Journal Text

-Sora's Story- The Power of Kairi's heart was what saved Sora. The strong bond between them became a light that pulled him back from the darkness. Promising he would come back, Sora returned to Hollow Bastion to seal the final Keyhole and save Riku. The Keyhole was sealed, but Ansem and Riku were nowhere to be found. Ansem had left to fulfill his final plan. Sora and company followed him to a world shrouded in darkness. Destroying Ansem could restore all the worlds taken by the Heartless, but it would also mean those worlds being disconnected, as they once were. Once, every world was isolated, divided from the others by impassable walls. The power of darkness demolished those walls. If the walls return, traveling to other worlds will no longer be possible. Sora may never see his friends again. Still, he resolved to fight his way into the very core of darkness, where Ansem lies in wait. He believes no matter how deep the darkness, a light shines within. -Wonderland- After falling through a deep hole, Sora and company arrived in Wonderland and followed a white rabbit all the way to the Queen of Heart's castle. There they witnessed a trial in which the unreasonable queen falsely accuses Alice. Angered by this injustice, Sora rushed in and challenged the queen. He and his friends found evidence proving Alice's innocence. But the queen simply accused them next, and ordered her card soldiers to seize them. After fighting them off, Sora noticed that Alice had disappeared from her cage. While looking for her, he and his friends ran into the Trickmaster. They defeated the powerful monster, but Alice's whereabouts remained unknown. -Olympus Coliseum- Hades plotted to destroy Sora and Hercules, but failed. First, Cloud failed to carry out his orders, then Cerberus was defeated. But Hades did not give up on his goal—to rule the worlds as the king of darkness. He hosted the Hades Cup to deal with Sora personally. Overcoming tough trials, Sora and Company defeated Hades. -Deep Jungle- Sora and his friends sought to reach the gorilla's nesting grounds, but Clayton, possessed by the Heartless, stood in their way. He abducted Jane and hunted down the gorillas. In their final showdown, Sora and company defeated Clayton and an invisible monster named Stealth Sneak. Sora finally gained Kerchak's trust and was allowed to go to the nesting grounds. Tarzan led everyone to a cavern with a mysterious keyhole. When Sora sealed it with the Keyblade, he found an unusual gummi block. Although Sora and the others couldn't find their friends, the new gummi block should help them get to another world. Sora, Donald, and Goofy said goodbye to Tarzan and the others and continued with their journeys. -Agrabah- Hoping to take over Agrabah, Jafar took Jasmine and the lamp with him to the Cave of Wonders. Sora and his friends followed him there, where they encountered Maleficent. They learned that Maleficent and Jafar were rounding up the seven princesses, Jasmine being one, with the power to open the final Keyhole. With Genies at his side, Jafar attacked Sora and company. Somehow, they defeated him, but could not find Jasmine. She had been abducted by someone else. They returned to Agrabah, where Aladdin freed Genie with his final wish and asked him to help Sora find Jasmine. Genie agreed and joined the party. -Monstro- Inside Monstro, Sora and his friends ran into Pinocchio and Geppetto. Pinocchio wandered off, and when Sora found him, he also found Riku. It was a strange reunion, and Riku suddenly ran off with Pinocchio. Baffled by Riku's behavior, Sora followed them. Amidst all the chaos, a Heartless attacked Pinocchio and left him lying motionless. Did it consume his heart? No way! His heart survived, and will remain strong as long as I do my duty as his conscience. Pinocchio awakened when I called his name. Riku fled the scene; leaving Sora bewildered by the change his friend. -Hundred Acre Wood- Sora was whisked away to the world of the Hundred Acre Wood, inside a book in Merlin's house. There he met Winnie the Pooh, who said all his friends had vanished. Some of the book's pages had been torn out. Taking his friends with them. Sora collected all the scattered pages and brought Pooh and his friends back together. A happy ending. -Atlantica- Ariel, a princess of Atlantica, yearned to go to other worlds. But her dream could not be realized as King Triton, her father, forbade such notions. Ursula took advantage of this to coax Ariel into leading her to Triton's trident, which she the seized for herself. To atone for her mistake, Ariel went to Ursula's lair with Sora, Donald and Goofy to retrieve the trident. After her morays were defeated, Ursula used the trident's power to become a giant, but was vanquished in the end. With the trident's power, Sora found the keyhole and sealed it. -Halloween Town- Jack, the pumpkin king of Halloween Town, worked with Dr. Finkelstein and created a heart to control the Heartless for the Halloween festival. Oogie Boogie, plotting to use the heart to take over Halloween Town, had Lock, Shock and Barrel steals it. When Sora and company arrived at his manor, Oogie Boogie tried to summon a swarm of Heartless with the heart, but failed. Evidently, the heart was incomplete. After Sora and his friends defeated him, Oogie Boogie turned into a giant monster, becoming one with his manor. However, he was beaten yet again and disappeared along with the manor. Sora sealed the Keyhole in Halloween Town. -Neverland- Sora and company, trapped inside Hook's ship, searched for Kairi and Wendy, who were locked away somewhere below deck. When they found them, they learned that something was wrong with Kairi. She remained dormant, as if she had lost her heart. Just when Sora thought Kairi was within reach, Riku snatched her away. Sora and the others pursued them to the main deck, where Hook and his men waited. With Peter Pan's help, they defeated the pirates, but Riku and Kairi were nowhere to be found. For no, Sora could only hope to see her again. When he sealed the Keyhole at the clock tower, Sora found a gummi block. Will he be able to find Kairi again with his new block? With Tinker Bell now in the party, Sora and his friends continued with their Journeys.
Ansem's Report
-Ansem's Report 1- Much of my life has been dedicated to pursuit of knowledge. That knowledge has guarded this world well. Not a soul doubts that. I am blessed with people's smiles and respect. But though I am called a sage, there are things I do not understand. I believe darkness sleeps in every heart, no matter how pure. Given the chance, the smallest drop can spread and swallow the heart. I have witnessed it many times. Darkness... Darkness of the heart. How is it born? How does it come to affect us so? As ruler of this world, I must find the answers. I must find them before the world is lost to those taken by the darkness. -Ansem's Report 2- It is my duty to expose what this darkness really is. I shall conduct the following experiments: Extract the darkness from a person's heart. Cultivate darkness in a pure heart. Both suppress and amplify the darkness within. The experiments caused the test subject's heart to collapse, including those of the most stalwart. How fragile our hearts are! My treatment produced no signs of recovery. I confined those who had completely lost their hearts beneath the castle. Some time later, I went below and was greeted by the strangest sight. Creatures that seemed born of darkness... What are they? Are they truly sentient beings? Could they be the shadows of those who lost their hearts in my experiments? -Ansem's Report 3- The shadows that crawl beneath the castle... Are they the people who lost their hearts, or incarnations of darkness? Or something entirely beyond my imagination? All my knowledge has provided no answer. One thing I am sure of is that they are entirely devoid of emotion. Perhaps further study will unlock the mysteries of the heart. Fortunately, there is no shortage of test samples. They are multiplying underground even as I write this report. They still need a name. Those who lack hearts... I will call them the Heartless. -Ansem's Report 4- The Heartless appear in groups, and are multiplying rapidly. I've provided them both living and nonliving samples. They've responded only to the living. They seem to multiply after absorbing something from the living creatures. Their prey vanishes without a trace. I believe the Heartless are taking hearts. They are born from those who've lost their hearts, and thrive on hearts seized from others. The hearts taken by the heartless become Heartless themselves. Though I lack proof, I am confident in this hypothesis. I must also study their behavioral principles. Though they lack emotions, they do seem to have some intelligence. How to communicate with them? It's just occurred to me: Could they be the darkness in people's hearts? -Ansem's Report 5- To study the Heartless behavior, I picked one out for observation. It wiggled its antennae and, as if sensing a target, headed deep into the castle. In the deepest part of the castle, its antennae began vibrating, as if searching for something. Suddenly, a strange door appeared. I'd never known of its existence. I had a large keyhole, but didn't seem to be locked. SO I opened the door. What I saw on the other side mystified me. What was that powerful mass of energy. That night I observed a great meteor shower in the sky. Could it be related to the door that I have opened? -Ansem's Report 6- A massive core of energy lay beyond the door sought by the Heartless. It may be the ultimate goal of the Heartless. But what is that energy? I have devised a hypothesis, based upon my observations of the Heartless. The Heartless feed on other's hearts, and they yearn for that energy core. That thing beyond the door must be a heart, too--the heart of this world. There is no proof, but, having felt that immense energy, I am certain. That was the heart of the world. The Heartless are trying to take hearts not only from all living creatures, but from the planet itself. But what do they mean to do with the heart of the world? -Ansem's Report 7- I am studying material from the meteors that rained down that fateful night. What a find! The material is foreign to our world. It is elastic to the touch, and when two pieces are combined, they bond easily. None of the records even mention such a substance. Was it introduced to this world when I opened the door? I wonder how many other such materials drift through the atmosphere of this tiny world... I wish I could soar off and find out! Could there be uncharted worlds up there? My curiosity never ceases to grow. But I should stop speaking of such unrealistic dreams. For now, there is no way to venture outside this world. My people and I are all but prisoners of this tiny place. -Ansem's Report 8- There is no doubt that the Heartless are deeply connected to the people's hearts. Further study may unravel both their motivations and the mysteries shrouding the heart. As a start, I have built a device that artificially creates Heartless. By recreating the conditions that spawn the Heartless naturally, I should be able to produce them artificially. This device is the culmination of all my research thus far. The machine's test run successfully created a Heartless. This may be a step toward creating a heart from nothing. The artificially and naturally created Heartless showed nearly identical traits. But the two types remain distinct for the purpose of the experiment. So, I will mark the ones that are created artificially. -Ansem's Report 9- Simple astonishing! Today I had a guest from another world. He is a king, and his vessel is built of the material that composed the meteors. He called the pieces "gummi blocks." It seemed that my opening the door has opened a path to interworld travel. We talked for countless hours, but one story in particular caught my interest: that of a key called the "Keyblade." The Keyblade is said to hold phenomenal power. One legend says its wielder saved the world, while another says that he wrought chaos and ruin upon it. I must know what this Keyblade is. A key opens doors. It must be connected to the door I have opened. -Ansem's Report 10- Just as people have hearts, so do worlds. The same can be said of stars in the night sky. And deep within each world lies a door to its heart. The Heartless desire those hearts. Born out of darkness in people's hearts, they seek to return to a greater heart. Yes that's it. The Heartless come from people's hearts, as does the darkness. Is the core of the world's heart the world of the Heartless? I will pursue the answer there and become all knowing. My path is set. I shall seek out the wielder of the Keyblade, and the princesses. My body is too frail for such a journey, but I most do this. I will cast it off and plunge into the depths of darkness.
Characters 1
-Sora The one who fights the Heartless. Upon reclaiming Keyblade from his rival Riku, Sora sacrificed his heart to free Kairi and became a Heartless. Kari's deep feelings for Sora restored him. Now he must confront Ansem, the seeker of darkness. -Riku When Kairi lost her heart, Riku allied himself with Maleficent to save her. Riku was actually the rightful master of the Keyblade, but once he chose darkness over light, the weapon chose Sora instead. Ansem exploited Riku's weakness of heart and possessed him. -Kairi Kairi, Sora and Riku always hung out together. When their island vanished, Kairi lost her heart. It turned out that it was hidden within Sora's. As one of the princesses with the power to unlock the secret Keyhole, Kairi restored Sora's heart when he was turned into a Heartless. -Mickey Mouse King of Disney Castle. He set out to learn more about the darkness, and left instructions for Donald and Goofy to find and follow the key bearer. No one knows where King Mickey is now, but they are determined to find him. He made his debut in "Steamboat Willie"(1928). -Donald Duck Royal magician. Skilled in magic, but short-tempered and stubborn. Because Mickey said to follow the key bearer, he once left Sora to follow Riku. But friendship soon led him back to Sora. Donald made his screen debut in "The Wise Little Hen" (1934). -Goofy Captain of the royal knights. He avoids fighting whenever possible. Mickey's most loyal subject. Because Mickey said to follow the key bearer he once, he once left Sora to follow Riku. But friendship soon led him back to Sora. Goofy made his first screen appearance in "Mickey's Revue" (1932). -Minnie Mouse Queen of Disney Castle, ruling in Mickey's absence. I, Jiminy Cricket, am accompanying Donald and Goofy as the royal chronicler at her request. Queen Minnie is more concerned than anyone about the king's disappearance. -Daisy Duck Donald's sweetheart. She's helping Minnie while the others look for King Mickey. She has Donald under her thumb, and does a good job of keeping him in line. She originally appeared as Daisy in "Mr. Duck Steps Out" (1940). -Pluto Mickey's faithful dog. Pluto is more than a pet. He and Mickey are bound by strong ties of loyalty. Pluto set out with the others to find his master. Will that famous nose of his lead him to Mickey? Pluto originally appeared in "The Chain Gang" (1930). -Chip One of the kingdom's specialists. Helps maintain the gummi ship, which can travel to any destination. Chip is more serious and diligent than his easygoing, playful partner, Dale. Chip 'n' Dale first appearance was in "Private Pluto" (1943). -Dale One of the kingdom's specialists. Helps maintain the gummi ship, which can travel to any destination. Compared to the more serious Chip, he takes a happy-go-lucky approach to life. Chip 'n' Dale first appearance was in "Private Pluto" (1943). -Huey One of Donald's three nephews. Huey is the leader, and he keeps playful Dewey and laid-back Louie in line. You can spot Huey by his trademark red cap. Huey began tormenting his Uncle Donald in "Donald's Nephews" (1938). -Dewey One of Donald's three nephews. Always wears a blue cap. Cheerful and easygoing. He works with his brothers in a shop in Traverse Town. Dewey began tormenting his Uncle Donald in "Donald's Nephews" (1938). -Louie One of Donald's three nephews. Works with his brothers in a shop. In Traverse Town. Gentle and carefree, but notices a lot of things others miss. To find him, look for a green cap. Louie began tormenting his Uncle Donald in "Donald's Nephews" (1938). -Merlin A great sorcerer living on the outskirts of Traverse Town. Merlin's wisdom and magic powers rank second to none, and he teaches Sora and his friends about magic. He has a mysterious bag that can hold anything, no matter how large. Merlin first tutored Arthur in how to be a king in "The Sword in the Stone" (1963). -Fairy Godmother A powerful but generous and good-hearted fairy who helps Sora and his friends. Slight absent-minded, but an expert at magic. She gives Sora and the others lessons in magic as well as advice on their journey. She first appeared as Cinderella's fairy godmother in "Cinderella" (1950). -Pongo A brave and intelligent Dalmatian. With his mate Perdita, he looks after 99 Dalmatian puppies. Quick-witted Pongo is an expert at escaping from tight spots. Pogo was first spotted on-screen in "101 Dalmatians" (1961). -Perdita A beautiful Dalmatian. With her partner Pongo, she takes care of 99 Dalmatian puppies. Perdita will brave any danger to protect her spotted charges. Perdita was first spotted on-screen in "101 Dalmatians" (1961). -99 Puppies Pongo and Perdita's puppies. When they work together, they can be tough to beat. Ever since their world was destroyed by the darkness, they've been trying to get back together again. They were first spotted on-screen in "101 Dalmatians" (1961). -Brooms Enchanted brooms with a life of their own. They tidy up, maintain the gummy ship, do house repairs, wait on others-- just about anything useful. They swept onto the screen in "Fantasia" (1940). -Leon A swordsman who wields the gunblade. His real name: Squall Leonheart. He escaped to Traverse Town when the Heartless raided his home world. To part with his old self, a man who had been helpless to stop them, he changed his name. Since meeting the king, who has been so vigilant against the Heartless, Leon has sought the truth behind the "key". "Final Fantasy VIII" -Yuffie A female ninja who escaped to Traverse Town when her home world was taken by the Heartless. She stays strong and cheerful in any situation. She works with Leon and Aerith to unravel the secret of the "key". "Final Fantasy VII" -Aerith She lost her home to the Heartless at a very young age. Beneath her gentle disposition lies a strong will and a firm sense of duty. Many are naturally drawn to her. Aerith works with Leon and Yuffie to learn more about the Heartless and the "key". "Final Fantasy VII" -Cloud A fighter hired by Hades to compete in the Coliseum. Despite his association with Hades, his heart remains untouched by the Heartless. Cloud keeps very much to himself, which makes him something of an enigma. What is he seeking? "Final Fantasy VII" -Sephiroth Once known as the greatest of swordsmen, his whereabouts have been unknown for some time. He challenged Sora to a one-on-one duel. No one knows why he has suddenly returned. Apparently, he and Cloud have crossed paths before. "Final Fantasy VII" -Cid Owner of an accessory shop in Traverse Town. A highly skilled engineer and a first-rate pilot. When the Heartless invaded his world, he escaped to Traverse Town on a gummi ship he'd built himself. He is an expert on gummi ships. "Final Fantasy VII" -Tidus A cheerful, self-confident boy who lived on the Destiny Islands. He considers himself a champ at everything. Nobody knows what happened to him after his island disappeared. "Final Fantasy X" -Selphie A spunky girl who lived on the Destiny Islands. She is rather impulsive, and quite the romanticist. Nobody knows what happened to her after her island disappeared. "Final Fantasy VIII" -Wakka A boy who lived on the Destiny Islands. He looks out for Tidus and Selphie like a big brother. Nobody knows what happened to him after his island disappeared. "Final Fantasy X" -Moogles Escaped to Traverse Town when the Heartless invaded their home. They know how combine various items to form new ones. "Many Final Fantasies" -Snow White A beautiful princess, gentle and pure as snow. She is one of the princesses needed to open the final Keyhole, and was captured by the Heartless. Her world has been swallowed by the darkness. The fair-skinned princess first appeared in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" (1937). -Cinderella A hardworking young girl who's often bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters. She is one of the princesses needed to open the final Keyhole, and was captured by the Heartless. Her world has already been destroyed. Prince Charming first wept her way in "Cinderella" (1950). -Aurora A young woman with a lovely voice. She is loved by three good fairies and cursed by Maleficent. The sorceress captured Aurora to help open the final Keyhole. She had her first encounter with Maleficent in "Sleeping Beauty" (1959). -Belle A brave and intelligent young woman who understands the Beast's true nature. She's one of the seven princesses needed to open the final Keyhole. She and the Beast have lost their world to the darkness. She appeared at the Beast's castle for the first time in "Beauty and the Beast" (1991) -Beast A prince who was changed into a hideous beast because of his selfish heart. Belle has helped heal the loneliness he's suffered due to his ugliness. To save Belle, he made his way to Hollow Bastion alone. He was first enchanted by Belle in "Beauty and the Beast" (1991). -Maleficent A sorceress of awesome power. She tried to use the Heartless for her own evil ends, but the Heartless were actually using her. She turned into a huge dragon when cornered by Sora and his friends. She first appeared to curse Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty" (1959). -Dragon Maleficent became a huge dragon when the Keyblade released the darkness in her heart. The dragon wielded both Maleficent's power and the terrible forces of darkness. Maleficent's powerful alter ego appeared in "Sleeping Beauty" (1959). -Ansem As a researcher and ruler of his world, he studied the Heartless and delved into the many secrets of the worlds. While studying the heart and the darkness within it, he was possessed by darkness and ultimately destroyed his own world. He sacrificed his body to attain great power, and later possessed Riku's body to regain a physical presence. Failure to stop him means the end of all worlds.
Characters 2
-Dumbo A baby circus elephant. He was taunted because of his huge ears, but his talent for flying made him the star of the circus. Ascend with O button, descend with [] button. Attack: Splash Cost: 3 MP He first flew onto the screen in "Dumbo" (1941). -Bambi A young deer, son of the great stag who rules the forest. He prances around and gives you items. The more foes Sora defeats, the better items become. The type of items varies depending on the area. Cost: 3MP The forest prince was born in "Bambi" (1941). -Mushu One of the guardian spirits of an ancient clan. He was banished by the other guardians because of his foolish ways. Though small, he has the power of a great dragon. Press X button for Fire Breath attack. Cost: 3MP This ancient dragon heated things up in "Mulan" (1998). -Simba The leader of pride. He rules over the other animals of the Pride Lands, his savanna kingdom. Hold down the X button to charge his power. When the command changes release the button to unleash an attack. Hold the button longer for more power. Cost: 2 MP He roared onto the scene in "The Lion King" (1994). -Alice Feel down a rabbit hole in Wonderland. Arrested on suspicion of trying to steal the queen's heart. Sora and his friends proved her innocence, but the Heartless captured her as part of their plan to open the Final Keyhole. She fell down the rabbit hole in "Alice in Wonderland" (1951). -Queen of Hearts A queen of Wonderland who lives in a castle with decks and decks of card soldiers. Selfish and short-tempered, she beheads anyone who crosses he. She thinks Alice tried to steal her heart. She struck terror in our hearts in "Alice in Wonderland" (1951). -Cards (Hearts) Spear-carrying guards who serve the Queen of Hearts. They fear the short-tempered queen and are careful not to irritate her. Marched onto the scene in "Alice in Wonderland" (1951). -Cards (Spades) Troops with heavy axes who serve the Queen of Hearts. They fear the short-tempered queen and are careful not to irritate her. Marched onto the scene in "Alice in Wonderland" (1951). -White Rabbit Loyal servant to the Queen of Hearts. He led Sora and his friends to the Queen of Hearts' castle. He wasn't late for his appearance in "Alice in Wonderland" (1951). -Cheshire Cat A mysterious, grinning cat who talks in riddles and can appear and disappear at will. He loves to mislead and confuse. He entered with a big smile in "Alice in Wonderlands" (1951). -Doorknob A talking doorknob in the door to Wonderland. To enter, you must turn him—and "One good turn deserves another," as he would say. Doorknob was the only character in "Alice Wonderland" (1951) who didn't first appear in the original story. -Hercules A legendary hero with godlike strength. He's the son of the gods Zeus and Hera, but not a god himself. The people regard Hercules as a true hero. He went from "zero to hero" in "Hercules" (1997). -Philoctetes Phil the satyr is a veteran trainer of heroes and Herc's mentor. These days he's very busy running the Coliseum and choosing competitors suitable for the games. He came out of retirement in "Hercules" (1997). -Hades Lord of the Underworld. He's using the Heartless to try to take over the world. Hades wants Herc and Sora out the way, but all his schemes against Sora and the others seem to end in failure. He heated things up in "Hercules" (1997). -Cerberus Guardian of the entrance to the Underworld and Hades' loyal servant. Herc defeated him once, but Hades brought him back to fight Sora and his friends. He first stood watch Hades in "Hercules" (1997). -Rock Titan Immortal giant in the form of a stone crag. He has two heads but can only think with one at a time. Defeated once by Hercules, he's now on the loose again courtesy of Hades. He shook the scene in "Hercules" (1997). -Ice Titan Defeated once by Hercules, he received new powers from Hades and resurfaced. His body is made of large blocks of seemingly impregnable ice. But the ice shaping his face is quite fragile. Naturally, he is weak against fire. He shook the scene in "Hercules" (1997). -Tarzan A young man raised from infancy by gorillas. His gorilla "mother" is Kaia. Tarzan spoke only the language of apes until he met Jane. Since then he's learning to speak English at an astonishing rate. He swung onto the screen in "Tarzan" (1999). -Jane Porter A naturalist who's in the jungle with Clayton, her guide, to study gorillas. She met Tarzan in the jungle and is gradually teachinf him about human ways. She's courageous and will face any danger for her research. Exploring the jungle, she encountered "Tarzan" (1999). -Clayton A veteran hunter, Jane's guide on her expedition to the jungle. He thinks of animals only as prey. His lust for power and the darkness in his heart attracted the Heartless, and they used him for their own evil purposes. He first set his sights on the apes in "Tarzan" (1999). -Terk A young female gorilla, and Tarzan's close friend. She is protective of the other young gorillas and acts as their leader. Unlike the other gorillas, her curiosity about humans is greater than her fear of them. She was up to monkey business in "Tarzan" (1999). -Kerchak Boss of the gorilla pack. He was against letting Tarzan join the group, but Kala's resolve won him over. Kerchak worries that Tarzan's contact with people will bring danger to the gorilla community. He established himself as leader of the pack in "Tarzan" (1999). -Kala The gorilla who found Tarzan in the jungle. She has always helped and defended him, even when he was scorned by the others. Kala is not happy about Tarzan's contact with people, but she knows it's important to him. She was second banana in "Tarzan" (1999). -Sabor A leopard feared by all who live in the jungle, and an enemy of Tarzan and the gorillas. Sabor is a cunning hunter who targets the weak and helpless. He stalked onto the scene in "Tarzan" (1999). -Aladdin A young man living in Agrabah. He helped Sora defeat Jafar and used his last wish to release Genie from the lamp. Aladdin asked Sora and friends to help save Jasmine, who has been abducted. He stole the scene in "Aladdin" (1992). -Genie The spirit of the magic lamp, who has been freed by Aladdin with his third wish. Genie has joined forces with Sora and friends to rescue Jasmine from captivity. He will attack all locked-on targets, with Showtime. Cost: 2 MP He granted our wish by appearing in "Aladdin" (1992). -Jasmine Spirited princess of Agrabah. Longing for a life of freedom, she slipped away from the palace and encountered Aladdin, who she quickly grew fond of. AS one of the princesses with the power to open the Keyhole, she was abducted by Jafar and the Heartless. She appeared in "Aladdin" (1992). -Jafar The vizier of Agrabah. He joined forces with Maleficent and tried to control the Heartless. He gained control of the lamp and became a powerful genie, but was defeated by Sora and friends. He played the villain "in Aladdin" (1992). -Jafar (Genie) With his last wish he became an all-powerful Genie himself, but he forgot that all genies share the same fate: To serve whoever controls their lamp. In the end, his lamp became his prison. He played the villain in "Aladdin" (1992). -Abu Aladdin's faithful furry sidekick. Abu's size ad ability makes him valuable in tights spots. He's got a weakness for jewel and treasure, and when he's around them he can't think of anything else. He was all monkey-business in "Aladdin" (1992). -Iago Jafar's cunning, crotchety parrot. He's Jafar's eyes and ears as he flies around Agrabah, spying on his master's enemies. Iago takes after Jafar, with a penchant for intrigue and evil. He squawked around in "Aladdin" (1992). -Carpet A magical flying carpet, loyal to Aladdin. Carpet can carry passengers over the vastness of the desert at great speed. The Heartless had Carpet pinned to the floor under a chest. He enchanted us in "Aladdin" (1992). -Pinocchio Crafted by Geppetto and brought to life by the Blue Fairy. He'd have lost his heart to the Heartless if I hadn't come to the rescue. Now he's living Traverse Town with Geppetto and working hard to become a real boy. There were no strings to hold him down in "Pinocchio" (1940). -Geppetto The kind, gentle clock maker. Sora and friends helped him escape from Monstro's belly. These days he's living in Traverse Town looking forward to the day Pinocchio becomes a real boy. He provided shelter in "Pinocchio" (1940). -Jiminy Cricket That's me! The cricket who keep Pinocchio to the straight and narrow. I'm along on the quest as the royal chronicler. Look for me in "Pinocchio" (1940). -Ariel Triton's youngest daughter. Ursula tricked her into helping steal his trident. With help from Sora and the others, all was put right. Still, she'll never stop dreaming of exploring the world outside her father's palace. Her voice enchanted us in "The Little Mermaid" (1989). -King Triton King of Atlantic, who is backed by the power of his trident. He has forbidden Ariel to have any contact with outsiders, which only led to her yearn to grow even stronger. He's ruled the seas in "The Little Mermaid" (1989). -Ursula She deceived Ariel and stole the trident to take over Atlantica. Using it power, she became an enormous monster and battled Sora, Goofy and Donald. She appeared in "The Little Mermaid" (1989). -Sebastian Triton's concert master, a musical genius. The little crab is also responsible for keeping an eye on Ariel to ensure her safety. Whenever she leaves the palace, he's on pins and needles. He conducted himself in "The Little Mermaid" (1989). -Flounder Ariel's trusted friend. Flounder will do anything for her. He's small and not exactly brave, but he'll never leave Ariel's side, even when it means facing danger. He appeared in "The Little Mermaid" (1989). -Jetsam Ursula's lackey, along with Flotsam. An evil moray eel, Jetsam is a smooth talker who loves to deceive. His specialty is using empty promises to lure unsuspecting mermen and mermaids into Ursula's clutches. He ran interference for Ursula in "The Little Mermaid" (1989). -Jetsam Ursula's lackey, along with Flotsam. An evil moray eel, Jetsam is a smooth talker who loves to deceive. His specialty is using empty promises to lure unsuspecting mermen and mermaids into Ursula's clutches. He ran interference for Ursula in "The Little Mermaid" (1989). -Flotsam Ursula's lackey, along with Jetsam. An evil moray eel, Jetsam is a smooth talker who loves to deceive. His specialty is using empty promises to lure unsuspecting mermen and mermaids into Ursula's clutches. He ran interference for Ursula in "The Little Mermaid" (1989). -Jack Skellington The pumpkin king. He loves to scare people out their wits. Headstrong, confident, and likes grand gestures. Now he's working night and day to make this year's Halloween festival the greatest ever. He scared up some fun in "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993). -Sally Dr. Finkelstein's creation. She's patched together from parts that sometimes come off and move about on their own. She loves Jack and tries to steer him in the right direction, though it doesn't always work. She appeared in "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993). -Oogie Boogie The villain who tried to take Halloween Town. The heart he stole from Dr. Finkelstein attracted the Heartless, and the result was him doom. He came apart at the seams in "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993) -Dr. Finkelstein The mad scientist who created a "heart" to help Jack control the Heartless' dancing. Sally is another of his creations. She helps him around the lab, but she'd much rather spend time with Jack. He created some scares in "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993). -Zero Jack's ghost dog. He comes out of his grave whenever Jack calls. He's very loyal to his master and loves it when Jack plays with him. He loyally followed Jack in "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993). -Lock The ringleader of the trio that includes Shock and Barrel. Their walking bathtub helps them get around while they commit all kinds of mischief. They sometimes help Oogie, but they're no really fond of him. He created havoc in "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993). -Shock Along with Lock and Barrel, she's part of Oogie Boogie's plot to take over Halloween Town. Shock is that most cunning member of the trio. She keeps her cools when the other two are losing it. She created havoc in "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993). -Barrel A member of the trio that includes Lock and Shock. He's a little slow, and often ends up as the butt of his partners' pranks and practical jokes. He created havoc in "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993). -The Mayor The two-faced mayor of Halloween Town. He switches from his happy face to his sad face depending on his mood, which changes constantly. He's working with Jack to make this year's festival the best ever. He appeared in "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993). -Peter Pan The flying boy from Neverland, where no one ever grows up. He can be stubborn, but he's also fearless and has a strong sense of justice. He snuck on board Hook's ship to rescue Wendy, who was kidnapped. He led the Lost Boys in "Peter Pan" (1953). -Tinker Bell The little pixie from Neverland. Peter Pan asked her to accompany Sora and friends on their quest, but she's anxious to see Peter. She can restore party's HP, and prevents Sora from being defeated, though only once. Cost: 3 MP She made us believe in fairies in "Peter Pan" (1953). -Wendy A dreamy girl whose wish to visit Neverland came true. Peter Pan showed her the way, but she got caught up in Hook's vendetta against Peter, and was kidnapped by Hook. She watched over the Lost Boys in "Peter Pan" (1953) -Captain Hook The pirate with a grudge against Peter Pan, who caused him to lose his hand to the crocodile. He threw in his lot with Maleficent and the Heartless, but ended up being chased over the horizon by the crocdile. He hooked us in "Peter Pan" (1935). -Mr.Smee Hook's first mate. He lives to take orders from Hook, but he's as slow-witted as Hook is obnoxious. He appeared "Peter Pan" (1953). -The Crocodile A seagoing reptile big enough to swallow a man whole – and he's always hungry! He got a taste of Hook once and never forgot it. Hook can tell when he's near by the sound of the clock ticking away in his stomach. He had a taste for Captain Hook in "Peter Pan" (1953). -Winnie the Pooh A little bear living in the Hundred Acre Wood. His favorite food is honey. Being a Bear of Very Little Brain, he's a bit absent-minded. Sometimes he even forgets what it was he was trying to remember. He warmed up the screen in "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree" (1966). -Piglet Pooh's best friend in the Hundred Acre Wood. Tiny, timid Piglet is startle by just about anything. When that happens, he covers his eyes with his floppy ears. He appeared on a "windsday" in "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day" (1968). -Tigger Tigger loves to bounce more than anything. Sometimes his bouncing gets out of hand, but he doesn't mean any harm. Beneath that happy-go-lucky exterior beats a sensitive, gentle heart. He bounced onto the scene in "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day" (1968). -Owl The wisest resident of the Hundred Acre Wood. Whenever anyone has a question he can't answer, he asks Owl... though owl isn't always right! Owl likes to talk, but sometimes he puts his listeners to sleep. He showed us the wisdom of his ways in "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree" (1966). -Rabbit Rabbit is an earnest, hardworking member of the Hundred Acre Wood community. He keeps to himself but lends a hand when others need him. He's not always comfortable around the exuberant Tigger. He appeared in "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree" (1966). -Eeyore Timid, retiring Eeyore lives in a little house in the roots of a tree. His tail is held on by a tack, but it keeps falling off and getting lost. Now he's wandering the woods, looking for a new home. He reluctantly appeared in "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree" (1966). -Roo Roo dreams of bouncing as well as Tigger someday. He's mischievous, energetic and fearless, but grows uneasy when Tigger is not around. He hopped into the screen in "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree" (1966). -The Heartless- -Shadow Heartless that emerges from various places. They sneak up to their enemies and strike them with shard claws. They are extremely tenacious, often chasing their prey to the end. -Soldier Heartless that emerges from various places. They are brisk in their movements, and rush into their opponents. However, they are not that tenacious. They often appear in numbers, though they lack teamwork. -Large Body Big round Heartless. They seem tame and laid-back, but go berserk when they are angered. With their brute strength, they can inflict great damage, so be on your guard. -Red Nocturne Spell-casting Heartless. While hovering about they attack by casting Fire. Having low HP, they keep their distance from their opponents, making them difficult to attack. They absorb fire attacks. -Blue Rhapsody Spell-casting Heartless. They approach their enemies by bouncing about and attack with Blizzard and absorb blizzard attacks. -Yellow Opera Spell-casting Heartless. Besides attacking with Thunder, they hurl themselves against their enemies. They absorb thunder attacks. -Green Requiem Spell-casting Heartless. They heal themselves and other Heartless with Cure. They are slow-moving, but hover high in the air and absorb most magic attacks. -Powerwild Heartless resembling a monkey. With great strength and agility, they often strike with combination attacks. Avoid close-range battles with them if possible. -Bouncywild Heartless resembling a monkey. Unlike Powerwilds, they attack from long range with a sling shot. They scamper about during battle, making them difficult to hit. -Air Soldier Winged Heartless. They fly over their enemies and dive to strike them. Their high endurance and quickness make them tough to beat. -Bandit Heartless that mostly appears in Agrabah. They can travel under the sand. They attack deftly with a long Sword. Attack them with caution. -Fat Bandit Heartless that mostly appear in Agrabah. They are well-balanced offensively and defensively. Besides strong physical attacks, they can use fire, and they block attacks against them. Their movement is their weakness. -Pot Spider Ordinary pots turned Heartless. They lie in wait as ordinary pots, then reveal themselves and attack when their enemies draw near. -Barrel Spider Gunpowder barrel turned Heartless. They charge into their enemies and explode. Any physical impact or fire will set them off. -Search Ghost Heartless that mostly appear in Atlantica. They roam in dark areas and emit light from their eye to target their enemies. They can warp from one place to another. -Sea Neon Heartless resembling a jellyfish. They swim fast, and attack in numbers. Overall, they are not tough opponents. -Sheltering Zone Heartless resembling a jellyfish. You receive damage just from colliding with it. They move slow, but break up into many Sea Neons if struck. They fling their tentacles away to keep their enemies away. -Screwdriver Heartless that acts with Aquatank. Unpredictable creatures, dashing forward one minute, cowardly retreating the next. They are invigorated by the sparks from Aquatank. -Aquatank Heartless resembling a fish that calmly swim the seas. They are often carrying Screwdrivers. Leisurely large creatures do not attack unless provoked. -Wight Knight Heartless that mostly appear in Halloween Town. Their jerky, dancelike attack moves are fairly easy to dodge, but cause large damage. -Gargoyle Winged Heartless that mostly appear in Halloween Town. They can move from one place to another almost without notice. Since they are prone to sneak attack, they often get caught off guard by counter attacks. -Pirate Heartless that mostly appears in Neverland. They are quite combative with their swords. They often just focus on the enemies in front, making them vulnerable to attacks from behind. -Air Pirate Winged Heartless that mostly appears in Neverland. They are extremely combative and are hardly ever caught off guard. They attack with martial-arts-like techniques. -Battleship Heartless that fused together with a pirate ship. They attack with homing and magic projectiles. Attack them at close range. -Darkball Heartless born purely out of darkness. Their movements are unpredictable, as they often make sudden moves and attacks. -Defender Heartless that mostly appear in Hollow Bastion. They carry an eerie shield with a face that casts Fire and Blizzard and bits nearby enemies. -Wyvern Giant Heartless that attack from the air. They are quite swift for their size and are hard to attack, especially while they are high in the air. Counterattacking when they come down would be most effective. -Wizard Heartless that attack with various powerful spells. Eludes enemy attacks by teleporting, making them tough to beat. -Behemoth Immensely powerful Heartless. With their large frame, they trample enemies and repel most attacks. Damaging their weak pint make them lose consciousness. Strike them with potent attacks while they are down. -Invisible Heartless wielding a large sword. These winged Heartless can move freely through the air. Besides their sword, they attack with their tail and wings. With their high attack power, they often defeat their foes quickly. -Angel Star Flying Heartless that cast potent spells. They are born of holy spells. They attack from long range with magic. They block physical attacks with their wings, making them difficult to defeat. -White Mushroom Non-attacking, friendly Heartless. They might give you an item if you help them. -Black Fungus Hostile Heartless, unlike White Mushrooms. They attack with poison. Defeating them may bring good things, but it is not easy. -Rare Truffle Non-attacking Heartless that are rarely found. They like to jump, so helping them stay in the air may bring good things. -Darkside Enormous Heartless that appeared in Destiny Islands with Shadows. It led the Shadows in the battle against Sora when he first received the Keyblade. Although Sora defeated it, the island was swallowed by the darkness. -Guard Armor Leader of the Heartless in Traverse Town. It falls apart when it receives damage, but each part attacks individually. Sora meets Donald and Goofy for the first time just before fighting this Heartless. -Opposite Armor Heartless that guards the Keyhole in Traverse Town. It is a modified form of Guard Armor, but is more powerful. -Trickmaster Heartless that Sora and company encounter while they search for Alice. Its herky-jerky attacks and juggling act flustered Sora and the others. -Stealth Sneak Heartless that attuned to the darkness in Clayton's heart. It somehow manipulated the light to turn invisible and fought alongside Clayton. -Pot Centipede Heartless called by Jafar to stop Aladdin. Its long body is composed of a number of a Pot Spiders linked together. Even if its body comes apart, it can regenerate itself by gathering other pots. -Parasite Cage Heartless that appeared inside Monstro. It's known to swallow its enemies. Sora and the others rescue Pinocchio, who was trapped inside. -Kurt Zisa Heartless that emerged from the Keyhole opened by the princesses. It swung its six powerful arms to attack Sora and company and block their attacks. But Sora sought out its weakness and emerged the victor. -Phantom Ghostlike Heartless that haunted the clock tower standing far away from Neverland. Fluttering its eerie cloak, it cast a spell to take Sora's heart. Having no physical body, regular attacks were useless, but in the end Sora and company discovered its weakness and prevailed.