Walkthrough for Mint

++++++++++++++++ ++ -Prologue- ++ ++++++++++++++++ *Story* Mint's story begins as she runs in a hall and opens the door and enters the dining room. Gramps will tell her that it is not yet time to eat and that she should go back to her room, but she said that she was very hungry so she tasted one of the foods. *Story* ************************************************ * 'East Heaven Kingdom - Castle - Dining Room' * ************************************************ Now that you can control Mint, press the confirm button on all the foods until you have tasted them all then press the confirm button on the chair or throne {whichever you want to call it}. *Story* After tasting, she then sits on the King's chair or throne, then Gramps will tell her not to sit there but Mint says that since she will be queen anyway, it is ok, but her younger sister arrives, namely Maya. The Doll Master accompanies Maya {the weird looking guy}. Maya and tells Mint that she is not worthy to be the successor of the throne and it is already decided by the High Council where in the King also approved that the successor wouldn't be Mint even if she was the eldest in the family. Mint asks why that decision was made but Maya said many reasons such as she is childish, selfish, lazy and the list goes on. Mint gets angry, shows Maya the 'finger' and charges her magic to attack her sister with but Maya was holding the 'Book of Cosmos' the greatest Aeon [Relic] which is a powerful magic caster so Mint doesn't have a chance against her. Mint asks if Maya was just joking but Maya was serious and attacks her using a pumpkin [Mint hates pumpkins]. The pumpkin chases Mint out of the room. *Story* +++++++ + END + ++++++++++++++++ ++ -Prologue- ++ ++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ + Chapter 1 + ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -World domination, baby- ++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ********** * 'Ship' * ********** {You will see Rue, just passing by the ship's deck} *Story* It was already been two years but still there are many things going on in Mint's mind. About her getting the [Relic] and beat Maya up, succeed in the throne and dominate the world. She also thinks about making Maya her slave, let Maya clean the toilet and stuff. There are also two hoodlums, Smokey {small fat guy} and Blood {tall guy}. They thought about stealing your money but they didn't do it. Then the ship bumps a red thing, you will fall down the ship and get rescued by Davis, the one who manages the docks. *Story* ****************** *'Carona - Docks'* ****************** Now, you go and climb the land elevation *Story* The two hoodlums will push you and you will fall down. Mint gets angry and wanted to beat up those two and Mint heard that they are going to the forest {Carona Forest} so Mint decided to go there too. *Story* Now go back up and you will be in town. ******************* * 'Town of Carona' ********* **************************** * Items: 2x Silver Coins * **************************** Town of Carona __________ | _ 1 _ | 1. Church ________|__|___|__|________ 2. Hotel | |__A__| | 3. Klaus' House |_____ |_| |_| _____| 4. Item Shop | = | | 5. Inn | 2 | = 3 | ________|____= |____|_______ =____B___ ___C____= A. Leads to the Docks |_____ _____| B. Leads to the Tavern | = = | C. Leads to the Grasslands | 4 | | 5 | D. Exit |____| _=====_ =____| |_________| D |_________| First things first so what you should do, if you like is to save. To save, go to the 'Inn' see #5 on Map. Enter the 'Inn' go to the counter and press confirm button at the log book (that is what it looks like for me), select register. (See Saving in 'You need to know these stuff' section. You can choose to go to the church. Talk to Doyle (the person in there), say that you like to pray, then he will ask you if you like to make a donation but since you only have 100 G so don't bother. There is nothing to do at the Hotel. Elena's House is locked. The store doesn't sell anything yet but the storekeeper will tell you about the antique shop. He will say that the antique shop is in another side of town and the shop's keeper Klaus is out together with his wife Mira to research about the [Relic] in the forest. He also will say that the antique shop is being run by Klaus' daughter, Elena [because Klaus is not there] but she isn't there because she has gone to the forest to go looking for her parents. You can talk to the people there and they will say some interesting things so try talking to them (specially to Marco). After that, proceed to B (see Map). ______________________ | x | 6 _| | Town of Carona (B) Map = |___|=| ____| | | | 6. Tavern | = 7 | 7. Hobbs' House | |___| | | x. Silver Coin (barrel) |____________________| Here, first check the barrel, it contains a Silver Coin. Go to the tavern if you like and talk to Annette (the waitress) many times and she will treat you to drink either 'Milk' or 'Root beer'. Milk restores 10% of your MP and the Root beer restores your MP 25% (so choose the 'Root beer'). There is also a sign beside the Tavern's door (leads you to the outside of the Tavern). There will be a fight at Grass Fields, the fighting fee is 100 G and the winners prize is 1000 G. Leave the tavern. Hobbs' Shop is locked so leave the place and go next to C (see Map). ______________=__ || | | Town of Carona (C) Map ||____|x | ||_PO_| | x. Silver Coin | | | | +. Sea |+++++++++++++++| PO. Pulsar Inferno Typhoon Omega (more on that later) | | |_______________| Here just examine the wall to get another silver coin. Leave the place. Maybe you would like to check out the docks because sometimes it contains random coins that can be found. Now you are back to the main town of Carona, if you like why not 'Save' again. Leave the place (D) and now you will head to Carona Forest. ******************* * 'Carona Forest' ******************************** ************************************************** * My Status: HP 60/60 STR 024 + 000 * * MP 15/60 DEF 016 + 000 * * Items: 4x Bronze Coin (1 to be found later) * * 2x Silver Coin (1 to be found later) * * 2x Moon Stone * * Enemies: Pollywog * * Saber Tiger * * Mandola * * Stinger * * Gargoyle * * Bosses: Blood & Smokey * * Nightmare * ************************************************** ________________________________________________ | __JJJJ__ E ______ ~ E x = J. Jump = | | E | | ~ E ________= E. Enemy |______| |_________| |___~____| x. 3x Bronze Coins Walk, then jump the three stumps, then your first battle. You will be fighting against the Pollywog, (see Fighting, and Increasing Parameters in 'You need to know these stuff' section) they are EASY, just whack them. The game will say that when you attack an enemy, your will gain MP. Also the enemies drop potions. The Blue Potion restores some of your HP and the Red Potion restores some of your MP. The restoration of your HP when picking up the blue potions or restoration of your MP by picking up red potions or attacking enemies physically depends on how strong the enemy is [If the enemy is pitiful, you will gain 1 or when it is strong, you will gain 2 or more]. The enemies keep coming back so after beating enough (two of them I think) advance to the place where you need to use magic to defeat the enemies (see Magic, 'You need to know these stuff' section). One hit will kill them, now cross the water (shallow water), take the 3x Bronze Coins in the treasure box (or whirling pink thingie) [would you mind if I call it box or chest or something and not whirling pink thingie]. Onto the next section ______ ____ / \ | | _____/ ___ \ / \ = / \ \_____________/ \____ =_____/ \____ | | ____ J ____ = |_______________/ \_J_/ \_______| Just walk, fight, walk, jump, walk, fight, jump or something. Just reach the exit. Nothing special here except two new enemies, the Saber Tiger and the Mandola. The Saber Tiger is fast and deals 3-8 damage to you. You can kill it in about 3 hits. The Mandola attacks in long range, and can be killed within 3 hits. Before you leave the area, make your you have at least 30 HP and 50 MP, you'll need it, trust me. _________________ | | 1 | | | |___h___| | 1. Nothing - just a skull or something. | | | | h. Go Home Plant - takes you back to town (cannot be = = accessed right now. | | |_______________| *Story* Here you will see the antique shop's daughter, Elena, together with Blood and Smokey. They are going to steal money from her. Mint thinks of this situation as she becoming a hero and settling the score with those two for knocking her down at the docks so she decided to beat the two up. First, Mint kicks Blood on the face, then again. Then Mint calls them dumb so Blood gets mad and attacks you. *Story* Here is your first *BOSS* battle against Blood and Smokey. *Boss Battle- Smokey & Blood* Challenge: Easy What you do here is run until only one is at your back [try to trap one using obstacles]. When he is alone, Set Magic to White - Vulcan. Blast him until about 18 - 25 hits and the fight is over. *Story* Elena thanks Mint and Mint says that it is alright. Mint asks her what is she doing in the forest and Elena says that she is looking for her parents. Mint asks what her parents and Elena replies by saying that her parents are researching about the [Relic]. Elena asks Mint to accompany her in finding her parents, Mint agrees because she knew that this is an opportunity to find out more about the [Relic]. *Story* ____________ _/ ______ \ / / | \\ | _______ 1. Deep Water ____| |__| 1 | |________________ | ____= _______|________|_______ LllllLLLL\_______| | L. Higher elevation \ Lllllllllll________| l. Lower elevation \ llLlLlLlll/ |_llllllllll| Just walk and jump till you get to the exit. Avoid (1), deep water, when you fall, you lose 5 HP. You will see Elena near the exit. Head for the exit. _______________ | | _|W|| | W. Walk or jump _|W| | = h. Go Home Plant (not yet accessible) _|W| | = =W| |____h_____| Here, you will talk to Elena's parents, Klaus and his wife, Mira. You will meet Rue here for the first time. *Story* Klaus, Elena's father already know what Mint is about to ask because someone has asked him earlier, it was Rue (Mint thought that Rue was some kind of weirdo ^_^). He will tell you about the [Relics]. Since he has spent his life searching for ruins, he found out certain things. Klaus says that 100 years ago there was a magician that was also searching for the [Relics]. The magician lived in an Atelier (a magician's workshop) which has a key to somewhere that could probably lead to the [Relic] but the problem is that it is below the steep cliff and Rue and Klaus tried going down but they both broke their ankles. What Mint is supposed to do is to go down the cliff and get hold of the investigations and findings that the magician knows. Without much hesitation, Mint crazily jumped down the cliff. *Story* (I am planning for a 3D look at this map but it is so hard) ____ |21| |4322|__ |5666666|_ _____|66| - Sorry about this it was hard. |8777776| - Just follow the numbers, then the letters. ___|9+++++7| - 123456789abcdefghij |bba||||||&| |bb|||||||&| ||ccdde|||&| |gffeee| |7| & It means that it is both 6 & 7. The ? is at 7 |hh++eee| |+| |hhi+++++| |iijjjjj| |||||jj| |jj|| |jj| =j| Nothing important, just a new enemy, the Stinger. It has high defense but only 3 HP, he also deals you 1 damage. It takes 2-3 hits to kill this guy. _________=_________ | G&G | | L | G. Gargoyle Statue | L sss| &. Crest (talk to this) and also L | OLO sSs| L. Steps (appears after defeating the Gargoyles. | sss| O. Obstacles | OOO | S. Spring (the one you should step at to restore HP | | s. Spring (just water) |_________________| Here, what you do is talk to the Crest & then you will fight the two Gargoyles. If you kill only one of them, it will come back to life. What you do is lure them both into a good position where you can attack them both at the same time and kill them in nearly the same time (about 1 or 2 seconds delay before one will again come back to life) [I haven't tried using White - Spread or Blue - Cutter, please try them and E-Mail me if it works fine]. After defeating them both, the steps will appear leading you to the exit. __________ / x \ / __h___ \ x. Silver Coin (get later) | | | | h. Go home plant (not yet accessible) | |_==_| | &. Bronze Coin (it is on the crest) (get later) | | s. Crest \ &ss / \_________/ *Interesting stuff to check out* Try running around the perimeter of the place and looking at your shadow. The shadow depends on the lighting of the place. Pretty cool huh! Enter the Atelier but ... *BOSS* battle, Nightmare. *Boss Battle - Nightmare* Challenge: Easy - Medium Just try running around, while evading the attacks and when Nightmare closes, jump away. After getting used to his pattern, beat it up to the finish by using White - Spread. When you are low on MP, try attacking and evading attacks. After finishing the battle, proceed inside Cadmon's Atelier. _____________________ | 1 | | ________=_______ | | | ____________ | | 1. Moon Stone | | | V | | | 2. Silver Coin | | |_ | | | | | _ \ | | | V. Vault (check it later) | | |\ \ | | | | |_| \ |2| | |________===________| First get the Moon Stone, it is at ground level, then get the Silver coin, on the second level. Enter the door that leads to the terrace (it is on the second level). ___________ | 1 | | | 1. Moon Stone |___|=|___| Get the Moon Stone (1) then go out the door. _____________________ | | | ________=_______ | | | ____________ | | | | | V | | | | | |_ | | | | | _ \ | | | V. Vault | | |\ \ | | | | |_| \ |_| | |________===________| Examine the Vault (V) *Story* Mint tries to attack the vault and kick it but it wouldn't open. Klaus enters the Atelier and examines the vault. He opens it using a the switch on the vault. The vault will open and reveals a diary and a key. Klaus tries to read the diary and it tells about the [Relic] which was created by the Aeons. Aeons are the powerful magicians that can change the stars orbit or move landscapes but mysteriously all of them perished. Now you should be heading back to town. *Story* ******************** * 'Town of Carona' ****************** ************************************* * Items: Magic Color [Red Magic] * ************************************* *Story* Mira, Klaus wife is talking to Ms. Cartha, the innkeeper. She asks Ms. Cartha to let Mint stay at the inn for free so now you can recover HP at the inn. Mira tells Mint to proceed to their house (Klaus house). *Story* I suggest that you go to the inn first to save. Go inside the inn, talk to Ms. Cartha and she will ask you to Recover / Recover & Register / Go to your room. Choose Recover & Register then save your game [sadly, the inn only restores your HP]. After that, if you like, check out your room. Nothing really important, just talk to the bed and sleep [it doesn't replenish your MP either :(]. Leave the place and go check out Hobbs' place. Even though you can't buy anything here yet, just make a trip their to find out more stuff about the game. In Hobbs' place, you can choose to [upgrade] your base strength, base defense, maximum HP and maximum MP. Your base strength will increase by 1 and the same goes for the base defense. Your maximum HP and maximum MP will increase by 10. It costs 30,000 G for each one (base strength or base defense or maximum HP or maximum MP). It is ultra-mega-hyper [ok, you probably understand already] expensive but if you give the Rare Wine to him later in the game, you can buy one for 5,000 G. Now you can go to the tavern and replenish your MP (but I suggest not to). Talk to the bartender and he will offer you Milk for 50 G (restores 10% MP), Rootbeer 120 G (restores 25% MP) and Tropical Delight 220 G (restores 50% MP). Leave the tavern. Now to got to the shop. At the item shop, talk to the shopkeeper, his name is Tonio. First sell your coins (monster coins not the Bronze or Silver Coins). Check out what he is selling. At this point, he is selling Item Shop Item Description Cost Bronze Bracer - Bonus Strength +4 - 1,000 G Silver Bracer - Bonus Strength +8 - 3,000 G Bronze Belt - Bonus Defense +4 - 1,000 G Silver Belt - Bonus Defense +8 - 3,000 G If you have 3,000 G, go buy the Silver Bracer. After that leave the shop. Now if you have confidence in yourself, try going to the Grasslands. Here try fighting Rod. *Story* Here, Rod introduces himself and his dog Johnny Wolf. He says that he is a weapon blacksmith and a swordsman. Mint asks if she can see the weapons but Rod said that he only shows his weapon in battle. Mint asks Rod for battle but Rod refuses because he turns Mint down. Mint says to Rod that she will leave so she turns around but she kicked Rod. Rod finds out that you are good so he decides to fight you for 100 G (you will win 1,000 G if you beat him). Also, Mint hates being called 'baby' so she tells Rod her name. Pay the 100 G and do battle. *Story* *Boss Battle - Rod* Challenge: Hard Approach him with caution. Do not go near him when he is spiraling either the ground or jumping one. Try leading him to the obstacle (in the middle). He will stop spiraling so now run and attack him using a 3-hit combo, then evade his attack by jumping back twice. After that attack again using a 3-hit then evade his attack by jumping back again twice. Then run around until he does again the spiraling move (either the jumping one or ground one). Repeat the above steps again till you win. If you win against him, you will get 1,000 G but if you lose then you wasted your money. So after that, go back to town and go to Klaus' House. Go to the basement and talk to Klaus. *Story* He will tell you that according to the diary Mint found at the Atelier below the cliff, an Aeon [Relic] is sealed by a high order of magic, which even the magicians cannot break. And according to the diary, the magician will go to the Atelier of the Master Magician Elroy. Now you are instructed to go to Elroy's Atelier and get more info about the [Relic]. He also gives Mint something that he found at the Atelier, the Red class of Magic. (^_^) *Story* +++++++ + END + ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -World domination, baby- ++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ + Chapter 2 + ++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Underground trap- ++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++ ******************** * 'Town of Carona' ****** ************************* * Items: Dream Stone * ************************* After that, go talk to Marco, the kid outside town. Talk to him twice until he tells you about a something hidden in the stump in Carona Forest. So now, head for the Hotel and ask for a room (it costs 500 G). ______=______ | | | ____| 1. Bed | |_1_| | | x. Dream Stone |x__________| First get the bed and examine the bed to sleep. You will dream about some monkey, jumping down the hollow stump. [You might wonder that why did I let you sleep in the hotel if you could have just slept at the inn. 1) is that because you can get the Dream Stone here and 2) No you will not get the dream if you slept at the inn.] After that leave the Hotel and head for Carona Forest. ****************** *'Carona Forest' ************************* ****************************************** * My Status: HP 84/84 STR 024 + 000 * * MP 89/89 DEF 016 + 000 * * Items: The Last Hero * * Bronze Coin * * Silver Coin * ****************************************** Walk at the lower part of the road. Jump down the stump. ________________________________________________ =_______ _____ |L&L| d ___ ________J| L. Higher Elevation |__| |____ / |_____| &. The Last Hero & (L) |________/ J. Jump (to the right) d. Whithered Plant There are two kinds of enemies here, the Stinger and the Mandola. The Stinger is hard to hit so just measure the time when they are near your attacking range, hit them. When you reach the whithered plant, blast it with your Blue Magic - Raindrops. It will take a few hits and the plant will grow. Now, step on the plant (just jump to get to it) then get on the higher elevation part (L) and take the (&) The Last Hero. After that leave the area. You can leave the area by going right until you reach the wall and jump towards the right. You will end up at the other open stump of the Carona Forest. Now that you are here, time to go search for the items that I listed that you should get later, get them now, the Silver Coin and Bronze Coin (outside the Atelier). __________ / x \ / __h___ \ x. Silver Coin | | | | h. Go home plant | |_==_| | &. Bronze Coin (it is on the crest) | | s. Crest \ &ss / \_________/ ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** Go to the Grasslands area and talk to Rod. Rod will ask you if he could have the The Last Hero. Go give it to him, he will tell you that it is abook about the life of a dragon slayer named Highwind. He will say that he always wanted to read this and since you gave it to him, he will reward you into giving his 4 Strength Ups that he bought from Hobbs. Your base strength will increase by 4 [yeah!, free stats]. If you have the money, go to the shop and buy the Silver Belt, but if you do not have enough money, go to the forest and beat the hell out of the enemies there until you gathered enough money to do so. In town, you can talk to Graham and he will give you tips in playing the game. After that, proceed to the 'Underground Ruins'. ********************** * 'Underground Ruins' ************************** ************************************************ * My Status: HP 103/103 STR 024 + 008 * * MP 108/108 DEF 016 + 008 * * Items: Night Stone * * Moon Stone * * Rare Wine * * [Super] - magic effect * * 5x Bronze Coins * * Legendary Sword * * Gold Coin * * Tiara (will be stolen) * * Cube * * Enemies: Gudon * * King Ant * * Bosses: Skull Beast * * Belle * ************************************************ *Story* At the entrance, you will see Rue, he will say that he heard from Klaus that Mint is going to the underground ruins so he decided to go too. He heard that the enemies here are strong so Mint and him needs to work together. He then jumps to the teleporter and Mint decided to hurriedly go to Atelier so that she would get more of the stuff inside, she then follows him . (why did Rue go ahead of Mint if they are to work together?) *Story* ____________ | | | T | T. Mint will teleport here and arrive at (t) | | |____ ____| | | | | |==| _____==_____ | | | t | | | |__________| From (t) proceed to the door and you will come out at (A). [This maps you will see will look like a straight line but in the game, it is truly not. But it was hard to follow the curves so this maps are quite alright and you can get to the place where you want to go with these.] | D | |---| | | / -. You can jump these | |_/ C / B. Leads to (F) | / C. Leads to (G) | ____/ D. Leads to (I) |---| \ |---| B \_| | \ | \____ | |---| |---| | A | Damn! the some passages does not lead anywhere, they will only confuse you. Just exit at (D). The enemies here are Gudon (the red guy) and King Ant (the black insect). They have high defense against attack so use Blue - Droplets on Gudon and any magic on the King Ant (I suggest you use Blue - Droplets on him too so that you do not need to Set Magic again and again). | H | |---| ____| | E. Leads to ? (I forgot) G | F. Leads to (B) ____ | G. Leads to (C) |---| H. Leads to (I) |---| |---| / | |_/ F / | / | ____/ |---| |---| | E | Just go to passage (H). I forgot where E leads to can you please check and E-Mail me or every one of you have to wait till I replay the game with Rue or Mint again. _____|___| K | _____ | I. Leads to (H) | | J. Leads to (L) |---| K. Leads to room where Rue is |---| / |---|_/ J / | / | ____/ | | |---| |---| | I | If you want go first to (K), inside that room, you can talk to Rue and he will say something about underground river or something. Then leave and head to (J) (This map has a part that has a 3D look in it [cool huh! ^_^] - I made this look so good, I admire my work [somebody needs to thank me for this!]) ________________________________ L_______ _________/| \____________/ ||__________________ |/_______ _____= \___/ Just run along, beat the Pollywog and head for the exit at the right. | O | M. Leads to (0) |---| N. Leads to another place like the one above | | / 0. Leads to (M) | |_/ N / | / | ____/ | | \ |---| = \_|---| \ | \____ | |---| |---| | M | You only need to go to (N). ________________________________ =_______ _________/| \____________/ ||__________________ |/_______ _____= \___/ Again, just run along, beat the Pollywog and head for the exit at the right. | 1 | 1. Leads to (P) |---| 2. Leads to a room with a Night Stone | | / 3. Leads to (S) | |_/ 2 / | / | ____/ | | \ |---| = \_|---| \ | \____ | |---| |---| | 3 | First go to (2) and get the Night Stone then leave the room. Go to (1) or (3), they both lead to the same place. | S | \ |---| P. Leads to (1) R \_| | Q. Leads to the room where you can get a Moon Stone \ | R. Leads to (T) \____ | S. Leads to (3) |---| |---| |---| / | |_/ Q / | / | ____/ |---| |---| | P | You can hear water running in this place. Here go to (Q), enter the room, get the Moon Stone, then leave and enter (R). ______ =____R Go out using the left exit (duh!, where else do you want to do). ___________ | | | | h. Hole | h = | | |_________| Jump down the hole. [or fall down the hole or drop down the hole. Whatever.] ______==______ / \ | | | | | | | | \______________/ After the fall, enter the top door. ____ | | | = | = | | |==| Enter the right door. _______SS__ = | =____ | p. Damaging ground. 5 damage |pppp| |ppp | S. Leads to room containing Platform 1 | ppp| |ppp | | ppp| |ppp | _____|pppp| = | =_________| Jump on the boxes to avoiding the green part of the ground. Head for (S), get the Icon there (the icon will appear at the room where you dropped at [but worry about that later] also there are 6 platforms), leave the room. Exit the room on the higher left exit. ________ =__ __= -- You can jump down at the center but don't do that or else you will be repeating the steps done above, instead, head for the right exit. __TT_________ | = | _______= T. Leads to the room containing Platform 2 |pppp| |ppp | | ppp| |ppp | | ppp| |ppp | |pppp|_______ | = |____________= Again, avoid the green ground by jumping from one box to another. Enter (T), get the second icon, then exit the room with the upper right exit. ________ =__ __= -- You can jump down at the center but don't do that or else you will be repeating the steps done above, instead, head for the left exit. _______UU__ = | =____ | |pppp| |ppp | U. Leads to room containing Platform 3 | ppp| |ppp | | ppp| |ppp | _____|pppp| = | =_________| Again, avoid the green ground by jumping from one box to another. Enter (U), get the third icon, then exit the room with the upper right exit. ________ =__ __= -- You can jump down at the center but don't do that or else you will be repeating the steps done above, instead, head for the right exit. __VV_________ | = | _______= V. Leads to the room containing Platform 4 |pppp| |ppp | | ppp| |ppp | | ppp| |ppp | |pppp|_______ | = |____________= Again, avoid the green ground by jumping from one box to another. Enter (V), get the fourth icon, then exit the room with the upper right exit. __|==|__ =__ __= -- You can jump back down but don't do that. Head for the upper exit to get the sixth platform, leave the room, then exit using the right exit, but you need at least 115 MP if you want to go to the next room. If your Maximum MP is less than 115, go play with your White - Vulcan magic and when your MP runs low, go attack the King Ant at the previous room till your MP is full and play with White - Vulcan again until you have 115 Maximum. But if your Maximum MP is already 115 but you do not have 115 MP, go attack the King Ant till you get maximum MP. __________ ______________|b c| ICE. Melt it using Red - Burner =__ICE_a_ICEICE | a. Platform 6 | | b. Rare Wine - DO NOT SELL THIS - give it to |________| Hobbs c. [Super] - Magic Effect First melt the ice (using Red - Burner) beside you then get the sixth icon, then melt the next ice, then the next ice. After that get (b) the Rare Wine - DO NOT/NEVER, SELL THIS ITEM YOU NEED TO GIVE THIS TO HOBBS FOR A DISCOUNT IN HIS SHOP (from a price of 30,000 G to 5,000 G! ^_^) and (c) [Super] magic effect. After that, leave the room. __| |__ __----__ __----__ __----__ __----__ | __ |==| Jump down, then walk then jump down, then again, and again, and again. Leave the area using the exit below. _______==______ / \ | | 1-6. The six platforms (icons) | 6 1 | | 5 2 | | 4 3 | \_______________/ Step on the platforms from 1 to 6. They will move and rise to make it look like this. _______==_______ / \ | 5 6 | | 4 | | 3 | | 2 1 | \________________/ Jump to the ledge and head for the upper exit ___________ | | | | h. Hole | h | | | |____=____| You will be in another room with a hole so jump down the hole. [or fall down the hole or drop down the hole. Whatever.] _____ ______ |====| | s | | h | | |_______| |__________________________________________| | | o r b | |________o________________________________________________b______| s. Starting point r. Rue b. Boulder o. Obstacle h. Recover HP point From where you dropped (s), go talk to Rue (r). *Story* Mint will wonder how did Rue get there so fast. Rue will say to Mint that there is something blocking their way. But after that conversation, the boulder begins to move and will most likely flatten anything on its way. *Story* RUN!, NOW!, don't mind Rue getting flattened. I think the debris that are dropping down the ceiling drops at random (I did it 6 times and I got 2 patterns.) There is a time that both ceilings will fall, jump to avoid it. Head for the place you started add and let the boulder crash and destroy the obstacle. Go steal from the dead (he is not actually dead but unconscious), talk to Rue's boots (he is still wearing it) to get a Bronze Coin. Go step on the recovery spot if you want to replenish your HP, then head for the exit (there is only one exit here). *Story* Mint will say "Sleep tight, Rue" [^_^]. *Story* _______________ | |_x_| | | | x. Legendary Sword | water | * - You are elevated, if you fall, you will fall directly | platforms | into the water or the ground (there is a portion) | _____ | |____| = |____| Here, first jump on the platforms and onto the ledge to get the Legendary Sword. After that, step on the platforms. You should step on the blinking one, and another blinking one, and another blinking one (in short step on the platform that is blinking). You will end up last at the blinking platform with a star icon it would take you to the lower level. _____________________________________ | jj jj | | jj jj | j. Jump / Step on these | j j j j e | s. Starting point | s jj jj | e. End / Exit |_______________jj___jj_____________| Go jump until the boss battle. *Boss Battle - Skull Beast* Challenge: Medium During your fight, it will sometimes breathe fire. If that happens, just jump to avoid it to another place. After that, he / it (whatever) will be tired and he / it will be blinking and go pound him / it silly. Sometimes it would be jumping, just do not go to that place and you won't take any damage. Go step on the platform with star icon at the right. ________________ | | | | s. step on it | s | | | |______________| Step on (s), examine it. You will be teleported to a triangular room |X| | | | | W. You will appear here / \ / \ X. Leads to room (AA) / W \ Y. Leads to room (AB) / \ Z. Leads to room (AC) / _______ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ /Y/ \Z\ First go to room (AA) so go to (X) Room AA _________________ |a b | a. Bronze Coin | | b. Bronze Coin | c | c. Tiara | | |___=___________| Go loot the room. Get the two Bronze Coins (a) and (b). Then grab the Tiara (c). Then go back to the previous room and go to room (AB) so take path (Y). Room AB _________________ |a b| | | a. Bronze Coin | | b. Cube | | |_______=_______| Get another Bronze Coin and the Cube. Leave the room and go next to room (AC) so take path (Z). Room AC _________________ | | | b| a. Bronze Coin | a | b. Gold Coin | r | |_______=_______| r. Recover HP First, recover your HP, then grab the Bronze Coin and the Gold Coin. After that, leave the room. |X| | | | | W. Examine to leave / \ / \ X. Leads to room (AA) / W \ Y. Leads to room (AB) / \ Z. Leads to room (AC) / _______ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ /Y/ \Z\ Now that you are back at the triangular room, examine (W) to leave (you can't leave if you didn't yet take the Cube and the Tiara). After that you will see... *Story* Mint will see her OLD enemy Belle together with Duke. She is assuming that you are up to no good. She is the one Mint beat up a year ago somewhere. Mint calls her an OLD hag [:P] and she gets enraged but Duke tells her that she was only 30, for revealing her age, she whacks Duke (he became unconscious). After that she will attack Mint. *Story* *Boss Battle - Belle* Challenge: Easy Just beat her like silly. But , if you want a flawless victory, avoid her when there are things that are circling around her until she throws them to you (avoid those too!). *Story* Mint is sure that it was a victory but it is not, she took the Tiara from you. [After all that hard work [sniff] you [sniff] ... [sniff] ... you stole it [sniff] ... from ... [sniff] me. [;_;]]. Mint gets mad and she demands it back but Duke and Belle run away. Then Mint goes after them. *Story* Back to the past room, it would seem like another boss battle with Skull Beast but now, it is invincible and it is stronger. Try whacking it once and get the hell out. Go to the left and step on the platform with the star icon. Now, run like hell to the top by taking the inner belt (the one closer to the center) and try avoiding the spiked iron balls by passing when you can get a good clearing (it is quite alright to take a hit or two). *Story* It is a dead end, and the Skull Beast is close, Rue will kill the Skull Beast and save the day [and your butt from being booted]. You will end up in town. *Story* ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** Go to Klaus' House. *Story* In the basement, he will tell you that he now knows where the relic was and it is inside the Lake Ruins. Also he will tell you that the Cube is somewhat like a key needed to enter the ruins in the lake. Mint immediately says that since they have the key and know where the relic is, why don't they go now. But sadly, Klaus says that he doesn't know how to use it so you cannot open the ruins. He will then tell you that he knows someone that may know how to use the Cube so maybe you should ask Mel a magician and is living at her Atelier, but he doesn't want to go there so it is up to you to go there because of some reason. *Story* +++++++ + END + ++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Underground trap- ++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ + Chapter 3 + ++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Fancy Mel - ++ ++++++++++++++++++ Now you can access Mel's Atelier and the Lakeside. Go first to Hobb's Shop. Here, you can give Hobbs the Rare Wine. If you give it to him, he will give you a discount from 30,000 G to 5,000 G for each base status increase [YEAH! ^_^]. Before you go to Mel's Atelier, go back to the Underground Ruins*. *********************** * 'Underground Ruins' ************ ********************************** * Items: Magic Effect [Power] * ********************************** There, go back down to the room where you where chased by the Skull Beast. There, go down the circular stairs and examine the body of the Skull Beast and you will get a new Magic Effect [Power]*. After that, leave the Underground Ruins. You can leave using the Go Home Plant at the place where you fought the Skull Beast. * Thanks to iamnothing for this one. _____________________________________ | jj jj | | jj jj | j. Jump / Step on these | j j j j g | | jj jj | g. Go Home Plant. |_______________jj___jj_____________| Now that you are back to Town and head for Mel's Atelier. ******************* * 'Mel's Atelier' * ******************* _____________________ | \________________ = \ s. Star |________ __________ s / \_____/ \__________/ In this place is Mel's Atelier (duh!). Go walk and in the near half you will be in a ULTRA-WEIRD place [what an UGLY place]. Go step on (s) the Star. _______ / p \ H. Mel's Atelier | s | ( H ) p. Poppul Purrel - will show up after knocking at the door | p p | s. Save here - will show up after knocking at the door \_______/ | | |=| Go knock at the door (where else are you supposed to knock, the roof? HELLOOOOOO!) of Mel's Atelier. *Story* Mint will notice that the place was very unusual. She also now knew why Klaus did not want to go to this place. She knocks at the door and she notices a stupid sound after that, a dwarf-like creature appears and tells you that Mel is not home and you should play the games while waiting. *Story* [Ok, I don't want to play, can I just stand outside and wait for an hour or something. [No you can't, you have to play the DAMN game] ;_;]. Go save first because you *may* reset and bash your CD because of this ultra-annoying mini-games [especially the Big Swings and Giant Balls]. Go play the easiest first, Blow Trumpet. Talk to the Poppul Purrels outside until you find the one that asks you to play Blow Trumpet. [Sorry no maps for the mini-games. I was so annoyed that I can't do it.] The games here are timed, and if you hurry, you can get more time at the bonus game. In the bonus game, if you reached or gone above the high score which is 500 points, you can get a Silver Coin, but if not, you can get a Bronze Coin. Here, wait for the waves or hurry up to avoid it. The enemy here called the cockadoo is annoying. Go blast it with anything you have, just kill the damn thing. On the seesaw, it may seem like impossible to reach, but it is possible. Another seesaw is like something I do not know what to call it [anybody knows?], first jump at the left side of it, then at the right side, then again at the left side, and again at the right side and do the following until you are confident enough to jump to the other side. A little walk after that and you will be at the bonus game. In the bonus game, you have to step on the trumpets to keep the cockadoo away. If you blast many cockadoos at a time, you can get more points. If the cockadoo lands on your head you lose. After this, go save and go to the Big Swings. Here, be careful in jumping because the enemies here, called the Imp has an attack that throws stars at you, try to be patient enough so that you don't get hit by it. Also, careful in the swings too. It is very easy to slip by a few centimeters and you will fall. At the bonus game, you have to get the balls to earn points. Do not get the black balls. If you get balls of the same color in consecutive order, you can get bonus points. After that, save and now is the time that you go to the hardest one (for me), the Giant Balls. Careful in jumping again because of the Imps. In jumping from a Giant Ball, make sure you don't jump late because you will fall off. There are also cubes near the end where you can step on. It will fall so jump to the next place as soon as possible. The bonus game here requires you to beat up the fungies. Strategy, avoid fungi build up, go all out, whack 'em all. After this, the cockadoo save point will be gone. If you try to knock again at the door. *Story* Mel arrives and Mint will notice that she looks like a frea ... looks different, but Mel knows that Mint was trying to say that she was a freak. Mint will be invited into the house and Mint will ask her about the Cube. Mel will discourage Mint into getting the [relic] because it is very dangerous and Mint is a low class magician. She says that many people tried to get the [relic] but they died. She tells Mint that she is not just searching for an ordinary [relic] but she is searching for Valen's [Relic], Valen is the most powerful Aeon. But since Mint is very determined, Mel will help you if you find the missing Poppul Purrel. There was supposed to be 4 of them but she asked one to go shop in town but it did not come home ever since. If you help her, she will help you. *Story* Now go back to town [what a relief!]. ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** If you like, go to the Lakeside. ************** * 'Lakeside' * ************** ___________ | | | R | R. Ruins | ___ | |___| |___| | | | | |=| Go near the shore. *Story* Mint will talk aloud about how hard it was to get at this point. She will say many things about Maya. *Story* Leave the area. ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** Go talk to Marco. He will tell you that Poppul Purrels likes to go to the forest. If you like go to the shop and talk to Neil and he will say that he saw the hoodlums at the forest. Go to the Carona Forest. ******************* * 'Carona Forest' * ******************* Go to the place where you fought Blood and Smokey. *Story* Mint will see Blood and Smokey threatening the Poppul Purrel to give them his money. The Poppul Purrel doesn't want to and calls them dirty and stinky so the hoodlums gets mad. Mint will kick Smokey twice so the hoodlums focuses their attention to Mint. *Story* *Boss Battle - Blood and Smokey* Challenge: Easy Use Rapid Shot to kill any one of them. *Story* The hoodlums will run away and the Poppul Purrel will thank Mint. Mint will say that a beautiful princess named Mint helped him and to tell that to Mel. Mint wanted to escort the Poppul Purrel but he said that he would be fine going alone. Now, it would be late so Mint will head back to town. *Story* ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** Before going to your room at the inn and sleeping, go to the Grasslands area and talk to Rod. *Story* Here, Rod will tell Mint something about his past. He will tell Mint the reason why he is, both swordsman and weapon smith. He then tells Mint about his father, Pleskin being the greatest swordsman in the world. Rod wanted to challenge his father for the title but he did not have the chance to do so because his father died already. So now, he seeks to become, just like his father, to be written down in history and excel as being the greatest swordsman and weapon smith. *Story* Now that you have done that, go back to the inn, proceed to your room talk to Ms. Cartha and say 'Go to your room') and sleep (examine your bed). +++++++ + END + +++++++++++++++++ ++ -Fancy Mel- ++ +++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ + Chapter 4 + ++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Starlight Duke- ++ ++++++++++++++++++++++ Go to Mel's Atelier. ******************* * 'Mel's Atelier' * ************************************************ * My Status: HP 122/122 STR 028 + 008 * * MP 124/124 DEF 016 + 008 * ************************************************ After that, go leave the town and go to Mel's Atelier. Enter the Atelier and in there *Story* Mel and the Poppul Purrel that Mint helped will thank her and Mint will inquire about the cube. Mel said that all you need to know is in the report so she hands Mint Mel's Report and the Cube. After handing those to Mint, Mel will tell her interesting stuff. Mel will say that the East Heaven Kingdom [this is where Mint came from], is a kingdom which the citizens are excellent magicians. Also, the eldest princess ran away and rumor was nobody misses her [;_;] and that was because she was violent, indulged in luxury and a pain in the neck. Mint understood that Mel was saying those things to her because she knows that Mel is pointing her out. So Mint tells her story of world conquest to Mel. *Story* After that, leave the Atelier and you will meet Rue and Elena outside. *Story* Elena wanted to tell Mint some big secret about Rue, but Rue doesn't want to talk about it so she would not tell Mint. Elena will say that she was just accompanying Rue to Mel's Atelier and would join you in leaving. Mint wanted to squeeze the secret from Elena but Elena would see something moving somewhere, it is Duke, in a star costume. Duke will tell Mint that he came to take away the cube and Mel's report but Mint will say no so... *Story* *Boss Battle - Duke* Challenge: Easy - Medium To damage him, you have to kick him until he lies flat or let him tire by making him jump high or after him spinning. If he is lying flat, use White - Spread. If he is spinning, just jump out of the way. He has a final move which he executes when you drained his life to 0, it will take out 20 damage from you. Also, you can lose at this battle for something funny (according to grady, thanks grady!) *Story* You will see a cut scene with Doll Master talking to Psycho Master. Psycho Master will tell Doll Master about there is someone who is searching for the [Relic] and it is Mint. Doll will say that they must keep it a secret from Princess Maya. Psycho Master will also say that he prepared someone to watch what Mint is doing, and that guy will arrive to Carona tomorrow morning. *Story* ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** Back in town go to Klaus house and go talk to Klaus. *Story* Mint will give Klaus the report and the cube. Klaus says that the Cube can be opened so they opened it and something came out of it, something which is not human but a mechanical doll. It was written on the report that Grand Master Magician Elroy created the doll and the doll's name is Prima Doll and it is the one that can break the seal to Valen's Relic. But since Prima Doll is still incomplete, Mint can't break the seal now. Mint needs to get the parts for Prima Doll which is kept in the Ateliers of the apprentices of Elroy. A pair of gauntlets, a pair of sollerets are kept in the Ghost Temple while the Earrings is at the Atelier in Gamul Forest and the final item, the Amulet can be created from a Phantomite. Rue will say that he will go to the Ghost Temple and get the 2 pairs of items while Mint will go to the Gamul Forest to get the earrings. Mint would not agree because she wanted to keep the [Relic] just for herself but Rue will say that he only need it once and he will leave it up to Mint and Klaus what to do about it later. *Story* Ginema is the magician that stays at Gamul Forest and Klaus will be doing research about the amulet and the phantomite. +++++++ + END + ++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Starlight Duke- ++ ++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ + Chapter 5 + ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Upstream adventure- ++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** After that, go check out the new stuff at the shop. Gold Bracer - 3,500 G - + 12 Bonus Strength Gold Belt - 3,500 G - + 12 Bonus Defense After buying those, go out the town's gate and Mira will arrive *Story* Mira will tell you that it would take 3 days on foot to get to the Gamul Forest, so you should ask Rod for a boat and ask him to take you there because Rod claims that he owns the fastest boat in the world. *Story* Go to the Grasslands area and talk to Rod. *Story* Rod will say that yes he has the fastest baby in the world but in order for you to ride it, he wants to fight you and this time, it is on the house. *Story* *Boss Battle - Rod* Challenge: it depends For me, I have not fought him recently so he sucks. I just whacked away at him and he lost. Also, according to PyRo MaNiA you can also lose at this battle and he will demand 100 G from you in order for both of them to fight again. If you lost again, Mira will arrive. *Story* (If you win) Rod will agree to take you to Gamul Forest but tells Mint that do not ever call his baby a boat, it is called Pulsar Inferno Typhoon Omega. Mint calls his baby Pinto. Rod will get mad at Mint but he will still take you there. (If you lost twice [according to PyRo MaNiA) Mira will arrive and asks Rod about why he is giving Mint a hard time. After some small talk, she will leave and Rod will say something that he couldn't stand up to Mira about an argument or something. (After those stuff) Mira will give Mint and Rod their lunch and now at the boat ride, Rod will tell something to Mint but Mint does not respond because she was eating hers and Rod's meatballs and leaves the pumpkin behind. After they arrive at the Gamul Forest, Mint will ask Rod to wait for her. *Story* ****************** * 'Gamul Forest' ******************************* ************************************************ * My Status: HP 124/124 STR 028 + 012 * * MP 125/125 DEF 016 + 012 * * Items: Magic Color [Green Magic] * * Brooch * * Earrings * * Enemies: Gamulian * * Ootang * * Bosses: Belle with Hexagon * * Cloud Whale * ************************************************ _______w______ | | | r | g. Ginema's Diary | | r. Restore MP | | w. Wind device [I don't like to call it a windmill simply | g | because it is not a mill] |____________| First examine Ginema's diary (g) then check out the wind device (w) and run around until *Story* Mint wonders what to do since the earrings is hidden in a guardian's body but it escaped and destroyed the Atelier. After thinking of that, Belle arrives and wants to fight you with her toy, Hexagon. *Story* *Boss Battle - Belle with Hexagon* Challenge: Medium Here just run around and avoid the hands of hexagon (by jumping aside) if it tries to grab you. Just try to kick Belle until the floor rise and jump up the risen floor and from there, kick Belle (about 5 kick attacks). Since Belle is down, Mint will take 'steal' something from Belle, [Green Magic]. Now that you have the [Green Magic], which has a wind element, use it (Green - Wave) on the wind device (w) until it turns fast and a lift will come down. Area 1 Map _______ | __ | ___________g_____|_|_| | _______________w_____ | _______ _________| | ________________=l| _______| |____ | | | |___________g________| |____ S______| |__ | |_____| |___________ ______| |__ | | |_| | | | | |_| | |_____| |_____| |_____| g. Gamulian Tribe w. Wind Device l. Lift S. Starting Point (most Lifts in the later part would go here) Here, if the Gamulian people would not attack you if you do not attack them (note that some Gamulians are fighting each other and if you get on their way, you will get hit). The only reason they are there is that if you are low on MP, you can attack them. Also, if you attack a Gamulian Tribe, all the other tribes will attack you. Use Green - Wave on the wind device (w) and ride the lift (l)(if you stepped on it too early, jump again and it will rise up). Diamond Area Map __________ _______ | _____|A| ___ |C|__ | | | |D| g. Go Home Plant (not there the ___ | | | | | | first time you visit) |B| | | | | | | ___ s. Switch | | | | / \ | | |&| c. Cart | |_| |____/ /\ \___________| |___| | |_________ / \ ___________________| A. Lift -leads to diamond switch \ \ / / B. Lift -leads to the 2 switches \ \/ / C. Lift -leads to the final switch \ / D. Lift -go to the end ___ | | &. Lift & Brooch - go to the end =g| | | | | | | | |_| | |s__|c| Go ride (c) and you will arrive at (A). ____ ___ __w_____g________ | __--|p|---______ $ ______= w. Wind Device | | | | g. Gamulian Tribe _____| | |_____| p. Platform |__ ___| $. Special money area |s| ________________________________________________________________________________ [Special money area] contributed by Corp. Ted.Lance ([email protected]) "Now blast those two practising Gamulians to kingdom come so more will pop out of their house. If you go to the point I marked with" {$} "in the above plan (perhaps a little bit on the right of it...) and use the Fire Heart, all enemies that pop out of the hut will be automagically roasted, and you do not have to move to collect the powerups. In fact, if you hit the right spot, you can glue down the appropriate Magic-button and go for a little coffee or whatever... Provided you collect enough brown goodies. Thats the crucial point... But now another nice effect kicks in: The 'Hyper' option seems to use up at least 100 MP at first glance. But this is wrong. If you use it about 20 times, it will eventually drop the limit to 80 MP. This is what you get for six brown goodies dropped by the Gamulians (~15 MP each), and while you are protected by the flames those six brown powerups show up almost everytime. if not, just hit those hobos twice to refill the missing MP's... It's no biggie, but it is easy and fast... And it does not require full attention... ^_^" ________________________________________________________________________________ Here, use Green - Wave on the wind device (w) then hop onto the platform (p) and hit the switch, then exit by going back and riding the (=). You will be back at place 1 so go to the exit (use Green - Wave on the wind device (w) and ride the lift (l)). Now you will be in the diamond area, hit the switch (s) until it is aligned to the left, ride the cart (c) and you will arrive at (B) in the 2 switches room. 2 Switch Area Map ___________ | _l| l. Lift | | e. Left Switch (hit this one) |e_____r| r. Right Switch (do not hit this one) Here, go hit the left switch (e). Do not hit the right switch (r) or else you cannot get the Brooch in the end. Exit where you came from. You will arrive at Area 1 so make your way again to the Diamond Area. Here, in the diamond place, if the switch is on the left, ride the cart (c) and you will arrive at (C), the Final Switch Area. Final Switch Area - Diamond Switch Area Map _________________________w1__ | _________ ________________| ____|_|____ | | ____ ___ __w3___g________ _________ | | |___w2_ ___ _______ | __--|p|--_____ _____l | |_| | |________---|p|--___ __/| | | | | |_____| |s1|||_______| | |_____| |/__ ______| |s2| w1. Wind Device 1 w2. Wind Device 2 p. Platform s1. Switch 1 (hit this!) Diamond Switch Area, Final Switch Place Area s2. Switch 2 (do not hit this!) p. Platform w3. Wind Device 3 (ignore) g. Gamulian Tribe l. Lift (exit here!) Just run along here and ignore the wind device 1 (w1), it is not important, just use Wind - Wave on wind device 2 (w2) and hop onto the platform (p) and attack switch 1 (the final switch), then jump/fall down [whatever] and IGNORE switch 2 (s2), or else, you will repeat the Diamond Switch area again so jump onto the second platform (p), ignore the third wind device (beat up the Gamulians to earn full MP) and go ride the lift (l). You will arrive at Area 1 and again, just exit the place, and you will be in the Diamond Area. In the Diamond Area, flip the switch (s) to the right and jump on the cart (c) and you will go to the end area (&) not (D), get the Brooch. Final Area __________________________________ _______________________________|c|--------f c. Cart f. Fall Just run and you will meet Belle *Story* When Belle sees Mint, Belle will want to fight Mint. Mint does not want to fight because there are too many Gamulians. Both of them will then escape and ride the cart but the rail is destroyed so they will fall. After falling, Belle was determined to finish the fight but Mint's leg was hurt during the fall. Belle will then cast magic onto Mint and Mint was afraid because she thought that it was an attack, but Belle cured Mint's leg. Belle would say to her that she cured her because she doesn't want to hear Mint crying. They will both agree to leave the place together but the Cloud Whale arrives and devours Belle. Mint remembered something about the earrings that are hidden inside the guardian's body who appears to be the whale. Mint decided to get the earrings by fighting the whale. *Story* *Boss Battle - Cloud Whale* Challenge: Medium To damage it, you can use White - Vulcan when its mouth opens (the blue- green part) but in this way, it will take you in its mouth and spit you out (but it is all right as he only regains some HP). If it creates a tidal wave, jump to avoid the water rushing from the source, to the raft, and to where you are standing. You can also attack the red part when it is charging for a water- spray attack. *Story* Mint will get the earrings and Belle will be thrown out from the whale's mouth but she has fainted so Mint will leave her alone and most likely proceed to where Rod is waiting. A cut scene, at the hotel, you will see Belle arrive and she smells. Duke will say that he was beaten by Rue and likewise Belle was beaten by Mint. After that, Solin knocks at the door and asks them when they are going to pay their bill. Since they do not have any money (but they would not say it to Solin) so they will say that they will pay it later. Now, they will talk to each other and are now determined to get the [relic] and gain money. In the grasslands, after arriving to town from the trip, Rod will ask Mint to thank Mira for the food. *Story* ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** Exit the grasslands. *Story* Mint will see a red haired guy and she calls him a spike-haired weirdo. The man, named Trap Master overhears this and wants to fight you but he can't so he left a surprise to Mint in Klaus House, and he will leave. Mint thought that the surprise is that something horrible happened to Klaus or his family so she rushes to the house and was greeted by Elena. Mint will then get the surprise because two pumpkins would fall onto her head. *Story* *Interesting stuff to check out* You can push the pumpkins. Move 'em around the house. Go down the basement. *Story* Mint will give the earrings to Prima Doll and you will see Rue give the gauntlets and sollerets. So now you will have to get the Phantomite. Klaus will say that the Phantomite is a mineral and somebody named Wylaf who lives in the Raging Mountain is a collector of rare gems and minerals, because of this Mint decides that she is the one who wants to go to the Raging Mountains. Klaus will tell you to be careful because Wylaf is a powerful but stubborn dragon. History recorded that Wylaf defeated a whole army that attacked him led by King Dorian. Wylaf was said to have the power to summon the flames from the ground. *Story* +++++++ + END + ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Upstream adventure- ++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ + Chapter 6 + +++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Dragon battle- ++ +++++++++++++++++++++ Go sell your monster coins and buy Platinum stuff at Tonio's Shop. Platinum Bracer - 4,500 G - Bonus Strength +16 Platinum Belt - 4,500 G - Bonus Defense +16 After that go to the Tavern and give the Brooch to Annette and she will give you a discount on the drinks. Milk - 10 G - Restores 10% MP - (best deal) Root beer - 30 G - Restores 25% MP - (expensive) Tropical delight - 50 G - Restores 50% MP - (just x5 of Milk) ********************* * 'Raging Mountain' **************************** ************************************************ * My Status: HP 133/133 STR 028 + 016 * * MP ???/138 DEF 016 + 016 * * Items: Magic Color [Black Magic] * * 3x Silver Coins * * Legendary Shield * * Phantomite * * Enemies: Fire Blob * * Ootang * * Bubba * * Pollywog * * Gudon * * Bosses: Belle with Hexagon and Duke * * Wylaf * ************************************************ ________________________________ b. Boulder |pp| |pfp| b= f. Falling ledge ______ ___|pp|____|pfp|-----b= p. Pit |__________b_X_|pp|______| X. Magic Color [Black] First go straight and fight the enemies if you like (Ootangs and Fire Blobs) just go and jump the pits (p) and on the next place, just jump across (you may like to step on (f) but you better hurry or you will fall with it). At the next place, you will see it is blocked by a boulder (b) that you can't destroy so just jump down and fight the Bubba there and jump to get the Magic Color [Black Magic] (X) and use the ability Black - Bomb to destroy the boulder at your right. Now go back again to the top and hop the pits (p) and go destroy the boulder (b) near the exit. Go to the exit (duh!). ___________ / ___b__1_| _____________ b. Boulder ___/ / ______/ _F__= F. Fissures ___ |___/ b______ F area | 1. 3x Silver Coins |______/ |________| Here just go up first and destroy the boulder (Black - Bomb) and get 3 Silver Coins (1) and then go back, now down and again destroy the boulder and in the (F area) just avoid the steam coming out of the ground because they would damage you. Just go to the exit. __________________________________ | _b__ r | | b. Boulder LAVA |___| |___| LAVA | r. Restore HP _____ ____ ___ ___ ___ ____| LAVA. Lava (5 damage) =___| O |__| |_| |_| |_| |___= LAVA | _________________________________| You have to jump along the floating platforms (they move Up and Down). First go smash the boulder and Restore your HP (r), and then go back and just finish the place by going to the right exit. ___________________ ___ ________________ = o |pp| |pp| o o = o. Obstacle =_____o________o__|pp|_|pp|______________= p. Pit In this area, the winds sometimes blow, so avoid jumping too much. You can use the obstacles (o) as cover when the wind blows so you can attack the enemies that are blocking your way and prevent you from blowing away. Jump the pits only when the wind is not blowing or else you will fall or fall back (the Bubba is a major blockage on the way so take it out, even if you fall, it does not matter). Just head for the exit. *EXTRA PLACE FOR BOSS BATTLE* _____ _____________ _____ |___| |___________| |___| *EXTRA PLACE FOR BOSS BATTLE* Here you will see Belle and Duke. *Story* The two are waiting for Mint and they demand from Mint the stuff. Mint will annoy Belle by calling her an old bag so she will call Hexagon and you will fight her and Duke together. *Story* *Boss Battle - Belle with Hexagon and Duke* Challenge: Medium First go beat the hell out of Duke, he is so annoying, constantly doing uppercuts to you. After he is done, concentrate on Belle and Hexagon. You need to jump kick her. Try doing that at Hexagon's back or after Hexagon has finished doing his grab attack (move / jump away). After beating Belle out, she will jump down and fight you face to face. Same strategy as before, just attack her normally but avoid her while she has the swirling white stuff around her until she throws it. Also jump if she casts the fire attack. They will leave after the battle and you will automatically go to the next area. |=| | | | |_______ |______ | __________| | | _________| | | ____ | |_________| | | |p|_____ ___| |------ |__ ___ ___ _____ p. Pit | | | | | | | | 1 | r. Restore HP |_______ _| |_| |_| |_|___| 1. Legendary Shield = |_____ r | =____________________________| Sorry for the map, it is not very accurate, but it is good enough. First go straight for the (r), Restore HP then after that, go up and jump the ledges where the Fire Blobs are to get the Legendary Shield (1). After that, go back then go up and move left, hop across the pit and go up again, then right and there will be a Fire Blob, then go up, then left and you will see 3 Pollywogs and go up to the exit. _______________ | | | | g. Go Home Plant (will only be accessible after going | g | through this place.) | | |_____________| At the mountaintop... *Story* Mint will call for Wylaf. The dragon Wylaf will then arrive and say something about a human dares to disturb him. Mint will ask for a Phantomite but he doesn't like to give it because he will read Mint's mind and knows that you just want the relic for world conquest. He will also sense a great spirit because Mint will say that if anyone tries to destroy the world she will beat them up because she is going to rule it, so he might reconsider. But he will say that spirit alone is not enough to tame the Aeon's powers so he will test Mint if she has power. *Story* *Boss Battle - Wylaf* Challenge: Medium To damage him, you can use Blue - Icicle WHILE he swoops down at you (it will eventually hit him and would cause him to go back up). If you are low on MP, try attacking WHILE he again swoops down. He has other attacks that are quite easy to avoid. Like if he breathes fire to the ground, just avoid the ground and a + radius. The fire will remain there so avoid that too. If he rapidly swoops down at you, just try to jump to other directions to avoid. When his HP is below half, he will withdraw from the battle. NOTE THAT YOU SHOULD NOT ATTACK ONCE HE SAYS THE FIGHT IS OVER OR ELSE PREPARE TO GET ROASTED, errr ... I mean meet the Game Over Screen. Thanks to KTeoh for giving this to me, check the Cool Stuff section to see more about this. *Story* He will say that he has underestimated Mint. Mint then says that Wylaf needs to rest, he will treat it as mockery. But as he promised, he will give Mint the Phantomite and he will trust Mint that she would not bring end to the world. Mint will ask Wylaf if he would like to work for her when she rules the world but Wylaf will say that he will think about it. *Cut Scene* You will see Rue talking with Belle and Duke. They will say something that Rue is carrying such a heavy load from his past so they decided to help him out just for the moral duty. Rue will say that he does not need money and only needs to use the [Relic] once and after that Belle and Duke can keep it. After that, they will agree to work together. *Cut Scene* Mint will be automatically back in town will be called by Blood, as always, together with Smokey (or the other way around). They will challenge Mint for a battle at the forest. They will leave a note telling you that. *Story* You will be automatically back to town. ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** Why don't you go and save your game at the inn and go to Carona Forest. ******************* * 'Carona Forest' ***************** *********************************** * Items: Magic Effect (Circle) * * Bosses: Trap Master * * Blood and Smokey * *********************************** Go to the area where you always find Blood and Smokey. *Story* They will say that they have a new boss, he is the one with the red hair, he will say that his name is the 'Trap Master'. Mint will call him porcupine head and he will get mad and say that Mint is on his trap. Mint will then be on Trap Masters own battlefield because he usually destroys the outside place when he fights. Both of them (Mint and Trap Master) will then engage the battle. *Story* *Boss Battle - Trap Master* Challenge: Easy All you have to do here is to stand on the center and cast White - Vulcan. He will just die. Just avoid jumping too much and stepping on blinking platforms. You can die in this battle if you want. *Story* After that Trap Master will say that Mint was nothing and he can easily kill her in a few seconds but he cannot kill Mint yet. The two, Blood and Smokey will fight Mint because Trap Master will go away. *Story* *Boss Battle - Blood and Smokey* Challenge: Easy You can either use White - Vulcan or just attack them till they lose. It doesn't matter. *Story* Again, they will be beaten and they will run away. You will feel somewhat good about it. *Story* After that, head for the cliffs area. ____ |21| |4322|___ |56666666| -------\6\ |xx| |_P| |6|_ __|66| p. It is a rock, go bash it with Black - Graviton |&&&&776| and it will reveal a treasure box |8+++++6| ___|9|||||&| |bba||||||&| |bb|||||||&| ||ccdde|||&| |gffeee| |7| & It means that it is both 6 & 7. The ? is at 7 |hh++eee| |+| |hhi+++++| |iijjjjj| |||||jj| |jj|| |jj| =j| From (&), at (6) level of ground, the one near (8), (careful, you might fall), use Black - Graviton on it and it will reveal a treasure box. From the (&), the one beside where you are now, try to jump to the place where (P) is [it will require many tries for you to get it because it is so hard], you can get Magic Effect [Circle] from it. You need this thing even if it is so frustrating to get. After getting that, go to the place outside Cadmon's Atelier and go back to town using the Go Home Plant there. ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** Go to Klaus' house. *Story* Mint will give him the Phantomite and he will be amazed that Mint got it. He will take it and will say that he will make the Amulet for Prima right away. Mint will then tell Klaus that only the Tiara is left and you are going to get it from Belle and Duke but Rue will arrive telling Mint and Klaus that there is no need for that because he already got it from Belle and Duke at the hotel. Mint could not believe that he just got the Tiara easily so she will ask Rue how he got it but for some reason, Rue would not tell it. They will then put the Tiara on Prima Doll but ask what the Tiara is for. Prima will say that the Tiara is used for decision making and certain abilities, both mental and physical are on the Tiara which exceeds the current intelligence which is only a mere backup. After a couple of small talk, Mint will get mad at Prima Doll and shows him the finger. Also, after that, Prima Doll will bug Klaus to finish the amulet as soon as possible but he will suddenly stop. All of them will wonder what happened so they have to talk to Mel to find out. *Story* +++++++ + END + +++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Dragon Battle- ++ +++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ + Chapter 7 + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Together with Prima- ++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After the talk, go check out the town and if I am not mistaken you can get 2 Silver Coins and a Bronze Coin (I am not sure because I think that items in places appear at random). Go to Mel's Atelier. ******************* * 'Mel's Atelier' ********************** **************************************** * Items: Magic Color [Yellow Magic] * * Boss: Gorotan * **************************************** Talk to Mel. *Story* By the time Mint arrives, Mel will ask her if she has given up the search for Valen's [Relic] and she will say no. It is because that Mint's father said that she should never quit once she started something. After that, Mint will say that there is something wrong with Prima Doll. Mel will say to her that it must be because of Prima Doll's energy being radiated after its long rest in the cube. She will tell Mint that there might be a way to restore Prima Doll's energy and that you need Gorotan's power, some guy that can control the power of lightning. She also will say that she is not sure whether it will work but it is worth the try and tells Mint to be careful because Gorotan does not like visitors. Mel asks Mint to just find out where Gorotan leaves from one of her assistants. *Story* Go outside the Atelier and talk to the Poppul Purrel that you helped earlier. I think it is the one near the back. *Story* He will say to Mint that he knows where Gorotan is and asks Mint if she wants to play with Gorotan now, say Yes and Mint will be in a room with a flying guy thing. *Story* Go talk to the flying thing and it will transform into a big cat. *Boss Battle - Gorotan* Challenge: Medium Avoid the star thingies that are around him and it will just go farther away from him, leaving himself unprotected from your beating. Go near him and cast Red - Napalm or just attack him to conserve MP, them immediately jump/run aside to avoid the lightning bolt. After the battle, you will get from him [Yellow Magic]. Go back to town. ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** Go to Klaus' house. *Story* Mint will be blasting bolts to Prima Doll and Prima Doll will be charged up. He should be ok now and he only needs to get the Amulet in order to break the seal. *Story* I am not sure but iamnothing went to the tavern after this so head for the tavern and maybe something will happen. After going there, go leave the town and head for the Lakeside. ************** * 'Lakeside' * ************** In the lakeside, you will see Rue together with Elena. *Story* Elena will say something about after both Rue and Mint gets the [Relic] she will become lonely because they will leave town. Elena will then ask Mint what is she going to do after getting the [Relic] and Mint will reply to her and say that she plans to take over the world with it. Now, Mint will ask Rue what is he going to do after the it is over, and you will guess that it is either Rue will stay in Carona or go back to his home town. If you choose the option to 'Go back to his homeland', Rue will say that there would be someone waiting for him back home. Mint will inquire who that person is but Rue will say that it was someone that is 'like' a sister to him, but still she is not yet at home. If you say that he will 'Stay in Carona' Mint will tease Rue. After that, Rue will ask Elena how long is it going to take to finish the Amulet but Elena will say that it will be finished soon. Rue will leave, together with Elena to go back to town. *Story* Now that you are alone, go head back to town too. ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** Go to Klaus' house. *Story* Klaus will tell Mint that the Amulet is near completion and he will ask Mint to take Prima Doll to the Lakeside. Mint does not want to but Prima Doll will bug her so she will take Prima Doll to the Lakeside. *Story* Go leave the house and talk to Marcum, the fat guy that buys stuff from you and he will give you 50 G. After that, I think there is a Bronze Coin somewhere (but since item appearance, I think is at random so maybe it is not there). Interesting Stuff to Check Out (thanks to PyRo MaNiA for this one) Prima Doll is following you right, why don't you go to the Grasslands and talk to Johnny Wolf and he will follow Prima Doll, then talk to Rod, he will join the 'train' party. Now, Mint will be followed by Prima Doll, which is followed by Johnny Wolf, and Rod will be behind Johnny Wolf. You gotta see this, it looks silly. (though I haven't seen it yet) Also, according to grady, at the Grasslands there is a coin (see map below) _________=_ | | | | |___| | | | | | | | |________X| After that, go examine the gate and head for the Lakeside (again!). ************** * 'Lakeside' * ************** *Story* Prima Doll will feel something good and Mint will tell him that it is because it is his first time to experience the sunlight [or something like that]. He will challenge Mint for a race to the shore. Mint is confident that she is not going to lose from a doll. *Story* A good way to win the race is to block his way and run while he is at your back. You can also lose the race. *Story* Doesn't matter if you win or lose, it would be just small talk. After that, Prima Doll will say something about him, that he is just a tool that would be used to unseal the [Relic]. Mint will comfort him by saying that he is not a tool because for one reason he is crying and that he has feelings [^_^]. Prima Doll will realize this and will thank Mint for the words. After that, he will say that he wants to go back to town. *Story* ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** After that, go to Klaus' house. *Story* Here, Klaus will say that he has finished doing the Amulet. Prima Doll will try it on and he will feel great wearing it. Now they are ready to break the seal so Klaus gets up and tries to walk but his ankle still hurts. Elena will say that her father still needs to rest but Klaus will say that he can't stop now because his dream is only a few steps away. Mint will say that he should not worry because they have to prepare a boat first in order to get to the ruins. Mint will say in her mind that now, she can keep the [Relic] for herself. *Story* +++++++ + END + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Together with Prima- ++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ + Chapter 8 + ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Relic, here I come- ++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In town, go to the Grasslands and talk to Rod. *Story* Mint will ask Rod to get his Pinto ready because she needs it. Rod will ged mad and tells you why do you always call Pulsar Inferno Typhoon Omega, Pinto, and if Mint is stupid or anything and he will ask you what is the name of his baby. Just choose Pulsar Inferno Typhoon Omega (though I don't know what will happen if you choose the other options). If you chose that, he will tell Mint that she has a brain after all but then again, Mint will call it Pinto. So now, Rod does not want to give you a ride but Mint will hear Rod's stomach grumble. Mint will say to him that if that is his stomach and Rod will say yes and that is because he does not get challenges lately and he can't even afford a meal. Mint will then say that if Rod remembers what Mira cooked for them when they first go to the Gamul Forest and tells him that she can ask Mira again to cook that for them. Rod will get delighted and say that he will get Pulsar Inferno Typhoon Omega and you go ask Mira to cook for him. *Story* Go leave the grasslands and go back to Klaus' house. No need to tell Mira about the food so just go talk to Klaus at the basement and say to him that you will depart for the ruins. *Story* Mint and Prima Doll together with Rod will be going to the Ruins together. Prima Doll asks you if you were going to ride that cool looking boat and Rod will say to him that it is not a boat but Pulsar Inferno Typhoon Omega. Prima Doll ignores it and still calls it a boat but he will hear from Mint calling it Pinto and begins calling it Pinto too. There, you will then ride the boat to the Lake Ruins. **************** * 'Lake Ruins' * **************** *Story* At the Lake Ruins, Prima will go and unlock the seal but Mint keeps disturbing him. At the second try, Maya will teleport there together with Doll Master and Psycho Master. Maya will tell you that how could you have forgotten East Heaven's duty that is to protect Valen's [Relic] from being unsealed at all cost. After hearing this, Doll Master will grab Prima Doll as with Mint is attacked by pumpkins summoned by Maya. Rue then arrives but Psycho Master would be blocking him but Rod will also arrive and he will punch Psycho Master. Rod will then take Prima Doll to safety. Rue will say that he will be coming back (and at this point, he knows that Mint is truly a princess) to save Mint because Mint is pinned on the ground by the pumpkin. Maya will then fortify the Ruins with the help of the Book of Cosmos. ****************** * 'Maya's Tower' * ****************** Mint will be thrown into the tower's dungeon. *Story* ________ | tt | t. Something | | |______| Go talk to the something at your back and... *Story* Maya will arrive and talk to Mint that she could not let a monster like Mint rule the world because it would bring total chaos and send the world to oblivion. She will leave and tell Mint that dinner would be served to you, and all the dishes are pumpkins. So now Mint desperately wants to escape and at that time, the grate in your place will open and a porcupine will come out and transform into Rue and he will say that he has come back to rescue Mint. Mint will get shocked and asks what he could not explain it very well and so he removes his hat and shows you the gem on his forehead and he will tell Mint that he is not human and that he does not know what he is. He will tell Mint to forget about that now because they both need to escape from there. He will open the lock. *Story* ___________ =____ x| |_____| - I am not sure if this is 100% accurate, but this would just | | have to do for now. | i | | | i. Invisible Steps | vv | v. Visible Steps | vv | x. Mint's Magic | | | i| | | | i | | | | vv | | | | i | | | | | | v | | v | | i | | | |_____| ____| | =_________| In the next room, Rue will say something about invisible steps but he can see them and sadly you can't. All you have to do is to let him guide you and follow where he is stepping. At the end Mint would get her Magic back. Proceed to the next room. *Story* Here some witch would fire a pumpkin and Rue will ask Mint to duck but Mint will catch it on her face and Mint will tell him that he should not have evaded it because there is a lady at his back [;_;]. He will than ask you to ride the floating thing and he will go into another floating thing because it can only accommodate 1 person. *Story* Here, just avoid the witches shots by jumping. You will reach the next room. In the next room *Story* Both of them, Mint and Rue will see Trap Master and Trap Master will say that they are both caught on a trap. Both Rue and Mint will be falling down the terrace because pumpkins surround them on front and they will fall if they keep going back. Rue will ask Mint to jump and they will be saved by Belle and Hexagon and they will leave. *Cut Scene* Mode Master will tell Doll Master that Mint escaped the dungeon. Here a new plot will be visible that Doll Master wants to get the relic and he will tell it to Maya because it is better to get it now than let it fall into the wrong hands. Maya will stand on her beliefs that the kingdom is there to protect the [Relic] and they should NEVER lay their hands on it. *Cut Scene* You will be in town and Mint wanted to ask a lot of questions to Rue but Rue will say that they should talk about that at the Tavern because Belle and Duke is waiting for him. *Story* ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** Before you go to the bar, why don't you go talk to Rod first at the grasslands. *Story* Rod will encourage Mint to keep going because it is just her trial phase. He has survived his trial phase already and that was when he wasn't able to create good weapons. He will say that 'his woman' kept him going. She was the one that encourages him when he is down and tells him to stop moping and create a new weapon. He will say that Pulsar Inferno Typhoon Omega was her only keepsake to him. Upon hearing this, Mint will think that the one Rod was talking about is dead, but Rod will clarify that she, her name is Lucine and she is not dead but he can't go see her until he marked a name in history. He will tell then to Mint that she just have to keep on going no matter what and do not give up. *Story* After that, go to the Tavern. *Story* Belle, Duke and Rue, will invite Mint in their table and they are going to talk about something. Also, Belle and Duke already know that Mint is a princess because Rue told them even if they could not believe it. Mint will say to them that you have been through hell for the past 2 years. After that, Rue will then tell his story. He will say that it was 5 years ago that when he was alone and he was lost, he could have just fallen apart if it wasn't for Claire. He will say that she is dead now so that is why he needs the [Relic] to revive her. Duke will say that that story always touches him every time, and also he will tell you that he already know this because Rue have told them this when Rue asked for the Tiara. *Story* Now that most things are clarified, it is time for a good night sleep. Head for the inn and ask Ms. Cartha to go to your room. You will automatically sleep. +++++++ + END + ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Relic, here I come- ++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ + Chapter 9 + +++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Maya's here- ++ +++++++++++++++++++ Go out the inn and take note that the left (Ms. Cartha's left) door is broken so you have to leave through the right (Ms. Cartha's right) door. *Story* As Mint goes out, she will be greeted by Psycho Master. He will tell you that Maya demands to get Prima Doll and of course Mint will refuse and tells Psycho Master that Maya can put the demands up her butt. After that, Psycho Master will leave and Elena will arrive and tells Mint that while they were in the forest they were attacked by dolls. So Mint decided to go check the forest out. *Story* ******************* * 'Carona Forest' **************************************** ********************************************************** * My Status: HP 143/143 STR 028 + 016 * * MP 139/139 DEF 016 + 016 * * Items: Silver Coin (if you helped Blood and Smokey) * * Enemies: Puppet * * Specter * ********************************************************** There are new enemies to this place (though they are only here temporarily), the Puppets and Specters. I think Fire deals good damage to the Specters. Here, just run to the place where Blood and Smokey is always at. *Story* Mint will see that Blood and Smokey are surrounded by puppets. She decides whether to help or not to help Blood and Smokey. *Story* Choose the option that will make you help both of them because after killing the 4 puppets ... *Story* Blood and Smokey will thank Mint but Mint will say that she did not help them because the puppets were on her way. Hearing this, Blood and Smokey will run away and Blood will drop an item for Mint. Mint will pick it up and she can't believe that they gave her an expensive item. *Story* After that go to the place where you were jumped to get to the cliffs. *Story* Here Mint will see Mira, fighting Trap Master. Mint will arrive and say to Trap Master that she has defeated many of his dolls and asks Trap Master to give up. Trap Master will say that they create them like crazy and he summons more puppets to that place, after saying that he will leave. The puppets will corner Mint and a Specter will arrive and defeat the puppets for you, he is actually Rue. You will automatically end up in town. *Story* ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** First go check out Tonio's shop. He is selling new stuff. Mythril Bracer - 5,500 G - Bonus Strength +20 Mythril Belt - 5,500 G - Bonus Defense +20 After buying those stuff, why don't you go fight Rod, he has a new weapon called 'Black Tornado'. If you don't like to fight him, just go to Klaus' house. *Story* Klaus will thank Mint for saving his family. Prima Doll will say that if he gave up himself to them, it could prevent many bad things. He will say that it is because of him that bad things happen. Mint will say to Prima Doll that she is fighting for Prima Doll, and she is not protecting Prima Doll just for anyone but she is fighting because she needs to get the [Relic] to conquer the world. And because of that, Prima Doll should not dare attempt to give his self up. After that topic, they will talk about shutting down the doll factories. Rue will say that he will check out the Ghost Temple and you Mint go check out the Underground Ruins because Klaus saw some of them there too. *Story* After that, go to the Underground Ruins. *********************** * 'Underground Ruins' ************************* *********************************************** * My Status: HP 146/146 STR 028 + 020 * * MP 143/143 DEF 016 + 020 * * Enemies: Puppet * * Specter * * Skeleton * *********************************************** *Story* When Mint arrives there, she will wonder why Maya wants to get the [Relic], and that contradicts what she said earlier at the Lake Ruins. After that, Maya and Psycho Master will arrive (and Mint will go hide) and Maya will say that she will protect the Underground Ruins personally. Maya will teleport into the ruins. *Story* Go follow Maya and inside the Underground Ruins, just go forward twice (you don't need to go down the long way). The wall beside the entrance to the room where Rue used to stand is now gone, and you can go down there, and you will automatically be in the room where you need to get the platforms in order to go to the room above. You will notice that the platforms are not there so you have to get them all again. Also there are skeletons in this place but they just go down and stand up again. After getting them all go back to that room and step on the platforms, exit at the top exit and drop down the hole and go get the heal point and go to the next room, the room with the blinking platforms. *Story* Maya will be there, trying to jump from platform to platform. Mint will ask her what is she up to and Maya will say that she has changed and maybe she got your evil nature. She will bring up the topic that since Mint are in the Underground Ruins and that boy Rue is at the Ghost Temple, then who is protecting the town. After hearing this, Mint will know that the dolls were just acting as decoys because they are really going to attack the town. Mint will immediately back to town. *Cut Scene* In town, you will see Doll Master saying that he, in behalf of Princess Maya of East Heaven Kingdom, demands to get Prima Doll. Nobody answers so he threatens to burn the town and kill all the residents. After that he will call Psycho Master and Doll Master will order him to destroy the inn and kill all the occupants. But Duke will stop them and saying that he has a new act but he will be blown away by Trap Masters trap (duh!). Belle then says that she will take all of them on. *Cut Scene* Mint arrives in town and she kicks Doll Master for an entrance, but Doll Master would evade it and he let Psycho Master take you to Church and there you will fight. Inside the Church, Psycho Master dares you to attack him on his front side. *Story* *Boss Battle - Psycho Master* Challenge: Easy - Medium To defeat him, you have to attack his back. Never attack his front because he will grab you and deal you damage. If he throws certain attacks like a round thing that would move from his body to the outer surrounding areas and stuff, you can jump that attack. If he floating and trying to move closer to you, just run away and move in a circular motion around him. *Story* After the battle, he just said that he just bought enough time and now Mint is free to go. He will then disappear. Outside, Trap Master is fighting Belle and when he got bored, he will engage the trap and blow away Belle too just like what happened to Duke. After that, Klaus would be defending Prima Doll. He will say that he would not give up a member of his family. Doll Master would be impressed by what he said but will ask him how come he wanted to risk his life for a tool. And as Klaus said earlier, he wouldn't give up a member of his family and so Doll Master cannot believe this and he will shoot Klaus with energy. Mint will get out of the church and she will see Prima Doll being taken by Doll Master. Prima Doll asks Mint to rescue him and beat up the bad guys. Mint will say that she will come, beat up the bad guys and save Prima Doll, and that would be a promise. Now, all the enemies will leave together with Prima Doll. Rue will arrive and Mint will say to him that they took Prima Doll. Rue will regret that he has arrived late and if only he was earlier, the enemies could have not taken Prima Doll. Mint will say that he will rescue Prima and Klaus will tell you that they might have taken Prima on the tower that appeared in the lake. Now Mint has to go there. *Story* +++++++ + END + +++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Maya's here- ++ +++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ + Chapter 10 + +++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Maya's sooo dead!- ++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++ It will automatically be morning and what you do here is you leave town and go to the Tower of Maya (which was formerly the Lakeside). *Story* Mint will say that it is time to kick some major butt or something and then ... *Cut Scene* Doll Master will demand from Prima Doll to open the seal but Prima Doll does not want to do it. Doll Master will threaten Prima Doll by saying that he will destroy the town so Prima Doll will do it. After breaking the seal you will see something that will rise up and form a fortress. *Cut Scene* Rue will see it together with Mint and he will say that all their efforts are wasted because Valen's [Relic] is there. Mint will say to Rue that it is not yet over and if he wants to save Claire then they should not give up. *Story* ******************* * 'Tower of Maya' ****************************** ************************************************ * My Status: HP 150/150 STR 028 + 020 * * MP 152/152 DEF 016 + 020 * * Items: 7x Gold Coins * * 2x Star Stones * * Legendary Helmet * * Enemies: Wabbit * * Pumpkin * * Witch * * Bosses: Trap Master * * Maya (well, not really) * ************************************************ __________ | | | _==_ | |__| |__| | | | | |==| Just go enter the top door. In the round room, just run up and fight the enemies you encounter such as Wabbits, Witches and Pumpkins. All are easy to kill but you need to use Yellow - Spark or Yellow - Trine to get rid of the witches that are annoying you because you can't get them using physical attacks. _____________ |1__________ \ 1. 2x Gold Coins \ \ \ \ +. You will start there | | =. Exit = | | | / / ____________/ / +____________/ Here just go get 2 Gold Coins (1) but pumpkins will bust through the door and you have to kill them all for it to open again, exit through the open door (=). ___ _______|=|_______ | | 1. 2x Star Stones |1_____________R| R. Restore HP |_____| p |_____| p. Floating platform | |fff| | f. Fall |_____|fff|_____| |fffffffffffffff| Moving Stuff - You can step on them | Moving | - Only the ones turning Clockwise | Stuff | - Or one that is moving. | | |---------------| | | |_______=_______| You have to jump across the moving stuff. You can only step on the ones that are moving right to left or vice versa and the ones that are turning clockwise. If you fall, the place below will be surrounded by force fields and you have to kill all the pumpkins in order to get out. Kill the witch on the floating platform (p) and go get the 2 Star Stones and step on the Restore HP and leave the place using the top exit. In the next place, you have to hop on the big round thing in the middle and enemies (Pumpkins) will fall down and you just have to defeat them all until you get to the top. At the top, from the round thing, go up the stairs and get out of the room. __________ / \ / ______ \ 1. 3x Gold Coins / | | \ \ |____| / \ 1 / \__________/ The room is actually round, but this is ASCII map, that is the best that it can be. First go get the 3 Gold Coins (they are on the lowest level of the room and move a clockwise in order to see it. After getting this, go up and exit the place. _____________ |1__________ \ 1. 2x Gold Coins \ \ \ \ +. You will start there | | =. Exit = | | | / / ____________/ / +____________/ Again, just like the previous room, just go get the 2 Gold coins and if you pass through the door, pumpkins will come out and you have to defeat them in order for the door to open again. Just exit through the door. ________==________ | |r____L| | | | 1. Step on this first (deals 15 damage at end of ride) | | 2. Step on this second (15 damage at end of ride) | 3 2 | 3. Step on this third | | x. You can step on this, but you need to hurry because | X X 1 | they will deal you 15 Damage |----------------| r. Restore HP |________________| L. Legendary Helmet First go step on (1) but if you fall you can step on the middle (x) to get back up. After stepping on one, beat up the Wabbits first because they are blocking access to the other platform (2 and 3). You have to step on (1) then (2) then (3), you can wait for (3) to stop unlike (1 and 2) because at the end of (3)s ride it will not throw you but it would wait for a few seconds. Go get the Legendary Helmet (L) and step on the Restore HP spot. Go exit the place. At the next room, you will see Trap Master *Story* Trap Master will say that he got the permission to kill Mint now so he attacks her and puts her into his own battle field. *Story* *Boss Battle - Trap Master* Challenge: Easy - Medium Just use White - Vulcan while you are at the middle platform, he will just die and leave you nothing to worry about. If you wish to a have a flawless battle, if a shadow appears on top of you, get out of there because an spiked ball will fall. After that, do not step on the blinking platforms because they can deal you damage. *Story* After the battle, Trap Master will ask you to finish him off so Mint does her magic stance but Trap Master will say that that won't do because you have to go near him and beat him up to do it. Mint knows that this is a trap so she does not want to go near Trap Master. He will compliment you that you are not so dumb after all and that he will tell Mint that she'll regret it because he will come get Mint in the future. He will just mope there for a while so Mint will automatically advance to the next room. In the next room, Maya is there, and Mint will demand that she release Prima Doll. She will say that Prima Doll is not there but at the Lake Ruins. But you would also want to fight her and she wants to fight you too. Maya will say to Mint that there is no need to worry because she won't use the Book of Cosmos on this battle and she will use her own powers to fight. *Story* *Boss Battle - Maya* Challenge: Easy Just whack her till she dies. If she summon pumpkins, go whack them all to gain some HP or MP. But if she turns you into a pumpkin just jump and run around and she won't be able to get you. *Story* After the battle, Maya will get humiliated because she cannot defeat MInt with her own power. Then suddenly, her body will be blinking and she will turn back into Mode Master. Mint will ask her why did she turn herself into Maya but she would run and Mint would chase her. She will stop inside the dungeon and you will see 2 Maya. They would be pointing at each other that the other one is Maya. So Mint would decide who the real Maya is and jump kick the imposter. Go kick the right one because it is truly Maya and it would be funny to do so [^_^] but if you are a bit serious at this point, attack the left one. After that, Mode Master would reveal that Doll Master used the Kingdom to achieve his goals which is getting Valen's [Relic]. Maya will be so humiliated hearing this because she let someone like Doll become an Imperial Magician. Mint will say something about Doll Master's sneaky personality and something but Mode Master will tell you that if you have heard what Doll Master has been through, you will understand him. She was supposedly going to tell you this but Trap Master would interrupt her, and will call her 'Kirielle' [so that's her true name]. Trap Master will give Maya back the Book of Cosmos but Maya would ask why is he giving this but Trap Master will say that it does not matter because it is just crap compared to the Dewprism, which is Valen's [Relic] which the Doll Master would be getting. Mode Master will tell Mint and Maya that Prima must have been taken to Valen's Fortress. Maya will tell Mint that she would come back to Carona but Mint will tell her not to go there because the townspeople may still be mad at her so Mint decided to take her to *the* place [hehehe!], to Mel. *Story* You will be automatically brought to town. ******************** * 'Town of Carona' *********************************** ****************************************************** * Item: Platinum Coin (now, or later in the game) * ****************************************************** You may like to go to register at the inn first then leave the inn and go buy the best bonus status stuff in the game from Tonio's shop. Brave Bracer - 6,500 G - Bonus Strength +24 Black Belt - 6,500 G - Bonus Defense +24 After that, you may like to give the Legendary Stuff to Jargen, the bartender at the (duh!) Tavern. He will offer you the following as dishes. _________________________________________________________________ | Dish | Enemies Required | Status Raised | |---------------------------------------------------------------| | Minced Fire Blobs | 50 Fire Blobs | +10 Maximum HP | | Mushroom Soup | 60 Fungies | +10 Maximum MP | | Pollywog Souffle | 50 Pollywogs | +2 Base Strength | | Gudon Liver Soup | 30 Gudons | +2 Base Defense | |---------------------------------------------------------------| You can only cook 10 times and the Legendary equipment will be overused but if that happens he will give you a Platinum Coin. I suggest that you should either get the Pollywog Souffle and Gudon Liver Soup because you can get a +2 Bonus for each of them. I think this would be the last times you can fight Rod so you better beat him up pretty bad until you don't feel like it anymore. Go to Mel's Atelier after that. ******************* * 'Mel's Atelier' ***** *********************** * Item: Cannon Orb * *********************** Go to Mel's house. *Story* Maya will tell Mint something about Dewprism. She will say that it is a pure essence of the trickles of forces in the universe [or something like that]. The Dewprism was created by Valen by compressing and crystallizing the forces and turned it into a [Relic]. It is the ultimate power of the universe. After that, Mint will ask if the Doll Master took a big part in her being kicked out of the kingdom and Maya will answer her question with a yes. Maya will tell Mint that maybe the Doll Master saw Mint as a big threat so he and the kingdom decided to kick you out. Mel will ask Mint about how is she going to go up the fortress but Mint will reply her with a no. Mel will give Mint a Cannon Orb and tells her that it is up to her what to do with it. Maya will ask Mint if she is going to go up the fortress and Mint will say that she is going. - The screen will turn and you see the flying things pinch Mel's behind and she is going to slap them [;_^]. *Story* Note: If Mel didn't give you the Cannon Orb, you will have to play with a Poppul Purrel (the one you found in the forest) in order to get it. Contributed by MahalLynx ([email protected]) Go back to town. ******************** * 'Town of Carona' ********* **************************** * Items: 2x Cannon Orbs * **************************** Here, go to the Grasslands and talk to Rod. *Story* Rod will tell Mint that Pulsar Inferno Typhoon Omega has the ability to fly but it needs to have an additional 5 Cannon Orbs. He will say something about the Pulsar Inferno Typhoon Omega needs 5 Cannon Orbs in it's Sorcery driver [or something] to function as a boat and 10 Cannon Orbs for it be able to fly. Mint will give him one Cannon Orb, the one she got from Mel and will tell him that she will find more of those. *Story* +++++++ + END + +++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Maya's sooo dead!- ++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ + Chapter 11 + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Get the Cannon Orbs- ++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Go to Klaus house and talk to Klaus *Story* Mint will ask Klaus if he has a thing called a Cannon Orb because she needs it in order to go Valen's Fortress. He will say that he know something like that and he will give it to you. Klaus will tell Mint that she is just like Mira when Mira was young. *Story* Now, go to the tavern. *Story* In here, Mint will see Belle and Duke and she will ask them if they know something about the Cannon Orb. Belle will tell Mint that they have one and they are using it to power up Hexagon, but she will let Mint borrow it for a while. But Mint needs to promise that she will help Rue once she got the Dewprism [^_^]. Belle and Duke will leave the bar and say to Mint that they will give it to Rod after they take it out so Mint does not have to worry about getting it from them. Mint will wonder how she is going to help Rue. *Story* After that go to Hobbs' Shop. *Story* Mint will see the Cannon Orb and she will look for the price tag and it will say look like it costs 100 G. Mint will tell Hobbs that she is going to buy it but Hobbs will tell her that it is not 100 G but 100 M or 100,000,000 G. Mint does not have enough money so she will think of someone who can pay it. First she will think of Rue but she remembers that he does not have that much money. Second, she will think about Belle but also remembers that she is already in debt. After that, Klaus but then she knows that Klaus does not earn that much money. Now, there would be someone in her mind and Mint will tell Hobbs that someone would be paying it for her but still Hobbs want some form of down payment so he will ask you for 5,000 G. *Story* Go give the 5,000 G that Hobbs is asking you. *Story* Hobbs will hand you the Cannon Orb and go leave the shop. Mint will then reveal that the one that would be paying for it was Maya. *Story* After that, head for the Grasslands and Mint will automatically [I think] will talk to Belle. *Story* Belle will say that she have been waiting for Duke and Rod to arrive for about an hour already but Rod and Duke will arrive with Rod injured. They will tell Mint that they have challenged Wylaf because they heard that the dragon had a Cannon Orb. At the start Wylaf does not want to give the Cannon Orb to Rod because Wylaf wants to test them if he is worthy to get it. Rod would be fighting Wylaf and Duke will arrive late because he had to fix his act. They would then fight together against Rod to test their hearts. "Without heart, we are nothing" - Rod and Duke They would win and they would be able to get the Cannon Orb which they have brought now but sadly [;_;], Rod cannot pilot Pulsar Inferno Typhoon Omega because he has suffered a lot of damage. Rod will ask Duke to act like him and fly his 'baby' to Valen's Fortress, Duke will accept this. *Story* +++++++ + END + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Get the Cannon Orbs- ++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ + Chapter 12 + ++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Final Battle- ++ ++++++++++++++++++++ Go to the Raging Mountains if you like to get the Magic Effect [Hyper]. ********************* * 'Raging Mountain' **************************** ************************************************ * My Status: HP 165/165 STR 030 + 024 * * MP 163/163 DEF 018 + 024 * * Items: Magic Effect [Hyper] * ************************************************ Go to the peak where you fought Wylaf. *Story* Mint will see Rue and he will thank her because she encouraged him when he was about to give up. Thanks to Mint, he will not give up anymore. He will then ask Wylaf for Dragon Wings and Wylaf would give it to him and he will turn into a dragon. Rue will say to Mint before he leaves for the fortress that he is not going to forget Mint. After that, Wylaf would read Mint's mind and he will know that she wants something like that too, so he will give Mint the Magic Effect [Hyper] but he still needs to test her if she is worthy to have it. *Story* *Boss Battle - Wylaf* Challenge: Medium - Hard Same things like the previous battle to take note hear. Avoid the + effect of his fire breath to the ground. Begin casting Blue - Icicle or press the attack button continuously before he even drops on the ground so that you can immediately damage him. Avoid the cyclones that he will be summoning or else it would take you to the sky and deal you damage. Also if he charges you, avoid it by jumping to another direction. After the battle *Story* Wylaf will recognize that Mint is worthy to have it so he will give the Magic Effect [Hyper] to her. He will say that he will be leaving the mountain if Mint has united the world under her rule and he will be serving her. Mint will leave the place and after that Wylaf will call someone to come out from hiding. Mel will come out and tells Wylaf that it has been along time and just like the Aeons, they will be gone soon. Both of them would agree that the world's fate is up to the younger generations now, whether they will destroy or protect it. Mel will wonder if Mint will be ok but Wylaf will say that they can trust her. *Story* You will automatically end up in town. ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** Now that you are here, I would suggest that if you have not yet destroyed the Legendary stuff yet, go beat up Pollywogs and Gudons (remember to get only enough since the Legendary stuff will break after 10 meals) [Don't waste time beating Fire Blobs and Fungies because +10 HP or +10 MP is not worth it] after destroying it, the bartender will give you a Platinum Coin. After that, if you think you have missed something, go check out the section Side Stuff. If you have done all of them go to the inn and register and go talk to Belle. *Story* Belle will ask Mint if she wants to go to Valen's Fortress now, choose to depart. Rod will say that he is counting on Duke to take Pulsar Inferno Typhoon Omega. Duke will say that he will pilot Pinto. Rod will get mad because it is not Pinto but Pulsar Inferno Typhoon -- but he can't finish because his injuries hurt. On it, as Duke begins the ride, Pinto would be running slowly and Mint will assume that "Hey I know, Belle's big butt is weighing us down." - Mint Duke will flip a switch but it will stop and after a while, it would be going real fast and at that speed you will fly and arrive to Valen's Fortress. ********************** * 'Valen's Fortress' *************************** ************************************************ * My Status: HP 186/186 STR 041 + 024 * * MP 187/187 DEF 025 + 024 * * Items: Magic Color [Gold Magic] * * Bronze Coin or \ * * Silver Coin or - (0 - 4x) * * Gold Coin / * * Enemies: Behemoth * * Shaolon * * Fire Blob * * Hellhound * * Bubba * * Jinn * * Other Enemies/Bosses: Pollywog * * Saber Tiger * * Mandola * * Gudon * * Witch * * Pumpkin * * Wabbit * * Puppet * * Skeleton * * Specter * * Nightmare * * Cloud Whale * * Skull Beast * * Bosses: Psycho Master * * Doll Master * * Valen * * Valen * ************************************************ *Story* Mint, Duke, and Belle will arrive at the place also, Mint feels sick because of the ride. "Barfing is always so refreshing." - Mint After that, Mint will see Prima Doll, which is a little low on energy, because it has just broken the seal. Prima Doll will tell Mint that he stayed awake to give her a good luck charm which is on his amulet. He will give Mint [Gold Magic]. After that, Prima Doll will ask Mint to beat up the bad guys and now that he has said that, he needs to rest and transforms himself into a cube. Mint will ask Belle to protect the cube for her and Belle will say that she would take care of it and Belle will ask Mint to come back early. Mint then hops on the teleport and proceeds to... *Story* ************* * 'Arena I' * ************* _______ | | | B | A. You will appear here |__ __| B. 3 Gargoyles, Teleports to (C) | | | | | | __| |__ | | | A | |_____| You can beat the Shaolon by using Lightning Magic and just jump attack or attack 3x then jump back when fighting the Behemoths. [But also it is a good idea to get beaten up here because you can increase your Maximum HP]. _______ | | | E | C. Teleports to (B) | ____| D. Teleports to (F) / / E. Teleports to (H) / / / / _____/ / | | | D | | ____| / / / / / / _____/ / | | | C | |_____| Go to (D) if you want to go somewhere with a Restore HP but if not go to (E). _______ | | F. Teleports to (D) | F | G. 3 Gargoyles, Restore HP |____ | \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \_____ | | | G | |_____| Step on (G) and beat up the 3 Gargoyles and step on the Restore HP, go back to (F) and step on (E). _______ | | H. Teleports to (E) | J | I. Teleports to (K) |__ __| J. Leads to (L) | | | | | | __| |__ | | | I | |__ __| | | | | | | __| |__ | | | H | |_____| Go step on (J). But if you have stepped on (I) _______ | | | K | K. 3 Gargoyles, Teleports to (I) |_____| Step on (K) and 3 Gargoyles will appear. Go thrash them all and step on (K) again and step on (J) this time. But if you followed me earlier and stepped on (J) _______ | | | M | L. You will appear here |-----| f. Attack this to s - begin time s - pass through s s. Step on these |--f--| M. Gold / Silver / Bronze Coin, Restore HP, Leads to Arena II | L | |_____| Here, you will notice that there is a time bar that is not moving. Go attack (f) and jump across while stepping on the fast moving (s) and step on M. If you stepped on (M) with Time In addition to Restore HP until time runs out, you get 75.0% - Up Gold Coin 50.0% - 74.9% Silver Coin 25.0% - 49.9% Bronze Coin ************** * 'Arena II' * ************** _______ | | A. You will appear here | C | B. Teleports to (E) | ____| C. Teleports to (D) / / / / / / _____/ / | | | B | | ____| / / / / / / _____/ / | | | A | |_____| You will appear at (A), step on (B). But if you went to (C) _______ | | | D | D. Bubba, Teleports to (C) |_____| Step on (D) and a Bubba will appear, dispose of it and step on (D) again, and step on (B). If you stepped on (B) _______ _______ | |____| | E. Teleports to (B) | F ______ E | F. Rock, Teleports to (G) |_____| |_____| Destroy the Rock by using Black - Bomb or Black - Graviton. After that, go step on the teleporter (F). _______ | | | I | G. You will appear here | ____| H. Teleports to (J) / / I. Teleports to (K) / / / / _____/ / | | | H | | ____| / / / / / / _____/ / | | | G | |_____| Here, you cannot go back to (F) anymore so step on (I). If you stepped on (H). _______ | | | J | J. Hellhound, Teleports to (H) |_____| Step on (J) and a Hellhound will appear, defeat it and step on (J) again and go to (H) and step on (I). If you stepped on (I) _______ _______ | |____| | K. Teleports to (I) | K ______ L | L. Teleports to (M) |_____| |_____| Step on (L). _______ | | M. You will appear here | O | N. Teleports to (R) | ____| O. Teleports to (P) / / / / / / _____/ / | | | M | | ____| / / / / / / _____/ / | | | N | |_____| Teleport using (N) If you stepped on (O) _______ _______ | |____| | P. Teleports to (O) | Q ______ P | Q. Ice, Hellhound |_____| |_____| First melt the ice by using Fire - (any kind) and something like a teleporter will appear and if you step on it (Q) you will fight a Hellhound, after that, step on (P) and step on (N). But if you followed me and stepped on (N) _______ _______ | |____| | R. Teleports to (N) | R ______ S | S. Fire, Leads to (T) |_____| |_____| Use Blue - Droplets or Blue - Ripple on (S) and a teleporter will appear, step on it. _______ | | T. You will appear here | U | f. Attack this to |-----| - begin time s - pass through i s. Step on this s i. Step on this but it will spew flame every few seconds |--f--| U. Gold / Silver / Bronze Coin, Restore HP, Leads to Arena III | T | |_____| Another timed room, go attack (f) to begin time and step on the first (s). You will see that (i) is blowing fire so avoid it when it is blinking. Step on (i), then jump on (s), and go to (U). It depends whether what you will get again here on (U), and while there is still time, you can restore your HP, this (U) will lead to Arena III. *************** * 'Arena III' * *************** _______ | | A. You will appear here | C | B. 3 Shaolons, Restore HP | ____| C. Teleports to (D) / / / / / / _____/ / | | | A | | ____| / / / / / / _____/ / | | | B | |_____| Here, go first to (B) and fight the 3 Shaolons and step on the Restore HP panel. After that, go to (C). _______ | | D. You will appear here | F | E. 3 Shaolons |____ | F. Teleports to (G) \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \____ | | | D | |____ | \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \_____ | | | E | |_____| Go to (F) _______ | | G. You will appear here | H | H. Teleports to (I) | ____| / / / / / / _____/ / | | | G | |_____| Step on (H) _______ | | I. You will appear here | J | J. 3 Shaolons |____ | K. Teleports to (L) \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \_____ | | | I | |____ | \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \_____ | | | K | |_____| Go to (K) _______ | | L. You will appear here | M | M. Teleports to (N) | ____| / / / / / / _____/ / | | | L | |_____| Uh... um... go to (M) _______ | | N. You will appear here | O | O. 3 Shaolons |____ | P. Teleports to (Q) \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \_____ | | | N | |____ | \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \_____ | | | P | |_____| Step on (P) _______ | | Q. You will appear here | S | R. 3 Shaolons | ____| S. Leads to (T) / / / / / / _____/ / | | | R | | ____| / / / / / / _____/ / | | | Q | |_____| Here, go (S) _______ | | T. You will appear here | U | f. Attack this to |-----| - start the time i - pass through i i. Step on this but it will spew flame every few seconds s s. Step on this i U. Gold / Silver / Bronze Coin, Restore HP, Leads to Arena IV i |--f--| | T | |_____| You will appear at (T), attack the (f), be careful and jump to (i) only after the fire, step on (s), step on the (i) again, go step on (U). Again the item you will get depending on the time and you can restore your HP until the time runs out. ************** * 'Arena IV' * ************** _______ _______ _______ | |____| |____| | A. You will appear here | B ______ A ______ C | B. Teleports to (D) |_____| |_____| |_____| C. Teleports to (G) Go to (B) first, actually you can start with any of the 2 but I want to go to (B) first. _______ | | D. Teleports to (B) | E | E. Behemoth |__ __| F. Behemoth | | | | | | __| |__ | | | D | |__ __| | | | | | | __| |__ | | | F | |_____| Go kill the Behemoths that are in (E) and (F), then go to (D) and step on (C). _______ | | G. Teleports to (C) | H | H. Behemoth |__ __| I. Behemoth | | | | | | __| |__ | | | G | |__ __| | | | | | | __| |__ | | | I | |_____| Again, dispose of the 2 Behemoths on (H) and (I) and go step on (G). _______ _______ _______ | |____| |____| | A. Behemoth, Leads to (J) | B ______ A ______ C | B. Teleports to (D) |_____| |_____| |_____| C. Teleports to (G) Now that you have killed all 4 behemoths, if you step on (A), a behemoth will fight you. Defeat it and a teleporter can now be seen and is ready to be accessed, step on (A). _______ | | J. You will appear here | K | f. Attack this to |-----| - start the time i - pass through i s. Step on this s i. Step on this but it will spew flame every few seconds s U. Gold / Silver / Bronze Coin, Restore HP, Leads to the Inner s Sanctum* |--f--| | J | * - just copied what iamnothing called the place |_____| The last timed room, go attack (f) to begin the time and jump to the (s)s and to the (i)s, be careful about the flame again and after that, you can get a coin and restore HP and it will lead you to the Inner Sanctum. ******************* * 'Inner Sanctum' * ******************* _____ | | | = | s. Save Point |_ _| | | | | | | | | ___| |___ | s | | | |_______| Go save at (s) and step on (=). In a bird's eye view, the entire area looks like this (below) _____________ / / 1 \ \ / 8 /____ __\ 2 \ /\ / \ /\ | \ / \ / | | 7 | | 3 | | / \ / \ | \/ \_______/ \/ \ 6 \ 5 / 4 / \___\____ /___/ *Story* Mint will arrive at room (1) and will wonder why the 2 center I don't know what they are called or [IDKWTAC] are lighted. *Story* Rooms 2, 4, 6 & 8 are like a curved rooms that has enemies (Jinns and Hellhounds). They can be used (attack them) if you want to refill your MP. __________________________________________________Objective Sheet____________ Here is what you should do: Your objective is to light the two [IDKWTAC] on the center. for example: I I I I \ / | Light these two and keep the ones beside them unlighted. A rock will fall and you have to take them to room 1. Note that you cannot attack / fight, even use magic when you are carrying a rock. For clarity reasons, you have to do the steps (steps [a] then [b] and so on) but you can do the rooms in any order. (Thanks to chojin66 for this one). __________________________________________________Objective Sheet____________ Room 1: a. Use Blue - Droplets to extinguish the two lighted [IDKWTAC] (which are 2 and 3) b. Then use Fire - Burner on the two of them [meaning you will extinguish them and light them again] (2 and 3). c. A red stone will drop. ______________ | 1 2 3 4 | 1 and 4 - Unlit | s | 2 and 3 - Lit | s s | s. That is where the stones are to be placed |______s_____| Room 3: a. Use Red - Burner on the two at the center (2 and 3) b. A rock will be floating on top of your head, take that to room 1. _____________ | 1 2 3 4 | All [IDKWTAC] Unlit | | | | |___________| Room 5: a. Use Red - Burner on (2) b. Then, use Green - Wave on (3). Take the rock to room 1. _____________ | 1 2 3 4 | 1, 2 and 4 - Unlit | | 3 - It has a low flame | | |___________| Room 7: a. Use Blue - Droplets on (1 and 4). b. Take the rock to room 1. _____________ | 1 2 3 4 | All the [IDKWTAC] are lit | | | | |___________| After placing the rocks at room one, you will automatically advance to the next room. *Story* Mint will see Psycho Master and Psycho Master will say that he cannot allow her to go on further and disturb what the Doll Master is doing. It is because that the Doll Master is taking the Cursed Crossways wherein he will face the fears of your past. He also cannot allow Mint to go back and Mint has to end the battle there. *Story* *Boss Battle - Psycho Master* Challenge: Easy - Medium Do not touch the invisible barrier because it will deal you damage. Note again that you can only attack him at his back. When he floats and chases you, run around the room (but avoid the invisible barrier) and around him. When he casts the blue floating things, just get hit by them, it is only cheap damage anyway. Use Blue - Restore if you want to Recover HP. *Story* Psycho Master will say that even though you have defeated him, you cannot go after the Doll Master because the Cursed Crossways is a difficult test. After that Mint will kick him and she will proceed to the next room and is confident that she can conquer the next test, the Cursed Crossways. *Story* ********************** * 'Cursed Crossways' * ********************** ___________________ |1_______2_______3| | | | | | | 1. Pollywog, Saber Tiger, Madola | | | | | | 2. Nightmare | |_____| |_____| | 3. Gudon, Fire Blob, Bubba |4_______ _______5| 4. Cloud Whale | | | | | | 5. Skull Beast | | | | | | 6. Puppet, Specter, Skeleton | |_____| |_____| | 7. Wabbit, Pumpkin, Witch |6_______A_______7| Here you have to go through all teleporters, beating the enemies in the place you will appear to. I believe that there is some kind of order here but sadly, I can't remember. The enemies here are pitiful so you can easily defeat them. Also if you are low on HP in the degree of: Ultra low - Fight at 1 or 3 Low - Fight at 3 or 7 Medium - Fight at 6 or 7 to regain health (by beating up enemies and getting the potions (the red or blue stuff that they leave behind). After beating all the rooms, the center will have a save point and (A) will become a teleporter which has a Restore HP, save and hop onto it. *Story* In the next room, Mint will see Doll Master who is beating Rue up. Doll Master is opening the final seal that would lead to the Dewprism. Doll Master will say that he is impressed that Mint was able to get that far because in the first place, she was just some lousy princess [or something like that] and now it turned out that she is the one that is going to stop him. Doll Master will ask what Mint's reason is. "Oh? Enlighten me. If you have come here for justice, it would be the joke of the century." - Doll Master Mint will say that she journeyed that far not for justice but to get hold of the Dewprism and conquer the world. She will also say that she wants to send Doll Master to hell because she was homeless for the past 2 years because of him. Doll Master will clarify this and will say to Mint that it was not his fault that Mint was not going to be queen because it was the decision of the High Council, together with the King. Now, Mint will contradict what she said earlier that she have come for justice and the two are going to fight.. *Story* *Boss Battle - Doll Master* Challenge: Easy Just attack him or use White - Arrow. Don't even think of evading his attacks because they are pitiful. Since his efforts are pathetic, it could help his pride that he damaged you by a little bit or something. *Story* After the battle, Mint will continually attack Doll Master and Doll Master will utter something about his goal and the relic. After saying that, he will disappear and leave his mask. Mint will approach Rue who is still unconscious and tries to wake him up. He would not respond so Mint decided to go for the relic but Rue will say "Claire" so Mint decided to drag Rue and say that ok, she will revive Claire with HER Dewprism. She will go to the next room while dragging Rue. In the next room, Mint will see the Dewprism and she will express her claim but someone will arrive. Mint will ask who the guy is but he will say that Mint is in his fortress and she doesn't know who he is. Mint will realize that she is talking to Valen but will wonder that how come he is still alive because all the Aeons are dead. Valen can read Mint's mind and he will answer the question and that he is only a spirit. Mint will ask if she can have the Dewprism because Valen cannot use it without a physical body but Valen will take over Rue's body, wherein he will say that a doll's body is good enough for him [so Rue is a doll]. Valen will say something about purifying the world and he will be god but Mint will say that it is her world and that nobody can destroy it. For that, Valen will summon some creatures and you will be the one to experience his purification. *Story* *Boss Battle - Valen* Challenge: Medium Here, you have to damage Valen which is in Rue's body. You can use Yellow - Trine or Yellow - Final Flash when Valen is near you. Regain your HP by using Blue - Restore, and your MP by attacking the guy that Valen will summon. If he summons the guy, attack the guy until it is dead. If it is moving around while in a slicing pose, just jump when it is coming your way. If it is jumping around, just jump when it is about to land on the ground. When it is doing something stupid [like standing and doing some pose], attack it because it will restore Valen's health. *Story* After that, there would be struggle within Rue's body and Valen's spirit will be cast out by the spirit of Claire that is residing in Rue's body. Maya will arrive and she is going to attack Valen using the Book of Cosmos. She will say that even though it is very much weaker than the Dewprism, it doesn't matter because Valen cannot use the Dewprism without a physical body. Valen will say that actually he can use it if he decides to become the Light. He will tell something about the power of the Dewprism to turn a light into a new and superior light. After saying those things, he will enter the Dewprism to become the 'Light'. Maya will ask Mint for both of them to work together and she will give Mint the power of the Book of Cosmos, which has Magic Effect [Cosmos] in order to fight Valen. *Story* *Boss Battle - Valen* Challenge: Easy - Medium Here, the only time you can damage him when he is a bit red and that is after storming you with a White - Vulcan like attack. If you are low on HP, just use Blue - Restore and attack Valen six times when he is on the ground for a full MP (you can also restore MP in the same way). When he is flying, he will attempt to grab you so just run away from it and just run to some direction when it is going to blast you with the 2 barreled White - Vulcan like attack. When you are seeing an overhead view, it is preparing for the suck maneuver. Here, just run down and move left or right so you can avoid the shots and avoid getting sucked in. Now, when he is hovering, he will storm you with the White - Vulcan like attack. When that happens, set your magic to Yellow - Final Flash or Yellow - Trine and hold triangle while you are being hit with the White - Vulcan - like attack for an immediate fire. If you use Yellow - Final Flash, two of that would get rid of him. The actual way to thrash Valen: contributed by Dragoon Gohan ([email protected]) - use gold color magic and cosmos. when he is in the sky, and ready to use a vulcan looking move, use the shield. then let go. the powered sheild will hit valen! repeat and rinse. heh heh. *Story* After the battle ... will ... and .... ... will ... and the .... ... will ... but ... at the ... will be ... the .... *Story* ******************** * 'Town of Carona' * ******************** You will be automatically in the inn and *Story* ... will say that .... ... will ... and that .... will ... to ... and ... tell ... when .... *Story* +++++++ + END + ++++++++++++++++++++ ++ -Final Battle- ++ ++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ + Chapter 13 + +++++++++++++++++ ++ -Aftermath- ++ +++++++++++++++++ *Story* ... will ... and ... will .... ... that ... and .... ... ask .... Here is what you do 1) Get out of the room 2) Leave the inn 3) Go to the Grasslands and talk to Rod 4) Head for Klaus' house and go to the basement 5) Go to the church and leave 6) Enter the Hotel *Story for all of them* ... will be ... and ... are too. ... will be ... and ... will be .... At the ... will .... At the ... and ... but ... so .... *Story* The End