Table of contents

1. General introduction.
- General Introduction

2. Walkthrough.
- Chapter 1
- Chapter 2
- Chapter 3

3. Another Day Walkthrough
- Walkthrough

4. Secret Report Locations
- Chapter 1
- Chapter 2
- Chapter 3
- Another Day

5. Credits and Legal.
- Credits and Legal information

8/16/07: Added Another Day Walkthrough, Secret Reports locations.

I. General Introduction

- Sakuraba Neku, a typical rebellious 15 year old, who hates people. Watch the
opening cutscene, and find out how much he hates people, wanting them all to
just dissapear, because he cant understand anyone. One day, he regains
conciousness in the middle of the scramble crossing, in Shibuya. Little did he
know he was in for three weeks of torment and self discovery. And so the story
begins, of Subarashiki Kono Sekai: Its a Wonderful World (AKA SKS:IWW 1(Because
chances are SE will make a sequel.))

II. Walkthrough

- Chapter 1

On your first day, wake up, head left to Hachiko, and just run from the battle
by pressing start-> run. following that you partner with Shiki, after which
you get thrown into a 3 round battle. Follow directions on the screen to

Day 2
Scan and defeat the 3 noise in the area, head left to the terminal, where a
cut scene will occur. you can now use the menu for editing badges, saving, and
equipping items.
Go close to the weird head, scan, and clear of the orange noises.
Go to hachiko, scan, and search the dog. head back to the weird head, and scan
head back to hachiko and inspect it, polish it when you can, and a battle will
End Day 2

Day 3.
Walk around the dark area, and bump into shiki.commence cutscene
go outside, talk to the guy in front of A-EAST. head south, talk to the
Shinigami, and be able to go on. head to the ramen store on the far right,
after which a guy will come out. Scan and clear him of noise, then head back to
A-East, talk to the staff guy, commence cutscene. head up, talk to the
shinigami head to the next area, talk to Beat and Rhyme, and imprint the
word you got into the guy. Head back to A-East, and scan the guy in the top
right for a new word. imprint this word into the staff, head to the south area.
head to A-East, talk to the guy outside, head in and talk to the guy in the
top right for a boss battle
Boss: you have to damage him w/ shiki before he comes down and you can attack
him. He should fall quickly, just be sure to bring a healing.
End Day 3

Day 4
Head to 104, talk to Beat and Rhyme, then talk to shiki. head down, talk to
the shinigami on the right exit, head inside, and head right again. talk to
Beat and rhyme, then head in front of Tower records and save, equip 2 energy
or barret shots, one shockwave, and a healing(personal recommendation), and
head in and battle the shark after the cutscene
Boss: shoot the fin, and when he goes under, move around and shockwave him
when he pops up. Heal often.
End day 4

Day 5
Head to the guy on the left side of the area, get Shinigami-san recorded.
go to AMX, clear a guy of noise and get "MabuSla Ticket" recorded.
Go back, and head up this time, clear noise, go to the 2 girls, clear them
of noise, imprint shinigami san, and choose white, then black, then white.
Go clear the rest of the noise, then enter a boss battle.
Boss: Similar to those big bears youve been battling often for EXP and
cold hard cash,only hitting harder and taking more.
End day 5

Day 6(Most major day of week 1(no, really. It is))
Clear the guy of Negative noise, get 3 keywords.
head top right, talk to the guy, imprint "Arienai desu" and move on
Kill some of the bird things for 3 Rare metals, and move on.
head up, left and up.
talk and imprint "Maji Kakkoii desu" several times, and move on
head back to the crossing, and commence custscene
talk to shiki, who runs away.
equip the red skull badge, and battle three battles.
head up, and do the same thing.
End day 6

Day 7
head to Hachiko, talk and battle a 3 chain battle, move on.
Talk to the shinigami, and battle a boss
Boss. Run around, and when he comes down and attacks you, whack him
a few times. just keep your hp up. When he picks things up, its a chance
damage him.
End boss
Head right, and commence cutscene, and battle the game master.
pretty easy, just keep a beatdown on him, and keep an eye on your
HP. Its not too hard.
end boss
Cutscene, and suddenly... You regain conciousness in the crossing...
Deja Vu anyone?
and,.. your still in the game. you didnt get to go back to life...
End week 1

- Chapter 2

Day 1
Head left, commence cutscene and battle. Scan Joshua for cutscene
head right, and head up. talk to the guy above, head up, and beat the
BOSS: A rhino like thing. the catch is to not attack from the front.
End day 1

Day 2
Scan Joshua, then head right and clear people of noise. Right one time
and directly up. head into the store and marble slash one guy.
watch cutscene, and see that someone youve seen already is another
player in the game.
head back to the crossing, and end day 2

Day 3
Head right, talk to the guy in the red hood, and he shows you an
image of a noise. beat 3 of these. and had on.
head past tower records, and bring a medal dropped by Noise #53
Head past 2 areas, and head to the 2nd store from the left.
head to tower records, and encounter a boss
BOSS: Beat
He moves pretty quickly, so use things like barret shot, which have
large ranges and keep your distance. he moves quickly, so keep josh's
HP up, because he'll be taking some hard damage.
Go back to the crossing, and head up to 104. head upper left to the
ramen store area. head to the 3rd store from the right, head back
to the 1st store and clear the guy of noise, enter the store and
exit again, head to the 3rd store again, and back to the 1st store.
Head to A-East, and talk to the guys standing outside, scan the idol,
head back to the 1st store and imprint the word. enter the store
and end day 3

Day 4
Head from the crossings to the top right area, and scan and battle the
bird things for a Sexy + Badge, not too hard.
Go and talk to the shinigami, move on and inspect the pile of trash.
Head on to the 3 shinigami, and learn about the lost microphone.
head to spain alley and head right. inspect the phone booth, and photo
all 3 times. head back to the crossing, and talk to the black hooded
shinigami. head back to the 3 shinigami, and chose the last option all
Head up from the current location, and battle Beat again. you get
Rhyme's pendant after beating him, now head onwards.
Go into the 1st store, and come out.
Scan Joshua again, and watch your death.
End Day 4

Day 5
Go to 104, after that, head back and raise D+B to the top ranking
Head back to the ramen store from left of 104, and buy the 3rd from
left ramen. head back to the crossing and head right, give the ramen
and go through. Head onwards, and talk to the shinigami for a quiz.
the answers are 1, 3, 1
buy a full set of Mus Rattius Gear, and equip it, and go through.
change back your equips, and head on. beat the next guy in Marble
Slash, move on. The next thing is to beat some noise.
both of these badges given are activated by blowing into the mic
OR singing, respectively.
Head into Wild Cat, commence cutscene.
Now, head back the way you came, and fight Beat again.
Head down to Tower Records, and move back towards the crossing.
Head to the bus terminal, and head under the bridge. Head
towards the end of the area, then turn back towards the exit and
commence a battle.
End day 5

Day 6
Head to the top right, and commence a battle.
Now, head to AMX, and choose the first option. Scan for the boss
noise, and can it. Keep moving on, and when you can, choose the
first option, which commences a battle. head on to the grafitti
wall, where you find a battle, and you learn you have to clear the
boss noises from AMX, the Crossing, and the Grafitti wall, which
you should have done now.
End Day 6

Day 7

Head straight for 104, and head towards A-East for a free badge,
a rather powerful one too.
Watch out for the White noise, as theyre agressive.
Head down from A-East, and head left. talk to these guys, and
equip ONLY Mus Rattus badges, and clear the area of noise.
Talk to them again, and move on, this time the same thing, only
using D+B badges only(with your new badge from 777, this should
be cake.)
Move on again for the boss fight.
BOSS: basically, he only can be hit on one screen at a time,
so just run around and clear the weaklings until he comes down
and you can hit him.
Cutscene where Joshua takes a giant psychic blast.

Regain Conciousness at Area 0, AKA the Crossing.

End Day 7

- Chapter 3

7 Days left
first thing to do: Find a partner. except theres nobody!!!
You get a notice saying that theres only 1 person playing, and
your suddenly attacked by some noise! Hit start and select run.
Commence cutscene
Head to the bus terminal, then head under the bridge. keep going
towards the end of the bridge, then head back to 104.
The guy in the red hood will ask for something. its the 2nd option.
End Day 1

6 Days Left
Head to 104, then go left and up. Go to A-East, talk to the people
then head inside the place, and inspect the !! that appears.
Commence a battle, then
End Day 2

5 Days Left.

Head to the bottom right, and talk to the guy.
Follow him to the top right area, and continue towards the area
near spain alley, where you will see the guy you were chasing
with another guy. talk to them, and when you can play
"Shinigami-San", select the top option.
Head to Spain Alley, and commence Boss Battle.

End Day 3

4 Days Left
Talk to Beat, then defeat ONLY the top right and bottom left Noise,
then talk to beat and select the 1st option. Go right, defeat all
FOUR Large Noises, then talk to beat again. DONT MOVE AREAS YET
Now, scan and defeat the middle 2 noise here, and head back to
defeat the one in the middle there. Talk to beat again, and head
towards Tower Records. Commence cutscene

End Day 4

3 Days Left
Head towards AMX, and commence battle.
Head onwards to where you were headed, only to be stopped and
battled again. At this point, scan people, and commence cutscene.
go onwards and battle some people, and move on, until you get to
the grafitti wall. Inspect the ground, and select all of the options
Head out of the area, but talk to the 2 shinigami first, battle
them, just as you have before, but watch out, because they can do
combo moves and such.

End Day 5

2 Days Left

First thing to do is to scan 2 people, but hurry it up, because
white noise have come back.
Head straight for Cat Street, and enter Wild Cat to commence
cutscene. Head back towards tower records, where you will be stopped
and battled. Head out one more time, and inspect the tower of trash
battle again, but this time, you can only lose.

End Day 6

The Last Day

Head left, then up, then right. Keep going, with a bunch of cutscenes
when you get to the river, talk to the guy, and watch the cutscene.
after the cutscene, its a boss.
BOSS: Its a 4 part battle, so follow directions carefully
1st part
Just run around with neku near the white hole. you wont fall in, but
the noise will die if they get too close. just use beat and attack
with the top screen. HOWEVER she heals whatever life is remaining
for the noise that fall into the hole
2nd Part
Just whack with all your might when she becomes gold in color.
3rd part.
Run. because you have no badges
Touch the place where theres the glimmer for Rhyme to come and attack.
end boss battle
Head onwards. Make sure you save now. as you cant go back.
Keep going, and bump into shiki. keep going onwards, and inspect
the garbage lump when you see it. You get a free item

Now. Head onwards into the Shinigami's Lounge, where you can fight
Kitaniji and Shiki
BOSS: Kitaniji and Shiki
Most of Kitanijis moves are well telegraphed, so just move around
plenty, and make sure you arnt near him too often, as he can
stop time. His smaller attacks wont hurt too bad if you have high
End boss battle.

Scan for the door, and head to the composers room.
Watch the cutscene, showing that he wants to take over the world(yah
big suprise eh?)
and now, Battle Kitaniji Noise Form
Boss: Noise form Kitaniji
use your partner to whack at the head, and when it comes down, whack
them yourself. Simple. You can also whack at the corners to do some
damage when the head is up.
3rd Part.
Theres heads all the time. stay near them, and use peircing things or
things that hit multiple enemies. He'll drop in no time.
I suggest using Lightning Arresters or Vortex Sabers.
4th Part.
Just hit the large Badge and watch him get destroyed

Watch the cutscene, watch the credits, and CONGRATULATIONS
Youve Beat the game.

III. Another Day Walkthrough
- Walkthrough

For Another Day, you can choose from one of 2 storylines. to go to the other
one, simply use the chapter option on the menu.

Storyline 1- Marble Slash
Go to Molco for a cutscene, and then enter molco for the Marble Slash tournament
beat the 2 marble slash matches, and watch as everyones badges get stolen.
Head back to the ramen store near 104, and commence event including a good guy
minamoto.(he still has the badass clothes and megaphone.)
After this event, you can marble slash the following people at their locations
for badges
Ouji- A-east
Yuuichi- Live Stage
Mina- Tokyu honten
Naorin- 104
Yokoyan- Center machi
Sensei- Same
Tulip- Chidori
Souta- Tokyo hands
Kitaniji- graffiti wall
Makoto- Molco
Ai- Hachiko
Futoshi- Bus stops
2nd Meijin- The Shinigamis Room

also, at this time, you can enter the composers room and battle an 11 part boss
chain. if you beat it with hard or more(use an Excalibur, Tigris, and Lightning
Rage, a healing, and 2 badges your training for an easy run)NOTE that in hard,
you can EASILY get a 3500+ BP run. Meaning almost EVERYTHING mastered.

Head to the area right in front of cat street to get rhyme into your party
then head back 1 area and marble slash higashizawa
go back to ramen-don
Go back to where you talked to rhyme. Do a 6 part marble slash battle with
the Black Skull Brigade
Go back to molco, where you can fight 2 people for Marble Ifrit and Marble
Bahamut. these are pure awesomeness. but take up a Shinigami class slot.

The 2nd story
Go to Pork City, where you can use 1 brand per floor, and battle your way to
floor 14. where you fight hanekawa, who uses a Tigris/Leo combo. beat him on
normal to get King Arthur, which upgrades to Excalibur via battle BP. Which is
ARGUABLY the best badge in the game.
For the boss battle. the cheap tactic I use is
Steps to holy door 4-0, Aqua Barrier. and basically fight with Joshua on top

IV. Secret Reports Locations

- Chapter 1
Day 1: Inspect Hachiko

Day 2: Kill the Pig noises
After clearing the easter island head, talk to the guy

Day 3
Kill pig noises(1 in area north and 1 in area south of Aeast)
Enter ramendon
Beat the bat symbol above hard scan the lower left of Live Stage when day starts

Day 4
Beat the pig noise
Beat Beat above hard(104)
Head down twice in a row after start
Beat Kitaniji above hard(Scramble)

Day 5
Get Day 4 Report
Pignoise- AMX
Chose White for the 3 times in the 10 yen game
Beat the noise in front of Molco above hard

Day 6
Get Day 5 Report
Get Day 3 Report
Pignoise- Gadoi, after talking to the Shinigami
In Center-Gai, select Kanariyabaidesu.

Day 7
Get Day 6 report
Pignoise- Tower Records
Item- Molco, inspect the phonebooth
Boss- Ovis above hard, scan the area BEFORE the Storyline ovis battle

- Chapter 2

Day 1
Inspect Hachiko

Day 2
Get Day 1 report
Pignoise- Gadoi, Spain Alley, Chidori Ave
Item- Enter the Freshness burger. I mean, Mexican Chili Dog
Boss- Beat Noise 86 above hard. In front of Molco OR chidori Ave

Day 3
Get day 2 report
Pignoise- Chidori, Area after Tower Records
Item- Whilst searching for keyword for ramen, enter and search livestage
Boss- Area before catstreet

Day 4
Day 3 Report
Get Day 7 Chap 1 report
Pignoise- Molco
Item- Enter Wild Cat

Day 5
Get day 4 report
Pignoise- Bus Terminal, Catstreet
Lose to the shinigami in marble slash
Beat Noise 82/84: Graffiti wall

Day 6
Day 5 report
Pignoise- Center Street, Tokyu Hands
Choose the 2nd option 3 times
Boss- Beat boss in AMX above hard

Day 7
Get day 6 report
Pignoise- Tokyu Hands(Close DS to kill), AEast
Item- Enter AEast
Boss- Tokyu Hands, above hard setting

- Chapter 3

Day 1
Pignoise- Bus Terminal, Under the bridge
Item- Inspect Hachiko
Beat Boss 81 above hard- Bus Terminal
Beat Boss 83 above hard- similar location

Day 2
Get Day 1 Report
Pignoise- Hachiko, Ramen store area
Item- Enter Middle store in ramen store area
Boss- #66, Above hard, Scramble

Day 3
Get Day 2 report
Pignoise- 104
Choose Black for the 10 yen event(choose 2nd option when choosing
to do shinigamisan for acess to 2nd ramen store later in game)
Boss- #89 Above hard, In AEast Livestage

Day 4
Day 3 report
Day 7, Chap 2 Report
After clearing all 3 boxes, inspect a !! before going to Tower Records

Day 5
Day 4 Report
Pignoise- Bus Terminal, Tower Records, AMX
Item- Talk to the last shinigami after the 5 shinigami battle
Boss- #47, Ramen store area

Day 6
Get day 5 Report
Pignoise- Graffiti Wall, Department store, under bridge
Item- Enter 2nd Ramen Store
Boss- Tigris, in front of Hachiko

Day 7
Get Day 6 Report
Pignoise- Area in front of Catstreet
Enter Ramendon
AFTER beating Tigris, scan for Agnis, beat him above hard.

Another Day
Get Day 7, Chapter 3 report
Pignoise- Catstreet, Pork City Floors 1-13
Item- Enter Livestage and inspect top right
Boss- Floor 14 of Pork City, any setting(Normal is good.)

V. Credits and Legal

This guide is written by me.

Legal Information
This guide is Copyright 2006 Yosei Lunaredge(Lunaredge). All rights reserved.

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