Each GameShark code below is for FFTA (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance), the USA version only:

MASTER CODE: - You MUST enter this code in order to use ANY of the other codes below

EA995F78 808AC7FC
15354346 20E97650


572905DE EC7804A2 - Quick Lvl Up
D0D63EAA FD4C724B - Infinite HP
6D9304A8 EA65A137 - Max HP
2E36CA0F FD9DBA83 - Infinite MP
B7A2F308 8FED41F5 - Max MP
81896D8C 0E6A9641 - Max Atk
CFFFFA54 E4B44369 - Max Def
25951A24 700B3CC1 - Max Magic
E5371E6A CBDD640D - Max Magic Def
246D67A5 0BB62FB6 - Max Speed
08CC7EC3 88E0AB87 - 99 JP
DF6B8F86 10AC5192 - 0 Red Cards
E090637D 5157C565 - 0 Yellow Cards
D3C3D32C 6FB077AA - Double Sword Ability Mastered


0F15D58C 599AE862 - 99,999,999 Gold
1B738B5A C228D50B - 10,000 Gold after battle
24A23942 E3EE12C3 - 1000 AP after battle
74A54696 E9ACD1CA + FCE6740A 33EDE7F8 - No Laws