Shop explanation:
There are four levels that a student can have when selling you items.
Domina will always be level 1. You might miss shop levels 2 and 4 if you are'nt
careful. Make sure to save Geo for a far away space on the map so that it will have
level 4 shops. Geo has the best level 4 shop equipment in the game. The same applies
to the instruments shop in Geo. A good way to get shop level 2, is to place a town
as far from home as possible just as you are about to begin the first of the three
major quests at the start of the game.

Shop Levels:
1. Cheap Manastones, etc.
2. Steel, Silver, Obsidian, etc.
3. Gold, Ebony, Hemp, etc.
4. Platinum, Maple, Iron, etc.

*If all four student shop levels are obtained and Duma Desert's Dryad level is 3, an extra quest
will be awarded as a bonus.