Magic Sprite's

Gnome : Earth Elemental
Earth Slide : 3 MP
A large ball of mud drops
on enemies
Speed Down : 1 MP
Vines grip your enemy,
slowing him
Gem Missile : 2 MP
A shower of sharp jewels
shreds the foes

Undine : Water Elemental
Freeze : 2 MP
Your enemies will be
temporarily frozen
Acid Storm : 3 MP
A destructive rain falls
upon your foes
Energy Absorb : 2 MP
The enemy's hit points
transfer to you

Salamando : Fire Elemental
Fireball : 2 MP
Shoot blazing fireballs
with this
Exploder : 4 MP
This spell will blow up
Lava Wave : 3 MP
A tide of molten rock
drowns the enemy

Sylphid : Wind Elemental
Air Blast : 2 MP
The gale-force winds
blast the enemy
Thunder Bolt : 4 MP
Burn up your foes with
this sizzler
Silence : 2 MP
Your enemies will be
strangely confused

Luna : Moon Elemental
Change Form : 5 MP
Randomly converts one
enemy to another
Magic Absorb : 1 MP
Steal your foe's magic
Lunar Magic : 8 MP
This spell is crazy like

Shade : Darkness Elemental
Evil Gate : 8 MP
A wave of night sweeps
over enemies
Dark Force : 2 MP
Orbs of darkness attack
your enemies
Dispel Magic : 4 MP
Halts an enemies magic

Dryad : Mana Elemental
Burst : 4 MP
Ultraviolet rays crisp
the enemy
Sleep Flower : 2 MP
Sends your enemy into
a deep sleep
Mana Magic : 1 MP
Cast this on the Mana
Sword to defeat the
Mana Beast