long range attack to finish him off.
Also be careful of the Wizards and Wiegraf's Holy Sword attack here, for they can and will
strike you right through the wall.  Make sure you keep your characters' health up.

3.4. Grog Hill

This battle is certainly easier than the latest at Orbonne.  The Chemists will have Mythril Guns
and the Thief will have Steal Heart, but those are your only large threats.  The Archer can
attack from his elevated position, and the Squire seems useless.  You shouldn't have any
problems here.

3.5. Yardow Fort City

This battle contains an enemy force with some strong physical power in three Ninjas.  There are
also two Summoners, so protecting Rafa might be difficult here.  You should defeat the Ninjas
first, since their double weapon attack can decimate one of your weaker characters that wandered
too close.  You will find that your largest problem here is that you will be forced to have a
weaker position, since you will have to enter the door to strike at the enemies inside.  A
character with a good jump rating that is a Wizard, Summoner or Archer can be very useful here.
As for Malak, his spells are not that powerful, and they will not often hit your characters due
to the nature of his magic.  The enemy Summoners are in the back, so they will take a turn or
two to get with in striking range.

3.6. Yuguo Woods

This battle has a mix of monsters with about two Time Magi and two Wizards.  These enemies don't
have a lot of hit points, so there should not be a real problem defeating them.  However, the
Ghoul's Sleep Touch can put one of your characters to sleep, and the Revnant's Drain Touch will
replenish its own life while depleting yours.  These are the only problems here, and you could
probably kill the Wizards in one turn with a Ninja or a Samurai with Two Swords or Two Hands
equipped.  Just make sure to spread your characters out so you don't get mauled by magic.
Remember that undead are susceptible to curative magic and potions.

3.7. Riovanes Castle

Here you will have to fight three battles in a row, the second and third being very difficult.
I would suggest you build up to about level 40 and use the latest equipment.  It would also be
a good idea to give some of your characters the Hi-Potion and/or X-Potion ability.  Make sure
you save outside of these battles as well.  Make sure Ramza can either use White Magic,
X-Potions, or the Murasame Draw Out ability.

3.7.1. The Gate of Riovanes Castle

You will be fighting against Malak this time, but the real threat is the three Archers on top of
the gate.  Your party will be split up into two again, with the second party flanking the
castle from the left.  An easy (and rather cheap) way to take care of the Archers is to have a
Samurai or Ninja equipped with the Ignore Height ability, jump up, and defeat the three
Archers easily.  There is also a Knight hidden inside a small cut in between the two walls near
the center; don't forget him when you plan your attack.  Keep in mind that as soon as you defeat
Malak, he will teleport away and Rafa will follow.  Keep your life up, and replace any equipment
the Knights may have broken, after the battle.

3.7.2. Inside Riovanes Castle

The second part of this battle is probably one of the most difficult battles in this game.  Make
sure Ramza is well equipped, as he will go one-on-one with Wiegraf in this first part of this

------------------------------------------------- Wiegraf

Ramza will have a duel with Wiegraf, and remember that you will not be able to steal nor break
his weapon since he has the Maintenance ability equipped.  Wiegraf will almost always use the
Lightning Stab ability, which can do 70-140 damage (depending on your Zodiac compatibility with
him), so Ramza will need to have the X-Potion ability and several X-Potions to use, or some
other healing method.  If you are really having trouble, try running around, healing, and using
Yell on Ramza enough to have him get more turns in the next battle.  This battle is honestly
easiest if you're a Pisces, since you two will do the least damage to each other that way.

------------------------------------------------- Velius

Wiegraf will transform into another Zodiac Monster, Velius, after you defeat him with Ramza and
he will also summon three Archaic Demons to help him.  Velius has the ability to cast Cyclops, a
very powerful summon spell that has a very wide effect range and can do 250+ damage.  The Demons
have attacks like Giga Flare and Dark Holy that can do anywhere from 70-140 damage to your
characters.  A good idea is to use one or two Ninjas, Agrias, and either a Monk or a Lancer and
focus all of them on Velius.  Or, you could go heavy magic and hit him with high-level Wizard
or Summoner spells.  Either way, you need to keep an eye on your life, and concentrate your
attacks on Velius.  Velius has about 1000 HP, so you will need characters that can do
a lot of damage.  Keep trying - if you really don't think you can do it, go back to a save
outside of the castle and build up levels or train some skills that you think could work.

3.7.3. The Roof of Riovanes Castle

Since there are only three enemies here, this may seem like an easy battle.  After a full turn,
however, you will change your mind.  Elmdor has the ability to draw out Samurai Swords (he
mainly uses Muramasa), and the Assassins can kill with a hit and have the ability to Stop your
characters at long range.  You have to protect Rafa in this battle, but you only need to
defeat one of the characters to end the battle.  I'd suggest just rushing one of the Assassins,
preferably with your strong physical characters first (or whoever survives the first round).

Chapter Four: Someone to Love

The final chapter in Final Fantasy Tactics is riddled with side quests and difficult battles.
Here you will develop a Calculator to make the battles easier (and to have more control), and
you will also want to develop the unique classes some.  Make sure you keep Mustadio around until
you finish getting all the characters detailed in the Secrets section.  This is important since
you will probably run out of room in your party in this chapter--you can only carry 16
characters or monsters.  You should also experiment with the various other aspects of the game,
such as poaching and finding secret items.

4.1. Doguola Pass

Here, the Wizards are rather strong and need to be defeated quickly.  A character equipped with
the Two Swords or Two Hands abilities can easily take out of them.  Here the Lancers have some
strength and will be able to jump your characters, so be careful of them as well.  The Knight
and the Archer are of lesser peril, so defeat them last.  There is a lot of armor here, so a
party based on attack with magic will do better than a party based on physical force.

4.2. Bervenia Free City

You will want to have a character with the Steal Weapon and Steal Accessory ability here, for
Meliadoul has a rare weapon (Defender) and a rare accessory (Chantage).  Stealing Meliadoul's
weapon has a double purpose: you can get the rare Defender, and you can also prevent her from
using her Mighty Sword attacks.  Since you only have to defeat Meliadoul to win this battle, you
should be able to defeat her easily with a Ninja or Samurai, but you may end up having to kill
her allies first to get her sword.  You start at a distinct height advantage, and you may even
lose a character or two to the Archers and Meliadoul herself.  Just be careful here - it is a
tough battle, and you will likely need some sort of healing.  Remember to replace any equipment
you may have lost due to Meliadoul, as her abilities have a 100% chance of destroying certain

4.3. Finath River

This can be an easy or a difficult battle, depending on what type of chocobos show up.  Red and
Black Chocobos have long range attacks, while the Yellow kind has healing.  If you run into a
lot of Red or Black Chocobos, try to keep your life up and target the red ones first.  If there
are Yellow ones, make sure you kill an enemy that you attack, or the Yellow Chocobo will walk up
and heal it.

4.4. Church Outside Zeltennia Castle

Delita will join you once again and he will have the more powerful Holy Sword attacks.  If you
have a strong character with Ignore Height, you can put it to good use in this battle, as your
objective is just to defeat Zalmo, who is high up on the church's roof.  If you damage Zalmo,
chances are that on his next turn he will heal himself, so make sure you finish the job.  The
Oracles here will most likely give you some problems, so you may want someone with White Magic
and Esuna to heal, or a character good with Items.  The Knights here are not such a problem,
as usual.

4.5. Bed Desert

The Engineer Balk has a rare gun, the Blaze Gun (which happens to shoot ice bullets), so you
will want a character with Steal Weapon.  All of your characters are poisoned in the beginning
of the battle, so have one of your characters equipped with either White Magic or a strong Math
Skill and cast Esuna on your characters before they are damaged severely.  You only have to
defeat Balk, so focus a Ninja or a Samurai on him, but as with Meliadoul, you will probably
have to kill his allies first if you would like his gun.  It is likely that you will need
some help in stealing Balk's gun before he kills everyone, so have Ramza use Yell as many times
as possible on your Thief, and subdue him with status anomalies such as Sleep, Don't Move, and
Paralyze (if possible).

4.6. Bethla Garrison

You have a choice to either go to the North Wall or the South Wall of Bethla Garrison.  I can't
really say that one battle is more difficult than the other, so judge for yourself:

North Wall: 2 Archers (at high elevation), 1 Monk, 1 Summoner, 2 Lancers
South Wall: 3 Knights, 2 Archers (at elevation), 1 Ninja, 1 Thief

4.6.1. North Wall of Bethla Garrison

Here the Ignore Height ability will come in handy again, as by using it you can get easy access
to the Archers atop the tower.  There is a Monk rather close to your party's starting position;
don't miss him.  The Summoner has the usual Moogle, Ifrit and Shiva, so he isn't much of a
threat if your characters have a lot of life, but be careful if you have high Faith.  The Ninja,
as usual, will smack any character with little defense, but is weak physically.  Keep an eye on

4.6.2. South Wall of Bethla Garrison

In this battle the enemy is more spread out, which will give you a smaller advantage.  You can
easily take care of the Archer and the Thief, so they aren't much to worry about.  However, the
Ninja has the ability to attack with two weapons, and the Knights are well equipped.  Make sure
your party has enough movement to get around enough, and also enough physical defense.  A good
magic user will do you well here.

4.6.3. In Front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice

You have to open the floodgate, and Ramza can only do this after the Knights on top of it have
died.  There are eight enemies here, but only six of them actually fight you.  The two guarding
the switches can only use Throw Stone or magic to damage your characters, and that's even if
they have Basic Skill or some magic equipped.  There are two Wizards, who can cast some powerful
spells, but as in the past, they can be taken out with a strong physical character.  Defeat the
two loose Knights, the Wizards and the Archers first, then concentrate on the two stationary
Knights.  The incredibly powerful T.G. Cid (Orlandu) will join your party after this battle.

4.7. Zarghidas Trade City

When you get to Zarghidas, a girl will approach you and ask you to buy a flower.  Do so; this is
critical to getting Cloud later.

4.8. Germinas Peak

With the power of Orlandu, the battles from here will become much easier, as many of his attacks
can slay an enemy in one hit.  It is imperative that you learn his Lightning Stab as quickly as
possible.  Try to use him to defeat the Ninja first, then take care of the long-range Archers.
Be careful after this battle, however, for the random battles here can be tough in this area.

4.9. Poeskas Lake

Use Orlandu to defeat the Summoner first, then the Oracle.  Use your other characters to defeat
the Revnants and then the Ghosts.  Do be careful not to let your enemy get too many attacks, as
the Oracle can inflict several status ailments on your party and the Archer is in a prime
position to attack.  Also, make sure you spread your party out to avoid magic.

4.10. Limberry Castle

This area has three battles, the first two being very difficult.  You should equip most of your
characters with Black Costumes for both of the first two battles.  You will run into the
Assassins again, and Elmdor in the second battle.  Before you go here, buy at least three
Black Costumes, Angel Rings and 108 Gems, and stock up on potions and the best equipment.  Make
sure Orlandu has most of his attacks, and you have at least one character with all of the
equipment stealing abilities.  A Calculator with most of the spells is strongly recommended as

4.10.1. The Gate of Limberry Castle

Celia and Lede, the Assassins, will show up here with a trap for Ramza, along with 4 Apandas.
Before this, equip most of your characters with Black Costumes (to prevent Shadow Stitch) and
Angel Rings (to prevent Stop Bracelet).  With this equipment, this battle should be rather easy.
This is also a good time to learn Ultima.  You only need to defeat one Assassin to end the
battle.  The Apandas will be quite irritating, but really only if you're trying to get Ultima.
Otherwise, just focus on the Assassins.

4.10.2. Inside Limberry Castle

This is a very tough battle, probably about as tough than your battle with Velius.  Elmdor
has the ability to Teleport just about anywhere, and often draws out the Muramasa sword.  He
also can Blood Suck, and to prevent this, you need the 108 Gems accessory.  You might be able to
kill both of the Assassins with Orlandu at first, and after they are killed, they will become
Ultima Demons.  If you look at Elmdor's equipment, you will see five items that are unattainable
anywhere else.  The Masamune Sword is one of the best Samurai swords that you can use, and the
Genji equipment is very good.  Although the stealing rate is low, you can increase it using the
knight's Speed Break ability, which will also slow down Elmdor.  Also have Ramza use Yell on
your Thief again.  It's a long and difficult process to get all of his equipment, but it is
well worth it.

4.10.3. Underground Cemetery of Limberry Castle

You can now remove the Black Costumes and the 108 Gems equipment, you will no longer need them,
use better equipment.  Elmdor will use his Zodiac Stone to turn into the Zodiac Monster Zalera,
the Angel of Death.  Zalera has the Nightmare attack (the one that Queklain used back in
Chapter 2), so spread your characters out, or put on equipment that will stop Sleep.  Meliadoul
will join you for this battle as well.  Zalera will summon two Knights and all three types of
skeletons for this battle, but you don't need to worry about them.  Concentrate on Zalera and
you can end the battle very quickly.  Meliadoul will join your party as a character after this

4.11. Igros Castle

Here you will fight Dycedarg, Ramza's elder brother in Igros.  Zalbag will be a guest in this
battle, and will be in prime position.  These two battles are not very tough.

4.11.1. Dycedarg

This battle is not very difficult with Orlandu, because (with a little luck) you may be able to
take out the two Knights behind Zalbag with a single Lightning Stab.  Your goal is to subdue
Dycedarg, which Orlandu can do easily.  Dycedarg also has a Defender in case you missed the
first one.

4.11.2. Adramelk

After you defeat Dycedarg, he will transform into the Zodiac Monster Adramelk.  Adramelk has
spells that inflict status ailments and also high level summon spells, like Bahamut and
Leviathan.  This part of the battle is also not very difficult, as straight fighting should slay
Adramelk very quickly.  If you having a difficult time with Adramelk's magic, use Orlandu's
Dark Sword ability once or twice to drain its MP.

4.12. Murond Holy Place

At Murond you will fight three more consecutive battles, the third probably being the toughest.
The first battle consists of a Priest, two Geomancers, a Summoner and two Mediators.  The second
has three special characters, Vormav, a Divine Knight, Rofel, also a Divine Knight, and Kletian,
a Sorceror.  In the third you will fight against Zalbag, two Archaic Demons and an Ultima Demon.

4.12.1. St. Murond Temple

Make sure you place Orlandu in the second party formation for this battle.  Also, if you are
interested in rare rods, you can steal the rare Dragon Rod from the summoner.  The Priest at the
top is more annoying than a worry, so focus on him last.  The Summoner has the usual low level
spells, and the Geomancers are rather weak.  The Mediators can reduce your faith or brave, so be
careful of them.  With Orlandu in the second party, you might be able to defeat the Mediators
on the first turn.

4.12.2. Hall of St. Murond Temple

If Orlandu is at a low level, then you might want to bring Meliadoul to this battle (make sure
she has Hellcry Punch).  With Orlandu and Meliadoul using Hellcry Punch, you can destroy both of
the Divine Knights' swords and prevent them from using their Mighty Sword attack.  You only need
to defeat one of these characters to make them all retreat.  Remember to replace any equipment
you may have lost in this battle.

4.12.3. Chapel of St. Murond Temple

Equip everyone with the 108 Gems accessory before proceeding into this battle, as Zalbag can use
the Blood Suck ability.  Try to focus on the Ultima Demon first, as he is definitely the most
powerful of the four enemies.  Zalbag has around 550 HP, so he will not be defeated quickly.
Keep your life up and subdue the demons, and you will handle this easily.  Zalbag is a bit more
powerful than a typical Knight, so either use Orlandu or a magic user to bring him down.
The demons here will likely give you as much trouble as usual, so also remember to keep your
characters spread out.

4.13. Orbonne Monastery

The game starts here and ends here.  Only go here if you don't want to return to the map to do
anything (getting Cloud, venturing into the Deep Dungeon, etc.).  There will be five straight
battles, and I suggest you build up to level 50-60, or you will have trouble.

4.13.1. Underground Book Storage: Fourth Floor

The Knights here have equipment destruction abilities, so equip Maintenance or just be careful
not to get too close.  This is an easy battle and the last one where you have to defeat all of
the enemies in the battle.

4.13.2. Underground Book Storage: Fifth Floor

Here you will fight Rofel, who comes with a whole slew of magi.  It will be important for you to
use Meliadoul or Orlandu's Hellcry Punch to destroy his Save the Queen sword, as it gives Rofel
a protection bonus and allows him to use his Mighty Sword attacks.  After doing this, it should
be easy to dispatch Rofel, but he still does have the All Magic skill.  While you don't need to
bother much with the Time Magi and Wizards, the Summoners may ruin things as usual, so be

4.13.3. Murond Death City

For this battle, you will have to split your party into two groups again.  The first group will
be facing two Time Magi and Kletian, a Sorceror.  The second group will most likely be attacked
by a Ninja and a Samurai.  There is also another Ninja and a Samurai in the center as well.

Kletian is your target now, and he starts in front of his troops.  If you can get to Kletian
before he moves behind his troops, you will have a much easier time defeating him.  However, if
he does manage to get back, use Meliadoul and Orlandu's Hellcry Punch to weaken the Samurai and
Ninjas, or use magic at long range.  Kletian has the ability to cast virtually any magic, and
he can also Fly over objects or characters alike.

4.13.4. Lost Sacred Precincts

This battle is not easy.  Again, you will split up into two groups.  You only have to defeat
Balk, but since he has a Blast Gun, he will stay far away from you and snipe.  What will come
to you is the Hyudra, Hydra, and Tiamat, and they will hurt.  A Dark Behemoth is also in range
of the second group as well.  There is also a Chemist equipped with a Glacier Gun ready to
revive anyone you kill.  I would suggest killing the Chemist unless you can easily get to Balk
first.  This will most likely be difficult as there is a chasm blocking you from him and the
Chemist.  Remember to be careful, for the monsters are quite powerful - they can easily take
down one or more weak characters in one hit.

4.13.5. Graveyard of Airships

There will be three battles here, and you will be allowed to save and go to the Formation
screen after the first.

------------------------------------------------- Hashmalum

You will be in only one group this time.  Spread your group out, for Hashmalum has plenty of
devastating area effect spells.  However, this battle is not all that difficult, for like the
other Zodiac monsters you've fought (except Velius), Hashmalum really doesn't have enough life.
Among Hashmalum's spells are Death Cold, which causes Slow, Spell, which causes Stop, and two
attack spells, Meteor and Quake.  If you want to equip yourself accordingly, you may do so, but
it's probably not worth the effort.  You will win a Ragnarok in this battle, so equip it if
you don't have one already.

------------------------------------------------- Altima, Holy Angel

Altima will summon four Ultima Demons and become an angelic figure.  Since you only have to
defeat Altima to progress, you may be tempted to ignore the Ultima Demons.  If you are strong
enough, the Demons shouldn't give you that much trouble at all, but they will most likely be a
nuisance.  They are rather low level, surprisingly.  Also, Alma will join you as
a guest in this battle.  Altima will be able to teleport anywhere on the screen, and has
Absorb Used MP as a reaction ability.  Among his spells are an improved Ultima, and a spell
called Grand Cross that will cause multiple status anomalies.

------------------------------------------------- Altima, Arch Angel

Upon defeating the Holy Angel, Altima will turn into the Arch Angel, a more powerful form.  Your
characters are most likely spread out already, but if they are not, do so.  Altima still has
the ability to teleport anywhere, has a bunch of new spells, and now has Face Up as a
reaction ability.  What seems to be a favorite spell of this incarnation is Despair 2, much
like Beowulf's Despair, only with a much wider effect range.  If you want to distract him, just
cast Reraise or Regen on one of your characters and he'll probably go and Despair 2 it.  Altima
also has an impressive-looking (and powerful) spell called All-Ultima that you should look out
for.  However, it seems to have a rather long charge time, so you'll probably see it coming.
He will also have Grand Cross around, so watch for that as well.  This battle really isn't
that difficult if you're spread out, and you will have finished the game before you know it.

i. Revision History

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iii. Special Thanks

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Thanks to Sergio Lopez, ([email protected]) for correcting some of my data in the jobs section.

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