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As this is the first Walkthrough I have published (or finished for that matter)
you can expect some bugs please e-mail me at [email protected] to point out
any spelling mistakes or guide mistakes and you will be thanked in below.

- History - 

I have always wanted to write a guide for a game, I first started one for 
METAL GEAR SOLID for the PSX but being only 13 years of age i quickly lost 
Interest in the idea, later on I started a dog tag guide for METAL GEAR SOLID 2:
Substance i was close to finishing but then my laptop had to be formatted and i 
lost all my work and data. Next I started a guide for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 
Tenkaichi but seeing as everything had already been stated I decided to quit. 
Then on 31/01/06 i started this guide for KINGDOM HEARTS II after I enjoyed the 
first game and seeing there wasn’t many complete guides out i decided to create
this one as I was playing KH:2 (JAP) at the time and the US or EUROPE versions 
weren’t due out for months.

- Locations of this guide -

This guide can be found at the following websites.


- 2: Walkthrough     -
- Part 1 -

- 1A. The 1st Day
- 1B. The 2nd Day
- 1C. The 3rd Day
- 1D. The 4th Day
- 1E. The 5th Day
- 1F. The 6th Day

- Part 2 -

- 2A. Twilight Town
- 2B. Mysterious Tower
- 2C. Hollow Bastion
- 2D. The Land of Dragons
- 2E. Beast's Castle
- 2F. Hollow Bastion
- 2G. Olympus Coliseum
- 2H. Disney Castle
- 2I. Timeless River
- 2J. Atlantica
- 2K. Port Royal
- 2L. Agrabah
- 2M. Halloween Town
- 2N. Pride Land
- 2O. Twilight Town
- 2P. Hollow Bastion
- 2Q. Space Paranoids
- 2R. Hollow Bastion

- Part 3 -

- 3A. The Land of Dragons
- 3B. Beast's Castle
- 3C. Port Royal
- 3D. Olympus Coliseum
- 3E. Agrabah
- 3F. Halloween Town
- 3G. Pride Land
- 3H. Hollow Bastion
- 3I. Space Paranoids
- 3J. Radiant Garden            
- 3K. Twilight Town             
- 3L. The World that Never Was


- Start by selecting a difficult mode from Beginner, Standard and Proud -

- (1A) The 1st Day    --------------------------------------

After the great CGI opening and cutscenes, the game will start in TWILIGHT TOWN 
You start by playing as Roxas. Walk forward in to the ACCESSORY SHOP and speak 
to the owner next you will have to target the cat do this by pressing the R1 
button. Now you have to choose a weapon out of what you see in front of you.

- Choosing the stick used for struggle battle (RIGHT) will increase your ATTACK
+1 point -

- Choosing the bar with a hand guard (CENTER) will increase your DEFENCE +1 
point -

- Choosing the stick that looks more like a staff (LEFT) will increase your 
MAGIC +1 point -

Once you have chosen a weapon you will battle SEIFER. This battle will be an
introduction on how to fight using the BATTLE SYSTEM. Then it will change in a 
real battle.

- 1: Boss - Seifer       ------------------------------
- Seifer will slash at you but you are faster then he.-
- Keep attacking him and try to dodge or guard his    -
- attacks. Avoid his spinning attack if you can, he   -
- will fall after a dozen hits.                       -

After the battle hurry after DUSK. Get close to him then press triangle to
engage the enemy.

- 2: Boss - Dusk         ------------------------------
- Use your REACTION COMMAND to avoid his attacks. At  -
- first your weapons will has no effect. Eventually   -
- you will be given a KEYBLADE and after a few hits   -
- he will be easily defeated.                         -

- (1B) The 2nd Day    --------------------------------------

For the first time you can save the game, do this by pressing Triangle. 
Afterwards follow your friends into the SHOPING DISTRICT. 

After another cutscene look at the help wanted bulletin board for jobs to do,
there is also a bulletin board close to the TRAM PLAZA.

The jobs on offer are:

- Shopping District Bulletin Board -

- Letter Delivery -

Riding your skateboard you need to deliver all the letters to 3 adresses and 2
pigeons. Both pigeons are flying around and can be difficult to see, especially
if your moving at a fast speed.

Under 10 seconds: 50 MUNNYS
Over 10 seconds: 30 MUNNYS

- Luggage Carrying -

Using your weapon you have to hit the sutecase to move it. Hit it to fast and
it will fall back on to you. If this happens, dodge it!

Under 30 seconds: 50 MUNNYS
Over 30 seconds: 30 MUNNYS

- Performing -

Once again you use your weapon to attack the balls continually, try not to let
the balls hit the ground. Don't forget, hit it while its still in the air.

20 times or more: 50 MUNNYS
10 times or more: 30 MUNNYS
Under 10 times: 10 MUNNYS

- Tram Plaza Bulletin Board        -

- Poster Posting -

You have to post 20 leaflets over the town where you see the marks. You may 
have to jump to post some of them.

Under 30 seconds: 100 Munny
Over 30 seconds: 50 Munny

- Wasp Exterminating -

Simply kill all the wasps as fast as you can.

Under 20 seconds: 50 Munny
Over 20 seconds: 30 Munny

- Garbage Cleaning -

Attack the garbage with as little attacks as possible. You can knock one into
another to destroy them quicker.

Under 10 attacks: 50 Munny
Over 10 attacks: 30 Munny


You need to get at least 800 MUNNYS to do this part of the game. 

Once your finished head back to the SHOPPING DISTRICT, and head to STATION 
PLAZA once there talk to HAYNER.

- You will now receive the MUNNY POUCH -

- (1C) The 3rd Day    --------------------------------------

Go back down the alley you used to get to the SHOPPING DISTRICT. You will enter
a battle with 3 DUSK's enemies, and with the no keyblade you can't do any damage
to them, so just hold on and after a while a cutscene will play.

You will now be standing on the STATION OF SERENITY, here you have another 
choice of 3 weapons.

Depending on the order you choose the weapons determines the order ROXAS and 
SORA learn abilities.

- The Sword stands for Combat Abilities -
- The Shield stands for Defence Abilities -
- The Staff stands for Magic Abilities -

You will again fight 3 more DUSK's, beat them then open the treasure 
chest that appears to gain a Potion.

Open the door and move onto the STATION OF INVITATION. Move forward and
kill the enemies that appear, the nearby treasure chest contains a potion.

Enter the next door for the next boss battle.

- 3: Boss - Twilight Zone------------------------------
- When this boss comes towards you to attack, use the -
- REACTION COMMAND and repeat it, after a few         -
- REACTION COMMAND's the battle will return to normal -
- Attack him while he's on the ground, dodge what you -
- can and use the REACTION COMMAND's when can. if     -
- your low on HP use the potions you found.           -

Once he is dead watch the cutscene.

- (1D) The 4th Day    --------------------------------------

Speak to the man near the board to learn the rules of the tournament. Once your
ready talk to the man in the centre to start the tournament.

- Battle 1 - Hayner      ------------------------------
- The idea here is to keep attacking the enemy and    -
- collect the balls they drop. The player with the    -
- most balls at the end of the time limit wins.       -

- Battle 2 - Vivi        ------------------------------
- Quickly attack him then move away and either dodge  -
- or block his attacks and repeat until the time is   -
- over.                                               -

Now some more DUSK will attack, just do the usual and kill them.

- 4: Boss - Axel         ------------------------------
- Use lock on and circle around him, try to attack    -
- him from the front. When he is on his knees try to  -
- jump away. - This is a real battle.                 -

Save your game here and prepare for the next battle.

- Battle 4 - Setzer      ------------------------------
- Just like the last battle lock on and wait only     -
- attack when you see a chance to. when you see a     -
- chance to.                                          -

- You will be given the Struggle Trophy and the Champion Belt -

- (1E) The 5th Day    --------------------------------------

Go to the TRAIN STATION and head for SUNSET STATION, you will need to find 
the -mysteries.

- The Mysteries                    -

- The Mysterious Stone Steps - 

This one is done automatically so nothing to worry about here.

- The Friend Of The Other Side Of The Cave -

Go and examine the wall and a number of white balls will jump out avoid them 
and go to examine inside the wall.

- Yourself Again -

Examine the waterfall and a shadow will attack you, defeat it.

- The Echo in the Tunnel -

Examine the tunnel after about a dozen times VIVI will attack you, hit him once 
to defeat him.

- The Wriggling Luggage -

Examine the luggage and it will start to move press Triangle to jump on use the
REACTION COMMAND's to avoid the upcoming obstacles.

- Next go to sunset hill for the final mystery -

Head to STATION PLAZA. You will be told about a haunted house. Head to the TRAM 
PLAZA and from there make your way to the go to the THE OLD MANSION, by going 
through the hole in the wall, and travelling through the FOREST. 

- (1F) The 6th Day    --------------------------------------

Exit this room and defeat the enemies. Once done you will find they appear in 
thegame without cutscenes. Head once again to TRAM PLAZA and go through the 
hole in the wall to get to the OLD MANSION.

- First Floor -

Go through the door on the left to get to the DINING ROOM. Fight the enemies 
and take the treasure in the chests. Then leave the room and go up the stairs. 

- Second Floor -

Go to the door on the left that takes you to the WHITE ROOM. Cutsceens. You 
will then receive two items, Namine's Sketch and the Map of The Old Mansion.
Leave the room, and enter the other door on this, floor which leads to the 
LIBRARY. Cutscene. From here go to the COMPUTER ROOM. Cutscenes. Save the game. 
Go through the other door and battle the DUSKS. Cutscene. 

- 4: Boss - Axel         ------------------------------
- Use R1 and circle on him, like before. However      -
- now he can teleport. When he does use R1 ASAp to    -
- discover where he is.                               -

Afterwards head to the BASETMENT. You then have a Cutscene in which you see 
DONALD and GOOFY. Get the Treasure chest and go through the next door. 


-------------------------------- End of Part 1 --------------------------------

- (2A) Twilight Town     --------------------------------------

- Finally your playing as our friend SORA, with DONALD AND GOOFY joining you -

Get your self to STATION PLAZA, after fighting some DUSK's the King will come
and save you, he will also give you a MUNNY POUCH, a CRYSTAL BALL and ANSEM'S 

Don't forget to pick up the treasure chests. When your ready to leave talk to 

- (2B) Mysterious Tower  --------------------------------------

Head towards the tower and watch the cutscene then battle the HEARTLESS that 
attack you. After the next cutscene you will be inside the tower, save your
game and head up to the tower, fighting the HEARTLESS until you meet YENSID.

After the cutscene you can either read YENSID's book or proceed to the next
step by talking to him. Now go to the DRESSING ROOM and talk to the red fairy 
to learn BRAVE FORM and to recieve the STAR SEEKER KEYBLADE and SORA's new 
OUTFIT. Now go back and talk to YANSID and after the cutscene you will receive
a GUMMY SHIP, use it to head for HOLLOW BASTION.

- (2C) Hollow Bastion    --------------------------------------

- You will see this place has changed from the it was in the first game-

You can buy some weapons and items at the shops here, but for now go to the 
RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT. Cutscene. Battle the NOBODYS then watch the cutscene and 
you will receive a map of the SHOPPING DISTRICT'S OUTSKIRTS from YUFI. Go 
around the corner and enter the room on the right. Watch the cutscene of SORA 
reunion with LEON, AREITH, CID and MERLIN. They will give you a HOLLOW BASTION 

Now leave this room, and head for the high ground, you can either take the 
stares or go around and climb up the boxes to reach the top. Enter the door to
your right and watch yet another cutscene.

DONALD and GOOFY can not help you in this battle, but LEON will. Simply keep 
killing the NOBODYS until the cutscene starts.

- In this cutscene SORA will seal the KEYHOLE -

Once this is done you will find yourself back in the GUMMY ship with 2 brand 
new locations to go to.

- Space Battles -

If you liked the GUMMY space battles in KINGDOM HEARTS 1(or even if you 
didn't) you will love the new fast paced battles of KH:2. I was shocked to see
that the improvements were so good. Simply press CIRCLE to shoot and CROSS to 
spin. Destroy as many enemy ships as you can without taking too much damage.

- (2D) Land of Dragons  --------------------------------------

After the introductions save the game here and head up through the forest to
the ENCAMPMENT. Watch the humours cutscene and then defeat the HEARTLESS
that attack you. Once your done watching the cutscene, talk to CAPTAIN SHANG 
and he will give you 3 missions to do. There all about defeating enemies, so 
their not that difficult to do.

- You will receive an AP+ item, once you've comleted all 3 -

Next head out to the BRIDGE AREA and from here up towards the MOUNTIAN. After 
the cutscene you will have to use the REACTION COMMAND to destroy the rock 
barricades while battling the HEARTLESS. Once done, head higher up the 

Next will be another cutscene you will receive another MAP, Leave the VILLAGE
and save the game at the near by save point. Now head for the cave you see on
your right. Continue up the cave and watch the cutscene then defeat all the 
HEARTLESS. After this battle head back to the VILLAGE and once again save the 
game. Then continue up the MOUNTIAN. You will be attacked once your reach the 
top by a storm of HEARTLESS. Try and kill as many as you can in the time limit. 

- You will now be able to do SORA's/MULAN's combo attack -

Head back to the VILLAGE and save the game again, go back down the MOUNTIAN and
you will see that the door is now open. Go through it and continue on to the 
IMPERIAL SQUARE. Defeat all the HEARTLESS and continue on.

- 5: Boss - Shan Yu      ------------------------------
- Lock on and run after him. Simply attack him and    -
- use the co-op attack until he's defeated. But be    -
- careful and don't let him get into the palace.      -                 

Cutscenes. Another keyhole sealed. 

- You will now receive the HIDDEN DRAGON -

Now its time to go to the BEAST'S CASTLE. 

- (2E) Beast's Castle   --------------------------------------

After the cutscene you will have to battle some HEARTLESS. Once their 
defeated save the game and exit through the door you came in. Head
up the stairs and enter through the right door  into Bell's room. 
After the cutscene get the map from the large chest.

Next backtrack to the HALL and enter through the oposite door. In the 
corner of the hall you will see a wardrobe backing a door. Move it by presssing 
trangle while its asleep, though be carefull, it was cointuesly wake up and 
whenit does try and be as far away as possible. Once its moved enter the next 
area through the door. 

- Don't forget to open the various treasure chests in these rooms. -

- 6: Boss - Gate Guardian -----------------------------
- Build up your DRIVE then attack the door man using  -
- BRAVE FORM. Once he looses his health bar he will   -
- become some ball thing. Once this looses its HP, it -
- will die.                                           -             

Go through the door the HEARTLESS was guarding and watch the cutscene. Open the 
big chest to get another MAP and go back to the previous room. Climb the boxes 
then talk to CLOGSWORTH and he will move the men at the door's for you. Then go 
through the door.  

In the next room use the KEYBLADE to light the lanterns and destroy any crates 
in the way. After the cutscene go through the new door and then through the 
next. Continue until you reach another door.

- 7: Boss - Beast         -----------------------------
- Continuously use your REACTION COMMAND until he is  -
- defeated. Simple really.                            -             

After the cutscene BEAST will join your party, open the chest in this room 
and then head back to BELL's ROOM, in the room talk to WARDROBE. 
Once you have done that go back to the ENTRENCE HALL and take the middle 
door to go to the BALL ROOM.

- 6: Boss - Dark Stalker  -----------------------------
- Lock on and use ether the REACTION COMMAND or SORA  -
- and BEAST's Co-Op move, this boss has 2 forms so    -
- don't waist any items, but also watch out for his   -
- attacks as they can be deadly to you.               -

- 6B: Boss - Dark Stalker -----------------------------
- Give this boss everything you have got, and use all -
- your items if needed and eventually he will die.    -            

Cutscene. One more keyhole sealed. 

- You will now learn CURE MAGIC -

After the cutscene you will find yourself back at HOLLOW BASTION

- (2F) Hollow Bastion    --------------------------------------

Once the cutscene has finished talk to Donald to enter the 100 AKER WOOD.

Go to the big tree on the map then go and talk to POOH. You will be instantly 
taken out of the book and back to HOLLOW BASTION to battle some HEARTLESS. Once 
their defeated, go back to the 100 AKER WOOD, and again go towards the tree. 
However before speaking to POOH open the big chest to gain a MAP, then talk to 
him. Again you will leave the BOOK and see another cutscene.

- You will now receive the BASEBALL CHARM allowing you to use your new summon 

Leave here for now and head for the OLYMPUS COLISEUM .

- (2G) Olympus Coliseum --------------------------------------

After the introduction save the game. Go and talk to MEG and after the 
cutsene, proceed through the huge doors behind her to THE CAVE OF THE DEAD : 
ENTRENCE. From there continue to THE CAVE OF THE DEAD : PASSAGE.

- watch out for falling rocks and boulders they can be very harmful -

Head down this cave till you get to the INNER CHANBER save your game here, and
open the big chest near the entrance to get a map and exit out to THE VALLEY 
OF THE DEAD. Cutscenes. From here go up the path and then the stairs.

- 7: Boss - Hades         -----------------------------
- This boss is immortal, so just hold on until the   -
- cutscene takes over.                                -

- Now Auron will join your party -

- 7b: Boss - Hades        -----------------------------
- Simply make your way to the exit by evading Hades   -
- and destroying the HEARTLESS that follow him. Your  -
- REACTION COMMANDS and combos realy help here.       -

You will now be standing before the last save point, go back up the stairs. 
Cutscene. Go through the passage.

- 8: Boss - Cerberus      -----------------------------
- Its only Sora and Auron in this battle,             -
- continuously attack any of Cerberus's heads don't   -
- forget to use your REACTION COMMAND. Unlike the     -
- previous game you cant jump on to his back to avoid -
- getting hit.                                        -

Leave THE UNDERWORLD by going up the stairs that  you can see in the distance. 
You may recognise this place from KINGOM HEARTS (my favourite world ^_^). Head 
towards the big doors in front of you to view a cutscene.

- you will be given a MAP -

Save the game here then head through the doorway. Now after the cutscene
talk to PHIL and enter his TRAINING.

- Phil's Training                  -

Here simply destroy the urns and collect the Olympus coins they drop as fast as 
youcan. A good trick is to knock 1 into another, so that two are destroyed at 

- First match - 20 coins -

Talk again to PHIL and re-enter the games

- Second match - 100 coins -


Now your finished talk to HERCULES and watch the cutscene's. Now head down 
into the UNDERWORLD. The area that was earler closed off is now opened, get the
map from the large tresure chest and proceed to the large door. Continue 
through the next three areas, UNDERWORLD CARVENs, fighting the HEARTLESS as you
go along. Cutscene. 

- 9: Boss - Demyx         -----------------------------
- This boss could be a little more difficult, all you -
- have to do is to kill 100 of the water clones       -
- the time limit. REACTION COMMANDS help a lot here.  -


- You will find the OLYMPUS STONE and OTHER ANSEM REPORT 5 -

Continue on through the big doors to THE LOCK. Here there are 2 chests to open 
and a map. I recommend that you save the game. Go to the centre of the room
and press triangle on the stone. Go through the hole it creates.

- 10: Boss - Pete         -----------------------------
- Go all out on him and his HEARTLESS. He is easy and -
- fun to beat. Enjoy.                                 -


- 10b: Boss - Pete        -----------------------------
- Its your team and HERCULES, continually slash at    -
- him and use your REACTION COMMANDS in this fight to -
- win easily.                                         -

After some more scenes save your game and head back up to the COLISEUM for the 
final boss fight on this world.

- 11: Boss - Hydra        -----------------------------
- First attack his head whenever you can, once you    -
- use your REACTION COMMAND to cut of his head he     -
- will grow 3 more. Quickly use the REACTION COMMAND  -
- again and PHIL will send you an urn to throw at him -
- the heads will fall asleep (or something close)     -
- while there down attack them and use the REACTION   -
- COMMAND to cut them off repeat until he comes out   -
- of the ground then find a head and attack and when  -
- you can use the PEGASUS REACTION COMMAND to inflict -
- massive damage, once his life bar gets to zero you  -
- will need to do 1 last REACTION COMMAND to finish   -
- him. Cool boss eh!                                  -

After the cutscenes you will be given the HERO's CREST KEYBLADE. 

Now exit this world and head for DISNEY CASTLE.

- (2H) Disney Castle    --------------------------------------

After the cutscenes head to the top of the stairs and through the door. As you
can see this world is under attack form the HEARTLESS. There are some items to
get around here. In doing so you should see the door in the corner, go through 
it and keep moving until you reach the LIBRARY. Once your there save the game 
and then talk to MINNY MOUSE who will give you a map. Before you leave get the
TORN PAGE out of the blue chest. Now exit and guide MINNY to the door in the 
middle of the hall, protect her at all costs and use your REACTION COMMAND to 
unlock the door. Once the cut scenes have ended go through it to the THRONE 
ROOM. Here you and MINNY must destroy all the HEARTLESS if MINNY dies its game
over this can be hard on all difficulties. Luckly there is an easy way of doing
this, although it does take time. For this you have to stick by MINNY and when 
enemies come near use the Co-opt move. Keep useing this tatic and the HEARTLESS
will be easily over come. Once their dead get MINNY to the throne and use the 

Save the game and head for HOLLOW BASTION for a more cutscenes. 

Go through the door that MERLIN created.

- (2I) Timeless River   --------------------------------------

- I thought that this world was very original and humours -

After the cutscene follow Pete to the Pier. (There is a treasure chest in the 
first area: CORNERSTONE HILL, that contains a map) 

- 12: Boss - Pete         -----------------------------
- Once again you battle PETE, this is his weakest     -
- ever form I killed him in 3 seconds flat by just    -
- attacking him with the keyblade.                    -

Ok, you now have a choice of four doors to enter. It dosen't matter which order
you go through them, so its your choice. All lead to areas  where you have to 
battle HEARTLESS, so fight and defeat them. 

- 1st door - BULILDING SITE - 
- 2nd door - LILLIPUT - 
- 3rd door - SCENE OF THE FIRE - 
- 4th door - MICKEY'S HOUSE -

More cutscenes, afterwards you receive a map. Save the game, then like before, 
follow PETE, (our should i say the PETE'S). Travel through the PIER to the 

- 13: Boss - Pete         -----------------------------
- This is very different from before, as you can't    - 
- touch him, however this battle is fairly simple and -
- easy. The aim of the battle is not to fight PETE    - 
- but to destroy the cage. All you have to do is      -
- press the REACTION COMMAND twice when he throws     -
- things at you. The items he throws will then bounce -
- back and hit him instead, eventually stunning him.  -
- Once this happens you can get close to the cage. To -
- attack it you have to press the REACTION COMMAND    -
- while under the crain. It will then lift SORA next  -
- to the cage, from where he can attack it. After a   -
- while you will see the REACTION COMMAND again,      -
- allowing you to finsh the job.                      -

Again follow PETE.

- 14: Boss - Pete         -----------------------------
- Ok, this is easy, just attack him in any way you    -
- want. He will occasionally jump from area to area,  -
- but it does little to help him. He hase a lot of    -
- life, still you can be quickly taken away.          -

- Afterwards you gain MONOCHROME and WISDOM FORM. -

- From here on you can do two things at the OLYMPUS COLISEUM. You can Be 
trained by PHIL And Take part in the PAIN AND PANIC Cup, in the UNDERWORLD 

- Also if you remember you recived a TORN PAGE from the DISNEY PALACE. -

So you want you can go to the 100 ACRE WOOD via HOLLOW BASITION, and MERLINS 
HOUSE, and take part in a mini-game. Go to PIGLETS HOWSE, the tree left of POOH
Press CIRCLE to spin and attack, and TRANGLE to use the wind to destroy the 
objects. You can also use the RIGHT ANALOG STICK to move up and down,and the 
LEFT ANALOGSTICK to move forwards and backwards. The aim of the game is to save
PIGLET, todo that you have to destroy as many objects as quickly as possible. 
When you see him press the REACTION COMMAND. Now simply exit the BOOK.

Now its onto the next world. You have a choice between PORT ROYAL and ATLANTICA

- (2J) Alantica         --------------------------------------

(This world takes a long time to complete as you need certain items to advance 
through it. These items can be aquired through the completion of other worlds)

- Part A - 

(Can be done after you have successfully completed Timeless River) 

Well if it isn't our favorite Little Mermaid.

Learning to swim - use the LEFT ANALOGE STICK to move fowards and backwards, 
CIRCLE allows you to swim faster, CROSS to do afoward twirl and RIGHT ANALOGUE 
STICK to go up or down.

First thing to do is talk to FLOUNDER. Cutscene. Yeh, a game! All you have to 
do is press CIRCLE at the right moment, which is when the timer reaches the 
yellow area. The prize for completing this task is a map.

Now go and talk to SEBASTIAN to take part in yet another game. You need to get
one EXCELLENT to complete the mission and like before timing is everything.

- Once you have dont this part head out for PORT ROYAL and come back later on -

- Part B -

(You need MAGNE ELEMENT to be able to do this part. You receive MAGNE ELEMENT 
after completing HALLOWEEN TOWN)

Speak to FLOUNDER. 

Its time to take part in another musical mini-game. This is similar to the 
last min-game, part from the fact that you have to press TRINAGLE as well as
CIRCLE. But that doesn't make it any harder as you only need to get five 

- Part C -

(You can only do this once you have FIVE DRIVE GAUGE'S, which you get once
you have completed 2Q - SPACE PARANOIDS)


You now take part in another MUSICAL mini-game. Its a bit faster than the 
others but it stil is pritty easy. The aim is to get ARIEL to the surface. 
The bar on the right handside shows how well your doing. EXCELLENTS and 
GOODS move you up it, bad brings you down, so try and get as many EXCELLENTS
and GOODS.

- (2k) Port Royal       --------------------------------------

Save the game and open the large chest near the save point to find a map. Then 
go down the stairs. 

At the moment you cant hurt the pirates, so just wait for the cutscene. (You 
can only damage the PIRATES when they are in their skeleton state. In human 
form they are immortal.) After the cutscene defeat the PIRATES. Once the battle 
is over cross the bridge to enter the next area.

Kill all the HEARTLESS and go to the HABOUR.

After the cutscene you will now have CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW in your party. Go and
talk to WILL to get on the SHIP.   

You will now find yourself on THE INTERCEPTOR. Walk around the deck to find THE
INTERCEPTORS HOLD. In here you can save your game and buy some new weapons for 
DONALD and GOOFIE. Once your finished go back on deck and speak with JACK. A 
map will appear. Select THE BLACK PEARL to find yourself on it, fighting more 

Once you get control of the characters, traveling through ISLA DE MUERTA: ROCK
FACE and CAVE MOUTH, defeating all the HEARTLESS that come across your path. 

Remember, you can only hurt a PIRATE once they are in their skeleton state, so
dont attack those who arn't. Try and force the PIRATE's into the moonlight 
where their skeleton form isexposed. Defeat as many as possible in the time 

After the cutscene you receive another map. Go back into the SHIP'S HOLD and 
save the game. When your ready talk to WILL and select PORT ROYAL. You will 
instantly find yourself in another battle so defeat all the PIRATES.

After the cutscenes your catapulted into yet another battle. The aim being not 
to defeat all the enemies (although you must also do that), but to protect the 
COIN at all costs. What ever you do don't let the PIRATES get their hands on 
it. If one of them does manage to take it from you, attack him immediately and 
retrieve the COIN, for if the enemy has it for more than a minute its GAME OVER
so be careful. On a fun note you can also attack the BLACK PEARL by useing the 
REACTION COMMAND on the cannons. 

JACK's back! If you want to, save the game, other wise head up to the deck. The
aim of this battle is to throw five flaming barrels into the sea before they go
off whilw fighting off the attacks from the HEARTLESS. When your near a barrel 
press the REACTION COMMAND to send it flying off into the distance. The battle 
is over when all the barrels have been safely removed.

When you gain control of the characters, save the game as this will be your 
last opportunity to do so before fighting the boss of this world. Once saved 
head to the last area, by way of the ROCK FACE, the CAVE MOUTH, the POWDER 
STORE, and MOONLIGHT NOOK. Fighting off the PIRATES and HEARTLESS that come 
your way. 
- 15: Boss - Barbossa     -----------------------------
- First kill the HEARTLESS, as it stops you from      -
- seeing where BARBOSSA is. The same rule that I told -
- you about earler concerning the PIRATES applies     -
- here, you can not hurt BABRBOSSA when he is in his  -
- human form. It fact when in it his health heals, so -
- keep him in moonlight. REACTION COMMANDs and co-orp -
- attacks are very usefull against him, so keep       -
- attacing him with them and eventually he will be    -
- defeated.                                           - 

- Afterwards you get the FOLLOW THE WIND KEYBLADE -

Time to visit ALADDIN.

- (2L) Agrabah          --------------------------------------

Battle the HEARTLESS here 

You recive a map. Save the game and if you want you can buy some new armour. 
Once done, leave the room. There are quite a few trasure chests in this area, 
containing many items, so find and open them, then head north to the PALACE.

First go back to THE PEDDLERS SHOP (the place with the save point and MOOGLE). 
After the talking head to the BAZAAR, which you can get to by any number of
roots,inculding the passage next to the shop. Fight the HEARTLESS that you come
your way, takeing the items from the chests. Exit the area through the doble 
doors that lead to the PALACE WALLS. Save the game and head towards the desert.

Enter the CAVE OF WONDERS. Pass through the VALLEY OF STONE to get to the STONE
GUARDIAN. In this room examin the floating GEM then head towards the statue and
examing that.

This battle is a little like the ones involving MINNIE. You need to lead ABU to
the statue, avoiding the waves and icicles that will attack you. When you and 
ABU are near a wave press the REACTION COMMAND the CROSS. The REACTION COMMAND 
will allow ABU to jump over it, and CROSS will allow SORA to do the same. Once 
at the statue press the REACTION COMMAND, doing so will end the battle and 
cause a Cutscene. 

Save the game. Then proceed down the new passage to find yourself in THE CHASM
OF CHALLENGE. There examin the object and fight the HEARTLESS. Save the game 
and open the large treasure chest to find a map. Then once again examine the 
object and go through the doors. 

Defeat all the HEARTLESS and have fun. 

You need to save your game in THE PEDDLERS STORE, then head to the PALACE.

- 16 Boss - Fire & Ice Lord  --------------------------
- This battle is not too hard. Just keep using attack -
- on it, using REACTION COMMAND, BRAVE FORM and co-op -
- attacks when you can.                               -

As a reward you recive the Lamp Charm, allowing you to use the SUMMON GENIE.

The next world to be tackled is HALLOWEEN TOWN.

- (2M) Halloween Town  ---------------------------------------

Start by following ZERO. After the cutscenes save the game, open the large 
chest to discover a map and  leave the room. 

Defeat the HEARTLESS 

Next journy  throug the GRAVEYARD to reach HINTER LANDS. Press TRIANGE next to 
the percullar tree, and you will see a cutscene. Save the game and go to the 
next area, CANDY CAIN LANE. Here defeat the HEARTLESS and after the cutscene 
their are a few treasure chests around here, so open them and take the items.
Once you have everything enter SANTA'S HOUSE.

Open the large chest which contains a map and go through the door that Santa 
had exited. 

All you have to do is follow the trail of foot prints in the snow which leads 
back to the tree. However before entering it, save the game. Then continue 
following the foot prints to the GRAVEYARD, defeating any enemies that cross 
your path.

Like before its simply a case of following the foot prints, this time they 

- 17 Boss - Prision Keeper   --------------------------
- This boss isn't difficult its just a case of slowly -
- removeing its HP, which it has a lot off. Use what  -
- ever tatics you prefer, SORA and JACK's co-op works -
- very well, as does BRAVE FORM. Just sit back and be -
- patient.                                            -

Now you need to travel all the way back to SANTAS HOUSE. There will be a 
cutscene once you travel through the tree. When you to SANTAS HOUSE save the 
game. Then proceed to SANTAS WORKSHOP. 

- 18 Boss - Oogie Boogie     --------------------------
- For this battle their are three moveing belts. To   - 
- attack him you have to be on the same line as him.  -
- To do this move to the top of the belt and press    -
- the REACTION COMMAND. You will als see that the     -
- belt is carrying box. Press the REACTION COMMAND on -
- each box to send it flying to OOGIE BOOGIE.         -
- Eventually it will knock him down to your leval     -
- leaving you to freely attack him. Continue doing    -
- this untill he is defeated.                         - 

As a reward you get MAGNA ELEMENT, which allows you to do CHAPTER 2 of ALANTICA

Next stop the Pride Lands

- (2N) PRIDE LANDS      --------------------------------------

- In this world the Africian jars are treasure chests. -

Save the game and open the large jar to discover a map, then leave the area.

Battle and defeat the HEARTLESS. 

Open the various treasure chests, fight the HEARTLESS and exit the ELEPHANTS 
GRAVEYARD. Your now in the SAVANNAH, from here move north and enter PRIDE ROCK. 

In this area you will find a large jar containing another map. Once you have
explored the area, leave it through the same path you entered. From here you
need to travel to the JUNGLE so pass through the SAVANNAH, taking the path 
next to the one leading to the ELEPHANT GRAVEYARD. 

- You have learned the DASH ABILITY. -

You are now in GNU VALLEY, this and the following area's are full of items so 
make sure to get them all before moveing on to the WASTELANDS. 

Fight all HEARTLESS that cross your path and jouney on to the next area, THE 
JUNGLE. Like the areas before take the items and move on to the OASIS. There 
are two large jars in this area, one containing a map, the other a TORN PAGE. 
You can also save the game and by some new weapons for DONALD and GOOFY.Once 
you are done in this area, go back to the JUNGLE. 

After the cutscenes talk to SIMBA and he will join your party, you will also 
receive the CIRCLE OF LIFE keyblade. Save the game and then travel back to the 

After the cutscenes chase after those HYENA'S

- 19 Boss - Edd               --------------------------
- This is a simple fight. All you have to do if defeat -
- the three HYENA'S, stopping them from hurting TIMONE -
- and PUMPA. Just lock on to them and attack. However  -
- keep your eye on TIMONE and PUMPA, for its GAME OVER -
- if they die.                                         -

Exit the cave via the stairs. 

- 20 Boss - Scar             --------------------------
- Scar is all show and this battle proves it. Let the -
- fun begin. SORA and SIMBA'S co-opt attack deals     -
- alot of damage as does normal attacks. Continually  -
- use the two and you should easily defeat him. Just  -
- keep an eye out on your HP as he can do a bit of    -
- damage, particularly when he goes berserk. Still    -
- thats avoidable if you use DASH. His health,        -
- although high can quickly be taken away.            -  

- Your Fire magic has now been upgraded to FIRA -

Now you can paticipate in the CERBERUS CUP at the OLYMPUS COLISEUM

Also you can now complete another task in the 100 ACRE WOODS. Go to MERLINS 
HOUSE in HOLLOW BASTION and select the BOOK. Go to RABBITS HOWSE. Speak to POOH 
and after a while of taking you begin a new mini-game. Afterwards there is 
another cutscene.

Once your done head to TWILIGHT TOWN. 

- (2O) Twilight Town    --------------------------------------


Fight the DUSKS. The basic NOBODY is fairly easily to deafeat. However thier
soon replaced by much harder enemies. Use everything you've got against them
co-op attacks, REACTION COMMANDS. Keep a close eye on your HP and always heal

A good tatic is to use their own weapons against them. You can do this by 
pressing REACTION COMMAND on their weapons (once they are separate from them. 
Then with the weapons walk towards the NOBODYS and continuously attack them, 
useing both TRIANGLE and CIRCLE. Your reward for defeating them is SEIFER'S 

Now go to the STATION.     

 - You will be given the OATH KEEPER KEYBLADE -


- (2P) Hollow Bastion   --------------------------------------

Head to the next area, on your way you'll have a cutscene. After it go to
MERLIN'S HOUSE where you will have another cutscene. Once that done save the 
game,and exit the house. From the BOROUGH enter the BAILEY, and after the 
cuscene travel to and through the RESTORATION SITE , fighting the HEARTLESS 
along the way. Once you have regained control of your characters save the game
again There is also a large chest no far from the save point, which contains a
map. Once done move on to the next area, where you'll come across another
cutscene. Travel through the CORRIDORS, taking the numerious items. 

Talk to LEON. Afterwards go through the passage LEON opened to find yourself 

- (2Q) SPACE PARANOIDS  --------------------------------------

First thing to do is save the game. You can purchase some items if you like
from the MOOGLE but once your done go and attack it. After few seconds later 
the REACTION COMMAND will appear so press TRIANGLE. Once the cutscene is over
TRON will join your party. Grab the map and leave the area.  Head into the 
room left of you and press TRIANGLE on the object in the center of the room. 
You know have another mini-game, all you have to do is find the RED CUBE. Once 
done, go back up on the elevator to the room with the save point and click 
on the computer. 

Click on the wall, which TIFA revealed.

You now possess the MASTER FORM
Head back to the computer room, along the way make sure to open the large 
chests which contains the summon STITCH. Press the TRIANGLE on the computer
to return to SPACE PARANOIDS. 

Another mini-game and it reminds me of FFVII. You have to defeat all the
HEARTLESS while riding the motobike. The controls are simple, CIRCLE to attack
SQUARE to accelerate and R2 to turn right L2 to turn left, nice and easy. The
second min-game is almost identicall, par from the fact that the aim isn't to
defeat the HEARTLESS but to go through the hole in the wall. So its simply a 
case of driving around untill you have the opportunity to go though it.  

Save the game, then exit the room via the elevator. Walk around the large room 
and go through the door to PATASPACE. Click on the computer in this room to
activate more cutscenes. 

The aim of this battle is not to defeat all the HEARTLESS but to destroy the 
computer screens. You do this by gainning energy from killing HEARTLESS. Once 
the energy bar is full you can press the REACTION COMMAND next to a screen 
and distroy. Do this untill all three screens are destroyed

After yet another cutscene leave the room. Take the new elevator to TOWER 
HALLWAY and from go through the passage on your right to the COMMUNICATIONS
ROOM. Walk forward and you will enter a cutscene. Save the game and head back

- 21: Boss - PROGRAM         --------------------------
- Its been a while since you last fought a boss, but  -
- you shouldn't worry, he isn't hard and compared to  -
- the recent boss his HP is very low. Just attack him -
- in any old way. Co-ops are good as is MASTER FORM.  -
- The only annoyance is that he moves around a lot,   -
- however once you have collected enough energy you   -
- can use REACTION COMMAND, which freezes him,        - 
- allowing you to remove a large amount of his HP.    -

Save the game and open the two large chests in the room. When your ready
click on the computer to witness more cutscenes.   

- (2R) Hollow Bastion   --------------------------------------

Examine the COMPUTER to discover some cutscenes. Then leave the room. 

Next defeat the NOBODIES and watch the cutscenes. Save the game and exit the 
area. Again defeat the NOBODIES and watch the cutscenes. After head down to the
next area. Battle some more heartless and then its time for the boss.

- 22: Boss - Demyx      -------------------------------
- This battle can be hard. First get rid of the water -
- things, this can be difficult especially giving the -
- time limit. Occasionally they will pop up during    -
- the fight, time limit attached. If you dont manage  -
- to destroy them all in time its GAME OVER, so focus -
- on them. DEMYX has some powerfull attacks but then  -
- again so have you, co-op deals tons of damage so    -
- use it when ever possible. Heal when you need to,   -
- but most of all kill those water things quickly.    -

 - BLIZARD has now been upgraded to BLIZZARA -

Cotinue traveling, defeating all the enemies that you come across.

 - CURE has now been upgraded to CURA -

Save the game and open the treasure chests to find a map, and TORN PAGE. When
your ready leave the area. 

- 23: Boss - 1000 Heartless ---------------------------
- YES! You really have to fight 1000 HEARTLESS. And I - 
- tell you what it is so much fun. It's also great    -
- for leveling up, plus you have no DONALD or GOOFY   -
- to back you up. Just keeping attacking them as they -
- come useing the REACTION COMMAND as offten as       -
- possible It will take a while but you'll enjoy      -
- every minute of it.                                 - 



Now you can complete PART C of ALANTICA

Also you can use the TORN PAGE. Go to MERLINS HOUSE and click on the book, then
enter KANGA'S HOWSE. Cutscene. Speak to TIGGER to take part in a mini-game. 
The aim of the game is to bounce as high as you can and doing so burst ten
baloons. Just press the REACTION COMMAND when it appears and you will clear it
in no time. Cutscenes. 

-------------------------------- End of Part 2 --------------------------------

Now you can complete CHAPTER 3 of ALANTICA

In addition you can use the TORN PAGE. Go to MERLINS HOUSE and click on the 
book, then enter KANGA'S HOWSE. Cutscene. Speak to TIGGER to take part in a 
mini-game. The aim of the game is to bounce as high as you can and doing so 
burst ten ballons. Just press the REACTION COMMAND when it appears and you will
clear it in no time. Cutscenes. 

Also while in HOLLLOW BASTION speak to YUNA who is in POSTERN (the place
after the RESTORATION SITE) and you will recieve the GULLWING keyblade. 

When your ready head back to THE LAND OF DRAGONS

- (3A) Land Of Dragons  --------------------------------------

Save your game and if you like purchase some new eqipment from the MOOGLE. 
When your ready follow the man in black. Travel through the VILLAGE, and the
RIDGE fighting of the NOBODIES and watching the odd cutscene. 

- 24: Boss - ???         -------------------------------
- This boss isn't hard. Make sure that you are locked  - 
- on to him as you can easily get distracted by the    -
- large amount of HEARTLESS flying around above you.   - 
- Keep an eye on your HP as he can take quite a bit    -
- off and you have no DONALD or GOOFY to help you.     -

After the cutscenes head all the way down the mountain to the IMPERIAL SQUARE.
After the cutscene defeat the HEARTLESS and move on to the PALACE GATES where 
you will have another cutscene. Walk towards the man in black to experience 
more cutscenes. Then defeat the NOBODIES that attack you.  

Save the game and take the items from the chests, inculding a map and a TORN
PAGE. When you have everything leave the THRONE ROOM and the ANTECHAMBER. 

- 25: Boss - Dragon      ------------------------------
- You have to defeat the beast while rideing it.      -
- Normal attacks work well as does SORA and MULAN's   -
- coop attack. Occasionaly the beast will twirl,      -
- causeing you to fall off it. To stop that from      -
- happening press the REACTION COMMAND when it        -
- appears, SORA will hold onto the beast while it is  -
- messing around. If you do fall off, wait. Sooner or -
- later a small wirlwind will appear that you can     -
- ride. Once in it press TRIANGLE and you will end up -
- back on the beast. Just keep doing this untill the  -
- creature is defeated.                               -           

You have now got another TORN PAGE so head back to MERLINS HOUSE and click on
the book. Once's its open go to the cave. When you gain control of SORA talk to
KANGA. It time for another mini-game. The aim of this one is to find POOH.
Press TRIANGLE to get the gangto follow you and watch out for bees and falling
ice. When the gang get sacred press TRIANGLE again and they will follow you
with renewed bravery. Finding POOH isn't difficult as the place is not large,
and remember to open the various treasure chests that you come across. Once 
cleared you will receive SWEET MEMORY and a map.

- (3B) Beast's Castle   --------------------------------------

First thing to do is to talk to BEAST.

Defeat the NOBODIES then leave the room. Take the door on your right that 
leads to THE WEST HALL. When you come across the stairs go up them and 
walk through the large blue doors. Travel through the WEST WING, fighting 

Go back and talk to BEAST, as a result you receive the RUMBLING ROSE 
keyblade and a map. Once done save the game and journey all the way back 
to the ENTRANCE HALL for another cutscene. Defeat the NOBODIES. Afterwards 
if you want, you can go to the PALOUR and your save you game.  When your
ready leave the CASTLE.

- 26: Boss - Xaldin      ------------------------------
- One thing to note about this boss is that he's hard -
- He is by far the worse boss so far. Even in         -
- BEGINNER MODE he's difficult to beat. Always keep   -
- your eyes on him and before the battle make sure    -
- everyone is holding the maximum number of items,    - 
- your going to need them. Use the co-op move as      - 
- frequently as possible, and try to avoid any of his -
- attacks.                                            -         

As a reward you receive the OTHER ANSEM REPORT 4

Next head for PORT ROYAL Again.

- (3C) PORT ROYAL       --------------------------------------

Head to the HABOUR and after the cutscene defeat the PIRATES, remembering the 
rule concerning them. Go to the BLACK PEARL and save your game in the CAPTAIN'S
STATEROOM. Once done talk to Jack and select the ISLAND OF DEATH. You'll then 
be attacked by more PIRATES and some HEARTLESS so fight and defeat them. If you
want to save the game again, then exit the room.

- 27: Boss - Grim Reaper ------------------------------
- This boss isn't half as bad as the previous BOSS.   -
- Hes more like an overgrown HEARTLESS with extra HP  -
- Attack him no differntly than you would any other   -
- boss useing normal attacks, FORM attacks and co-op. -
- He can move around from place to place, so make     -
- sure you LOCK ON him, but part from that he's easy. -

Make sure that you open the large trasure chest in this room, for it hold the
summon PETER PAN. Save the game and leave the INTERCEPTORS HOLD. journey
through the SHIPS GRAVEYARD: SEADRIFT ROW, fighting enemies as you go along.
In the next area you will have to battle a NOBODY, afterwards you will recieve
a GOLD COIN and a map.

Once you have finished the cutscene head back to the SHIP GRAVEYARD to battle
more NOBODY's for more GOLD COINS you may also need to go to the ISLA DE MUERTA
for the final few when you get them all a cutscene will be triggerd.

Now head back to PORT ROYAL for a final boss battle in this world.

- 28: Boss - Grim Reaper ------------------------------
- Just as before you battle him only this time you    -
- have to use the REACTION COMMAND and magic to get   -
- the COINS that he abosrbs.                          -

As a reward you receive the OTHER ANSEM REPORT 6

Next head out to the OLYMPUS COLISEUM.

- (3D) Olympus Coliseum --------------------------------------

Talk to PAIN and enter the HADES CUP, betwean eatch battle will be a cutscene
then you will have to talk to PAIN to continue the tournment. After the first 
few battles follow AURON talk to him. Next its time to progress deeper in to 
the UNDERWORLD untill you find the AURON DOLL then defeat the NOBODY's.

Once again talk to PAIN and after a cutscene  

- 29: Boss - Hades       ------------------------------
- AURON helps you in this battle, you cant harm him   -
- when he's on fire after a few seconds HERCULES will -
- create some BALL's use the REACTION COMMAND on them -
- to turn him blue again so you can attack him you    -
- can use both AURONS and HERCULES's co-op's here.    -

 - you will now be given the GUARDIAN SOUL KEYBLADE -

Next head out to AGRABAH.

- (3E) Agrabah          --------------------------------------

After the cutscenes leave this room and head out to the DESERT for another, now
head towards JAFAR while riding the MAGIC CARPET then battle the HEARTLESS.
Follow and attack JAFAR to continue through this chase.

You now have a 3 switches use BLIZZARD on the lower switch, the switch in the
air requires you to use THUNDER on it, the final switch you need to use FIRE.

Now head inside the structure and open the 2 large chests for the last TORNED
PAGE and also a MAP you may want to save here. Once again battle the HEARTLESS
on the CARPET and head for the PALACE.

- 30: Boss - Jafar       ------------------------------
- Your once again on CARPET, aim for his head using   -
- everything you can on him, you can also attack his  -
- stumack to stun him. he can do a lot of damage to   -
- you but hes not as had as some preveous bosses.     -

 - you will now be given the WISHES LAMP KEYBLADE -

- (3F) Halloween Town   --------------------------------------

Go through the door to battle LOCK, SHOCK and BARREL here once they have no HP
use the REACTION COMMAND on the boxes to make 3 very intresting presents. After
the cutscenes head for the LAB once you get in the SQUARE you will need to 
battle the HEARTLESS for a present. Once sorted head back to SANTAS FACTORY, on
the second floor here talk to a worker to start the mini-game. Simply shoot 100
objects and use TRIANGLE to reload.

You will be given a DECOY PRESENT, save the game and then talk to SANTA.

- 31: Boss - Test Object ------------------------------
- Dispite being able to do some hefty damage to you   -
- this boss is easy just keep bashing him untill he   -
- falls.                                              -

- you now be given the HOLY PUMPKIN KEYBLADE -

head out to the PRIDE LANDS.

- (3G) PRIDE LANDS      --------------------------------------

After the cutscenes head to the top of PRIDE ROCK, now head to STONE HOLLOW and 
talk to RAFIKI then head out to the SAVANNAH and take the left path out.

- 32: Boss - Hyenas      ------------------------------
- This high speed battle is a little anoying but just -
- like before just get there health to zero, attack   -
- and use the co-op attack to do so.                  -

Next head out to the OASIS to find SIMBA, then after some cutscenes head back 
to the SAVANNAH.

- 33: Boss - Ground Shaker ----------------------------
- Continuesly use the REACTION COMMAND and your       -
- attacks at the right times and you and SIMBA will   -
- evantualy end this battle.                          -

Now head out to HOLLOW BASTION.

- (3H) Hollow Bastion    --------------------------------------

Head out in towards MERLINS HOUSE for some cutscenes. Now go to ANSEMS STUDY 
before using the COMPUTER head out to the HEARTLESS MANUFACTORY for a chest 
then click on the COMPUTER to re-enter 

- (3I) Space Paranoids   --------------------------------------

After the cutscenes click on the COMPUTER for some more scenes once there 
finished battle the HEARTLESS and then TRON will re-join your party. Head out 
to the high ground taking you through 2 ELEVATORS then after the cutscenes you
will have to battle more HEARTLESS, once there dead whatch some more cutscenes.

Save the game then check the COMPUTER here and slect the LIGHT CYCLE again to 
play the BIKE mini-game. Now leave here for thenext COMPUTER whitch is deaper 
in the SIMULATION HANGER area. kill all the HEARTLESS before the wight bar can
be filled otherwise its game over the co-op attack helps here.

Get the items and save the game then head out to battle the MCP.

- 34: Boss - MCP: Sark     ----------------------------
- He has a few HEARTLESS with him but there easy as   -
- is SARK himself try not to wast any gauges or magic -
- here as you will need them next.                    -


- 35: Boss - MCP           ----------------------------
- First attack hsi legs so that he falls down then    -
- you can go for the head keep attacking it.you will  -
- need to whatch out for his attacks and inflict as   -
- mutch damage as you can untill he dies, Then you    -
- will have to battle the MCP for a short time and    -
- repeat this untill they loose.                      -

- (3J) Radiant Garden    --------------------------------------

HOLLOW BASTION now takes its orignal name again as the RADIANT GARDEN. You now 
can go to battle the great SEPHIROTH if you wish, but he has 15 life bars and 
is incredabely strong so i dont recomend it at the point unless your a very 
high level.

- go to the world map to continue the story -

To find SEPHIROTH go from the CRYSTAL FISSURE to the GREAT MAW from there go to
the DARK DEPTHS and speek with him. (just past where you battles the 1000 
HEARTLESS you can only battle him once.

- 36: Boss - Sephiroth     ----------------------------
- As i said before he has 15 life bars and is very    -
- strong but what he gains in attack he looses in     -
- defence.                                            -

if you beat him you will earn +1 DRIVE GAUGE and be asked to find cloud. He will
be in the MARKET talk to him here then head back to SEPHIROTH to see SHOWDOWN OF
FATE 2, afterwords you will be given the FENRIL KEYBLADE.

- (3K) Twilight Town     --------------------------------------

After the cutscenes head to TRAM PLAZA and go through the hole in the wall to 
get to the OLD MANSION you will experence some more scenes here. When your 
ready enter the MANSION. there are 2 chests in this HALL there are some more
in the rooms around and a save poing in the WHITE ROOM. head up to the door 
on the left and fomr here go down to the COMPUTER ROOM for a cutscene.

Now speek to PENCE and say SEA SALT ICE (the middle option) and then press
TRIANGLE on the blue beam, after the cutscene you will receve ANSEMS OTHER 
REPORT 10. Now exit through the door in the bottom left of the map, whenever
your ready enter the ball to the WORLD OF DARKNESS. Here you will have to 
battle some NOBODYS and after the cutscene AXEL will be helping you battle.

- you will now be given the BOND OF FLAME KEYBLADE -

- (3L) The World that Never Was  ------------------------------

After the cutscene you will automaticly be here, save your game then head out
to the next area. Continue on battleing the HEARTLESS and takeing the items as
you go to the next area. You will gain ANSEM OTHER REPORT 12 once the cutscene
has finished. There are a few items in this area make shure you get them all 
before progressing, in the next area get the MAP and save the game then head
out towards the giant ship. Battle the NOBODYS and get the items as you go.
eventualy you will trigger a boss battle.

- 37: Boss - Xigbar        ----------------------------
- Use the REACTION COMMAND to dodge his sniper shots  -
- then he will attack you by teleporting quickly find -
- him slash his shots to bounce them at him, he will  - 
- also teleport you to other places, he can be hard   -
- to beat but he will evantualy fall.                 -

- you will now get OTHER ANSEM REPORT 3 -

Head out through the doors in frount of you, and once again head up colecting 
the items and battleing the NOBODYS as you progress.

- you will now get the MEMORIES PAST/OBLIVION KEYBLADE and a MAP -

When your ready head out to the next area. Save you game here then go through
the blue object to the left of you

- 38: Boss - Luxord        ----------------------------
- In this battle LUXORD can change you in to a DICE   -
- and also a CARD making it a little diflcult when    -
- normal use the REACTION COMMANDS and cure when      -
- apropreute, you loose if your time gauge gets to 0. -

- you will now get OTHER ANSEM REPORT 8 -

Leave here by goinh through the blue object, once again save the game and head
out through the new blue object on the right,

- 39: Boss - Saix          ----------------------------
- This guy is tough, hes probbely one of the hardest  -
- BOSSES in the game, use the REACTION COMMAND when   -
- able and CURE when needed, use all summons and      -
- tranceformations to beat him. Attacking him will    -
- increse his BEASEAK bar whitch he will use a huge   - 
- attack when its full.                               -

- you now get OTHER ANSEM REPORT 9 -

Back out of here now and take the path to the north. after the cutscene you 
will be given OTHER ANSEM REPORT 11 and RIKU now joins your party as his old 
self. Leave this area now and continue on to the next, there are a few items on
this path, make shure you get them.

- 40: Boss - Xemnas        ----------------------------
- Despite the way he may seem this boss it pritty     -
- week, just slash at him and use the combo move when -
- you can, also use CURE when needed. If you have     -
- what looks like 3 dimonds flying around you simply  -
- go up the stares and use the REACTION COMMAND when  -
- shown on screen and you will beat him shortly.      -

Save the game here.

Now is the time to do all the extras in the game sutch as the tournments in the
OLYMPUS COLISEUM and the quest to get SORAS ULTIMA WEAPON, if you just wish to
continue the story the keep following the guide.

Press TRIANGLE on the big door ahead for part 1 of the final fight.

- 41: Boss - Xemnas        ----------------------------
- First head towards the moving towers and use the    -
- REACTION COMMAND on them and continue to the next   -
- area. Here you will need to use the REACTION        -
- COMMANDS when it appers on the screen you will only -
- have 10seconds to press it once it appers after     -
- this you will apper in frount of a white wall with  -
- a symbol attack it and also take out the NOBODYS    -
- that attack to lower its sheild once it looses its  -
- HP use the REACTION COMMAND. Next you will face     -
- XEMNAS, run up to him and attack using anything you -
- have on him, when his sheild appers distroy the     -
- enemeys that apper with it to take it down. when    -
- you can use the REACTION COMMAND for RIKU to use a  -
- sheild for you and him.                             -

After the cutscene part 2 will begin.

- 42: Boss - Xemnas        ----------------------------
- At first you will be on a flying platform battleing -
- a dragon/gummyship simply use SQUARE to attack (you -
- can use CERCLE but its not a ranged attack. to      -
- build up your enegey bar simply defend againsed the - 
- ENEMYS attack with CROSS this give you the ability  -
- to use the REACTION COMMAND whitch can take all his -
- HP he will have 3 diffrent lots of HP before he     -
- dies and also you cannot heal in this battle so     -
- look out. Once again you will face XEMNAS sat on a  -
- throune, this time its omnly you and RIKU and you   -
- can jump a lot higher and fly using SQUARE and      -
- CROSS. Eventualy he will toss you in to the air     -
- and and start tossing buildings at you dodge them   -
- and try to land on one to use the co-op REACTION    -
- COMMAND to distroy his sheild and make him open to  -
- attack land again ans attack him repeat untill he   -
- falls.                                              -

After another short cutscene the final part will begin.

- 43: Boss - Xemnas        ----------------------------
- Quickly fomr the start continuusly use the REACTION -
- COMMAND to deflect his attacks (you will need to do -
- this later in the battle also). Try to dodge his    -
- attacks and them attack him, he can teliport but    -
- besudes that hes slow all you have to worry about   -
- are his attacks as they are powerfull. At one point -
- during this battle you will play as RIKU you will   -
- need to kill the clones and attack the original if  -
- you fail its game over. You can also 2 co-op        -
- attacks againsed this guy whitch do a lot of damage -
- to him, and keep an eye on your Hp it can go from   -
- full to xero in 3 seaconds flat.                    -

Now sit back and watch the ending. 

- i hope this guide helped you during your game -

------------------------ End of Part 3 - And the Game -------------------------
- 3: FAQ's           -

-[Q]- What worlds are in KINGDOM HEARTS II? -[Q]-

-[A]- Twilight Town, Hollow Bastion,World that never was Beast’s Castle, Land 
   - Of Dragons, Port Royal, Timeless River, Pride Lands, Space Paranoids, 
   - Disney Castle, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah, Atlantica, Halloween Town and 
   - the 100 Acre Wood. -[A]-


-[Q]- What is the basic story in KINGDOM HEARTS II? -[Q]-

-[A]- 1 year has passed since the events of Kingdom hearts took place, Sora and
   - his friends are now teamed up with a new cast of characters (including the
   - King) The Heartless are still around as is a dangerous new enemy. -[A]-


-[Q]- Are the controls diffrent from KINGDOM HEARTS? -[Q]-

-[A]- Yes, The controls for the Japanese version are as followed:
   - Cercal = Attack
   - Cross = Jump
   - Square = Guard
   - Triangle = Action button
   - R1 = Lock On
   - R2 = Camera scroler
   - L1 = Shortcut buttons
   - L2 = Camera stroller
   - Select = 1st person view
   - Start = Pause the game
   - Analog R = Movement
   - Analog L = Camera stroller
   - D-Pad = Select from menu -[A]-


-[Q]- What charicters can you play as? -[Q]-

-[A]- There are 3 the new ROXAS, our old friend SORA and in rare occasions 
   - KING MICKEY and RIKU -[A]-

- 4: Keyblade List   -

- Name: Kingdom Chain/Kingdom Key
- Atk: 3
- Mag Atk: 1
- Ability: Defender
- Effect: Defense up in a pinch/crisis
- Obtaining It: Default


- Name: Amulet Of Promise/Oath Keeper
- Atk: 3
- Mag Atk: 3
- Ability: Form Boost
- Effect: Longer time for Drive transformation
- Obtaining It: At the end of the 2nd visit of Twilight Town


- Name: Memories Past/Oblivion
- Atk: 6
- Mag Atk: 2
- Ability: Drive Boost
- Effect: Faster Drive Gauge recovery during MP Charge
- Obtaining It: In The World That Never Was, shortly after you beat Xigbar then
              - meet up with Riku


- Name: Star Seeker
- Atk: 3
- Mag Atk: 1
- Ability: Air Combo Plus
- Effect: Add 1 to the Maximum number of Air Combo
- Obtaining It: At the end of the Mysterious Tower, when you obtain Brave Form


- Name: Hidden Dragon
- Atk: 2
- Mag Atk: 2
- Ability: Damage Aspir
- Effect: Recovers MP whenever you receive damage
- Obtaining It: In The Land Of Dragons, after beating Shan Yu


- Name: Hero's Crest
- Atk: 4
- Mag Atk: 0
- Ability: Air Combo Up
- Effect: Damage up for Air Finisher with great number of combo
- Obtaining It: In the Olympus Coliseum, after beating the Hydra


- Name: Monochrome
- Atk: 3
- Mag Atk: 2
- Ability: Item Up
- Effect: Effect Up when using an Item on the field
- Obtaining It: In the Timeless River, after beating Pete and when you obtain
              - the Wisdom Form


- Name: Follow The Wind
- Atk: 3
- Mag Atk: 1
- Ability: Draw
- Effect: Draw near the Prizes that are fallen nearby
- Obtaining It: In the Port Royal, after you beat Barbossa


- Name: Circle Of Life
- Atk: 4
- Mag Atk: 1
- Ability: MP Haste
- Effect: MP Recovery Speed up after using MPs
- Obtaining It: In the Pride Land, after speaking with Simba in the Oasis


- Name: Photon Debugger
- Atk: 3
- Mag Atk: 2
- Ability: Thunder Up
- Effect: Thunder based Damage up to enemies
- Obtaining It: In the Space Paranoids, shortly after you beat Dangerous
              - Program


- Name: Gullwing
- Atk: 3
- Mag Atk: 0
- Ability: EXP Chance
- Effect: EXP up when you defeat enemy in a pinch/crisis
- Obtaining It: After the 1000 Heartlesses fight, head to the Postern to speak
              - with Yuna


- Name: Rambling Rose
- Atk: 5
- Mag Atk: 0
- Ability: Finish Plus
- Effect: Combo Finishers appear consecutively
- Obtaining It: After the 1000 Heartlesses fight,, go revisit Beast's Castle 
              - and head to Beast's Room. Speak with him to get it


- Name: Guardian Soul
- Atk: 5
- Mag Atk: 1
- Ability: Reaction Up
- Effect: Damage up with Reaction Command
- Obtaining It: At the 2nd visit of Olympus Coliseum, after beating Hades


- Name: Wishes Lamp
- Atk: 4
- Mag Atk: 3
- Ability: Prize Up
- Effect: A lot of Munny/HP/MP Prizes appear
- Obtaining It: At the 2nd visit of Agrabah, after beating Jafar


- Name: Holy Pumpkin
- Atk: 6
- Mag Atk: 1
- Ability: Combo Up
- Effect: Damage up for Ground Finisher with great number of combo
- Obtaining It: At the 2nd visit of Halloween Town, after beating the Test 
              - Object


- Name: Sweet Memory
- Atk: 0
- Mag Atk: 0
- Ability: Luck Up
- Effect: A lot of Prize Box appear
- Obtaining It: In the 100 Acre Wood, clear the Spookey Cave


- Name: Wonder Of Abyss
- Atk: 3
- Mag Atk: 3
- Ability: Blizzard Up
- Effect: Blizzard based Damage up to enemies
- Obtaining It: In the Atlantica, after clearing Chapter 4


- Name: Sleeping Lion
- Atk: 5
- Mag Atk: 3
- Ability: Combo Plus
- Effect: Add 1 to the Maximum number of Ground Combo
- Obtaining It: When you need to go back to Hollow Bastion and head to Ansem's
              - Study


- Name: Bond Of Flame
- Atk: 4
- Mag Atk: 4
- Ability: Fire Up
- Effect: Fire based Damage up to enemies
- Obtaining It: When you are going to the World Of Darkness, you get it after
              - the events with Axel


- Name: Fatal Crest
- Atk: 3
- Mag Atk: 5
- Ability: Charge Berserk
- Effect: Atk Up and the combo continues forever during MP Charge
- Obtaining It: Clear the Goddess Of Fate Cup in Olympus Coliseum


- Name: Fenrir
- Atk: 7
- Mag Atk: 1
- Ability: Combo Minus
- Effect: Minus 1 to the Maximum number of Air/Ground Combo
- Obtaining It: Defeat Sephiroth in the Dark Depths of Radiant Garden(Hollow
              - Bastion). After that, go to speak with Cloud in the Market Place
              - of Radiant Garden. Go back to speak with Sephiroth and watch the
              - Showdown Of Fate 2. Tifa will give this to you afterward

- Name: Ultima Weapon
- Atk: 6
- Mag Atk: 4
- Ability: MP Hastega
- Effect: MP Recovery Speed up remarkably after using MPs
- Obtaining It: Check the next section


 - This one below belongs to Riku -


- Name: Way To The Dawn
- Atk: 3
- Mag Atk: 0
- Ability: None
- Effect: Able to do various attacks
- Obtaining It: Default

- Sora's Ultima Weapon -

First of all, you need the Ultima Recipe. It's within the Mansion: Basement
Corridor of Twilight Town. You get there at the later part of the game. If you
still don't know where that is, it's the area JUST BEFORE the Pod Room(which
got the Pod that Sora slept in).

Once you have that, speak with a Moogle Shop for Item Synthesis. The items you
need to make Ultima Weapon are:

- 13 Orichalcums (You only need 7 in the end)
- 1 Orichal
- 1 Mythril Crystal
- 1 Ravine Crystal
- 1 Twilight Crystal
- 7 Mystery Crystals (You only need 4 in the end)

Where to get them:

- Orichal: Item boxes in various Worlds, such as Twilight Town, The Land Of
           Dragons, 100 Acre Wood, Port Royal and The World That Never Was
- Mythril Crystal: Item boxes in various Worlds, such as Twilight Town, Hollow
                   Bastion/Radiant Garden, Agrabah, 100 Acre Wood, Pride Land,
                   Halloween Town, Port Royal, Space Paranoids and The World
                   That Never Was; Also, you can make it. First, Moogle must be
                   at Level 8, then you can make Mythril Gem. When you make an
                   Mythril Gem, put in a Mystery Gem to make it become Mythril
- Ravine Crystal: Berserker drops this. Berserker shows up in Twilight Town(at
                  later half of the game), Mysterious Tower and The World That
                  Never Was
- Twilight Crystal: Sorcerer drops this. Sorcerer shows up in The World That
                    Never Was
- Mystery Crystal: Berserker, Sorcerer and Samurai drop this. Berserker and
                   Sorcerer I just mentioned above, for Samurai, he shows up in
                   Mysterious Tower and The World That Never Was

Lastly, for the 13 Orichalcums, well, that can't be done. There are just about
seven of them in the game. Guess what? That's JUST ENOUGH. Here are where the
7 Orichalcums are:

- Clear Atlantica
- Clear 100 Acre Wood
- Item Box in The World That Never Was
  - The Brink Of Despair (by the second save point of this World)
- Clear Goddess of Destiny Cup in the UnderWorld Tournament in Olympus Coliseum
- Item Box in Twilight Town
  - Sunset Terrace (need to jump on the bar/train to spot it)
- Item Box in Sapce Paranoids
  - Central Computer Area (before the fight with Sark and MCP)
- A Collect List Bonus, you MUST obtain ALL kinds of materials to get this

Once you got 7 Orichalcums, 1 Orichal, 1 Mythril Crystal, 1 Ravine Crystal, 1
Twilight Crystal and 4 Mystery Crystals, when you try to make it, apply the
Minagiru Kesshou(Suffusive Crystal). The Suffusive Crystal halve the materials
you need.

The Minagiru Kesshou(Suffusive Crystal) is dropped from Shaman in Pride Land
and Book Master in Space Paranoids.

And that's all you need. Once you made it, have the Ultima Weapon and Fenrir,
for the best Dual Wielding!!!

- 5: Legal           -

- Copyright (c) 2006 Aaron Lockwood ([email protected]) -

This guide cannot be sold as it is free to use also this guide cannot be posted
on any website or forum without my permission, if you wish to show this on your
or a website please email me with the address shown above so i can add a link
and the uploaders name in to the guide.

This game and all characters and environments within it are copyright their
respective owners.