Mask of the Betrayer will contain 2 new base classes and 5 new prestige classes. The game will retain Neverwinter Nights 2's limit of 4 classes max per character

Base Class: Favored Soul
The Favored Soul has been described as a "sorcerer version" of the cleric. In addition, " they level, The Favored Soul gets better with the weapon their deity favors."

Base Class: Spirit Shaman
The Spirit Shaman has been described as "sorcerer version" of the druid. In addition, "The Spirit Shaman can turn undead and even transform themselves into an undead."

Prestige Class: Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep
The Arcane Scholar is a prestige class designed in-house by Obsidian specifically for Mask of the Betrayer. The class focuses on streamlined use of metamagic feats.

Prestige Class: Invisible Blade
The Invisible Blade has been described as a rogue-like class that allows the trading of sneak attack damage for other effects such as bleeding wounds.

Prestige Class: Red Wizard of Thay
The Red Wizards of Thay are extremely specialized wizards. They gain attack and save bonuses to their chosen specialisation school amongst other benefits.

Prestige Class: Sacred Fist
Combining devotion to the divine and a dedication towards physical perfection, the Sacred Fist grows in divine favor and martial prowess, advancing as both a monk and a divine spellcaster.

Prestige Class: Stormlord
A master of the elements, the Stormlord commands the forces of nature to act as he desires. Stormlords are traditionally nomadic, preferring to roam the world as the wind would. They often have short tempers and a stormlord's mood can be seen in the weather that surrounds him