Magic Girl's

Gnome : Earth Elemental
Stone Saber : 4 MP
A weapon used under this
spell turns foes to stone.
Speed Up : 3 MP
Increases hit and evade
Defender : 2 MP
Improves your party's
defense skills.

Undine : Water Elemental
Ice Saber : 2 MP
Weapons under this spell
ice up enemies
Remedy : 1 MP
Cures a person who has
been poisoned
Cure Water : 2 MP
Restores a portion
of someone's hit points

Salamando : Fire Elemental
Flame Saber : 2 MP
Puts the power of fire
magic in a weapon
Fire Bouquet : 3 MP
Cast this to drop the
enemy attack power
Blaze Wall : 4 MP
A wall of flame falls
upon enemies

Sylphid : Wind Elemental
Thunder Saber : 3 MP
Weapons will strike with
the thunder's might
Balloon : 2 MP
Cast this to immobilize
Analyzer : 1 MP
Sniffs out enemy traps
or weak spots

Luna : Moon Elemental
Moon Saber : 3 MP
Increase your hit points
as you topple foes
Lunar Boost : 2 MP
Allies focus on attack,
not defense
Moon Energy : 2 MP
Raises the number of
your critical hits

Lumina : Light Elemental
Light Saber : 2 MP
Weapons gain the power
of light
Lucent Beam : 2 MP
Enemies will be hit
by a blast of pure light
Lucid Barrier : 4 MP
Protection from weapon

Dryad : Mana Elemental
Revivifier : 10 MP
Restores life, but not all
hit points
Wall : 6 MP
Makes a barrier to ward off
Mana Magic : 1 MP
Cast this on the Mana
Sword to defeat the
Mana Beast