Hidden Quests:
#03: During Niccolos quest, find Daena at the Highway and tell her you're going to see the Gaeus. Go to see Gaeus, then complete the quest. Go back to Domina, and she should be in the lower right room of Yuka's Inn. Have her join you, and you'll initiate the quest.
#18: Complete Infernal Doll, then head home. Go upstairs and find Lil' Cactus missing. Go back downstairs and talk with Lisa, which will initiate the quest. This one can be very elusive, so keep trying.
#43: Domina L.3 Shade is required, starts in the first part of town.
#66: Duma Desert L.3 Dryad is required, bring your pet.
#67: Domina L.3 Wisp is required, talk to Miss Yuka.
note: if you don't know which quest is which number, refer to the cactus diaries section

Memory Card Save Blocks:
1) With a FF8 save, your first pet after completing the Corral quest will be a Chocobo instead of a Rabite.
2) With a Saga Frontier 2 save, if you go to 'save' and highlight it, then head to the bone fortress and to the bone bridge where you fought Deathbringer, you can now fight Deathbringer II. After defeating him, you'll get a sword from Saga Frontier 2.
3) With a Chocobo Racing save, go to Polpota - Skippy there will give you a worthless 'The Fastest Wheel' wooden ring.

ShadowZero Mini-Game in Domina:
There is a ShadowZero mini-game available in Domina after completing the Jumi Quest (#33). Go to the Domina Tavern on Salamander day, and you can play the mini-game, where you attempt to catch rascally shadow-zeros in different poses in a short amount of time for prizes. It's a good idea to spend a little time playing, because some of the rewards are good items that you normally only find in treasure chests along the game. There's also some low-end aerolite metals.The highest score is 200, where you'll get a Spiny Seed. Below are some tips for playing the game.
1. Once you smack a S-Z, you don't need to press a button to get rid of the score display.
2. Pay attention only to jump-kicks (16 points) and poses (32 points).
3. Pose times are short - don't run across the room to nab one. Also, don't bother trying to nab one if you're in the middle of whacking another, you'll probably miss.
4. There's always a catch delay for pressing the button, so you can't pound the buttons and smack everything in your path.

Tic-Tac-Toe & Whack a Mole on World Map:
You can play a Whack a Mole style game called "Landbopper" on the world map, by pressing and holding R1 for a few seconds while on a portion of the map that has all 9 spaces occupied with areas.

Quick Exp locations:
1) Highway - before Chobin Caves - two Chobin Hoods
2) White Forest - near the southwest corner - two Goblins
3) Duma Desert - several places - two Mad Mallards
4) Fieg Snowfields - path to the tent - two Sahagins
5) S.S. Buccaneer - hatchway to lower levels - two Sahagins
6) Tower of Leires - two succubus fight
7) Norn Peaks - later on, you can re-fight the dragon boss repeatedly
8) Bejeweled City - Diamond room - the golem

Quick Lucre locations:
1) Highway - in Chobin Caves - various goblins, sell their weapons
2) White Forest - two Goblins - sell the weapons they drop
3) Mana Tree - air & land dragon - sell the dragon steaks
4) In the first Lumina quest, trying to sell the lamps, you can spend all your cash plus 3000 extra lucre, a great deal for the start of the game, even though you'll be broke afterwards.
5) There is a dragon egg in the snowfields, two screens east of the area where the battle of Du'Mere takes place. If it hatches into a land dragon, it sells for 5k at level one. Air Dragons sell for 5k and Kid Dragons sell for 500 lucre.
6) S.S. Buccaneer - lower levels, lower left door, sell the various mana crystals from the Poltergeist Boxes.

Getting Another Forbidden ring:
1) Start a new game with different character name.
2) Play the new game until you open up a blacksmith in your workshop and golem workshop too.
3) Get the forbidden ring from Daena.
4) Temper the forbidden ring in blacksmith workshop, but don't add so many things to it.
5) After you have gotten the workshops, go to find professor Bomb in the Junkyard and he will do a business with you.
6) Have your altered forbidden ring pawned.
7) Save the game to the same memory card but do not overwrite to your main game.
8) Load up the main game and go to professor Bomb's lab at the junkyard.
9) Choose buy and get the forbidden ring from the game you just save.
10) You will get the forbidden ring.
11) You could get as many forbidden rings as you want.