Rare Cards:
There is a large set of trading cards in the game. They are all found in the Chrysler Building. The reason for this is, if you give Wayne 12 out of the 14 Trading Cards he will give you a tool kit. The tool kit has an unlimited supply of normal tools. If you give Wayne all 14 of the cards then he gives you the super tool kit. The super tool kit has an unlimited supply of super tools.

Ever wondered what's up with that junk? Well, here's a great reason, if you collect 300 hundred pieces of junk, bring it to Wayne and have him take it from you by selecting discard junk, he will offer to make you a weapon with all that junk. You should pick which weapon you want for yourself, since he can screw up and give you something you don't really want.

EX mode:
Click here to read the full explanation of EXmode. Exmode is only accesable after you have beaten the game. When beaten, you must sit through the ending and wait until it comes up to the front screen again. Save it as soon as possible, after the ending is over. One purpose for the mode is to see the true ending..

Final Fantasy:
There are two little Final Fantasy references in the game. The first one is on the sign outside of the Musuem at the world map. The second one is among the birds in the Musuem's prehistoric bird exhibit.. *WARK*