There are three badges that you must collect to receive some special items towards the end of the game. They are the "RPS BADGE", the "HIDE-AND-SEEK BADGE", and the "TAG BADGE". You can get the two badges or one badge, but it is useless. The only way to get the special items later in the game is for you to present all three badges. The items arent all that great, but are worth the little time and effort it takes to get them.


At the beginning of the game, still in Lahan, there is a man in a small house called the RPS Guy. He's devoted his life so much to the game Rock, Paper, Scissors that even his wife is depressed over the matter. You talk to him. He says that defeating him 5 times in a row will yield a special prize.

The prize is the RPS Badge, a prize that will later get you some nifty items. However, it's extremely difficult to beat him 5 times in a row. It costs 50 G to play, each time. Most people play for a while, then give up. Rarely will they devote the time to win the RPS Badge.

Tips to get some cash to play paper, rock, scissors:
- 200 G in Fei's bed.
- In the Village Consultant's house there is a bald man that talks about fight techniques. Talk to him to receive 80 G.
- Jump in the well in the center of town to get an Eyeball, an Aquasol S, and a Power Ring. Sell all three for some more easy cash.
- In the RPS guys' house, go downstairs and tell the old lady that you like Lahan. You get 120 G.
(be sure to go outside the village, to the overworld, and save before playing the RPS guy.)

ROUND 1 - The first round is completely random You'll beat him quickly and you'll move to round 2.
ROUND 2 - In this round, he will not use the option he lost with in the first round. So let us say that you used Rock and he used Scissors on Round One. In Round Two, he will NOT use Scissors because he lost with it. Therefore, he will either use Paper or Rock. So you use the option that wins or ties. In this case, Paper. If you tie, he'll still only have two moves, so stick with Paper and you'll move on to Round 3.
ROUND 3 - The easiest win of all. At this point, he will only have one option because he's lost with two. In the previous scenario, he'll have the option of Paper, so you use Scissors for a simple victory. Just use the option that will beat his remaining option to proceed to round 4.
ROUND 4 - The most difficult of all. Here, the pattern starts over, and it is random again, just like round 1. If you lose this one, you get to start all over again. Before selecting any option, be sure to pray that you win. Deus is always listening.
ROUND 5 - The final round. Win this one and the RPS Badge is yours. It's the same as Round Two. Take the option that either ties or beats his two remaining choices and stick with it.


This one is pretty easy, but takes a while. When you arrive in Bledavik, after registering for the tournament and reporting to the nun, go to the north-western part of town in a secluded room. There's a boy there in a yellow shirt that is willing to play hide and seek with you. Tell him to play and find him at these five locations: - On platform supporting one of the large arch gates.
- Near the entrance that you used entering, where walls meet into a point.
- Near Ethos workshop, behind the barrels outside.
- Through a small-arch doorway, hiding in the side, obscured by the door.
- Near well in south-western part of town.


The easiest badge to get. At the orphanage, talk to the chicken keeper and agree to round up the chickens. They're around the orphanage. Press [X] to get it to follow you and WALK into the chicken pen. Round 'em up to get the final badge.