99 Dalmations

Upon the first time you enter the Dalmation House, which can be accessed
very early on in the game from Traverse Town's 2nd District, Jiminy Cricket
will be a mediator between you and the two adult dalmations, asking that you help
them find their puppies which are scattered throughout the world in chests.

Upon finding these puppies, check in frequently to the
Dalmation House to receive items from them. You can see exactly which
puppies you have and have not found (they are all given a number) by checking
your Journal from the menu.

Puppy Locations:
Traverse Town:

1,2,3 - The hard to reach Island across from Merlin's House, get there after you have obtained Glide in Neverland
4,5,6 - Behind the Red Trinity in the 1st District Alley. You must have the Red Trinity to get them
7,8,9 - In the Item Synthesis Shop, after getting the Green Trinity they are available.
10,11,12 - Hidden in the Secret Waterway, use Red Trinity when you have it.


13,14,15 - On a high platform in the Queen's Castle, reachable via a hidden Exit in the Lotus Forrest.
16,17,18 - On one of the High plarforms in the Lotus Forrest
19,20,21 - In the Tea Party Garden. Sora needs the High Jump ability, obtained after completing the 'Monstro' level.
59,59,60 - In the kitchen. Turn on faucet to fill pot with water. Exit through the pot.

Olympus Coliseum:

22,23,24 - In the blue Trinity beside the main gate

Deep Jungle:

25,26,27 - On the far end of the Hippo Lagoon
28,29,30 - In the Vines 2 area, reachable by climbing the Ivy in the Hippos Lagoon and swinging over to the far platform
31,32,33 - Blue Trinity in the Climbing Trees
34,35,36 - Blue Trinity in the Camp area


37,38,39 - Chest in Aladdin's house
46,47,48 - On a high point in the Palace Gates area, reachable with the High Jump
49,50,51 - Near the enterance of Cave of Wonders
52,53,54 - Aladdin must be in party, bounce up atop a treasure mound in the Cave of Wonders

Halloween Town:

40,41,42 - Bridge area, near the enterance of Oogie's Manor
64,65,66 - After you defeat Oogie Booige, and his mansion, go to Moonlight Hill. Go in a newly accessible door, and there is a chest. Open it.
67,68,69 - Pull the bellrope at Jack's front door and look below the front stairs
70,71,72 - Guillotine Square, use Glide atop grey pumpkin.


55,56,57 - In Chamber 3
73,74,75 - When water level drops, on a stack of jetsam
76,77,78 - Chamber 3, check all enterances
79,80,81 - In Chamber 5


43,44,45 - In a corner of the clock tower
82,83,84 - When flying, on a beam in the ships Hold
85,86,87 - Yellow Trinity in the ships hold
88,89,90 - Chest in the Captains Cabin, after Shadow battle

Hollow Bastion:

61,62,63 - Grand Hall on second visit
91,92,93 - Bottom of the Rising Falls
94,95,96 - Cast Gravity on the floating chest at the castle gates
97,98,99 - Cast Gravity on the chest in High Tower

Check back to the Dalmation House when you find more puppies.

12 Puppies: Curaga-G gummi block
21 Puppies: Firaga-G gummi block
30 Puppies: Thundara-G gummi block
42 Puppies: Mythril Shard
51 Puppies: Torn Page and Mythil
60 Puppies: Megalixir
72 Puppies: Orichalum
81 Puppies: Ultima-G gummi block
90 Puppies: Ribbon
99 Puppies: Every gummi and an improved Aero spell