-- Gensou Suikoden IV --
-- FAQ/Walkthrough --
-- By Kouli {aka Ken Zhao} --
-- Version 1.0 --


After the cut scene, you are quickly taken into your first ship battle. Pay
attention when Snowe talks. After that, select Tal for the Rune Cannon cuz of
his rune is Thunder element. The Fighters can just be you, Paula, Jewel and
Kenneth. For the actual battle, remember to position your ship side ways. That
way, you can use the Rune Cannon. Your enemy can take your out with one shot
and you take about 15 from them. The trick is with Tal's Thunder Rune, because
the enemy can use water(and thunder as well) rune, but with thunder, it can
blocks the water rune based cannon from the enemy and goes through it which
will reduce 20 from the enemy. You just need a bit luck for the enemy to keep
using the water rune based cannon. Win or lose, it doesn't matter. I personally
won at couple tries, ???(Glen) ends up telling don't go easily... Snowe will
tell you that we won. And you get the two nice neat red kanji for Victory. Then
you will get the cut scene whether you won or not, and ends up battling two
strangers, one man, one female. Listen to Snowe's annoying tutorial if you want
but that just make the whole battle so long... I picked the second option,
"Nah, it's ok." After a while, the battle will end and a cut scene will take
place. You will then know the man is Glen and the other one is Katarina. Do
accept Glen's duel. Like previous game, watch out what he says. You can win
this duel by around 10 slashes and can lost this duel easily with 2 slashes
from Glen. I did it with ease since Glen's words are so obvious. After that,
you are free to move. If you want to continue, talk with Kenneth. Then talk
with Tal or Jewel. There is a cabin on the ship BTW, and you can save in there.
After the cut scene, you will arrived at the harbor.

Since the west path is blocked by two guards, go the north door. You have 3
doors here. Two to the east and one to north. North door is where you go to
continue. If not, go to the lower east door for an Old Book Vol 9. Then the
higher east door. One room has a chest with a Monjuu and Water Rune, as well
as a save point. Use the bed to rest if you want. Once you are done, enter the
north door previously. A cut scene will take place. Now head to where you first
started in this place. You can go to the west path now.

Use the save point that's near if you wish. Continue to the west and a scene
will take place. Just lights up the torches on the way and continue to north.
A cut scene will take place. Talk with everyone, then go back to the first
place where you started in this area. Talk with Chiepoo who is walking around.
Now go back to the plaza where everyone is. Here, you pick two members from
Jewel, Paula, Kenneth and Tal. Now head to the back street, or follow the map
where it indicates the next place to go with the 'blue' line. Head to a corner,
and you will see a pirate picking on a little girl. The battle isn't hard, just
use Snowe and the hero's unite attack. After the battle, time to head back to
the Castle of the Kaien Maritime Knight Group. By the gate, choose the second
option to sleep. Everyone will leave the party.

Once you gain control, head out and Snowe will rejoin. Head to the training
hall. Here, you can train by fight other students or knights. After about 3
fights, you have the option to move on with the next mission. Get near the
ship to trigger a scene. First option to choose is go out the sea and fight
3 groups of enemies. That's just for warm up and getting used to the control
of the ship, I guess. Once you are ready, pick the mission to Middleport.

Once you get off the ship, talk with the guy near the knight to hear about the
monster in the sea, "Sea Mosamosa". Then talk with the knight near to head out
again. Now, if you happen to run into Sea Mosamosa during battle, kill it and
go back to Middleport and talk with the guy to get 2000 P. Explore the town if
you want. Once you are done, go back to the Kaien Castle. After the cut scene
with Katarina, get near the door and your other two party members will leave.
After the cut scene, go out and by the gate, another scene. Snowe will leave.
Now go into Razril. By a ship, you should see two people talking. Now go back
to the Kaien castle, talk with Snowe to get him to join. Go back up to the
meeting room. Talk with Ramada and select the first option. In case you don't
know, Iruya Island is to the northeast of where you are. Half way through, a
scene will triggers. Once you gain control, head up and pratice with the knight
then talk with Snowe again. After the cut scene, pick the first option to fight
the enemy ships. Forget that coward Snowe. Now for this ship battle, pick the
second and third members for the rune cannon. This battle should be very easy.
Try to attack one ship by another. Since one enemy ship is weak against water
and the other one weak against earth, if you did as I said above, your earth
and water based rune cannon will work very neatly here. You won't even lost
one single person! After getting victory, you will get another cut scene. You
will end up fighting two enemies with a normal knight beside you. After the
battle, Pirate Bland will use his true power, the Rune of Punishment. After the
cut scenes, time for a duel with Bland. After cut scenes, you are back at where
you started.

Go out and a cut scene triggers. Snowe joins and time to walk around. By the
gate, another cut scene. Snowe really did deserve these mockings. Go out and
get to Razril. Go near the item shop. Talk with the shop owner and get out. You
get more cut scene and more mockings. Time to go back. Try going to your room
and you will meet Funghi. Get into the kitchen and talk with Funghi to get the
captain's food. Now go up to Glen's room. Enter the room and get more cut scene
then pick the first option for the sake of honesty. After the cut scenes, get
out and more ships coming. Talk with Jewel, Paula, Kenneth and Tal, pick the
first option then head out. Talk with the knight that's around, and another
ship battle. The enemy got fire and wind, for your hero, just have someone with
water. You shoud foucs on the right one while you should let Snowe take care
the one of the left. After you win, more cut scenes. Snowe is being stupid
again, can't let him. So go after Snowe. The pirates decided to run this time.
Report back to Glen. Poor Snowe but he deserves it. Well, something is up with
that Snowe. Anyway, get back to your room and sleep. Save if you wish. Once you
gain control, head to the kitchen and get the captain's food. After the cut
scenes, once you gain control, head out. You get fight 3 battle consecutively.
After the cut scene, head up to the tower. After the cut scene, you end up in
some eerie dark place. Just contnue along the path. The third light ball thingy
will get you into a fight with Mysterious Shadow. All these messages you are
getting seems to be from the previous successor before Bland and Glen. Looks
like you are being exiled. Oh, well, no one wants to stay at this stinking
place anyway. You will changed clothes and the two allies you didn't picked at
the Razril plaza will come to greet you and say they trust you. Anyway, on the
ship, the ones you picked at the Razril plaza will join you, along with that
Chiepoo that pops out of nowhere. You are at the middle of nowhere in the sea,
just fight couple battles, and a cut scene will triggers. On the mechant ship,
talk with that cool swordsman Troy. Well, as he says, time to sleep. Talk to
the oldman inthe cabin and pick the first option to sleep. After, head out. You
get more cut scene. You end up in a fight, and I don't think you stand a chance
to win at all. Even if you stay so long, the battle still be stopped by the
cut scene. Anyway, fight some battles and try to escape. When you did escape,
you still get to see Troy, eye to eye! Talk with your party members, and go on
in the sea, out of nowhere. Fight a battle, the boss Water Dragon will show up
and time to fight. In case you don't know, this is where the demo takes place.
After the battle, a cut scene will take place. You will be end up at the an
Uninhabited Island. Your allies at still faint, just explore around. Then talk
with your allies to get them to join. A cut scene will take place. Anyway, go
around and check out things. The cave has a recovery point and the end of the
mountain path has a chest. Once you are done, get back to the first area, and
more cut scene. And decision time.

You are given two options here, pick the second one three times to result you
in the bad ending. What's there is for you to experience. Once you decide to
go on with the game, pick the first option. Then you are to divide jobs among
the allies. It doesn't really matter. Head to a small area to the west and get
3 coconuts if you pick the hero to get coconuts. For the wood, it's in the
mountain path. For the ropes, by the seashore. Once you've done your job, go
into the cave. At the end, you will see a mermaid. Do pick up the Lucky Ring
as well, just near the recovery point. Get out and talk with your allies to 
get them to join. Then head to the little area that is near where Chiepoo was.
Pick the second option to rest. For Day 2, same thing here, collect and get in
the cave. See the mermaid and get the Water Amulet. Get out and get the allies
then rest. For day 3, same thing. Except you are asked by the mermaid, I don't
think either choices make any major difference. Pick up the Guard Ring after
and get out of the cave. Talk with your allies and rest. Finally, you finished
the ship. But wait, Chiepoo is missing. Talk with your two allies and mermaid
will show up. Well, let's head up the mountain and get that Chiepoo. After the
cut scene, you will end up in a battle. The boss is defending himself, so you
should take out the minions. So that's done, just attack normally. This ain't
the real fight. After a while, a cut scene will triggers, use the rune power
to break the boss' defense. Time for the real fight. Once you won, you will
faint and more memories from the previous successors. You will end up fighting
another Mysterious Shadow again. After the cut scenes, talk with your ally
and pick the first option to set sail. Keen, that mermaid will tell you to go
south. After couple battles, two 'Killer Ei' will show up. Afterward, talk with
your allies. After the cut scene, the patrolling ship from the Kingdom of Ober
come to rescue.

After you guys introduce yourself, Desmond end up getting scared by your true
rune. Talk with everyone then Desmond again.

Once you gain control, explore around. Once you are done, go all the way up to
the royal palace. Talk with Setsu and meet the king. After the cut scene, you
will get a pass to the ruins. Desmond will come along. Go right first. Go on
with the cliff path. Once you are there, after the cut scenes, you will get the
HQ of this game, a big ship. Topu, Louise, Shadri and Desmond will join the
108 Stars of Destiny automatically. Explore around and get used to this place.
Once you are done, get to your room and sleep. Lekknat will show up in a cut
scene and explain about the true rune you got. As usual, collect people. Then
take some people if you want, then head out to the cliff area. More cut scenes.
After that, back to the area before the royal palace. Take the left path now.
Talk with Lexus by the door and explore the ruins. It's not a big place, just
examine each path if you want to collect some items. Do beware of one chest,
it contains a 'Light Mosamosa'. If you are so leveled up, you might stand a
chance. It will use all its spells at first, which can do some heavy damage.
For this time, you need to heal constantly. Once it's out of spells, single
physical, still probably kill one party in one hit. If you are wondering what's
behind the chest, it's the Golden Hammer, yes, it's not meant to be obtained
this early in the game. Anyway, continue through and til you get to the area
with a save point. You should save before continue. Continue along and a boss
fight will triggers on mid path. Once you are done, continue on and you will
be out. Save if you want. Then continue. Talk with Raquier. A cut scene will
triggers. After Rqquier's story of the true rune, go back and more cut scene.
Hah, looks like the boss came back for a rematch. Just recover more often and
you will be fine. Afterward, Raquier and Lexus join the 108 SoD. Now go back
to HQ. Rest and save if you want. After, head out the cliff, and you should see
a person here. He's called Manu. Anyway, pick the first option. After that, use
the Ober ship. If you try to go to Iruya Island, you won't be able to. Check
out Nei Island. Once you are done, get back and set sail. A cut scene will
triggers, where Ririn will come along. Ok, near Nei Island, there now should be
a white circle which indicates where you go, it's just a bit SE of Nei Island.
After the cut scenes, you will fight two battles consecutively. After that,
don't forget to fire another shot, lol. Anyway, Ririn will join the 108 SoD.
Now get back to Ober. Dario will come again, and your next ship battle. They
got wind and fire, you should know what to do! After you win, more cut scenes.
Ain't that Kika cool! Anyway, talk with Desmond in the HQ if you want. Then go
back to the ship at Ober. Pick the option to use it as usual. Then there will
be a cut scene take place.

Just to the east of the inn, you should see a guy standing there. Talk to him
and Oleg will come along. Go to the inn and rest. At night, try to go out the
room. More cut scene. Go back to sleep and check out the place where you met
with Oleg. After the scene, go to the sea shore and you can see people, chances
are they are from Iruya Island. Use the ship and drive back to Ober.

Take Oleg to the royal palace. Oleg will end up joining the 108 SoD. Now go to
the HQ. On the way, you should be attacked by Mizuki and Akagi, along with that
Ramada. After the cut scenes, get back to the royal palace. Ramada, Akagi and
Mizuki will end up joining the 108 SoD. Afterward, get back to the HQ since
it's already dark. More cut scenes, at the end, you are face a choice, use the
true rune or not. Surely, those aggressive animals asked for it, pick the first
option and teach them their last lesson in life. All enemy ships will be wiped
out. You will get into your next ship battle. One of them got fire and wind,
the other one got wind and earth. After you won, you will end up fainted again.
More memories of the succesor of the true rune you got. This time is Bland's.
You will also fight Bland's Shadow. Once you gain control, go assemble a team.
Now try to head out and run along the cliff path. After the scene, back to the
HQ. Go to the Strategy Room. After the cut scene, Flaire will join the party.
Now go to the town of Ober to get people. As you exit out, more cut scene on
Troy. Talk around at the city. You can also get Ornan as well. Same for the
Blacksmith Adrienne as well. If you already got the Golden Hammer, well, and
have the money, that's awesome! You can also get Yuu. Once you got enough
people, Flaire will remind you. Then try to head back to the Strategy Room in
the HQ. Flaire will left on the way. After the cut scene, pick the first option
to set sail. More cut scenes. And SET SAIL! Kruk ends up taking over Ober. Once
you gain control, check the bridge to go on. It's that awesome Kika again, heh.
Your next destination, Pirate Island. Once you got near, more cut scenes. Go
into the island, talk with Kika. Pick the first option to ask Kika to join. In
the end, Kika, Sigurd, Harvey, Dario and Nareo will join the 108 SoD. You will
also get the Pirate Ship. From now on, I will advance on the main story, you
can go around places and collect SoD if  you want. Like for now, you can go to
Nei Island to get Viki, as well as Ban. Visit Iruya for Kate, Isacc and
Nathalie. Manu, Mitsuba, Reinholt and Jeane at Na Nal Island...etc Once you're
done, get back to Pirate Island.

Teleport in with Viki and more cut scenes. Once you gain control, get out and
try to leave. As you got the ship, enemy ships coming to attack you. Time for
the next ship battle. This one can be tricky. One ship uses earth and thunder,
so we use earth. Another ship uses fire and wind, so we use fire. Use ones with
HIGH magic powers, such as Jeane. When you won, chase after the enemy to the
Port City Razril. After the cut scenes, you are given 3 options for dealing
with Snowe. Since he's one of the 108 SoD, do try with second option. He won't
and left. Don't worry, you get him later. Now head to the Small Island near
Pirate Island. Once you arrived, continue along the path. Passed the woods, and
you will eventually at Eleanor's house. After the cut scenes, once you gain
control, go through the other door, and pass the woods. As you got near the
cave, a boss fight. Couple spells from the true rune, done. At the end of the
cave, obtain the items and get back to Eleanor. One item to Agnes, one to the
strategist. After the cut scenes, Eleanor will both join, then get out of the
house. Agnes will join. Now get back to the ship. Go to the Strategy Room. You
will get more cut scene, and end up having a duel with Rino. Once you beat him,
you will get the Gold Seal from Rino. Now time to name the ship, whatever you
want, just not Titanic. Then you get to name your own army. Afterward, select
the second choice to set your ship on sail. After the cut scenes, you can go
around and get many characters. Once you are done, head back to the Strategy
Room. Then get near Middleport.

As soon as you get near, you will get a cut scene where you end up in a fight.
All close range physical attack won't work, you will need to rune users. After
the battle, you will more cut scenes also a chance to adjust your team. Once
you meet Rheinbach and Mickie, they will end up coming along. Let's go to the
master of this town. Afterward, get back to the ship. Talk with the person and
a scene with Rheinbach and Mickie will trigger. After, head to Na Nal Island.
As soon as you get near, more cut scenes. Adjust your team and continue into
the town. Fight some guards. After the cut scenes, rest in that jail-like place
and then take the NE path to the Elw place. Take the Elw Special Medicine and
try to leave. After more cut scenes, Axl will come along and get back to the
ship. Selma will stop you on the way. After the cut scenes, talk with everyone
and more cut scene. Now go all the way back to town. More cut scene and fights
to come after. In the end, Axl will join the 108 SoD. Now head to Nei Island.
Talk to the village chief, no matter what, he won't join. So head out of this
island and come back in. Back to the chief house, this time, you will end up
getting Kevin and Pam. Now back to the Strategy Room in HQ. This time, we are
taking back Razril.

As you get near, your next ship battle. This one should be easy as well. Helmut
will take out one of the ships. So that's only two. The rest is like the last
battle with Snowe. After, you can get Helmut to join, also the two from the
early stage of the game where you picked at the plaza. If you already have Tal
and Paula, you should get Jewel and Kenneth...etc Now head to the Kaien Knight
castle. Talk with people if you want. Head to the training hall, and Razril is
now officially liberated. Once you are outside, you get one last fight. After
the cut scenes, back to the ship for more cut scenes. Then go to the inn and
rest. Now back to the ship, and more pirate? This is one pathetic ship battle.
After the battle, you are given options on Snowe again. Pick the second option
and get it over with. He isn't going to join til later. He will leave again.
Now, you are free to get people to join in Razril and other areas as well.

If you got around 70 SoD already, get to the Strategy Room in HQ. After the cut
scenes, you get to adjust your teams. Go along the path and you can flee from
most battles except two. It doesn't matter which option you choose from the
question from "the man in robe'. At the end, more cut scenes and the man in
robe will reveal him as Ted, the one and only from Gensou Suikoden I. He will
join you in this battle against the 'guide of misty ship'. Ted only got a water
rune with him. Attack and heal, you will be fine. After that, he obtains the
Soul Eater back from the guide. Lekknat will also show up and have a talk with
the guide. One is a guide, other one is the executioner of balance, not much
surpises from them. Soul Eater will end up destroying the guide. Anyway, hurry
back to the ship. Ted will join as the Tenkan Star of the 108 Star of Destiny.
And Ted, with his true rune, probably the best character in the game, better
than Hero himself.

Go to Pirate Island. Go inside and more cut scenes. Then head to Ober. Once you
got near, more cut scenes. Then you will end up in a ship battle. It's easy,
since it's meant to be easy. After, more cut scenes. At the end, you get into
another ship battle. Another easy one, they don't even move. It is a trap, I
tell you that much. Once you won, more cut scenes. It turns out a trap indeed,
but no matter, just use the true rune. You will faint again. More cut scenes,
more memories from the true rune, this time is Glen's. You have to fight Glen's
Shadow as well. After this, once you gain control, you should gather all the
stars of destiny that you don't have yet at this point.

Get back up to the deck of the HQ. You should get a cut scene, then head to the
Strategy Room. After the scene, select the second option to then the first to
advance to the final part of the game. Talk with Eleanor again and pick the
first option. Set up the teams, and make sure your team is your best. Once you
are done, get back to your room and rest. Back to Eleanor. Pick the third
option to go on. After the cut scenes, talk to Kika. Then Sigurd and Harvey.
Then back to your room. If you got 108 Stars of Destiny, meaning Snowe, you get
a scene from him. Go in and sleep. Afterward, back to the deck. More cut scenes
and you will end up controlling Eleanor. Continue the path up. After more cut
scenes, your final ship battle. It really isn't that tough, watch out for the
enemies' runes and you should be fine. If you have troubles, gather some Water
Rune Pierces and upgrade your ships' range. After, control Eleanor up to the
top and enter the door. Make your way to the top and in the control room. After
the cut scene, you will end up fighting Graham Klay. He isn't reall that tough.
All he does is put up barrier and attack either with all party attack that does
ok damage while has a single target that can do decent damage. Attack and heal,
you should be fine. After the cut scenes, pick your best team, this is for the
final boss. Like with Eleanor, make your way to the top. Take the right door in
the control room, take the key from the desk. Now go back to 2nd floor. With
the key, open the door. Make your way to the top. Once you are there, don't
forget to save your game. After the cut scenes, doesn't matter what you choose
through out the coversation, you will end up fighting 'Huge Tree' with two
light seeds. In case you don't know, Pan, aka Graham Klay is the kid in the
true rune memories you got before. Anyway, Do take out the light seeds first.
The Huge Tree has a neat full party attack that could do decent damage on you.
Just heal after and attack, you should end it in a while. After the battle,
get out of this place. Go all the way back down at the cliff and talk with the
kid to get out. And just as you try to leave, duel with Troy. This guy is nuts,
he's using Critical ALMOST every turn. And you know what to do. If he doesn't
say much, he's defending. Once you finish him off, more cut scenes. You can
select the first option if you want, Troy won't listen. He's going down, the
Titanic Style. Graham Klay turns out to be still alive. Anyway, a bit more from
the memories of the true rune, the girl from the prelude of the game. After,
sit back and enjoy the ending. At the end, do make the clear data and use it
for New Game Plus.



- Me
- CJayC


This Document Copyright 2004 Kouli