Forbidden Tomb

Opening the "Forbidden Tomb" Sequence:
After you've beaten LoM, seen the credits and the ending FMV, you will be capable of making a new saved game that will carry over all of your gear from the game file you beat the game with. The gear includes stats, items, equipment, encyclopedias, trent, pets, and golems.

New Game Modes:
One of the biggest reasons to play the game over again is the Forbidden Tomb feature. It is in the library that appears after beating the game once. The new playable modes are Nightmare Mode which monster levels are double and No Future Mode which the monster levels are triple the normal. Not all monster levels are at 99.

Questions from the Forbidden Tomb:
Wish to live in peace?
Yes = Normal Mode
No = see 2.
Want a nightmare?
Yes = Nightmare Mode
No = see 3.
Wish to have a future?
No = No Future Mode
... = no change
These are the game's difficulty settings and are only available after completing the game and restarting from the defeated save data.

Normal Mode:
This is the default setting. Most players find there isn't much of a challenge with this setting. Battles, including bosses, are relatively easy. This mode is for people who don't really like battles and play more for leisure and speed.

Nightmare Mode:
This is the hard difficulty setting. Battles will last quite a bit longer because the monsters are all pumped-up a decent amount. Each monster, including bosses, will be twenty to thirty levels higher than they previously were, and even have increased stats and HP. Definately for people who like to fight.

No Future Mode:
Not for the feint of heart. This mode pits the player against extreme battle situations. Almost all monsters, including bosses, will be maxed-out at level ninety-nine, complete with increased stats and HP. You thought Nightmare Mode was hard? You ain't seen nothing until you've been up against Rabites from hell.