Non-Storyline Key Holes:

Monstro: There is no Keyhole for Monstro.
Olympus Coliseum: Activate the Yellow Trinity mark in the Lobby. This will move the large stone block out of the way, revealing the keyhole.
100 Acre Woods: You must complete all the minigames of all 5 torn pages. When this has been done, you will see a very short cutscene of the Hundred Acre Wood book closing, Sora and Pooh hand in hand in a drawing in the book, and you'll see the book closing and being 'locked'.

Fun Stuff:

- When in Pooh's house, you can play with the clock
- Examine the MusicBox in Ariel's Grotto to hear the FF prelude
- Hit the water pipes in Rabbit's garden and water comes out
- In the Detiny Islands, if you go under where Selphie is sitting, you can look up in first person view and see..
- In the Phil/Pegasus/Hades and all the other cups, if you look at Sora, he does the victory dances of Squall, Cloud, and Zidane.
- After beating the Hades Cup, look behind the pillars at the Cup Enterance, and you can find Orichalcum
- In 100 Acre Wood, theres a big honey pot. Near it are these fruits. You cannot lock onto them, and hit them ,and you will get them. Give them to and he will give you items.
- In the destiny Islands, when you go into the cave, you can see drawings. You can see chocobo's, Donald with his pointy hat, and King Mickey's or Hollow Bastion castle.
- In Traverse Town, 3rd District, you can look at the fountain and see the Spaghetti Scene in 'Lady and the Tramp'.
- In the hotel in Traverse Town: Look at all the paintings in the hotel and then hit the bell on the desk three times. Guy at the desk will tell you paintings are nice. Hit a few times more, and he'll tell you information about striking the clock in the green room. Go into the green room and strike the clock above the door many times. After awhile, a noise will be heard and on the couch will be a treasure box. Open it to get a Mythril.
- In Halloween Town, if you ring the doorbell on the house, you can get a treasure chest.
- In Hollow Bastion, in the Grand Hall, you can slide down the rail.
- After you have done the mini games in 100 Acre Wood, Pooh is sitting on the log, light his fire and get a free item.
- In 100 Acre Wood, if you pull up some of Rabbit's plants, they will have items in them.
- In the dalmation house, in one of the rooms, one of the puppies will follow you around.
- At the beginning of the game, there is a boss fight on in a small circular battlefield, that of a desert. In this small area, there is some junk boards of wood laying around, and one is in the shape chocobo.