Flipside Arcade FAQ

Super Paper Mario
Flipside Arcade FAQ
V 1.03
Copyright 2007 Aaron Peterson


Note that the following FAQ may contain spoilers or other information that new
players to Super Paper Mario may not want to see. Only read this FAQ if you are
certain you have no objection to having any information from the game divulged.

World 0: Welcome To Warp Zone! (AKA Contents)

(Hint: To find what you're looking for quickly, use the Find Feature on your 
Browser and look for the respective world.

     World 1: Getting There
          1-1: Where's the Arcade?
          1-2: Where's the Gold Card?

     World 2: The Games
          2-1: Forget Me Not
          2-2: Mansion Patrol
          2-3: Tilt Island
          2-4: Hammer Whacker

     World 3: High Score Land
          3-1: Forget Me Not
          3-2: Mansion Patrol
          3-3: Tilt Island
          3-4: Hammer Whacker
     World 4: Flipside Tokens
          3-1: What are Flipside Tokens?
          3-2: How to get Flipside Tokens
          3-3: The Prize List

     World 5: Closing Stuff
          4-1: Contact Information
          4-2: Versions List
          4-3: Legal Stuff
World 1: Getting There

World 1-1: Where's the Arcade?

To find the Arcade, you must have the ability to flip dimensions. (Earned in 
Chapter 1-1 of the game.) Take the Down Elevators in Flipside until you get to
Floor B1. Right beside the elevator should be a building with a picture of a
cup on it. This is the Beveragatorium. After going inside the Beveragatorium,
dimension-flip to reveal a hallway leading through the back. Go through it to
find a pipe. Enter the pipe, and you've found the arcade!

World 1-2: Gold Card?

The Gold Card is an Important Item required to play the Arcade Game Hammer
Whacker. You need to have access to Flopside in order to get it. To do so,
enter the Flopside Beveragatorium (Floor B1 of Flopside) and dimension-flip to
reveal the back hallway. In the back is a pair of treasure boxes, one of which
contains the Gold Card. Simply talk to InterChet after going back to the
Flipside Arcade, and he'll give you access to Hammer Whacker.

World 2: What are The Games?

World 2-1: Forget Me Not

Cost: 10 Flipside Tokens

How to Play: Point the Wii Remote at the Screen and select cards. Match pairs
to score points. Match every pair to advance to the next round. Turn over an
unmatching pair and you get a miss. Get three misses in one round and the game
is over. Clear 30 levels for a victory! (Thanks, Bootymaster!)

Match a Pair: 6000
Uncover an Item: 3000


Mushroom: Removes a Miss from your total.
Flower: (If you've seen this item in this game, e-mail me and tell me what it
Star: Gives you another look at the unflipped cards.

1) Try to focus on one, maybe two, pairs when the game starts.
2) The cards will switch places as the round goes on, so pay attention. 
3) Take advantage of the second glance a Star gives you.
4) *WARNING: CHEATER ALARM* Use the Home Button to freeze the screen to give
yourself a chance to see all the cards. (Thanks, Clement Shimizu!)

World 2-2: Mansion Patrol

Cost: 10 Flipside Tokens

How to Play: Point the Wii Remote at the screen. Move the cursor to aim and
press A to shoot. Blast the Boos before they get to you to score points. Blast
a lot of Boos in a row without missing to score more points! If a Boo gets too
close, it will attack, costing you a life. Lose all your lives and the game is
over. Clear 10 levels and you win! (Thanks, sentinal10!)

Boo/Dark Boo: 400 points
Nice: 480
Good: 560
Great: 640
Wonderful: 720
Excellent: 800

Big Boo: 5000
Nice: 6000
Good: 7000
Great: 8000
Wonderful: 9000
Excellent: 10000

Save Toad: 3000 + Item
Shoot Toad: -1000

Items: Sometimes a Boo will fly across the screen, holding Toad. Shoot the Boo
to save Toad, and he'll reward you with an item.

Mushroom: Adds one life to your total remaining.
Flower: 10 seconds of Autofire.
Star: Stuns all on-screen ghosts temporarily.

1) Don't shoot spontaneously! Stringing together chains nets higher scores!
2) Save Toad every time you get the chance. The items he gives you are well
worth it. 
3) Dark (purple) Boos start appearing in Round 2, and are faster than the
white ones. Focus on them first.
4) Big Boos start appearing in Round 3. They are slow, but they take a lot of
shots to take down, and their size can often cover the approach of several
other Boos. Stay alert!
5) Your chain will not be disrupted when the Auto-Fire Power-up is active. So
sweep the screen!
6) When a Boo covers its eyes, it's about to attack. You still have a chance
to shoot it and stop the attack.

World 2-3: Tilt Island

Cost: 10 Flipside Tokens

How To Play: Hold the Remote Sideways (the way you always do in the game) and
tilt it to move your character left or right. Catch falling desserts for
points. Collect enough desserts to advance to the next round. Get hit by a
falling monster or tilt yourself off the island, and you'll lose a life. Lose
all three lives, and the game is over. Clear 20 Levels and you win the game!
(Thanks, Cameron Leatham!)

Peach: 4000
Orange Juice: 5000
Fruity Sundae: 7000

Items: 3000

While Spinning:
Knock away a Square Pig: 1000
Knock away a Spiny Egg: 1500
Knock away a Thwomp: 2000

Items: Items randomly fall out of the sky. Catch them and their effects
activate immediately.

Mushroom: Adds an Extra Life to your total.
Flower: Your character starts spinning, and can knock away monsters for
Star: Clears all Monsters from the Screen.

1) Don't use Bowser, unless you like a challenge.
2) Get all of the same desserts to double your score for the round. (Thanks
for reminding me, kgb!)
3) Don't tilt the remote any more than you need to.
4) There's no time limit, and no penalty for misses, so don't be afraid to
let some go.

World 2-4: Hammer Whacker

Cost: 20 Flipside Tokens (Gold Card required to play: See World 1-2)

How to Play: Hold the Wii Remote vertically, and swing the remote down to
swing the hammer to whack the shells kicked at you by the Striker Koopa.
Whack all the shells to score points. Get hit and you lose a life. Lose all
three lives, and your game is over. Clear 100 Levels and you win the game!
(Thanks cutaia!)

Scoring: Scoring is based on how close you let the shell get before whacking

Nice: 7000 points
Good: 8000 points
Great: 10,000 points
Wonderful: 12,000 points
Excellent: 15,000 points

You must hit ALL the shells in the round to score ANY points.

1) How fast the Striker Koopa kicks them has no impact on how fast they get
to you. So you can't really judge the timing based on how fast he kicks them.
Just keep your eyes open.
2) It is perfectly possible to get a decent score even with a long string of
"Nices," so just develop a timing pattern that you're comfortable with.
3) It's best to swing the remote with your wrist, as this reduces the recovery
time, which is necessary in some cases.
4) The shell pattern you see in a round may not repeat itself if you fail.

World 3: High Score Land!

Got an incredibly awesome score in one of the arcade games that you want
to show to the world? Send it in and I'll post it here!

Here are the rules, so read them carefully.

1) Please be honest. I obviously can't confirm every submitted score, but any
e-mails with "straight 9 scores" will be immediately discarded.
2) If you want to confirm your score, do so with a screenshot.
3) Only submit one in if it qualifies for the list.
4) Do not monopolize all the records. Just pick one game. Please.
5) Only the Top 5 Scores I recieve will be posted.
6) Use the Subject "Flipside Arcade (Insert Game Name Here) High Score."
Use the format, "Name you want posted, Score, Date"

If the score has a * beside it, it's been confirmed with a Screenshot.

World 3-1: Forget Me Not
1) 1,062,000 by Clement Shimizu on 05/01/2007
2) 1,035,000* by ChickieBun on 06/20/2007
3) 972,000 by Woyak on 05/31/2007
4) 107,000 by Bootymaster on 04/27/2007

World 3-2: Mansion Patrol
1) 1,354,000 by a very insistant person on 05/19/07
2) 1,262,840 by lithy on 5/12/2007
3) 1,115,320* by Sushin on 05/11/2007
4) 1,098,640 by Mo-Pete on 05/16/2007
5) 1,059,320 by deadhand2790 on 04/28/2007

World 3-3: Tilt Island
1) 1,831,500* by Patrigon on 06/05/2007
2) 1,741,500* by Jerbil on 06/08/2007
3) 1,303,000* by StrykerStu on 05/19/2007
4) 1,122,000* by Songfighter on 05/10/2007
5) 1,091,500 by Marlito on 05/11/2007

World 3-4: Hammer Whacker
1) 2,562,000* by Maxrpg on 06/08/2007
2) 2,511,000* by Kythlyn on 05/07/2007
3) 2,286,000 by Barry on 05/26/2007
4) 2,272,000* by mikeykun_apc on 05/27/07
5) 2,249,000 by Matt on 06/28/07

World 4: Flipside Tokens

World 4-1: What are Flipside Tokens?

Flipside Tokens are a special currency usable only in the Flipside Arcade.
Flipside Tokens are needed to play the arcade games, and can also be earned
in the Arcade and exchanged for prizes.

World 4-2: How to get Flipside Tokens.

There are two methods of getting Flipside Tokens.

1) Purchase Tokens off of InterChet.

1 Token - 3 Coins
5 Tokens - 15 Coins
10 Tokens - 30 Coins
50 Tokens - 150 Coins

2) Win Tokens in the Arcade Games

All the Arcade Machines have a payout. You will earn one Flipside Token for
every 10,000 points you score in any game.

World 4-3: Prize List

Other than paying to play the games, Flipside Tokens can also be traded for
awesome prizes!

Mystery Box - 5 Tokens
Catch Card - 10 Tokens
Shooting Star - 75 Tokens
Ultra Shroom Shake - 150 Tokens
Whacko Bump - 500 Tokens
Amazy Dayzee Card - 500 Tokens
HP Plus - 2500 Tokens
Power Plus - 2500 Tokens

World 5: Closing Stuff

World 5-1: Contact Information.

Know something I don't? Have a comment or question about my guide? 
Want to show the world your awesome score in one of these games?
You can reach me by e-mail at apeterson (at) rtkmusic (dot) ho8 (dot) com.

I accept information not included in this FAQ, including item usage, and in 
some cases, tips of your own, as well as suggestions to improve this FAQ. I
also accept entries that qualify for the High Score List. If it's not
anything listed above, I probably will just delete it.

World 4-2: Versions List:

04/15/2007: Uploaded Version 0.95

04/17/2007: Version 0.97

04/22/2007: Version 0.99

04/26/2007: Version 0.995

05/02/2007: Version 1.02

05/07/2007: Version 1.03

World 4-3: Legal Stuff
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