All of the immortals have lived for 1000 years, and come from another world, through the Tower of Mirrors. All of them had their memories sealed within them by Gongora (with the exception of Gongora himself). They also must learn skills from others; they do not learn skills by themselves. When knocked out in battle, they arise after two turns with a small amount of health. While the immortals in the game are free to conceive children, their offspring do not possess eternal life; Sed (Seth's son) and Lirum (Sarah and Kaim's daughter) are mortals.

Kaim Argonar
Kaim is a Lieutenant in the Uhran army. Normally quiet and kept to himself, Kaim tries to maintain a nonchalant and serious attitude, but there are clues to reveal a caring, loving individual underneath. Kaim recollects his forgotten memories in the form of dreams; these memories are called A Thousand Years of Dreams in-game. Occasionally, Kaim recollects things outside of dreams, often signaled by glass breaking across the screen. He is currently married to Sarah Sisulart; has a daughter, the late Lirum Argonar; and has two grandchildren, Cooke and Mack.

Seth Balmore
A former pirate, Seth also ended up in the Uhran army. She is tough and speaks coarsely. Her appearance is distinguishable by her blue hair. Seth has recollections in 2 dreams, the rest are naturally recollected. Her son, Sed, is also a pirate, and despite having aged physically beyond her, he still lovingly refers to her as "Momma". She fights using swords, albeit in a different style to Kaim and Tolten. She has been sent back to the world of the immortals, sacrificing herself to remove Gongora from the main world.

Ming Numara
Also known as The Thousand-Year Queen for the length of her reign, Ming is the founder (and reigning queen) of the Free Ocean State of Numara. She speaks with a regal accent, laden with formalities. Even though she maintains the facade of a weak damsel-in-distress, she is an able sorceress. She is now married to Jansen Friedh.

Sarah Sisulart
Kaim's wife, Sarah, is a quiet person, renowned for her sorcery. After witnessing Lirum's death, she spiraled into depression, returned to their home near Tosca Village and took on the visage of an old woman. Sarah is brought back to reality upon meeting her own grandchildren, after her disguise is lifted by Kaim's group. She has studied many pieces of literature, and is the group's primary source for information unrelated to the ocean.

All mortals can permanently die in battle, and require resurrection by items or spells. They also learn skills as they level up, and cannot learn skills from others. They learn their last skill at level 52.

Jansen Friedh
A womanizing drunk, Jansen is hired by Gongora to keep an eye on Kaim and Seth on their initial mission to check on Grand Staff. After discovering that Gongora is only using him, he sincerely joins the team's mission to bring down Gongora. He is constantly fighting with Seth. Over the course of the story, he falls in love with Ming. He weds her, and he is now the King of Numara. He specializes in black magic, but also knows a limited amount of white magic.

Lirum's daughter, and the granddaughter of Kaim and Sarah. She is a bit of a tomboy, and generally assumes the role of Mack's boss. She excels in white magic, and supporting her peers.

Lirum's son, and Kaim and Sarah's grandson, Mack has a meek personality, but wishes to be strong like Kaim. He is childish and mischievous in nature, but there are moments of maturity that flare out of his playful behavior. There are traces of a deep genuine strength inside him. Despite being a strong melee attacker, Mack becomes affluent in spirit magic after being possessed by the spirits of the Eastern Tribe in the Crimson Forest.

Seth's son, Sed is a famous pirate who has aged beyond his mother. Despite being in his sixties, he refers to Seth as "Momma", much to the surprise of Jansen. He is the captain of the Nautilus, and has a small crew lost across the world. He fights using magic rifles, the only character that uses ranged weapons in the game.

The King of Uhra, Tolten initially holds the position of Crown Prince in name only, as the Uhran monarchy abdicated the throne upon the death of his father, Zypha. Due to Gongora's manipulations, however, Tolten is persuaded to retake the throne after the death of the Republic's Chairman. Soon afterwards, Gongora declares that Tolten had died and assumes the throne for himself, leaving Tolten to join up with Kaim's group to liberate his country. Tolten is refined and educated, he is studied in the art of combat, however, upon encountering the real world he realizes that true wisdom comes through pratice and hands on experience and not just the study of theory. He wishes to be strong and brave like Sed, and takes active steps toward achieving this goal toward the end of the story.

The primary antagonist in the story, Gongora was Uhra's magic advisor. Like Kaim, Gongora is also immortal, came from another world, and has lived for 1000 years. Thirty years prior to the story's commencement, Gongora had wiped the memories of the other immortals in the world with deceit. At the story's beginning, he was head of Uhra's Grand Staff project, in charge of building the largest magic engine in existence. Eventually, after a careful, underhanded scheme, he eliminated the entire Uhran council, restoring the country to a monarchy with Tolten at the helm. After declaring Tolten dead (through a fictional plot by Gohtza), Gongora took the throne. Immediately after taking the throne, he moved to Grand Staff to control it, following his plans to rise to his goal of being a god. Kaim and company defeated him, and sent him back with Seth to the immortal world, both unable to return due to the destruction of the Tower of Mirrors.

The general in the Numaran Army, Kakanas is tired of Queen Ming's strict isolationist, pacifist policies. As such, he plots to become King and re-militarize the nation, in fear (both founded and unfounded) of the nations of Uhra and Gohtza. He had disappeared since, after the party defeated his combat tanks a second time; no scenes have shown him leaving the tank. To atone for his sins, Maya, Ming's lady in waiting places him on the construction committee, to rebuild the palace that he had attempted to destroy.