Candy - 
You will be able to buy candy in most stores, and
it frequently appears inside chests. Eat some of
this sugary treat to partly restore your hit points.
Chocolate - 
You will get more energy from eating chocolate,
and it will raise your hit points more than candy.
Unfortunately, it is also more expensive than candy.
Royal Jam - 
Made from the royal jelly of the Buzz Bee queen,
this tasty snack has magical properties. It
replenishes the hit points of the one who eats
it to it's full capacity.
Faerie Walnut - 
You will need to keep a full stock of Faerie
Walnuts. Whenever you eat one, it will restore
50 magic points.
Medical Herb - 
Try to keep this in your packs always. If you are
poisoned by an enemy or a chest with needles,
Moogled, etc., take this herb.
Cup of Wishes - 
Hold this magical cup to the lips of one who has
perished, and that person is restored with full hit
and magic points.
Magic Rope - 
When you become lost or endangered in a
castle of dungeon, or forest, use this to return to
the begining of that area. (Found in The Cave at Gaia's Navel)
Flammie Drum - 
You will find this wonderous drum as you near the
end of your quest. When you pound on it, Flammie
shall appear.
Moogle Belt - 
When one or all of you have been moogled but an enemy's
magic, use the Moogle Belt to return to your normal self.
Midge Mallet - 
Only one Mallet exists. It will shrink or enlarge
all of you. Use it when you have been shrunk by enemies.
Barrel - 
Wear this barrel when you must race through a dangerous area.
It protects you, but you cannot use your weapons.